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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 17/13)

Pay Off

Amount of money needed to pay off debt: £9,000.  Vengeance exacted while getting that money:  priceless.

what goes around - lewis about pay offI still don’t think Lewis is justified in his outrage at Gail for testing his loyalty to her mother, and certainly not at Audrey for going along with it when she found out.  It makes me think that his professed love for her and change in character isn’t so profound.  The test, after all, was specifically related to his long-term vocation and avocation, ripping off women like Audrey.  Had he been truly changed by his love for Audrey, he would have accepted that they had cause for doubt regardless of the humiliation caused to him.

However, he is a man with pride and an astounding ability to hold a grudge.  While that has been bad for Audrey and now Gail, it’s been great for us as viewers.

platt-family-viewing pay off videoGail assembles the family to tell them she and Lewis are moving to Italy.  Lewis texts her:  start without me.  He texts Nick:  put the Italian for Lovers dvd in.  It’s a lesson of a different sort.

Lewis is behind the bar at the Bistro, mixing himself a cocktail and telling Gail what he has done and why.  He cleaned out her bank account because she had cost him his relationship with Audrey.  lewis pay off you-made-it-easyHe tells Audrey that he truly loved her.  But thanks to Gail, he was back to his former self and wanted revenge.  And that, he said, is best served like a Bellini in a chilled glass – cold.

I knew the dénouement of Lewis’ scam would be good but it was better than I imagined.  I ciaoactually felt sorry for poor Gail by the end.  And I was happy to see Audrey vindicated.  An added treat was Lewis’ message to weasel-of-a-husbandKylie:  that she “could do a good deal better than that weasel of a husband”.  In his words to Nick, that he too deserved happiness, there was a coded message to him and Kylie.  The others in the room wouldn’t get it, but probably Kylie did in that she knew that Lewis knew about her night with Nick.

Kylie feels guilty about having given Gail’s banking password to Lewis.  But he would have found it sooner or later.  Back at the Bistro, she told Nick what she had done.  I’m glad she did; a burden shared is a burden lightened and, after all, he can’t afford to rat her out to Gail.

Lewis, followed by Sylvia

treasure-islandWhat can possibly follow such a splendid scene?  Why, Sylvia and Roy.  Nicely timed, too, with Hayley and Roy looking at Sylvia’s steamer trunk for a few seconds.  Very little dialogue to be missed while audiences are still exulting over Lewis’ tour de force.  Then Roy talks about the trunk, familiar to him from his childhood.  He used to hide in it during his birthday parties.

milton-sent-itSylvia hears him as she enters the room.  “I lifted the lid and there he was, playing with his little Dinkies.  Well, lining them up in straight rows actually.”  It is wonderful to have her back.

make-my-telephone-callWhat would make me really happy would be for Lewis to return and be in a story with Sylvia.  I don’t know what the storyline might be but I think they could have the two of them sit in the café and read the telephone book and that would be a pay off of a different sort.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Jan. 20/13)

Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is an art and a craft.  It requires skill in preparation and fly fishing Durham_Ranger_salmon_fly-Michael-Maggs-wikicommonsexecution, an eye for beauty, the ability to reproduce nature, and patience.  It is duplicitous by its very nature.  The fisherman must create something beautiful to the fish, but a beauty that is true in its appearance.  He must reproduce an appealing reality, in essence.

A smart fish will take time to watch and gauge its actions before believing that the beautiful dancing insect is genuine.  The fisherman must wait as long as the fish does.  When the fish takes a big leap of faith, the fisherman too acts fast. Then the fish finds out it is a cruel hoax.  The enticing exterior hides a barbed hook.  Too late then for the fish.

does-you-creditLewis has been fly fishing this week.  The lure Lewis created for Gail was simply that he found her an honourable and enticing woman.  An easy lure to make for anyone.  But he crafted it well and his casting in Gail’s direction has been perfectly timed.  He has her hooked now.

Taking the bait

We wait now only to see if he plays the line right and reels Gail in without her managing to escape the hook.  So far, Gail hasn’t proved to be the smartest fish in the river.  It’s possible he didn’t need to waste such a beautiful lure on her.  But I’m sure he’s a man who believes if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.

Approaching_the_net_geograph.org_.uk_kelt-salmon-wikicommonsThe smoldering looks, the touching of hand or arm, the flattery of her motherly wisdom and care, whispered words – Gail has been like a big-eyed old trout just saying ‘please give me the bait’.

