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Corrie Street Aug. 28/16

Goodbye to Kylie

Her funeral was the formal goodbye to Kylie. But after all that, late at david says goodbye to kylienight, David said his own goodbye at her grave. He needed to be with her. He needed to not have to be strong for his kids, to not have Gail, Audrey, Bethany, Sarah wittering around him asking if he was ok. Just cry and pour his heart out to her, lying in the ground.

The Funeral

The funeral and the circus that accompanied it took a lot out of him. He was a part of some of the circus. In the street while paying respects to the hearse, Todd confronted Sarah about what he had done to protect her. Finally she realized that he thought she had killed Callum and had blamed Tony only to protect her. No, she said, david-head-down-at-graveshe hadn’t killed him. Who did then? She nodded her head toward the coffin, meaning Kylie had. But Todd looked at the person standing behind it – David.

So a big confrontation between Todd and David at the cemetery with Todd vowing he would go to the police and clear Tony’s name. He was willing to protect Sarah at the expense of his own brother’s happiness, but not David.

David feared that Todd would do what he said and turn him in. He also feared that Todd would learn that it was in fact Kylie who had done the murdering. He also wanted to keep the whole thing from his whole family, planning to sort Todd out on his own. Stress, on top of making nice at the funeral and seeing that his kids were ok. Stressful just standing by your little son’s side as he gives a eulogy for his mother. Hoping he’d be ok, hoping that the doubting family wouldn’t be proven right. They weren’t. Max did fine. His words about his mother were lovely.kylie-platt-cross

Funeral Side Stories

After breathing a huge sigh of relief that all went off well, David didn’t know half of what else was happening. Sean came to the church just in time to see Billy breaking up the fight between Todd and David. Billy then held Todd back, just a little too long, a little too close, with a little too much care. Sean knew exactly what was happening and why he’d been dumped.

And Kylie’s mourners from The Dog and Gun didn’t show up at the funeral, but they did send flowers. David saw those and stomped david-talks-to-kyliethem to shreds. Macca turned up on the street afterwards, and attacked Gemma. Craig saw, intervened and called the police. He feels his action redeemed his inaction the previous time, when Kylie was killed. Gemma warned him about the perils to him and herself about involving the police. But, in gratitude to Craig perhaps, she spoke to the officer truthfully about what happened.

The funeral was a colourful goodbye to Kylie, literally and figuratively. David did right by her in his planning of it. But now, with the public mourning done, how does he cope?david-clenches-hands

Corrie Street Aug. 7/16

Kylie Died

It is fitting that Kylie died protecting her friend. Her loyalty was fierce. Her defence of those she cared about was also. She killed for Sarah’s sake, and died for Gemma’s.david-holds-kylieI didn’t see it coming. Seeing her with bloody hands clasped over her chest, I thought it was Gemma’s blood. I thought Clayton had attacked Gemma with the knife. So thank you, those who knew, for keeping online lips zipped.kylie-tells-david-she-loves-himHer death was a powerful scene. Long, but that was okay. We needed time to think this through, to come to terms with it. I knew that actress Paula Lane was leaving but didn’t know how she was going to be written out. I didn’t like the thought of her going to jail for killing Callum, but it would mean she could return.david-looks-for-ambulanceGoing to Barbados? Much better. It was nice to think of Kylie and Becky on the beach, sipping umbrella drinks. Even if Kylie and David split up, there still was a way back for them and for Paula Lane.kylie-looks-at-davidAs she lay dying, I didn’t even mind her not telling David a key point – who did it. Not once saying, by the way, Macca’s friend Clayton did this. Gemma knew, Craig saw the whole thing. It was okay that Kylie spent her last moments telling David that she loved him, loved the kids. Take all the time you need, David and Kylie, to say goodbye. This is sorted.gail-with-david-and-kylieBut I forgot a key element that the writers did not:

Class history

Gemma clammed up, no way is she a grass. Craig planned to tell what he saw, but his mother stopped him. Beth is familiar with the code of survival: you saw nothing, you know nothing. The way to take care of yourself and others is by yourself, so you do not bring the authorities into what is your business.kylie-criesIn the end, however, the old boundaries gave way, At David’s urging, Gemma agrees to help bring Clayton to justice at the hands of the state. She fears retribution from her old friends and, on principle, hates grassing them up. But Kylie died for her. Gemma has no other way to repay that.

Craig went against his mother’s advice. He wants to do right by Kylie and her kids. He believes the police are best equipped to find her killer. What he saw will help them.  His conscience will not let him keep quiet.kylie diedDavid catches Clayton, and nearly kills him. A shout from Max makes him stop, and that pause gives Clayton time to escape. Soon after, the police catch him. And Max has got a lot for a child’s mind to absorb. A violent bio-dad – murdered, a mother – murdered, a step-dad brought to the point of murder himself.

