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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Jul 29/12)

Home Décor

It was a splendid week on Corrie Street.  The Jubilee festivities were just grand, with the Sitting for meal at Jubilee street partybunting and flags and pictures of Queen Elizabeth.  The Street party was wonderful, as were the costumes of 60 years of pop singers.  I’m glad Steve told us he was dressed as John Lennon.  My guess was Elton John or John Denver.  Eva and Sunita – I guess if you’ve got it, flaunt it!  And they did, I say, they did.

Dennis and Rita’s wedding lead-up was great.  Exciting.  Was she going to get to the Dennis and Rita are pronounced husband and wifechurch on time or at all?  But she did and the bad guys were caught and Kirsty and Tina reached an understanding if not friendship.  The wedding itself was lovely.  I got a tear in my eye when they said their vows.

Tyrone’s living room

Tyrone and Kirsty and living room wall - home décor
It was a week of great scenes in storylines and visuals. But the showstopper for me was this shot of Tyrone’s living room.  How could anyone spend time in that room and keep their sanity!  It was bad enough when Vera and Jack put that nightmarish dark wallpaper up.  The only good thing I could Kirsty beside huge flower printsee about Kirsty moving in was that she would replace it.  But no, they’ve added “elements” to it.  I wished they’d just pan the camera around slowly so I could see it all, but I was afraid it would burn my retinas if they had.

As a MINI person, I did love the Jubilee commemorative flag with a shiny MINI in the Jubilee MINI postermiddle of it.  I don’t understand it.  2012 is Mini’s 55th anniversary.  I want one.  Maybe it’s just part of what all British or British-connected companies did this year in issuing Jubilee editions or commemorative stuff.  I really want one.  I just wouldn’t put it on an already overloaded living room wall.

Ogdens with the 2nd wall mural and plaster ducksThe history of tacky décor is a long and honourable one on Corrie Street. It reached its finest moment with Hilda Ogden’s wallpaper “muriel” and the plaster ducks.

The Duckworths climbed new heights of exterior tackiness with the stone cladding, followed by “The Old Rectory” name Jack Duckworth outside front doorplaque.  Then, presumably wanting to surround themselves fully in the experience of hideousness, inside and out, they put up the wallpaper.

Vera would be proud of what Tyrone and Kirsty have done.  And I guess I can take solace in the thought that, as long as that wallpaper stays up, a bit of Vera and Jack will always be with us.

Geoffrey Hughes as Onslow on Keeping Up AppearancesIn real life sad news, actor Geoffrey Hughes passed away last Friday.  He played Eddie Yeats, the Ogden’s lodger and the source for the ‘muriel’, on Coronation Street and Onslow, the bane of Hyacinthe’s existence, on Keeping Up Appearances.