Her falling for him despite everything she knows about him, and the even worse that she has believed about him, isn’t out of character for Gail.  She’s shown herself able to be duped by almost any man who walks past her, and Lewis is very skilled with considerable practice.  I thought that even she would get suspicious at the job offer of a lifetime in Italy that Lewis turned down kisssupposedly.  But no, she doesn’t see anything odd about such coincidental timing.

So she’s going to engage in whatever she thinks they will be engaging in, and she’s willing to throw her mother’s feelings over in order to do it.  I don’t know when Lewis is going to tell her what he’s been doing.   But I hope he does it before a) they sleep together and b) she actually tells Audrey.  I don’t want to see either Gail or Audrey humiliated that much.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 18/12)

Mrs. Guy Fawkes

I love Lewis when he ceases being Mr. Suave and Urbane. Oh, I love him when he is Mr. Lewis waits in Rovers as comment cards are read outSlick too. But this week, he showed himself to be the biggest scheming cat Coronation Street has seen in a long time. He makes Tracy look like a rookie. Even Gloria, who I think could teach Tracy a thing or two, “unraveled nicely” as he said.

Gail apologizingHe was absolutely wonderful all week, especially as he put his plan for revenge into effect. But the absolute Kodak Moment for me was when Gail came to sort of apologize to him and speak on her mother’s behalf. She said “I don’t know what to say,” and he, still charming and sophisticated, he spoke absolutely straightforwardly to her: “Best zip it then.”

Bonfire Night may have had fireworks instead of a bonfire. But what fireworks they Gloria struggling with judge for plaquewere! Lewis carefully orchestrated the unmasking of Gloria in the Best Pub competition. Then, not being satisfied with that, he ensured that Leanne withdrew the offer of her couch for Gloria after Stella booted her out.

“Moving on to Tweedledee”

Lewis talks to Gloria in taxi backseatHe was still not content to just watch her slink off in her black taxi. He opened the door, and gloated over telling her that he had done this to her. Then telling her that he was moving on to Tweedledee, her partner in subterfuge.

Meanwhile he still has not forgiven Audrey for her knowledge of the set up Gloria and Lewis tells Audrey it is overGail did to him. He is polite, even caring, but tells her it is over, sorry. I do think he is overreacting. After all, he knows that he did a lot of conning of women while doing his legitimate gigolo job. And there is a matter of £10,000 that Audrey paid to get him out of trouble with a conned woman, Penny, and/or the police.

Neither he nor Audrey, it seems, want to acknowledge that she might well be within her Lewis and Gazette reporter pleased with results in Roversrights to test his loyalty, to see if the leopard really has changed his spots. Given that, she could have legitimately argued that forcing Gloria and Gail to stop their plan to test him, or telling him what they were doing, would have simply meant that Gail would never ever stop harping about him using her mother.

Better to let the ‘test’ run its course and, if he passed it, tell Gail to “zip it.” She wouldn’t be in much of a position to do anything else. But Audrey, feeling so guilty about betraying “dear Lewis”, didn’t think to say that. I’d have thought it would have crossed his mind. If not, I’ve hoped that Gail would point it Lewis comes from shop with bottle and sees Leanneout. But on Thursday, seeing Lewis in the full flight of revenge, I’m glad no one pointed out the obvious.

I think this Lewis is just wonderful. Still, I’d rather take my chances with crossing Tracy than him.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Oct. 28/12)

Doctors Cat and Zhivago

discussion dinner at Sally'sA cat talking stick and the hope that Lewis would burst through the café door as if he’d just crossed the Russian steppes. The show was book covers for me this week.

Sally explaining cat talking stickMonday saw Sally using skills as a facilitator that she must have learned from some self-help book. She did it very well, I thought, and seemed delighted to be putting theory into practice. Using the cat pepper grinder as a “talking stick” was brilliant, as were the cat salt and peppers themselves. Oh yes, I googled them, hoping they were available for sale but I couldn’t find them.

Ryan with catThe evening of speaking openly and freely hasn’t really improved anything for Michelle and Ryan but that’s not Sally’s fault. Things became remarkably worse quickly, with Tracy pregnant and with Tracy and Ryan both moving in with Steve and Michelle (and Amy – where’s she?). I don’t think I can bear watching hijinks in a ‘blended’ McDonald-Connor household and can only pray it ends quickly.

