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Corrie Street Mar. 9/14

Because I can

The Rovers was a sad place Friday. Islands of unhappiness, caused by people manipulating other people’s emotions just to see if they could.

dennis-and-ritaRita and Dennis, looking anywhere but at each other, filled with fears and resentments. Gloria, the bane of Rita’s existence, is leaving. Rita hopes that will mean her marriage will get back on track. Dennis hopes so too, kind of. He also is thinking of Europe and adventure with Gloria. She asked him to go with her, asking if marking time behind the counter of a sweet shop was enough for him for the rest of his life.

Rita and Dennis are so miserable, and their companions Emily and Mary so busy trying to not intrude on that misery, that none of them notice Marcus nearby, head in hands.  marcus-head-in-handsCompared to him, their table looks like a party. He has missed a house viewing with Maria, the house that may have been ‘the one’ for them. He went to return Todd’s phone and one thing led to another – which was Marcus jumping on Todd and hauling him up to the bedroom. Infidelity to Maria, with a man, and not turning up to see the house that would complete his transformation to straight man with family.

Returning to what and who they are

Although they don’t realize it or care at the moment, Dennis and Marcus are doing the same thing. They are returning to what and who they are. Both decided to live someone else’s life for awhile, for the love of someone else.

dennis-sees-life-unfoldDennis, I believe, does love Rita and what she represents – familiar memories of his youth on Coronation Street, security and friendships. But Gloria must remind him of his mother and of his own dreams and aspirations for excitement. Those dreams are not dead for him, nor are they for Gloria. Rita has made it clear that they are for her.

maria-talks-about-houseMarcus isn’t swept away by love for Todd and knows full well that Todd does not love him. Marcus does love Maria. She is part of a package he wants, fatherhood and family. But he has been gay for much longer than he’s been straight. Also, Marcus is an intelligent and thoughtful man. Maria is pleasant and personable and caring but has about as much depth as a birdbath, and less ‘edge’. Todd is everything Maria is not. And he’s a man.

Both Marcus and Dennis have had someone more like them tantalizing and teasing them. take-it-easy-marcusTodd and Gloria have repeatedly pointed out the dreariness of the humdrum lives chosen by their targets. Their cattiness hit the marks. The only block to happily-ever-after for the new proffered relationships is that both Gloria and Todd are flakes and users.

Gloria might like the thrill of taking Dennis away from Rita, but ultimately she needs someone perhaps more stable than he, and certainly someone richer. Dennis needs the same. And Todd? Maybe when he grows up and gets over whatever turned him so nasty, he’d be good for Marcus. But now, no. Seducing Marcus is just sport for him, to see if he can do it.  Gloria and Jaquar

Too bad Gloria peeled out of town before she and Todd could high-five each other. They both proved they could do what they set out to do.

Corrie Street Nov. 17/13

Steak and Burgers

that-I-love-youThe week ended with a tentative, but lovely, reconciliation between Leanne and Nick. It was Gloria who pushed it, with some uncommonly sensible talk from her.

Leanne returned to town to see how she felt about Nick. Couldn’t forgive him, she decided. After she witnessed him coming unglued at the kids’ Hallowe’en party, she joined her mother, Tina and Gloria at the Bistro. While they chatted, she stared into space, brooding.

got-steak-at-homeGloria did an astute assessment and pushed her to talk. She couldn’t get past his one night stand, especially with it being Kylie, Leanne told her. Gloria agreed, why go out for hamburgers when you’ve got steak at home? Exactly, Leanne said, glad to have her grandmother side with her. “But the steak wasn’t at home, was it?” Gloria added, puncturing that little balloon of sanctimoniousness.

Leanne went over to the restaurant counter to mope, head in hands. Gloria pursued her and continued the discussion out of earshot of Stella and Tina. Sympathetically, she could-have-hurt-you-some-moreagreed Leanne had every right to be hurt and angry at Nick’s actions. But, she pointed out, the reason he was alone in the hotel, available for Kylie or anyone else, was because Leanne was not with him on what was to be their wedding night. The fact that Nick had turned down Eva when she offered herself on a plate showed that he had not intended to stray from Leanne. But he had learned in a cruel way that Leanne had pretty much offered herself on a plate to Peter right before she was supposed to be at you-ran-upstairs-to-peterthe church marrying Nick. Think on that, lassie!

And think Leanne did. It can take several thinkings and tellings for something to sink in. Earlier in the week, Gail had said much the same thing to Leanne. That Nick wouldn’t have had the chance to sleep with Kylie if Leanne hadn’t stopped en route to her wedding to see if her ex was still available. The words of Gail and Gloria perhaps reinforced Leanne’s recall of her own words when she first suspected Nick had been with someone else that night – that, given leanne-hugs-nickher actions, it was understandable that he’d seek solace elsewhere. It’s ok, she had said then, we both erred.

She says much the same to Nick now, this time filmed-itknowing all the facts.  She means it, I think. I hope they can reconcile. I hope too that she wipes the floor with that dreadful child Grace when she attempts her planned trick on Simon and Nick.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 18/12)

Mrs. Guy Fawkes

I love Lewis when he ceases being Mr. Suave and Urbane. Oh, I love him when he is Mr. Lewis waits in Rovers as comment cards are read outSlick too. But this week, he showed himself to be the biggest scheming cat Coronation Street has seen in a long time. He makes Tracy look like a rookie. Even Gloria, who I think could teach Tracy a thing or two, “unraveled nicely” as he said.

