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Corrie Street 8 Jan 2017

Girl talk

Faye and Bethany after Faye discovers Bethany’s crush on Gary, Tuesday. The two of them negotiating new terms of their relationship made up for the final scene Monday. That was totally icky: Bethany purring around, putting the makes on Gary, and him totally oblivious.Faye surprises Bethany who is on Gary's hotel bed

Faye thought so too. She comes into Gary’s hotel room and is surprised to see Bethany lolling around like a Lolita. Or, as Faye put it, “lying on his bed looking well slutty.”

Bethany makes up FayeI know the Bethany crush on Gary has been going on for awhile, and it is believable. But I hoped the writers would resist the temptation. They’ve gone on the path of way too young/way too old/too incestuous pairings before, and I think (hope) no one ever liked it.

When Bethany found out that her mother and Gary were seeing each other, I’d hoped that her little temptress efforts would stop. And they appeared to have done, up until this overnight stay in Faye asks Bethany about her crush on GaryLeeds for a concert. Of course, Sarah can’t go. So it’s just Gary and the girls.

It was horrible to watch, and even more horrible to think about what might come next. So what a relief when what came next was Bethany getting busted by Faye. And Faye speaking for all of us when she told Bethany how gross it was.

Trading on a crush

The two of them then did a superb job of two adolescent girls marking status and getting one up on the other. Bethany used her Bethany drinks vodka from flasktwo additional years to argue that coming on to someone old enough (barely) to be her father was ok and drinking vodka out of a pink glitter flask was ok. She is “more mature” than Faye.

Faye didn’t really have to prove anything. She only had to say I know what you’re doing. The “and I’ll tell” part was understood by both.

Bethany hands flask to FayeSo Faye got the flask of vodka and Bethany’s brand new top in the deal to keep her mouth shut. Bethany got the message that she had better give up on her plans to seduce Gary. The vodka and top would not be enough to buy Faye’s silence if she persisted.

Of course, it went from bad to worse. Faye got drunk, and got caught. Gary went after “the older man” Bethany was Faye happy she caught Bethany in lieinterested in. He got it wrong, of course. Bethany ran away, thinking that would somehow make things better for her mother. Sarah told her to “grow up”, a humiliating insult to a 16 year old girl.

Corrie Street July 5/15

Baby Face

Thursday, Anna and Tim tell Faye there is another option for Miley. faye-in-kitten-shirtJackson’s parents want to raise her. Faye sits on the couch beside the baby’s bassinet and considers their futures. So quiet and sad, but emotionally detached. I was heartbroken, thanks to inspired choices of camera shots and costume.

Looking at Faye, all I could focus on was the kitten on her t-shirt. Sweet baby face of innocence. Then the camera moved to the baby face mileybassinet; another sweet innocent lay there gurgling happily. She was unaware that her future was in limbo. Would she be staying in the place familiar to her, talked to and held by the only voices and arms she knows? Or would she have to get used to being held by strangers in a new place, without comfort of returning to those she knows?

just-a-little-babyBut there’s a third baby face too, and that is Faye. Still a child herself, she wants to – and perhaps should – experience and enjoy growing up without being dragged into adulthood too soon by raising a child. There is no shortage of adults who are willing to care for Miley, but the children who produced her are not so sure.


Both Faye and Jackson realize the gravity of their situation, and they know that Miley is their responsibility. But they really are just too young to be anything but terrified by the thought. Having Miley faye-leans-over-bassinetaround is more like having a new baby sister than a child of their own. But it’s hard for either of them to articulate that to themselves, I think, let alone their parents.

That’s where Tim has been brilliant this week. He – self-professed no contender for Father of the Year – has handled the situation sensitively and directly without ever pretending to know any of the faye-kisses-babyanswers. He listened to Faye when she freaked out at the christening. When Jackson’s parents suggested that they take Miley, he listened to them. He somehow talked Anna into hearing them out. And then he did something it seems no one else thought to do: he listened, and talked without lecturing, to Jackson.