Corrie Street Apr. 10/16

Family Stories

Different family stories told in Monday’s episode. First, Kylie at family stories kylie-pulls-out-a-dress Freddie’s house, sorting his late wife Sadie’s clothes for the charity shop. There’s a dress he doesn’t want Kylie to pack up. It’s long and silver and sparkly. He wants to keep it for the story in its fabric.

freddie tells kylie about sleeping-beauty-1973In 1973, as a surprise for her 21st birthday, Freddie took Sadie to London, to the ballet in Covent Garden. Going there was a dream she’d long had. He borrowed a suit from a friend. Sadie packed a skirt and blouse. “I had no idea how dressy the ballet was.” In London with only an hour before the performance, “cursing like a navvy,” Sadie went dress shopping. They had little money left. It second-hand-shop-in-sohohad been spent on the tickets, trains and a b & b.

Sadie found her dress in a Soho secondhand shop. She could then enjoy every minute of Sleeping Beauty. Freddie wants to keep the dress, a reminder of that night of elegance and magic. Of his Sadie’s dream come true, of his dream come true in freddie says it is the people you lovesharing his life with her. The silly little rows don’t matter, he tells Kylie, it’s the people you love and those who love you.

Contrast that evocative story of a marriage, embodied in a dress, with the Platt family in real time. Freddie drives Kylie to the hospital when she checks her phone and find many messages. Sarah is having her baby, early.

Platt family’s silly row

Platts all-you-care-about-isA family argument has been brewing in the waiting room, and it explodes with their arrival. Kylie and Freddie stay out of it, as do Todd and David. But Gail, Audrey and Nick don’t really need anyone else for a good fight.

call-yourself-a-birthing-partnerGail is the worst of the lot. She turns on Kylie for letting Sarah down as her birthing partner. She pouts that it should have been her. “Oh yes, if she’d fancied giving birth in a multiplex” – Audrey’s little dig at Gail for being at a movie when she was needed.

Nick tells his mother this isn’t helping Sarah, and comes under fire for halfway-across-the-countryhow will he be helping when he’s moved halfway across the country. He says who could blame him, “try and be 35 with your mum breathing down your neck.” Gail’s answer? “Try it when you’re nearly 60.” Audrey sputters with astonishment.

My husband said it reminded him of a time when the Platts were discussing some trashy family, and David said “we are that family.”

Corrie Street Mar. 27/16

Sadie’s Nails

Wednesday, Kylie does a house call for nails. It’s for one of her regular clients, one she hasn’t seen in a while.

freddie and kylie look at coffin, wanted-her-to-look-her-bestSadie’s husband Freddie ushers her in. Sadie is in the living room, in a coffin. A shock, for Kylie and viewers.

Kylie says “I can’t, I’m sorry” and flees the room. Not the best response, but not surprising. Next we see, she’s in the backyard, Freddie beside her. He apologizes. He had explained the situation when he called the salon. Obviously, the significance of words like ‘dead’ and ‘funeral’ had escaped the new trainee who took the booking.

hands-after kylie finishes painting nailsFreddie talked about how, when he was growing up, “we always brought our people home”. Doing so lessened the distance between life and death and allowed you to know your loved one in death. It made death less frightening.

A glass of water, some deep breathing and Kylie says that she has seen a dead body outside a funeral home before this. Freddie presses money in her hand and says it’s ok, Sadie will never know that her kylie-pats-sadie's-handnails weren’t done when she was buried. Kylie said, “But we will,” and went inside.

She carefully polished Sadie’s nails with her usual colour. Then she saw that the lipstick put on by the mortician did not match. “I never saw Sadie without matching nails and lipstick,” she said. “Do you mind?” she asked Freddie, then rooted through a bag to find the right lipstick. And she made up kylie-puts-lipstick-on-sadieSadie’s lips, just a bit, just right.

Of Sadie, we only ever saw her hands. And it was one of the most beautiful and moving scenes ever.

Corrie Street Jan. 4/15

Naughty and Nice

callum-santa-hatSanta Claus is coming to town. And he’s going to blow Kylie’s world apart. Happy Yuletide season for the Platts is over.
Across from the Platts’ house, Callum sits in his car Christmas Day, watching and waiting. He watches Kylie talk to Eva, watches David go into the Bistro. His car radio is playing Christmas tunes.

He sees you when you’re sleeping, he knows when you’re awake,
He knows if you’ve been bad or good, so be good for goodness sake.