Gail apologizingHe was absolutely wonderful all week, especially as he put his plan for revenge into effect. But the absolute Kodak Moment for me was when Gail came to sort of apologize to him and speak on her mother’s behalf. She said “I don’t know what to say,” and he, still charming and sophisticated, he spoke absolutely straightforwardly to her: “Best zip it then.”

Bonfire Night may have had fireworks instead of a bonfire. But what fireworks they Gloria struggling with judge for plaquewere! Lewis carefully orchestrated the unmasking of Gloria in the Best Pub competition. Then, not being satisfied with that, he ensured that Leanne withdrew the offer of her couch for Gloria after Stella booted her out.

“Moving on to Tweedledee”

Lewis talks to Gloria in taxi backseatHe was still not content to just watch her slink off in her black taxi. He opened the door, and gloated over telling her that he had done this to her. Then telling her that he was moving on to Tweedledee, her partner in subterfuge.

Meanwhile he still has not forgiven Audrey for her knowledge of the set up Gloria and Lewis tells Audrey it is overGail did to him. He is polite, even caring, but tells her it is over, sorry. I do think he is overreacting. After all, he knows that he did a lot of conning of women while doing his legitimate gigolo job. And there is a matter of £10,000 that Audrey paid to get him out of trouble with a conned woman, Penny, and/or the police.

Neither he nor Audrey, it seems, want to acknowledge that she might well be within her Lewis and Gazette reporter pleased with results in Roversrights to test his loyalty, to see if the leopard really has changed his spots. Given that, she could have legitimately argued that forcing Gloria and Gail to stop their plan to test him, or telling him what they were doing, would have simply meant that Gail would never ever stop harping about him using her mother.

Better to let the ‘test’ run its course and, if he passed it, tell Gail to “zip it.” She wouldn’t be in much of a position to do anything else. But Audrey, feeling so guilty about betraying “dear Lewis”, didn’t think to say that. I’d have thought it would have crossed his mind. If not, I’ve hoped that Gail would point it Lewis comes from shop with bottle and sees Leanneout. But on Thursday, seeing Lewis in the full flight of revenge, I’m glad no one pointed out the obvious.

I think this Lewis is just wonderful. Still, I’d rather take my chances with crossing Tracy than him.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 4/12)

There were a lot of great visuals this week. The end of the week, of course. Sophie with sophie-on-highwaycoked-up, pity-partying Ryan on the highway as traffic whizzes past. Then Sophie splat on the pavement after pushing the waste of space out of the way of a car.

Mary at her Greek theme nightThroughout the week, great images from all of Mary’s café theme nights. They build in complexity and drama as “Chef” becomes increasingly demented and her support staff more rebellious.

Wonderful ‘gurns’ from Steve in his maneuverings to get rid of Tracy. I don’t know unhappy Steve with Lloydexactly what a ‘gurn’ is, but Coronation Street Blog has an open competition to submit Steve’s one of the week. Vast riches this week. Although, here at Lloyd’s flat, I feel quite sorry for him. He was only trying to “do something,” as Michelle kept demanding he do.

Secret Shoppers

But I think, for me, the scene of the week in all ways must be the culmination of Dennis’ dennis sets up gloria for his free beer scam - secret shoppersscam for free beer. I have no idea why Gloria was so easily taken in by him suddenly appearing with Lancashire Leisure under his arm purporting to be the “mystery drinker”.

I think she’s seen a charlatan or three in her life. She’d hedge her bets before doting on him in the bar, I think. But then the story Gloria attends to Dennis and ignores real secret drinker judgewouldn’t have played out as it did.

And it was great. She is attending to his every need and whim. He’s getting absolutely wasted. The real mystery drinker comes in, she ignores him. He comes back from the bathroom, saying there’s no paper. She says “let it drip dry like nature intended”. You can see him mentally putting great big x marks in the NO boxes.

Gloria tells Eva that Dennis is judgeEva comes in and sees what is going on in the pub. For, of course, yet another real Lancashire Leisure judge who can’t keep his mouth shut for five minutes helps her out.

You’d think it wouldn’t be that hard to hire real judge winks at Evasecret shoppers who could actually keep their identity secret. The two real ones might as well have had a parade complete with balloons and a brass band preceding their arrival.

But even before she realizes who he is, she makes amends to the customer who is being Eva apologizes for Gran to customerso badly treated by Gloria. She uses the excuse that Gran has gone senile but family is family and all that. She might have saved their bacon in the competition, I don’t know. I do know the real judge certainly got the full “local” bar experience, with Rita coming in and seeing the state of Dennis and rightly knowing that Gloria was the cause of it.

Rita sees Gloria and state of Dennis after his secret judge scam worksIt was wonderful. No one really understanding the full extent of what was happening. But everything that they said, and everything that the others heard, all made perfect sense in each context for every person.

Dennis just before falling to floorGloria, Dennis and Rita were the stars with their timing, reactions and lines. But the supporting cast – Eva, the mystery drinker and all the Rovers’ patrons – were perfect too.