Corrie Street Apr. 19/15

Baby Love

Faye, on Tuesday, tells her mother: “I just wanted him to like me.” Heartbreaking. No wanted-him-to-like-mematter how far back in memory it now is, I bet every woman watching remembered this.

For Faye, the gamble didn’t pay off. The boy didn’t want to know her afterward, and that was even without knowing she got pregnant. And now she’s got a permanent souvenir, a baby girl.

police-ask-faye-about-father of babyIn light of the rest of the week, Faye’s plan for giving birth starts to make sense. Do it secretly and leave the baby at the hospital. Don’t involve anyone else. Of course it would not work as smoothly as imagined, as she learned. But the flap and fuss she dreaded and wanted to avoid is happening. Police, social workers and families.

“Send her back”

faye-and-annaFaye found out her mother is not going to “send her back,” as the poor child had feared. Anna, Owen, Tim and everyone rallied around her. The baby will have a loving and supportive family. They all took that as a given.

But they didn’t ask Faye if that’s what she wanted. Maybe in the same way that they totally did not see Faye’s pregnancy weight gain, they are not seeing her lack of bonding, even enthusiasm, for her infant. Anna reminds her that the baby is hers and she will be the one responsible for her care. But it sounds much the same as maternal reminders to faye-cries-on-annatake care of your good clothes or those expensive shoes you wanted so badly. No one is looking at Faye, or asking her what she wants.

Faye eventually tells Sophie, and Sophie passes on a hint to Owen. And that’s where we end on Friday: Owen pointedly makes space for Faye to say what she wants to her family and the social worker. Faye takes the opportunity finally. She wants to give the baby up.

anna-holds-fayeShe might do so or not. But you know, whatever the decision, Owen will be the object of Anna’s wrath for even allowing the possibility to be raised. Anna seems to have already decided the future of the baby and Faye, all in the name of love.

Corrie Street Apr. 5/15

Teen Moms

anna-asks-faye-to-talkWednesday, Anna tried to have a heart-to-heart with Faye. How are you really, what’s bothering you, what’s going on? Faye said nothing other than everything’s fine. How could she say otherwise? She feels she cannot add to her mother’s burdens, cannot disappoint. She would do both if she told her mother the truth. She’s pregnant. And just turned 13.

When her pregnancy story began to be revealed, I thought oh no, the show’s been there, done that. Sarah Louise, barely in her teens, trying to hide a pregnancy. Then I realized that was 15 years ago. The kids for whom this storyline might be relevant were not even born then. That’s the thing with long running shows. Plotlines, particularly those about perennial issues, need to be recycled for each new generation of viewers.

anna-says-katy-made-a-rash-decisionAnna, in trying to get Faye to open up about her teenage angst, took Faye’s mention of Katy as an entrée into talking about choices and repercussions. Katy, Anna said, “made a rash decision having a baby so young”. She has to consider what’s best for the child in all her wishes and decisions. The move to Portugal may be a dovetailing of the two. “She’s got a chance to get her life back on track. Not many girls in her situation get that opportunity.”

Little does Anna know that Faye is dealing with exactly that situation. Only unlike Katy, Faye didn’t deliberately get pregnant. She is still so young, with no sign of a boyfriend or even interest in boys, that her being pregnant is not a possibility that would even cross Anna’s mind. So Faye is stumbling toward the birth of a baby. Despite the best help of Craig and the internet, she has made no realistic decisions or plans. She’s just trying to get through it with no idea of what comes next.

bethany ad for teen momsThe return of Sarah Louise’s daughter at the same time is a brilliant juxtaposition. Bethany Platt is a great advertisement for not having a child when you are still very young. Imagine being in your late 20s, only twice as old as your child is at present, and being responsible for the daily care and well-being of someone like her!

Corrie Street Nov. 30/14

Illiteracy Skills

Faye reacts to illiteracy you-sent-me-messagesAmid all the tutting about ‘why didn’t your teachers notice?’ and ‘why didn’t you tell me?’, Faye made the best observation about Tim’s inability to read: “You must be dead clever”. Getting by in a word-based world when you can’t read has to take great skill. Hiding it from everyone, including your nearest-and-dearest, takes even more skill.