Being good isn’t going to help Kylie now. Not when David comes in the house and finds callum-reflected-in-mirrorCallum standing close to Kylie. He doesn’t see the look of fear and revulsion on Kylie’s face. He just sees another man, and a little packet of drugs, with his wife. Then he hears what she’s foolishly been hiding from him. This man, her drug supplier, is Max’s father. It shouldn’t be a big surprise to him, but the fact that she kept it from him, and Callum’s gloating, is too much for him.

The Platts gather around for a Christmas dinner that David has insisted be ‘fun’ and ‘pleasant’ and ‘normal’, and is anything but for the adults at least. Then David tells Kylie to pack herself a bag, figure out how to say goodbye to her kids, and get out. Despite the pleas of Kylie and Max, he will not change his mind.

callum-watches-eva-leaveStanding on the street in front of her insanely decorated house, Kylie stands with her silly little bag, wondering what to do. Up pulls Callum’s car. What choice does she have? She gets in.

Corrie Street Jan. 12/14

Snow for Christmas

It was Christmas Eve, babe, in the drunk tank
An old man said to me, won’t see another one
And then he sang a song, the Rare Auld Mountain Dew
I turned my face away, and dreamed about you…

the-pogues-festively-singChristmas in the Rovers, Mary sang this but her voice trailed off after the second line.  The look on Hayley’s face brought her back to the reality that Hayley indeed would not see another one.  Mary thought of the Pogues’ song when she asked Liz about Tina’s whereabouts.  Was she in the drunk tank?

cop-holds-kylieA fight had started in the Rovers and moved out to the Christmas card beautiful street. Everyone watched it, including the coppers who were there to see Sally about her snatched purse.  They arrived just in time to pull Kylie and Tina apart.  Kylie was hauled off to the drunk tank, her sparring partner Tina was not.  Tracey was there too, and quite willing to punch someone’s lights out – anyone’s – but didn’t get the chance.

hayley-roy-bus-stopLater by the bus stop, Hayley threw a handful of snow at Roy as he looked at the schedule, confirming the times of the Wayfarer.  He was distracting her with small talk, in an OCD kind of way.  While coming home from the Rovers, she had needed to stop due to an attack of pain.

Neighbours returning from or going wherever saw her lobbing snowballs at Roy and joined in and a full-scale snowball fight developed.  A laughing Hayley watched from her seat on the bench. roy-hayley-look-back-at-streetWhen she was recovered, Roy extricated himself from the snowball pelting (feeling relieved for himself and Hayley) and they walked home.  Hayley said it was the best Christmas ever.  The others went on playing.

There was enough snow to build snowmen.  Sinead ran to the pub and asked for clothes, and Rita snowman-from-windowdonated Norris’ old coat.  Ches said he could find the other coat they needed.

Tucked up on the couch at home, Hayley watched her new dvd about Amsterdam.  Roy made tea and prowled the flat.  He looked out the window, and grinned.  He beckoned Hayley over to look.

Across the road beside the bus stop, were two snow people.  One snow cropperswore a red jacket and wooly scarf.  The other wore a beige jacket and had a carrying case slung over its shoulder.  Hayley and Roy Cropper immortalized in snow.

Corrie Street Nov. 3/13

Houses of Cards

One house of cards balanced well; one collapsing.  If we extend the construction tarot-cardsmetaphor, Emily might say that’s because one was built on a foundation of rock and the other on sand (Matt. 7:24-27).  We saw them both on Wednesday in one of the best episodes ever in Coronation Street’s long history.  Different stories, evoking different emotions, but linked with an underpinning of principle.

the-cardsHayley checked off a big item on her bucket list, thanks to a turn of the cards.  The first cards the Blackpool fortuneteller turned up were the Hermit and the Empress.  The former signifies solitude, the latter female fertility. She next drew the Fool, for beginnings, then the Death card, meaning change.  But from her observations, she knew it best to turn that one down without showing it to them. Instead she drew the Star card, hope and inspiration, and told Hayley to follow her dream and not let, say, a “closed for maintenance” sign stand in her way.

dancing-at-Tower-BallroomSo Hayley and Roy went back to the closed Tower Ballroom – and it opened for them.  Fate or serendipity, helped by the practical action of the card reader in contacting her son, the ballroom manager.

