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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Aug. 26/12)

Employee of the Year

So many good storylines and powerful scenes this week!  Sunita’s delusions about Karl and Dev’s heartbreak as she tells him the “truth” as she wants to believe it.  Izzy’s miscarriage, her heartbreak over telling Gary that she’s afraid to try again and her anger at her father for, basically, his fears being proven right.

Kirsty attacking Tyrone with vacuum hoseKirsty, the (thanks for small mercies) ex-cop, beating Tyrone with a plastic vacuum nozzle.  Sylvia being back, and thanking Roy with an awkward hug for, well, everything.  All good storylines and moving scenes.

Kylie, Dispatch Operator

Kylie with feet up in cab officeBut despite the drama and trauma, the shining moment of the week was Kylie, Dispatch Operator.   Like Darryl the Rat recently, Kylie needed only a few seconds of airtime Tuesday to totally upstage everything and everybody else.

The sight of Kylie actually being in control of whether or not people got a cab when and to where they wanted to go was scary but wonderful.  If I were Steve, I’d hire her full time.  I don’t know if she’d ever get a paying customer in a cab but I bet people would call just to hear what she said to them.

dispatch Kylie telling caller to wait“Listen you impatient old bat, I told you he was on his way.  So why don’t you make a brew and stop fussing.

“Hello.  Streetcars.  How can I help?  What number?  Is that the one with all the gnomes?  You want to get rid, people laugh you know.  I’m just telling you the truth —  on its way.”

Ryan, not on dispatch

Lloyd, Ryan and Kylie in cab officeI am not enjoying Ryan, the reason she was on the switch at the cab office.  The only improvement I see over the previous Ryan is that his hair is off his face.

Ryan played by Ben ThompsonI couldn’t bear looking at No. 1 Ryan, thinking about the pimples breeding under that wall of hair over his forehead.  But in terms of personality, while No. 1 Ryan didn’t have many winning ways, at least he could be excused for being in the awkward stage of adolescence.

No. 2 Ryan has outgrown that phase.  Even his mother is finding it Ryan preparing cocaine in bathroom stallhard to find excuses for him although she certainly is doing her best to rationalize his despicable behaviour to everyone. He got marginally more interesting with the cocaine thing, if only to see how Michelle can so quickly accept his excuses, believe his lies, blame anyone else and time after time say ‘ok, he’s learned his lesson now, he won’t do it again.’  Sure he won’t.

And Michelle yelling at Ryan over top of toilet stallthe sight of Michelle leaning over the top of a toilet stall, scaring the wits out of him as he prepared a line. A priceless moment! Ryan is a truly horrible little weasel – he must be if even Kylie has come to dislike him.

Kylie telling caller to get rid of garden gnomesBut I forgive him everything, for putting her on Streetcars’ switchboard for a customer experience that I don’t think even Fat Brenda could match.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Jan. 22/12)

Sympathy for the devil

I never thought it would happen:  I felt sympathy for Kylie and appreciation for Gail. sympathy for Kylie saying she could not lose Max againWhen Kylie told Gail she wanted Max to be put up for adoption, she explained why.

She would never be able to be a good mother, her own mother had told her that, had said the best thing she could do for the kiddy was drop him off on a stranger’s doorstep. She hadn’t done that and she’d heard her own mother’s voice in hers when she dealt with him. He’d be better with someone who knew how to be a mother. She would be just like her own mother. She wanted better for Max. And she couldn’t go through losing him again.

Gail putting arms around KylieAnd Gail shut up and listened. She sat on the stairs beside Kylie and put her arm around her. After Kylie had bared her soul, she hugged her and said she could be a fine mother and that she and David and Nick would help.

I hadn’t expected to react as I did to this scene at the beginning. It started with Gail asking why Kylie didn’t want to fight for Max. When Kylie said she just didn’t and it was her business not Gail’s, Gail launched into her. David has been nothing but supportive of you blahblahblah, she went on. I said to the screen “You call that supportive? Supportive is helping someone clarify what they want and why, then respecting their decision. It is not ramming what you want down their throat!”

David was being supportive of the idea of having Max with them. That is not to say that he would continue being supportive in the event of Max actually being with them.  David sulking on bench where Kyle finds himAnd he certainly wasn’t being supportive of Max not being with them, which was what Kyle wanted. Whatever her reasons were, she had made her decision crystal clear in my opinion.

Believing that Kylie should not have custody of a goldfish, I thought her decision was the correct one for her, Max and her marriage. David should not be responsible for the welfare of a goldfish either. But I softened when I listened to her explain why she felt she’d be a lousy mother. What her mother did to her is not right. What Gail did is right.

Despite the sympathy and surprising understanding shown by Gail, I think Kylie still was railroaded Gail says she will be there for Kylie and Maxinto seeking custody of a child that she may or not be able to give stability. But it was nice to see beneath Kylie’s horrible brassy surface and see a vulnerable young woman who does occasionally have a serious thought. It was also nice to see her and Gail look at each other with something akin to respect and warmth.

Becky after Kylie and David say they are seeking custodyWhat was very sad was seeing Becky when she learned David and Kylie were seeking custody. Becky needs Max and I think she could give him a stable and loving home.

By the next episode, Kylie was back to being her hideous self. But I’ll never again be able to watch her with my previous loathing: she dropped the shell and let us see behind it. I liked what I saw.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Aug. 21/11)

Cheap Tricks

cheap tricks - Kylie waiting and Steve's cab pulling upThursday just before a commercial break:  Kylie, obviously still in the Greater Manchester area.  Oh no, I groaned, I thought she was gone.  I like Max and the story of Becky wanting a child, wanting Max.  But Becky and Kylie have gone back to their roots – back to the trailer park.  Kylie never left it and I’m tired of her and her conniving sleaziness.  She makes me want to take a shower to rid myself of the contact slime.