Russian Night

All kinds of stuff happened, including Lewis going walkabout from the train on which he and Audrey were returning to England.  Audrey decided to face the gossip and attend Emily’s birthday party. It was being held at the café during Mary’s Russian Night extravaganza. Gail decided to suck it up and give her mother moral support by going with her to the Bistro’s “competition”.Audrey and Gail leaving Russian Night

I knew Lewis would return to Audrey. And, as Lara’s Theme from Dr. Zhivago played and Norris (the Weatherfield branch of the KGB as Audrey telling Norris the truth about the mystery visitorNick put it) grilled Audrey, I waited for the door to blow open and Lewis, preferably wearing a big fur hat, to blow in. Alas, it didn’t happen. Instead, Audrey told Norris the truth, as she feared it might be, and she and Gail left. She groused about being a fool and her leopard not having changed his spots after all.

She didn’t notice the black car parked on the street by Gail’s house. And she didn’t notice the driver in it – Lewis, of course. Although the Lewis drives off streetwindows of the car appeared to be rolled up, he seemed to have heard what she said. And he drove off. And, like Lara, my heart broke.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (June 5/11)

The Accumulator

A five race accumulator is a bet in which you pick the horses to win in five different races on a given race day. Your winnings compound from race to race, but if all five horses do not win, neither do you.

accumulator - Peter waving Lewis' betting slip "4 flaming grand"Lewis “won” his first ever accumulator. Not impossible but pretty hard to do, especially based on pure beginner’s luck as he so blithely told Leanne. Such a win, whether by a neophyte or a bettor with a good system for picking, is a great day for the bettor and a bad day for the bookie.

Watching the tape in the bookie shopPeter guessed Lewis must have known something he shouldn’t have known based on the winner of the fourth race. The combined odds of Allagoggin actually winning and of somebody choosing him in an accumulator were so astronomically long that Peter was suspicious, not just hopeful, that there was something wrong about Lewis’ ‘luck’. Nothing in Allagoggin’s past performance, or form, would suggest him as anything but a very long shot. Leanne didn’t catch it right off the bat because, while she may be a quick study of peoples’ form, she doesn’t know that of horses.

So the moment of watching the security camera tape! Poor Deirdre. the kiss on tapeAnd of course Ken would be there. Not that he wouldn’t have found out, but being right there watching the whole tawdry thing! As she said many times, it would have been better if there’d been sound. But, if she remembered all of what she said, it wouldn’t have improved it much.

Manchester Tart

Platts and Barlows watching the dvdThe Barlows confront Audrey at Gail’s farewell do for her and the no-show Lewis. Gail is deranged, turning on Deirdre and all the Barlows, defending all members, real or putative, of her seriously disturbed brood. Then let’s look at the tape. The battery in the remote is low so Peter can’t stop it after they’ve seen Lewis’ fingers in the till, and the kiss unfolds. Deirdre humiliated again, Audrey humiliated anew. A pastry – a Manchester tart – that Audrey had been saving for Lewis instead was thrown by Gail in Deirdre’s face. It was horrible. And Claudia enjoying the whole show. I’m so glad she was there.

Lewis meeting new woman at airport barBut Lewis, gigolo with a heart of gold as he turned out to be, didn’t rip off Audrey. He stopped the transfer from her bank account to their new joint account. He left for Greece with only Peter’s  £4,000, but accumulated a new ‘mark’ at the airport.

And Ken! During his and Deirdre’s post-mortem of the whole thing, he shows that his days of contrition about Martha and sympathy Ken and Deirdre at dining room tableabout Blanche’s death are well and truly over. “Would you mind finishing that outside?” he says as Deirdre smokes a cigarette in her house. “Why, no I wouldn’t – as I’m passing your bags to you on your way out the door” is what I’d have liked to hear Deirdre reply.

PS – I wrote this after Thursday’s episode. Friday saw Ken continue his ‘my way’ campaign. As Deirdre listens to a pop radio station, he walks past and turns the dial to a classical station. Done without a word to her.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Apr. 24/11)

The Dinner Party

Sean touching his son’s face onscreen, Cheryl after her husband battered her – moving moments. But Ken telling pre-dinner party in Roversdinner guests Audrey and Lewis, “Tracey always says how much she misses her mother’s home cooking, her stuffed marrow in particular.” Like Audrey, I knew:  “yum yum.” This is going to be good!

What followed Ken’s statement was a tiny three-act play. Set into Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes, it starred Ken and Deirdre, Audrey and Lewis.

The Barlow dining room, after their (and our) appetites had been whetted in the Rovers. Not really Audrey’s though. She seems to not be a fan of stuffed marrow. (I don’t know why the writers picked on the poor squash, any type of which is delicious when stuffed and baked. I guess it just sounds funny – yum yum, marrow!!)