Sally, and pretty much the whole street, found out about Tim’s illiteracy. She made it all tim-in-letter-slotabout her, but that’s understandable at least to an extent. He did not adequately explain his frequent absences and his presence with Anna. Sally feared he and Anna were having an affair, and seeing him give Anna flowers seemed to confirm it. Even Maddie came to believe he was doing the dirty on Sally.

So, as Sally chucked his belongings out the upstairs window, he had little choice but to tell you-want-himher what he and Anna were really up to – reading lessons. He’s embarrassed that everyone knows. Sally goes from gobsmacked to self-recrimination, that she hadn’t noticed, to Tim-recrimination for not trusting her enough to tell her and ask her for help. After all, she points out, she has plenty of experience from helping Rosie and Sophie with their homework, and look how well they turned out.

Duelling Teachers

annaAnna gets a chance to rub Sally’s nose in her erroneous conclusions about “Anna Slutty Windass” and plans to continue the lessons with Tim. But it will be duelling teachers because Sally quickly did her internet research and gathered her glossy magazines as teaching aids.

If I were Tim, I’d take up Faye’s offer of help. Much more straightforward and much less emotionally loaded. Also she would be likely as good if not better at teaching. If I were the show’s producer, you-can-readI’d link this storyline to the new community centre. Where better to have adult literacy classes? It would bring the centre back to our screens and make use of a brand-new set. It would also show a real-life issue with both characters we know  and a larger community.  I would feel bad for subjecting poor Tim to Yasmeen’s attentions because, for sure, she’d be there with bells on.  But it would be fun to watch.

Corrie Street Aug. 10/14

Repo Man

faye-opens-doorTuesday the bailiffs come to the Windass-Armstrong house. Faye is the only one home and she lets them in. They size up what is worth taking to apply against the £5,480 that is due immediately.

If only Gary hadn’t run over to the shop to get a can of beans. If Faye had paid less attention to her phone and more to what Gary was telling her about who to let in and who to not. Even if Gary had explained why it was gary-tells-bailiffs-outso important to not open the door to anyone she didn’t know.

Faye told Anna that she knew what bankruptcy means. Gary might have made sure she also knew what repossession means, and that repo people might be on their way to their house. If he had, she might still have her laptop. But, as I once read, stories would be pretty short and uneventful if everyone did what they should do.

An extra day, please

The visit by the bailiffs was eventful. Gary saw them as he came out of Dev’s, dropped his get-serious-sirtin of beans and sent out the alarm for Anna and Owen. All of them tried to stop anything being removed. They pleaded and tried to barter for an extra day, for mercy.

The bailiffs did give the family as much time as they could to make a partial payment in cash. But the small amount they could come up anna-begs-bailiff to take necklacewith wasn’t enough. Anna again was willing to sacrifice what precious things she had left, her necklace and ring, if they would leave what belonged to the others. It’s not enough, the bailiff said and refused to take them from Anna.

It’s not a circus

The whole street, it seemed, was out to watch what was going on. Sally was in the midst of it, alternately being Miss Judgemental and showing compassion for Anna (a surprise!) and comforting Faye. She even got rid of the gawkers – “it’s not a circus.”

The bailiffs left with the television and Faye’s laptop, and a lot of the Windass and removing-tvArmstrong pride. But they didn’t take their determination to work together to get out of this mess.

Despite feeling powerless, they are doing what they can. Owen will take any job, no matter how small. Gary gives Faye the little he has to make her life a bit more normal. And Anna makes a difficult trek to a food bank, because she will feed her family, come hell or high water.

Corrie writers are telling a story that plays out too often in real-life. Owen has worked windass-armstrongs-regrouphard all his life and, this one time, he took a risk on a big opportunity. He isn’t a scam artist. He’s not Phelan who uses bankruptcy as a way of living well with everything in his wife’s name. He is not Eddie Windass who, although lovely, would cheat at anything just to keep in practice. Owen, and Anna, are just trying to look after a family in an honest and honourable way. Still, such a nightmare can happen.

