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Corrie Street June 12/16

After The Toasts

wedding-aftermathThursday’s episode opens amid the wreckage of Carla and Nick’s wedding. They had got married but it didn’t last until dinner was served.

Asking for a time-out during the ceremony, Carla had confessed to Nick that she had slept with Robert. He could get over that, he said. So back to the wedding.

nicks-looks-at-carlaThen in came Tracy to tell all. Yeah yeah yeah, Nick told her, old news. He and Carla completed their vows. Tracy finished her story – about Carla providing the extra money Robert needed to buy the Bistro, and about the move to Devon being Tracy’s idea. That rattled Nick but he gamely sat at the head table for the reception.

connors-surround-carlaBut during the speeches and champagne, he couldn’t go on. He realized the enormity of never knowing if Carla was lying or not. “Tell me it’s red,” he said, holding a white napkin. He wanted to see if her eyes changed when she lied.

carla-leaves-bistroHard to imagine a wedding day could get worse, but it did. Nick said he was leaving to see about an annulment. Carla told Roy she wanted to leave, just drive and drive. Roy goes off to get his car. Cathy waylays him with an ill-timed marriage proposal. Carla tires of waiting and leaves on her own.

carla-looks-at-tracyIn her car, seeing Tracy straight ahead in the headlights. Smirking. Carla not paying attention to Roy and Tyrone both trying to park their vehicles. Carla guns the engine and puts the car in gear.

Just before she hits Tracy and the house behind, she veers off. Driving cathy-hiton the sidewalk, she hits Cathy who is coming out of Dev’s shop.

Roy parks and runs to where Cathy is lying and calls for help. A dazed Carla looks at Cathy and at him. He looks at her as if she is a stranger, and one he doesn’t like.

wheel-through-concreteMeanwhile, Tyrone crashed the truck into Gail’s annex. A wheel comes to rest on the manhole cover, the one Callum’s body is under. It crashes through. Bad news for the Platts.

Tyrone was driving without shoes because they pinched his feet. He and Fiz had gone dress-shopping for the wedding at the last minute. Their fiz-in-new-dress in wreckagepurchase at an expensive shop that they should not have even entered shows that neither of them have one clue about living on a budget. Their financial woes are the least of the worries for many Street residents right now though.

Thank you, Alison King, for Carla. And thank you, Stuart Blackburn, for your producing.

Corrie Street Aug. 16/15

Clearing for Cathy

Cathy makes me uneasy. It’s the hoarding mainly, plus the weird way cathy-breathes-in-a-bagshe looks at people. She’s like a deer on the side of the road and you don’t know if she’s going to jump away or right in front of your car.

Due to go to Roy’s for dinner, she pulls a book she wants to give him out of a teetering stack. Everything on top of it falls and traps her underneath. Roy eventually rescues her, but the accident gives him the hook he needs to try and clear out some of the mess. Health and safety hazard, he tells her.

cleared-living-roomChes, Tyrone and Fiz are deputized to clear a small space while Roy gets Cathy away from the house. Pleased with their efforts, they go further and clear out the whole living room. When she returns, Cathy is horrified. I am anxious, which way will she jump? Both, it turns out. She first turns on them in a fury for touching her stuff. Then she apologizes and tries to appear grateful for their help.

time-to-get-used-to-itIt is when she is thanking them that I begin to feel sorry for Cathy. Not for her hoarding or her excuses about why she does, but for the fact that she now has Fiz wanting to help. Few things are more horrifying to think about than Fiz setting her sights on you, wanting to help you.

Fiz wants to help

Fiz has been at loose ends in her helping since her return. Roy is oh-cathy-pleasemanaging without her. He got his driver’s licence. He is coping with being without Hayley. He and Carla are handling their friendship without Fiz to run interference. He’s found a new friend, who is keeping him busy enough with worrying about her. And, like manna from Heaven, Cathy can be Fiz’s new project!

flip-a-switch-and-i-would-be-betterCathy might be at a crossroads. Roy’s rather careful handling of her stuff and her psyche might get her to relax her grip on the accumulated junk. She might be wily enough to outmanoeuvre Roy. It’s too early in his efforts to tell. But having Fiz barge into a very unstable physical and mental environment might truly send her over the edge.

Cathy blames her hoarding on her husband’s death – wants to keep just-click-my-fingerseverything around her, nothing changing. I don’t think it is more than a couple years since he died. If she can accumulate that much in that short a time, Roy is taking a big chance having her stay in his small and orderly flat. She could fill that to bursting in a week! Especially if Fiz comes anywhere near to rock the boat of instability.

i-want-to-show-you-somethingTo be fair, Fiz did caution Tyrone that maybe they should do as Roy said and clear only a small space. But for perhaps the first time in their relationship, she gave in to Tyrone. You never listen to Tyrone, Fiz, why now?

Corrie Street Mar. 2/14

Faces of Fiz

Monday we saw scary Fiz.  In the past few weeks, we’ve seen worried Fiz, caring Fiz and after-what-i've-seenhurt Fiz.  My husband and I include the latter three in the large category of irritating busybody Fiz.  Scary Fiz is a category unto itself.  A hard and implacable face, with eyes that burn right through you.  My husband said if Jennie McAlpine hasn’t done Shakespearean theatre, she ought to.  Lady Macbeth comes to mind.