Fortunes of the house of Platts

Meanwhile, in the house of Platts, Kylie finds out right before the baby’s christening that reject-evila) David knew she had slept with Nick, b) David was responsible for the prolonged vendetta against Nick, and c) David caused the accident that nearly killed Nick.  She is horrified.  Nick tells her to forget it and have the happy life that she, and David and Nick and everyone else want.  But she cannot.

you-had-to-have-it-confirmedAt the christening, she snatches Lily from David’s arms, tells him he is a dangerous freak, and to stay away from her.  Some of the story comes out in the church aisle, the rest in the vestry amongst only the family.  Leanne storms out, before the part about the van accident.  Gail turns on David, reminding him of Richard Hillman and the “love” he professed just before he tried to murder her and her children.

been-second-bestDavid had one chance to say he had not deliberately caused the van crash.  But instead he dug into his bag of standard excuses and accusations; you never loved me, I’ve always been second best, you tried to abort me, yada yada yada.  David needs the same advice as Nick:  use words wisely!

and-nothing-butIt is Kylie who will suffer the greatest loss, and it is she who will not practice the hypocrisy necessary to keep the life she has made for herself.  Nick and Gail have known enough of the facts to be aware of the slippery moral basis of their “happy families” charade.  But as long as everyone gets what he or she wants, just sweep the nasty part under the carpet, that’s their working philosophy.

Making Becky proud

I-know-what-you-didIt’s Kylie, the trailer trash part of their respectable lace-curtain home, who says what David did is not right. That it must be hauled out of the cesspool that is Platt morality and be examined.  She is willing to do that even if the cost is the happy ending that she had finally found.

ballroom-dancingAfter watching Kylie bring everyone’s lives down around their ears, including her own, I thought Becky would be proud of her.  Then I realized that, if they weren’t occupied with their own problems, so would Roy and Hayley.  The moral compass for Becky, perhaps indirectly they have also become that for Kylie.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Mar. 10/13)

The Family Way

should-say-something - Kylie in the family wayThe scene:  Sylvia and Norris discuss Kylie, who is drinking her pregnant face off.  Sylvia says she shouldn’t be drinking if she’s in the family way.  Norris says that’s probably how she got that way.  Bwahaha.  You’re more correct than you can even imagine, Norris.

The story:  just sad, especially for Kylie.  She had to confess to Gail about what Lewis was using to blackmail her.  A one-night-stand, she says, too drunk to remember who the guy was.  Gail does the math, might be that guy’s baby.  Kylie says no, I used protection.  Gail doesn’t quiz her on how she can remember that when she can’t remember who or where.

how-many-of-thoseWith Gail saying she is telling David, Kylie decides to get drunk.  But does she go to the Weatherfield Arms or the Flying Horse, nearby but less likely to be filled with her neighbours and friends?  No, across the road to the Rovers.  Recently returned Gloria is the only one who doesn’t know she’s pregnant, so she serves her.  Stella cuts her off.  Kylie makes a scene, falls and ends up in hospital.  Both she and the baby are in jeopardy.

Oh poor Kylie, there is no way she can come out of this ok.  If Gail tells David, who can even Kylie-on-tableimagine what he will do?  Nick points that out to Gail, who of all people ought to be aware of the thin pinpoint that is David’s sanity.  If Gail doesn’t tell David, Kylie will still have the guilt, remorse and fear forever – made even more acute by knowing that Gail knows.

Nick tells the truth

Nick for once did the decent thing and told his mother the truth, that he was that other guy.  I feared he was going to leave that for Kylie to have to do.  At least this way, she spreads her disgust around to both of them.

Kylie-fallsI can’t blame Gail for being disgusted, for wanting to protect David and even thinking he ought to know what his wife and brother have done to him.  They were both terribly wrong and she is his mother after all.  She cannot, or will not, see what is apparent to anyone with a little more distance.  This whole sorry mess was started by David and his obsessive need to Be A Daddy Now.  That’s what caused the estrangement between him and Kylie.

Her response, to fall into bed with Nick, was really-hurtneither mature nor advisable.  She had been mature in telling David she wasn’t ready for another baby and why.  Neither David nor Gail was mature enough to listen to her and accept her decision.  But now, despite that and despite Nick so desperately hanging on to his own ill-starred marriage, it is Kylie who will take the blame.  Poor Kylie.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Jan. 13/13)

Honeymoon Suite

Probably Kylie could do better than Nick, but he’s a vast improvement on David.  So this was my favourite shot of the week.Nick-Kylie-honeymoon-suite

The repercussions of this will be horrible, so I truly hope Kylie and Nick had a good time in Heartbreak Hotel.

I’ve noticed that changes in Kylie’s makeup have kept pace with changes in her character.  As her actions have matured, so too has her look.  She’s gone from street streel to sophisticated lady.  Note that David’s look is also still in keeping with his character – nothing has changed.

David hugs KylieKylie has outgrown David.  She does love him, I believe, partly for whatever drew her to him in the first place and also because he treated her as a person with a brain and a heart.  But she doesn’t fully realize that he really doesn’t have either of those himself.