Coronation Street May 5/13

Other People’s Kids

Friday, in the café Anna comments to Tina about both of them having “other people’s kids, hope you have better luck than I’ve had.”

owen faye and anna - other people's kidsThe story of the week was Anna and Faye and Tim – and police and social workers. Tim having bought a sofa bed, Faye took that as her cue to have sleepovers at Dad’s. When Anna refused that, Faye escalated it to moving in to Dad’s. After Anna refused that, Faye alleged Anna had hit her. After having been removed from her home during the investigation, it finally dawned on Faye that she was being taken very seriously and maybe this was going to have consequences greater than just her getting her own way with her mother.

faye-giving-statementWaiting at the police station, Izzy, Faye’s temporary guardian, responded beautifully to a difficult situation. Asked by Faye if Anna would go to jail, Izzy said “that depends on you.” Faye retracted her allegations, and all agreed that Faye was a very troubled child. I’ll say! I’d go back to sleeping with one eye open.

Faye got her way in the end, and Anna really had no choice. Faye has moved temporarily to Tim’s sofa bed. We’ll see how that goes. Very real issues affecting adoptive children and parents are being raised in this story. A Guardian article talks about the new minefields presented by social media like Facebook, which of course was how Faye found Tim in the first place.

Tim gives my husband and me the creeps. But then so does Faye, so maybe it’s just a family trait. So as of Thursday, my only dilemma was which gut-wrenching scene to choose.

Other people’s unborn kids

izzy-gary-tinaThen Friday the story moved to another complicated parentage story – Izzy, Gary and Tina. Tina had a prenatal class and Izzy and Gary were going with her. Makes sense they’d go, even though Beth questioned why Izzy was taking time off work for it. After all, she pointed out, it was Tina who had to know about childbirth.

people-moving-for-izzyBeth’s words came to Izzy’s mind, and ours, when they were actually in the class. Pregnant women and partners all sat on the floor and Izzy in her chair. Tina and Gary sat on the floor. Tina, like the other expectant mothers, needed a partner for the exercises and, of course, for the forthcoming big event. Izzy realized she was in the way, so she had to navigate her way across a floor filled with pregnant women-and-their-partners to sit in the back, out of the way, out of sight, out of mind.

Tears came to her eyes as she sat off to the side like a fifth wheel. Beautiful camera work and acting in too-late-to-change-your-mindconveying the emotion. Leaving aside where this story looks to be heading with Gary getting too interested in Tina, this moment was heartbreaking. Izzy, feeling extraneous to her child’s development, watching her partner busy partnering with the woman who is carrying the baby. What, she must be wondering, are the next months going to be like?

izzy-leaving-roomAnna’s comment about other people’s kids was fair enough, but she might find she could also extend her sympathy to Izzy. She too feels like ‘her’ child is not really hers after all.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 27/12)

Children of the Corn

A week of kids, and both children and adults doing strange and hurtful things.

Faye and Owen

Best scene Owen apologizing to Faye - children of the cornpick:  Owen apologizing and explaining to Faye.  He flat out apologized for smacking her and said he had been wrong to do it.  But – important point – he linked what he did to her killing the fish.

Owen didn’t do it in an accusatory way, he said he understood that she had killed the fish because she was upset and angry and wanted to Faye smiling at Owenget back at him.  He then explained that he had felt the same way – angry and upset at what she had done.  He didn’t point out that he had taken his “revenge” on the target of his anger whereas she had taken hers out on innocent and uninvolved fish.  I hope she got the message though.

And finally he and Anna got the message that Faye ought to have a shed in the back yard if that would make her happy.  Surprisingly, she said she’d come to like the pond.  Again, Owen didn’t take the opportunity presented on a silver platter to say that there would be a point in having a fishpond if she hadn’t killed the fish that were in it!

Now he’s made a pond of lights and flamingos and who knows what at her direction and she seems happy.  Is it real or is she plotting some revenge on the plastic flamingo?  I still don’t trust that girl, although it was nice seeing her smile and being actually civil.

