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Corrie Street 3 Sept. 2017

Man U

kirk says eva is man uKirk to Jenny: “Eva’s Man U and you’re Weathy County.” He totally nailed it but, oh boy, what a thing to say.

Eva suggested a double wedding for her and Aiden and Jenny and Johnny. Not something Jenny would want ever with anyone. It’s her day and she wants to be the star. Sean says, if it were him, he’d only agree “if the rival groom were absolutely hideous.”

jenny-glares-at-kirkKirk agrees it would be hard for anyone standing next to Eva because she is “like a goddess.” Having already made things bad, he then digs himself in further with his soccer league analogy about Manchester United and Weatherfield County teams.

“For Eva’s sake”

Then Johnny tells her, that like it or not, she has to do it for Eva’s sake. No!!! She agrees in the end, but hardly graciously.

This wedding, if it happens, is going to be fun. It has all the potential jenny furiousanyway, and Kirk just topped it off. If there might be any way on earth that Jenny might ever willingly share the stage with Eva, Kirk’s words, Man U – Weathy County, will keep popping back in her mind. Bridezilla will not be an adequate term for Jenny.

Add to that Maria as Eva’s unwilling and unhappy bridesmaid, and both the wedding itself and the lead up to it should be wonderfully bitchy. Unfortunately, Maria is suspicious of what’s up with Eva and Adam. I so hope that those suspicions, which she has shared with Aiden, don’t derail the wedding.

eva-walks-through-factoryEva is going into this for revenge and public humiliation of Aiden and Maria and, now, his entire family. And she has the wherewithal to do it. Spectacularly, like a goddess. Like Man U at the top of their game.

Corrie Street 19 Feb 2017

Sally’s Check-up

Sally impressed me so much with her grace and maturity. That’s not a statement you say very often!

sally at rovers after health check-upThursday she went to her doctor for a breast cancer check-up. She got the all clear, she is still cancer free. She was visibly relieved. So, I think, were we all.

She’d earlier had a bit of a snipe-fest with Jenny at the factory when she wanted to ensure she had the okay for the time off she needed. Jenny is throwing her weight around as the boss’ girlfriend, and that weight has increased by one carat. She is now wearing an engagement ring from Johnny.

Graciousness and good ideas

sally asks kevin about financesLater, after her check-up, she goes to the Rovers to chill a bit and relish her good news. She meets up with Kevin. And she does what I and others have been wondering about. She tells him she will pay half the cost of Sophie’s hospital bill in the USA. Kevin thanks her, says he’s chuffed for her, and leaves.

Jenny passes him on her way in, to Sally’s table. Sally groans, expecting more of the same nonsense from Jenny. But no, Jenny apologizes for her behaviour earlier and asks – sincerely – after sally tells jenny it is big and little thingsSally’s health. Sally is gracious to her. She doesn’t play lady of the manor or mouthy factory girl, just tells her how the check up went and how relieved she is. Sally also tells her what her fear feels like, and how hard it is having breast cancer, then the treatment and the aftermath. She tells her about a young woman she saw in the waiting room, trying to cope with her illness and with her worries for her children.

It’s the big worries but also the little things that get you, Sally says. jenny gets ideaSomething as simple as trying to find a good mastectomy bra, for example. And the lightbulb goes off in Jenny’s head. Back to the factory she goes. And the beginning of a very good storyline, I think, and a new product line, I hope, for Underworld.

Corrie Street June 5/16

Blackpool Tram

I love going to Blackpool. I’ve only ever been there with Coronation Street. It was a scary visit this Monday, with the Blackpool tram almost taking out another Bradley.

Jenny and Johnny on Blackpool pierThree Weatherfield parties went to the seaside. Tim, Kevin and young Jack went for an overnight stay. Then Jenny Bradley and Johnny Connor for the day. Then Sally and Sophie Webster to find Tim and Kev.

jack kevin and tim in restaurantWord quickly got around the factory that Tim had indeed gone on the vacation he had planned for Sally, without her. Photos of Blackpool were printed off to tease her about what she was missing.

Jenny faces tram memories

Looking at them, Jenny thought about her father and the place he was killed in 1989. He was struck by a Blackpool tram as he chased jenny sees blackpool tramRita across the road (watch). Alan Bradley was a bad’un.

Jenny had never been back to Blackpool, had never seen the spot where her father died. Time to face it, she thought, but she was scared. When she told Johnny this, he offered to go with her.

Websters found and lost

Seeing a photo of the happy threesome that Tim posted online, Sally decided it was time to reclaim her man. Off she and Sophie went, finding the guys in a restaurant.

driver sees jackIn the hullaballoo that ensued, Jack slipped off unnoticed. Running toward the road, they saw him too late. But Jenny and Johnny were walking nearby. Jenny saw him running into the path of a tram. She ran and flung him out of the way just in time.