Dinner chat

dinner party in Barlow dining roomAudrey seems on edge with Deirdre. And something’s been whetted for Deirdre. She’s sparkling with rapier-like wit and flirtatious asides to Lewis. Audrey glowers at both her stuffed marrow and Deirdre.

Ken figures a discussion about the last election will loosen things up around the old dinner table. Lewis, with his usual insouciance, simply says, “I didn’t vote.” Well, Ken comes up out of his chair – “not vote!!??” Things are not improved when Ken gives Lewis his clincher argument – “how can we complain about how the country’s run?” and Lewis simply smiles his lovely gigolo smile and says “But I don’t.” And there you have it, that topic of conversation done.

From there on, although it doesn’t seem possible, it goes from bad to worse. Deirdre provides conversational distraction by asking if Audrey wants ketchup, then asking if the marrow isn’t too runny. Audrey says “I must get the recipe”. Deirdre is dying to bring Lewis’ line of work into conversation, so says that Ken used to be a male escort. They all nearly choke on their teeth, or marrow. Ken accuses Deirdre of being a tad tiddly and suggests she just drink straight from the bottle, Deirdre lighting Lewis' cigarettesaying “you’re turning into your mother”.

Mercifully, the meal and after-dinner chat finally end. The third act of this little comedy of manners occurs outside as Deirdre is having a well-earned cigarette. Lewis, the man for all women, apparently also indulges from time to time. He lights that cigarette like a true smoker. Deirdre says she’s been naughty teasing about escort work, Lewis says “a very naughty girl.” Deirdre, with a smoldering look, says, “if I had to pay for your services or his, I know who I’d choose.” Lewis smolders right back.

Audrey, coughing, saying taxi is hereAudrey comes outside right then and is horrified to see him sucking back on the smoke. She coughs, flaps her arms to keep the smoke away, “oh, put that out, oh oh” etc etc. Deirdre offers to copy the marrow recipe right then, Audrey looks like a treed animal. She makes her escape into the house. With a wonderful come-hither look over his shoulder to Deirdre, Lewis follows her in.

Deirdre looks very pleased with herself, it’s been a good night’s work. Presumably Ken is inside, wondering if he ought to raise the ceilings so that a library ladder in his new study is justified.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 20/11)


Audrey & Lewis, the morning afterSo many strange pairings this week, so many good scenes. Lots of story building.

A biggie with Audrey and Lewis. What is he doing? Is he smitten or is he taking her for a ride? If so, what kind? Is he tired of the escort business, of being nice to people like that dreadful accountant lady with the twins? Or does he have a sideline in emotion-driven financial fraud?

Natasha at Rovers, stood up againSian & Sophie - see you, girlfriend  Gary & David, in Platt kitchen

Natasha and Nick. Is he smitten or just unable to avoid her? Girlfriends Sophie and Sian. Is Sian really smitten or is she just between boyfriends? Gary and David. Not smitten, but some powerful moments in beautifully staged scenes.

Mary: Smitten or scary?

And the couple that has to take the prize for weirdness: Mary and Norris in Brontë country. Mary is becoming more like Kathy Bates’ character in the movie Misery than she is Cathy in Wuthering Heights. But she’s funnier than both characters.

Norris & Mary leaving in RVWatching her and Norris on this vacation has been frightening and entertaining in a ghoulish way. Every scene has been so wonderful it’s hard to pick. Leaving in the motor home with Mary’s choice of music, of course, being Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ – a wonderful eerie song made terrifying by it being Mary’s choice.

Mary’s dinner served in resplendent style in the Brontë-esque Mary serving dinner - toad in the ole!cottage: toad-in-the-olé. The two of them happily working on magazine puzzle and slogan contests. Norris, of all indoor people, going stir-crazy wanting to go out and walk in the brisk country air. And Mary wanting no part of it, only wanting him to keep working on contests so they can win vacations to other wonderful lands. “We can walk in the Florida Keys.” Mary breaking into song, Susan Boyle’s ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ .

Norris sleeping, with puzzles, Mary smitten or scaryAnd Friday’s finale, when it gets truly scary. She hides the laces to Norris’ boots so he can’t walk. Then she, oops, accidentally breaks the wiring box for the telephone. And remember, Norris was complaining when they got there about only getting one bar on his cell phone. “There’s a land line,” Mary said. Run, Norris, run, with or without  your boot laces.