Katie and Owen

Owen hugging Katie goodnightThe scene that brought tears to my cynical old eyes:  Owen and Katie hugging when she finally came home.  He has taken a lot of flak in the show and online for flying off the handle about Katie leaving the baby alone.  I think he’s the only one that has acted like a normal person.  Why shouldn’t he be furious?  His teenage daughter wanted to play grown up so badly and now can’t handle having a baby because he doesn’t sleep and cries?  And she doesn’t have the sense to tell anyone she can’t cope before she just walks out the door?

Owen’s outrage is perhaps not helpful, but it’s certainly understandable.  And it’s in Owen and Anna announcing babysitting planskeeping with his character.  Since his arrival, he’s been a hard man with a quick temper.  But, although sometimes not the perfect parent, he clearly loves his daughters and would defend them to the death.  I hope his and Anna’s help with the baby eases the considerable pressure on Katie and Ches and I hope that they appreciate the effort being made to help them.

Simon Barlow

Simon lying through his teeth about CarlaAnd Simon – making the most of the opportunity presented by street gossip.  With all the furor made about the incident at the school when he refused to come home with Carla, it didn’t take him long to see a chance to get rid of her for good and get his ‘mother’ back.  Lie.  Carla’s got her hands full winning that one over; he’s smarter than Carla, Peter and Leanne put together.

Craig Tinker

Craig eating Steve's cookiesAnd finally, a kid who doesn’t have to do a thing to be truly scary – Craig.  Whether staring, eating or, as he has done at long last, speaking, he is absolutely fabulous.  As long as he stays on his side of my television screen.  I would be petrified with terror ever actually meeting a child like him.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Apr. 22/12)

Sweet Revenge

Becky's revenge - Deirdre rushes to Tracy crying in street I’m sure everyone who has ever lost a love to a lying, two-faced schemer stood up and cheered when Becky got back at Tracy. I sure did. What a wonderful moment when Tracy’s treachery was revealed. It was made sublime by Becky leaving it until the reception, after Steve had pledged Tracy his troth in their very beautiful wedding.

Becky watches as Steve and Tracy pronounced wedShe decided to keep quiet until after the marriage when Steve told her that he truly believed her capable of causing Tracy’s miscarriage. When Steve’s delusions are shattered, he’s trapped, legally “chained to that cow” as Becky put it.

She still almost backed out, though, not wanting to hurt him Tracy enters bathroom with Becky and Kyliethat much. Tracy’s smirking suggestion of ‘X’ as her new middle name made Becky see clearly again. After dropping her bombshell, she walked away and, like a weeping Bet Lynch, Becky in her leopard skin jacket left in a taxi. Steve chased her to the airport to beg her forgiveness, then watched her leave with her new man and son.

Classic Corrie

Steve watches Becky board planeThe whole week was great. Three storylines struck me as having classic Corrie, and soap, elements. First, the Tracy/Becky dénouement had evil deeds being eventually repaid, something that soaps do well because of their long story arc.

It also had a particularly Corrie aspect. Despite having earlier involved the police in order to expose Tracy, Becky did not take the Becky writes down what Gail tells her about clinic computerincriminating medical record to them. She relied on her neighbours. That fits perfectly with Corrie’s tradition of people helping themselves instead of going to the authorities. Don’t trust the rozzers, as Kylie says.

Fish Story

Second, the Owen/Faye/Anna/fish story giving an exposition of all sides of the issues. Continuing serials can do this better than other television forms. Especially explaining without giving a pat answer, which Corrie does very well. Owen presented a good case Owen discusses Faye with daughters and Royagainst Faye:  that her revenge on him was calculated cruelty and violence directed elsewhere, to living creatures. Where might this stop, with her wielding an AK-47 in the street? Anna presented the other side. What Faye did was unconscionable. But it wasn’t Owen’s place to discipline her, especially with corporal punishment and especially doing so in anger. I agree with her but I also thought – what about “it takes a village to raise a child”? Surely, that doesn’t just mean comforting and cuddling, it also means everyone has the duty to correct wrongdoing.