Websters and Metcalfes were all upset. Sally and Sophie blamed Jenny, but their yelling seemed rather pro forma. They shut up and jack and jenny safe by tram frontthanked her quickly enough after Kevin stuck up for her.

The tram drove on, after a quick wave from the driver. No passengers were gawping out the windows to see what was happening. Maybe they’re used to kids running into traffic.

When Weatherfield folk come to visit, it seems there’s always johnny leads jenny away from sallya kid who takes off (remember Simon’s 2010 adventure). Blackpool council might want to think about a by-law requiring kids to be kept on a tether. At least the kids from Weatherfield.

Corrie Street June 28/15

Birthday Party

The scariest bit with Jenny kidnapping Jack was the birthday party jenny-party-tablefor her son Tom. He would have turned seven that day, but he’d drowned in a wading pool. She had left him alone for just a moment.

She doesn’t tell all this to young Jack, just that they’re having a lovely party for a special boy. Paper chains that Jack made hung all around the apartment in Hull. Presents, cakes and little sandwiches on the table.

jenny yells at jack get-to-your-roomJack had no idea what she was talking about, didn’t care, and the only word he said was “Daddy”. Jenny wanted him to share her excitement and he was totally oblivious to the festivities and to her.

Jenny loses it

Jenny screamed at him, and frightened the life out of me. She ordered him to go to his room and he did, quietly and immediately. She then vented her frustration on the decorations, crying while jenny-pulls-down-paper-chainstearing all the paper chains down. Then she phoned Rita.

The rescue mission by Rita, Kevin and Sophie was less scary. This was despite Jenny on the balcony several stories up with Jack, moving to the edge and looking down longingly, way down.

First Rita went to the apartment and was doing a good job of calming this-has-to-stopJenny and getting hold of Jack. Then Kevin couldn’t wait and went banging on the door and yelling. But Rita let go of Jack when she opened the door for him? Jenny, of course, grabbed Jack and out on the balcony they went.

Sophie to the rescue

Ok, not the best tactical moves by either of them, but Sophie’s contribution was beyond belief. Seeing movement on the balcony, she rushes up to the apartment. She could see the glass door open stay-backand her father and Rita there. And out she clattered like a herd of elephants to join them. Of course, Jenny moved back to the corner of the balcony, pulling Jack with her and looking over the edge to the ground.

Thanks to Jenny, it ended well. She let Jack go to Kevin and then balloons-off-balconyslumped crying on the balcony floor until the police carted her off. Kevin had not wanted the police called, fearing they’d “go in mob-handed” and panic Jenny. He and Sophie did that all by themselves!

Corrie Street Mar. 8/15


A woman walks into the Rovers with Kevin. If you had never watched an episode and just snapshots framed behind kev and jennyturned on the tv at that moment, I think you would know that her presence was significant. The two stop just inside the doorway.

Between them is a photo montage. It’s been hanging there all along, visible but not really noted. In this shot, though, you can’t miss it. Snapshots cut out and arranged in a frame. The people we can see in it are from the McDonald publican era. Steve, Liz, Michelle, Sean. The people of the Rovers, of the neighbourhood. History and community, and their value to this place, celebrated permanently on its walls.

steve at bar serves jenny and kevBy the camera angle, and the tentative look on the face of the newcomer, you know she has a place in this history, an uncertain place. Jenny Bradley has returned to the street where she spent part of her adolescence twenty-odd years ago. She is nervous of seeing familiar faces, but wants to reconnect with them and her past. Most of all, she is nervous of seeing Rita, her former foster mother whose trust she badly abused.

The regulars arrive

norris-rita-emily-mary-walk-inSoon another group comes through the Rovers’ door. Rita, Emily, Norris and Mary, milling about the entrance. The picture remains visible behind them. Like Jenny and Kevin, they do not notice it. Maybe that’s because they’re likely in it. They’ve been a continual part of Rovers’ history for a long time.

Only Norris takes a look into the room to see who is there. What he sees he doesn’t like. jenny-says-happy-birthday-to-ritaSo he turns his attention back to Rita. She wants to catch up on everything, having just returned home from a trip. She figures she knows who is in the bar and will greet everyone once she gets settled in. He tells her there’s a bit of news he hadn’t yet told her, and turns toward the room.

rita-looks-at-jennyRita and the others look toward the bar and see the newcomer. Shock visible on their faces, and especially Rita’s. Anger, sadness, regret and fondness all conveyed in her look: a wagonload of history. And still the camera keeps the photographs in its view.

Bluenose Corrie Blogger has a recap of her story if, like me, you didn’t watch when Jenny Bradley was on the show.