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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 10/13)

Open to Persuasion

A Joan Armatrading song mentioned by Jenna this week applies to three characters in two different storylines:  “I’m not in love but I’m open to persuasion.”  Jenna and Lloyd in one, Kirsty and Tyrone in the other.  Four actors, two great scenes.

beat-a-confession-outKirsty and Tyrone talk after she returns to Number 9 from the wedding that didn’t happen.  Tyrone desperately tries to smooth things over so that she will stay or agree to let him keep Ruby.  Kirsty isn’t buying any of it.  She is angry but also hurt.  She wants to tell him how it is going to be, but she also wants to explain herself to him.  It is both a huge fight and a cathartic opening up of her history and emotions.

For the first time that I can recall, she gives details about her dad kirsty talks about childhoodhitting her and her mother covering it up.  When a child, she had asked her father if they could have a dog and a broken collarbone was her answer.  At the hospital, her mother told the doctor she had fallen off her bicycle:  “kids, eh!” she laughed.

Tyrone listens to Kirsty without interrupting.  It seems he, like me, is visualizing the little girl hurt by one parent and betrayed by the other.  All because she wanted a dog.  Tyrone is a dog person and I wonder if, like me, he’s thinking thank heavens they didn’t get one to be yet another victim for daddy.

top-of-stairsBut Tyrone returns to his immediate concern – who will have Ruby.  Kirsty, daddy’s girl after all, raises her fists to him as she tells him Ruby will be with her.

Paul-with-Kirsty-bottom-of-stairsThey push past each other to get upstairs to the baby.  At the top of the stairs, Tyrone ducks a punch from Kirsty. She keeps on going, all the way to the bottom.  High drama resumes.

Jenna’s persuasion

Lloyd arranging an opportunity for a heart-to-heart with Jenna breaks the ‘high drama’ be-anything-moreof Sally carping at Jenna about taking advantage of her innocent little Sophie.  As they decide what kind of take-out they want, he gently presses her about whether she has romantic feelings for Sophie or women in general.  She doesn’t answer directly but we and Lloyd accept her words as a yes.  And no, she never felt she could tell her mother or especially her father.  Lloyd questions this, saying her father was an open-minded man.  She says that her dad never again never-played-it-again jenna open to persuasionplayed one of his favourite songs after he heard that the singer was gay.

It was nice to see Jenna relax and open up.  I have liked her character but she always seems to be buttoned up with so much tension held in her neck and shoulders that she could benefit from physiotherapy herself.  Admittedly, she’s had reason to be tense with finding out her late father wasn’t really her dad and he knew it. That Lloyd is her biological dad and now is back with her mother.  On remember-that-songtop of that, Sophie, a teenager, has been throwing herself at her, as did Sophie’s dad.  And she doesn’t want to out herself.

not-marrying-me-becauseSo Jenna might persuade herself to love Sophie.  Tyrone tried to persuade Kirsty he was in love with her and Kirsty desperately wants to believe she is loved.