And Owen asking his daughters’ opinion of him as a father and of childrearing methods in general – wonderful. The Katie giving her childrearing beliefsdiscussion was thoughtful and presented all sides, from personal experience and general philosophy. I particularly loved Katie, teenage mom of infant, saying “I’ll never…” and Owen saying “I’ll remind you of that when…”

Poor Leslie

Lesley cowering on floor and Eileen trying to comfort herThird, Eileen/Paul/Leslie exploring the trauma of Alzheimer’s and the strain put on caregivers. This is an important story, fraught with pitfalls just in the telling. Obviously taking Leslie to Eileen’s was a mistake. Leslie should have stayed in the familiar surroundings of her home.

I can see a production reason for what Corrie did: saves building a set of Paul and Leslie’s living room. But, in the nice way that art (and its production) and life can reflect each other, it is also very easy in real life to make mistakes like this. In caring for those with Alzheimer’s, you learn by trial and error.

Becky enjoying flight first classFabulous writing, acting and storyline development all week. And if Becky never returns to the Street, I’ll always picture her in Barbados, having a wonderful life and watching her new son grow up. Sweet revenge indeed. And for now, I’m consoled by having Kylie as Becky Mach 2.Steve outside festooned Rovers watching plane leave

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Apr. 15/12)


Deirdre's guilty tears at Tracy's hen night in Rovers“Be sure your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23). Words that Tracy, Faye and Deirdre would do well to remember.

Friday saw the start of the unraveling of the lies surrounding two monstrous acts. One by Tracy with Deirdre’s collusion. The other by Faye all on her own.

After her insane jealousy brought about a miscarriage, Tracy had seen the silver lining in that cloud. She could blame it on Becky, thereby ensuring that Steve would turn against “baby killer” Becky and stay with Tracy. And she got her mother to go along with the lie. I’m not sure which one of them I find more repellent for their actions in this. Tracy has a purpose for hers, no matter how twisted it is. Deirdre? Protecting her child? I’m sure serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother thought that there was good in him too.

2 + 2 = Tracy

Becky saying to Deirdre you know somethingBecky started putting two and two together and getting four. Steve paying her off for her half of Streetcars, saying that Deirdre had urged him to give Becky a good settlement.  Deirdre’s visit to Becky in hospital. To both things, she asked herself why. And she gave Deirdre a chance to come clean, ambushing her out behind the Rovers and pleading for the truth. I thought Deirdre would crack, but she’s a better liar than I thought.

Tracy and Deirdre leaving RoversFinally, Becky’s new man completed the adding up for her. As manager of the hotel where Tracy had started to miscarry after running around like a madwoman, he had called the ambulance for her. But he hadn’t connected Tracy with Steve and Becky.

Finally while dropping Becky home, he saw Tracy leaving the Rovers checking appointment calendar for Beckyafter her hen night.  “I’ve seen her before, she…”. And the pieces fell in place for Becky. Oh, I look forward to seeing Deirdre’s face when this comes out!

Faye’s revenge

And the other monster of the week: Faye, willing to kill just because she didn’t get her own way. Someone poisoned the fish by putting creosote in the pond water. Owen Owen sorting Faye's laundryaccused David and Kylie. They, to him and each other, were appalled to think that he would accuse them of killing as part of a prank. Faye’s little smirk, after Anna broke the sad news about the death of the fish, showed she had no such qualms.

I still believe that Owen and Anna should have had the sense to build her a shed instead of or in addition to the fishpond. But killing fish to spite someone else? Sin. I hope only that Anna does not decide to get Faye a kitten.

Owen smells creosote on Faye's sweaterWhile Anna is away overnight and Owen is looking after Faye he washes her clothes and smells creosote on her sweater. Two and two get added correctly again. He is furious, about her wanton killing as well as the destruction of what he had made with Anna’s consent. I wish only that he had not laid a finger on her. Not that she didn’t deserve a good spanking, but because I’m sure Owen spanks Fayeshe’s got Children Services, the police and probably Madame Defarge from beside the French guillotine all on speed-dial. He, I fear, will end up in much more trouble than she will. I do hope that Anna realizes she has a psychopath-in-training in her care and that she takes care herself around little Faye.