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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (July 31/11)

Care Packages

Eddie making care packages for GaryEddie Windass, in the cafe, stealing Roy’s condiments for food purchased elsewhere.  Anna scolds him.  He asks if there’s any tape.  She looks to see what he’s doing, sticking food and magazines in a shoebox.  Ciaran looks too and realizes he’s making a care package for Gary, just left for duty in Afghanistan.

Aah, it’s not the first time I’ve had to wipe away a tear watching Eddie lately.  He gave his son a St. Christopher’s medal from his father, after realizing where his son was going and to what. Gary had packed several hairbrushes, saying he’d need them to brush things off.  What things, Eddie asked, himself not that familiar with hairbrushes.  Explosive devices, Gary said, land mines and that sort of thing.  That brought Eddie up with a start, then he rummaged through a drawer and produced the small medal on a chain.

Then when Gary was leaving, Eddie gave him a video camera and said so you don’t have Ciaran tells Ryan about mom's care packagesto worry about writing, you can just tape on this and send the disk home.

And now, packing up a care box.  He got the idea from Ciaran, who has himself become a wonderful Mr. Fixit for other people.  Ciaran was telling Ryan about the packages his mother used to send him from Ireland when he was in the Navy.  Ciaran’s story was part of his effort to get Ryan to cut the apron strings and go to university in Glasgow.

Ryan wants to go but doesn’t want to leave his poor mother all on her own.  (I wonder Michelle talking to Ciaranwhen Ryan last looked at his mother, really really looked at her.)  Ciaran, with his iffy plan to move to Glasgow, may have an ulterior motive for encouraging Ryan to leave home, but I think he genuinely wants the boy-man to take the opportunity that’s on offer.  Glasgow University is where he really wants to go, and his mother will be just fine.

So to illustrate his point about being able to live away from mother yet still be connected, Ciaran talked about the care packages from Ireland and how much they were appreciated by him and his mates.  And Eddie hears, and begins preparing his own for Gary.

Anna listening to news on earphonesThe added bonus of this care box is that Anna will have something positive to do for her son.  Since he left, she’s just been mourning.  Watching news reports about the war, listening on earphones while she’s supposed to be working.  Her whole focus has become Afghanistan and what is happening there.  This is understandable, but not a great situation in which to bring a new child.  They have been approved for adoption and if a child is placed with them, Anna cannot be totally absorbed in what’s happening with her Anna takes care box to repackother child.

So Eddie’s care package has given Anna a new focus.  She took it to repack properly.  Now she can busy herself knitting socks and packing cookies for the lads overseas.  That is something in which a new child may participate and can understand.

Jack’s care packages

Jack talking with Tyrone about giftsAnd Jack is handing out his own care packages – cash to Tyrone and Molly, theatre tickets to Sally, even a mystery red rose delivered to Julie.  Thursday we found out why:  he’s dying.  I can’t bear to think about it.  Can’t write about that, not yet.  If knitting socks would keep Jack alive and Bill Tarmey on the show, I’d knit a pile higher than Blackpool Tower.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 13/11)

Car Crash

car's final flipTyrone’s car rolling over and over and over – wow!  Then, next episode, the firefighters cutting the car apart after the crash.

The car and the jaws of life were the stars of the week.

Car at rest, Molly insideHow fast was Tyrone driving on that narrow country road to have a car roll over that many times?  How, indeed, was more damage not done to Molly and the baby, seeing as how she had removed her seatbelt just prior to the crash?cutting frame of car away

I was angry at Tyrone for flying off at Kevin about not fixing the brakes. I was glad he got over it quickly and realized that, yes, he should have checked before driving off in a vehicle he knew had brake problems. car on narrow road, before the crashEarlier, as soon as I heard Ty say – oh the car’s outside, it must be done – I thought hold on a sec, it’s exactly where you left it, maybe you ought to check with Kev and see if he has in fact worked on it. Of all people, a mechanic ought to know better than to just drive off without checking that the work has been done.

Molly’s anger at Kevin when she finds out about the brakes – well, you can see that. She knows there is another story that Tyrone doesn’t know about.  You can see why she, and Auntie Pam, could think Kevin had done this deliberately.  But even she will have to realize that no, Tyrone didn’t check that the work had been done. And yes, Kevin had been calling and calling until she turned the phones off in exasperation.

Another horror

Eddie Windass shows it allAnd on Friday, another graphic image of horror.  Eddie Windass, in his bathrobe and underwear. Every time it comes back into my mind’s eye I have to go to the dailykitten.com to try to expunge it.

sleepy kitten with turtle toy

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 7/10)

Private Gary

Private Gary with EddieI shed a tear for the Windasses this week.  Friday, Eddie unveiled the cake he’d baked for Gary’s going away party at the Rovers, the cake Gary said he hadn’t wanted because “men don’t eat cake.”  In honour of his joining the Army, it was shaped like a hand grenade.  Anna, despite her horror at the macabre design her husband had chosen as a send-off for their son, was touched and wanted Eddie and Gary to express their feelings for each other.

A bit of foot-shuffling by Eddie and Gary, looks of horror toward Anna for wanting them to get “touchy-feeling”. Some “yeah, well, that’s what I think of you too” stuff between them.  Then a lovely moment when Gary looks at his dad with real love in his eyes and a kind of “gotcha” grin.  Then each spits in his hand and clasps the other’s in a long handshake cum embrace.

Everyone partook of the cake and pronounced it light and delicious, one of Eddie’s best.  Eddie is sufficiently moved by emotion toward his son, the strong turnout by street residents for their party and by the expressions of goodwill toward Gary that he actually buys a round for everyone.  But one still wonders whose wallet he lifted in order to get the money!

Community acceptance

A bullseye stuck to Gary's back is discovered by his momThis party, with almost everyone on the street there, might be the turning point for the Windasses in terms of community acceptance.  David pulls a prank on Gary – sticks a paper bulls-eye on his back.  When it’s discovered, everyone calls David on it and speaks in Gary’s defence.  Even Roy.  And Chesney tells David that Gary is “worth a thousand of you.”   Janice agrees with him.

In David’s defence, he has good reason to dislike and distrust Gary.   And, by Gary’s leaving for the Army, the street residents are getting rid of a felon who has demonstrated that he’s willing to steal from anyone, even his neighbours.  Still, it’s nice that it is Gary who pretty much says that himself.  In talking with Chesney about why he’s joined up, he points out that he doesn’t have many options. If he hadn’t done this, he’d likely just end up in jail again.

Gary hugs his dad goodbye outside the RoversIn a follow-up scene, the taxi waits for Gary and everyone is outside the pub to see him off.  Gary hugs his mom, then turns to his dad.  Eddie hands him an envelope, says “don’t laugh”.  It’s what he wrote to Gary telling him how he feels about him.  Gary does a little awkward “man”  shuffle then throws his arms around his dad in a big hug.  I felt affection for a person who usually is truly “a little toe-rag”.