The reason for her anger is a burst pipe in the café and what Fiz sees as Anna’s ineptitude in getting it fixed and cleaned up.  It gives her an excuse to call Roy (like he leak-made-worseneeds to worry about the café right now).  Roy is not where he said he’d be and the alarm sirens go off.  So Fiz insists on calling the police.  Then, to make matters worse, she insists that she will tell them whatever is necessary in order to get them actively looking for Roy.  Oh great, Fiz is teetering on a blab-all brink of jealousy-fueled hurt about Hayley’s death and someone else knowing something she didn’t – and she’s going to talk to the police?

But Anna can’t stop her, doesn’t try hard enough in my opinion, so the police come.  Two more shifty looking “concerned” friends than Fiz and Anna, I can’t imagine.  They tell about Hayley dying and Roy being inconsolable.  Then Fiz feels it necessary to add “and feeling guilty”.  What a great choice of word to use to a police officer about a missing person who has just had a death in the family.

“Look after Fiz”

he-is-vulnerable faces of fizOk, she’s worried and Hayley charged her with looking after Roy.  But I wish she’d remember the list Hayley left for Roy, which Fiz read:  the last item to Roy was “look after Fiz”.  Hayley neither considered nor asked Fiz to be Wonder Woman.  If she’d only think back a moment to the hubbub of the funeral and the strife and heartbreak surrounding Hayley’s death, Fiz might think of Roy and his personality.  If anyone doesn’t want fuss and bother and will run a mile from it, it’s Roy.  And that’s all he’s done, got away from the madding crowd.

keeping-secrets-does-thatBut we see in what she says to Anna throughout that day and the next: she’s still angry about not having been told in advance what Hayley was planning to do.  Anna is the handiest person to take this out on.  Fiz does this by staking her claim as Lord Protector of Roy and what is Roy’s.  To that end, she is willing to involve the authorities and spill the beans about Hayley’s suicide;  “whatever it takes.”

If official suspicions are aroused about the circumstances of Hayley’s death, Fiz’s high-flown sentiments of wanting Roy home safe and sound may only land him in legal difficulties.  Maybe she doesn’t realize that, or maybe she just doesn’t care.  She’s also angry at him.  He will pay, one way or another, for not including fiz-phones-for-royFiz in the loop.  Never mind that Hayley herself pretty much handed Fiz a roadmap of her intentions on her final day; the fact that Fiz didn’t get it is Roy’s fault, and Anna’s and Carla’s and, sadly, probably Hayley’s too.

Corrie Street Feb. 9/14


aftermath Carla and Anna at bedroom doorCarla and Anna in Hayley and Roy’s room, afterwards. Their shock, realizing Hayley is dead. She lies curled in Roy’s arms. He isn’t aware they’re even in the room. They see the glass on the bedside table, used. They know what happened although they say not a word to each other or Roy.

anna-puts-glass-awayAnna takes the glass and washes it. She didn’t hear the stern warning Hayley gave Roy: don’t touch the glass, this was my action alone. Anna finds Fiz at the Rovers and breaks the news to her and all in the pub. (In the pub tableau of small groups assimilating the news, especially poignant was the thought-filled sadness of Emily, Rita, Dennis, Norris and Deirdre. They all know first-hand how it feels to lose the person closest to you.)

When Fiz goes to Roy’s, you see the differences in how people handle crises and who roy-with-hayleymight be actually of more help. Carla and Anna knew something was up even before Hayley took her fatal drink. Both felt Hayley had acted oddly the last time they had seen her. Anna had some warning; Roy had told her weeks ago that Hayley planned to kill herself. So let’s focus on Carla and Fiz. Neither of them knew Hayley’s intentions.

Carla had an uneasy feeling from when Roy wheeled Hayley in to the factory for an evening visit. Just out to take the air, Hayley what-I-wanted-to-saysaid, but Carla knew something was up. With Fiz, Hayley specifically asked her to come with Tyrone and the children. Fiz came in her lunch break, Tyrone had to stop a job he was in the middle of, and they hauled the kids out of daycare. Baby Ruby had a sniffle so they didn’t want her near Hayley. Hayley had to shout give me that baby, an unpleasant scene that Hayley felt bad about after. Despite these uncharacteristic actions, Fiz saw nothing worrisome.

carla-and-anna-exchange-looksSeeing Hayley so unexpectedly dead, Carla put two and two together very quickly. She and Anna stood quietly with quick looks at each other as if communicating how best to deal with Roy and what they knew, and with Fiz. Fiz howled about how upset she was, if only she’d known, what she’d wanted to say, she’d thought there was time, etc. Roy felt compelled to say “sorry” to Fiz. As if her comfort was more important than his, even Hayley’s.

carla-anna-with-royIn the aftermath, Carla was there, mentally organizing what needed to be done and carefully watching Roy. She stood quietly, spoke of practical matters when warranted, touched Roy only briefly when it seemed appropriate. Fiz followed him like his shadow. Glommed to him, saying what can I do to help, I’m so upset, and on and on. Not for a second did she back off, listen to Roy or even truly look at him, or stop imposing her needs and wishes on him.

The irony of this is that it is Carla who is believed by others, and herself, to be no good in an emotional crisis and to lack empathy. Fiz is thought by others, and herself, to be the roy-listens-to-fiz-cryepitome of caring and sharing, in tune with the emotional life around her. Especially with Roy and Hayley, it is Fiz who has the longer and closer history. But in a crisis of these proportions, I know whom I’d want around me, and I think Roy would agree: Carla. Fiz would make me want to jump off a cliff.