Comparing Kylie and Barney

He is a mummy’s boy who has reason to believe that tantrums will get him anything.  He Kylie and Barney Young David-with-Barney rabbitlikes having pets.  In some ways, Kylie replaced Barney the rabbit.  David likes her as long as she goes along with everything he wants and tells him that he is truly as wonderful as his mother has always told him.  That, presumably, is what Barney did although we’ll never know what the rabbit really thought.  Kylie was a kind of pet for him, someone less able to cope with the grown-up world than he is, someone who made him look responsible.

But, unlike Barney, Kylie let him know that she had aspirations outside his purview.  She wanted to join him in the world of hairdressing but he was absolutely opposed to that.  Kylie-hotel-barSo she got a job elsewhere.  She did so initially to spite him, but she grew into it and grew into herself.  David became frantic to bring her back into the hutch he’d made for her.  ‘Have to be a daddy, NOW!’  Stamp feet stamp feet stamp feet.

And Gail’s advice to Kylie?  ‘What’s the harm in giving him what he wants?’  She dressed it up in more therapist-type wording about relationship give-and-take so it sounded more like good counsel than Mummy-talk.  Kylie has come to respect Gail so she actually listened to her.

Kylie’s own decision made the most sense to me if she wanted to avoid a David tantrum: play along to keep the peace and stay on the pill.  It’s just too bad others found out.  More ‘therapy’ from Gail, and Kylie feeling guilty about deceiving her husband.

Nick-Kylie-wake-upNow Kylie has found out that there is another man who respects her abilities and recognizes her heart.  Problem is he’s David’s brother.  So Kylie feels double guilt now.  And you know that Gail will continue her protection of her boys.  If Gail actually took an objective look at her kids and compared them with Kylie, she might see that it’s Kylie she ought to be protecting against them, especially David.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week

David Prat

So many scenes this week in a story quickly developing in the mind of a silly boy.  David David asks Kylie about having babies while she is at workthinks a baby is just what he needs.  Yep, David, makes sense to me. You are living in your mother’s house with a wife and stepson because you don’t make enough money to rent an apartment. And yet you think it’s a good idea to expand your family.

I had started to think David actually was growing up and growing a brain.  Then this started.  Fortunately, Kylie’s apparent maturing process seems to be real.  She realizes that “a baby of our own” is not what they need.  They need to get on with their chosen Kylie setting up tables at Bistrocareers, save some money and deal with the child that they already have, and think about a baby when they’re not living with his mother.

Despite having taken the waitress job at Nick’s Bistro mainly to spite David, she’s come to enjoy it.  She also is taking pleasure in realizing that she can do something well, without scamming or cutting corners.  It utilizes her energy and her quick mind and she gets to dress up and look like Audrey Hepburn.

In a lovely moment, Kylie explained her feelings about her job to Gail:  “Every night it’s like being on stage.”  I’d Kylie and Gail in kitchen discussing waitress jobnever thought of it that way until she said that.  It is a realistic grasp at the stars for a back street, wrong side of the tracks girl who has never believed she could have aspirations.  She can perform and be seen at her best.  It’s been great for her self-esteem.

And that’s what is burning David’s backside.  He feels left out because she’s doing David in a snit yelling at Kyliesomething where she is not reliant on him and she’s enjoying it and doing it well.  But to complain about that would appear childish. So he developed this urgent need to procreate thinking that wanting a child would appear a reasonable and “adult” wish – a manly-man act.  Except when she didn’t leap up and down with joy, he proceeded to whine, pout and go off in a great big sulk.

Kylie pursuing David prat as he leaves the RoversAnd poor Kylie has dealt with him surprisingly patiently.  She didn’t throw a strop and take off.  She explained why rushing into having a baby wasn’t a good idea and asked what this meant about his feelings for Max as his son – a reasonable question, even fear, for her to have.

Gail dispensing marital advice to KylieGail has had myriad opportunities to tell David what an absolute prat he is being.  But no. She chose to ask Kylie how much she loved David and how much she would give up for him.  Kylie took the cue, and told David she would agree to try for a baby.  But you could see the anguish in her eyes when she saw her dreams going up in smoke.  And they’re for once not crazy dreams.  She just wants to learn the restaurant trade by working in it.

Kylie volunteers to babysit - David PratBut she’s a smart girl and it was a treat watching her volunteer herself and David to mind the Brown/Stape babies.  And to see David’s David prat left unwillingly holding the babyunhappy sulky face as she did so. Then, oops, she forgot she had to go to work.  Enjoy your baby practice, David!