She, and the whole storyline around her, embodies cheap tricks in all senses of the term.  Now she’s trying to sell Max to Becky and Steve.  No matter what you think of that, he’s not hers to sell.  “The Social” is still involved: he’s theirs to sell or give away, whatever.

Becky saying goodbye to Max as Kylie leaves RoversI doubt they’ll see Becky as being number one on the potential mother list, especially after her stunt of pretending to be Kylie.  Her history, police record, explosive temper and smoking probably already put enough nails in the adoption coffin. If not, deliberately deceiving the social worker in order to cover for her sister would be the final one.  I’ve rooted for Becky as an adoptive mom.  I think she’d be great.  I’ve hoped someone in social services would look beyond the rulebook and see that.  But even I can’t believe they would or should look past that stunt.

Dmitri meeting BeckyAnd Dmitri, the lovely looking young man from Cyprus who Kylie has dragged back with her.  Funny, but another cheap trick having him speak absolutely no English and Kylie alternately bullying and coddling him.  I’m not sure if he’s a plot device or part of the set design.

Writers’ cheap tricks?

Ashley looking at his prunes and yoghurt breakfastThere have been other cheap tricks in the writing this week.  Claire feeding Ashley yoghurt with prunes when she thinks he has angina.  Fair enough that she figures cut down on fat in his diet, but prunes?  Why?  Only because prunes are funnier than any other fruit, the kinds you would be more likely to eat with yoghurt.  Even she makes a face while pretending to enjoy her healthy breakfast.  Getting a proud meat-eating butcher to eat a breakfast of yoghurt and fruit would be incongruous and funny enough on its own, you don’t need to hammer the point home by having prunes involved.

Becky and Steve smoking on park benchThe first cheap trick I noticed this week was Tuesday, after Becky and Steve were playing football with the kids.  They sit on a park bench and extol the virtues of being out in the fresh air.  Then, simultaneously, they lift previously-unseen lit cigarettes to their mouths and both take a deep draw.  Funny?  Yes.  A little gratuitous dig at them and smokers everywhere?  I fear so.

Fizz looking at wreath on factory stepsAnd finally, a perhaps cheap plot trick (as unwelcome to me as the reappearance of Kylie), funereal flowers appearing on the steps of the factory.  A bouquet with Rest in Peace, followed by a wreath in the shape of a C.  Oh no, the story of Colin buried under the factory floor is going to rear its head again.  You knew it had to, and should, being an unresolved story line.  But with mysterious floral tributes?  Who would do it?  Charlotte?  Yes, she’s a tad unbalanced, but she’d have to be truly deranged to do that.  She’s involved!

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (July 10/11)

Waitress from Hell

I can’t stand Kylie.  That being said, I loved Wednesday’s scene of her “serving” in Roy’s Kylie slaps plate down for Eileen while talking on phonecafé.  It could be one of Dante’s circles of Hell for restaurant goers everywhere.

Cell phone wedged between her shoulder and ear, chatting away to someone, while slapping plates of food in front of customers.  Customers aghast, yet looking a bit frightened.  And Roy, unbelieving of what was happening in his café in front of his very eyes.

Roy tells waitress Kylie to tend to customersI shouldn’t loathe Kylie as much as I do, I suppose.  She’s a very realistic portrayal of just how stupid and selfish it is possible to be.  She’s young, she has had a hard life, and presumably she didn’t choose to have a child when she did.  She presumably does love Max, in her own young, stupid and selfish way.

Did she really want him back?  Probably in a befuddled emotional way.  Did Becky push her into this?  Oh yes.  Did Becky do it for her own reasons or Kylie’s?  Probably both, in a befuddled emotional way.

Kylie with Liz and kidsBut full-time motherhood is not where she wants her life to be at this moment.  She’s landed herself in a pretty good situation right now, barring having to be a responsible mother.  She’s made up with her sister, she’s got a free place to live and food to eat.  A ready supply of alcohol in the bar, and cash and stealable items handy in order to pay for her drinks and whatever else she wants to buy.

She knows somewhere inside herself that Becky is stealing her child.  She resents Becky buying Max clothes and doing the motherly things that she either can’t or doesn’t want to do.  She’s got Liz’s eagle eye on her, just another bossy old bat to her, ever ready to criticize or “help.”   She knows she’s messing up, and resents them for it.  But she just wants to have fun.

Kylie and Gary in motorhome bedHer “seduction” of Gary Windass was just horrible to watch, for her sake.  And stealing Mary’s motorhome as somewhere preferable to the Windass shed as a place for their – whatever it was.  Ugh, I don’t want to revisit it even in my mind.  I felt sorry for Mary, without the mixed feelings of creepiness I Mary sees her bedusually have about her, having her home desecrated by them.

Now she’s emotionally blackmailing Steve into letting her stay at the pub.  I was pleased that Steve realized what she was doing and called her on it.  But she’s using Max and Becky’s feelings for the child to make him back down.  I don’t think he’s yet realized that it was her who stole his bike.  When that comes out, I hope Kylie is sent packing and that Max stays with Becky and Steve.

I don’t like watching Kylie.  She annoys me and I’d like to give her a good smack and say “straighten up missy.”  But I recognize myself and people I’ve known in her.