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Corrie Street July 27/14

Five Minutes

In the final five minutes Wednesday, two scenes we’ve all been waiting for.

 final five minutes where-did-you-get-the-braceletRob squirms as Tracy tells the cops that he gave her the charm bracelet that Steph claims was stolen from her apartment the night Tina was murdered. Steph barges in and gives the story of each charm, and notices one is missing.  Where did you get the bracelet, Mr. Donovan, asks the police officer.  Rob looks like he wishes the floor would swallow him up.

Outside on the street, Todd saunters arm in arm with his new man. Marcus comes around todd-says-nothing-going-onthe corner with little Liam in tow. Todd and new guy kiss. It’s not a ‘good to see you’ cheek peck. Hard for even Todd to sweet-talk his way out of this. Marcus leaves Liam in the dust and runs across to knock Todd against the wall and tell him what he really really thinks.

Liam headed out almost to the street, and maria-sees-liam-alonefortunately Maria appeared from the salon in time to grab him. And she didn’t go off the nut about it afterward to Marcus, who indeed had totally forgotten that he was minding a child.

If you pvr episodes, it would be easy – and unfortunate – to have missed these. Corrie Street started late that day due to the Commonwealth Games running overtime. “Hmm, just a couple minutes missed, probably nothing much but we might as well record it todd-against-the-wallagain later.” After watching those missing end moments, we thanked CBC for their late night rebroadcast.  There are some things you really want to see.

More thanks to CBC for now posting episodes online daily. When they started putting them online, that’s what they did. Then, for Rob stressed as cop looks at braceletreasons never adequately explained, they posted the whole week on Sunday. Inconvenient if you miss, say, Tuesday’s episode and want to watch in sequence. But now, thank you so much, we can watch them here any time, in order.

Corrie Street Mar. 9/14

Because I can

The Rovers was a sad place Friday.  Islands of unhappiness, caused by people manipulating other people’s emotions just to see if they could.

dennis-and-ritaRita and Dennis, looking anywhere but at each other, filled with fears and resentments.  Gloria, the bane of Rita’s existence, is leaving.  Rita hopes that will mean her marriage will get back on track.  Dennis hopes so too, kind of.  He also is thinking of Europe and adventure with Gloria.  She asked him to go with her, asking if marking time behind the counter of a sweet shop was enough for him for the rest of his life.

Rita and Dennis are so miserable, and their companions Emily and Mary so busy trying to not intrude on that misery, that none of them notice Marcus nearby, head in hands.  marcus-head-in-handsCompared to him, their table looks like a party.  He has missed a house viewing with Maria, the house that may have been ‘the one’ for them.  He went to return Todd’s phone and one thing led to another – which was Marcus jumping on Todd and hauling him up to the bedroom.  Infidelity to Maria, with a man, and not turning up to see the house that would complete his transformation to straight man with family.

Although they don’t realize it or care at the moment, Dennis and Marcus are doing the same thing.  They are returning to what and who they are.  Both decided to live someone else’s life for awhile, for the love of someone else.

dennis-sees-life-unfoldDennis, I believe, does love Rita and what she represents – familiar memories of his youth on Coronation Street, security and friendships.   But Gloria must remind him of his mother and of his own dreams and aspirations for excitement.  Those dreams are not dead for him, nor are they for Gloria.  Rita has made it clear that they are for her.

Marcus isn’t swept away by love for Todd and knows full well that Todd does not love maria-talks-about-househim.  Marcus does love Maria.  She is part of a package he wants, fatherhood and family.  But he has been gay for much longer than he’s been straight.  Also, Marcus is an intelligent and thoughtful man.  Maria is pleasant and personable and caring but has about as much depth as a birdbath, and less ‘edge’.  Todd is everything Maria is not.  And he’s a man.

Both Marcus and Dennis have had someone more like them tantalizing and teasing them.  take-it-easy-marcusTodd and Gloria have repeatedly pointed out the dreariness of the humdrum lives chosen by their targets.  Their cattiness hit the marks.  The only block to happily-ever-after for the new proffered relationships is that both Gloria and Todd are flakes and users.

Gloria might like the thrill of taking Dennis away from Rita, but ultimately she needs someone perhaps more stable than he, and certainly someone richer.  Dennis needs the same.  And Todd?  Maybe when he grows up and gets over whatever turned him so nasty, he’d be good for Marcus.  But now, no.  Seducing Marcus is just sport for him, to see if he can do it.  Gloria and Jaquar

Too bad Gloria peeled out of town before she and Todd could high-five each other.  They both proved they could do what they set out to do.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 25/12)

It’s all about me!

Maria with arms around MarcusMonday, very first scene:  Negligee-clad Maria comes slinking out of the bedroom to the couch where Marcus sits looking fretful.  Hey big boy what’s the problem, she says.  Something to that effect anyway.  They had spent the night together and she wanted to resume their nocturnal activities.  And no, it wasn’t eating popcorn and watching chick flicks in bed

Marcus pulls away from MariaHe responds to her kisses by saying they have to talk about what happened.  He tries to do that, but she only wants to go back to bed – with him.

A gay man, in a relationship with another man, having just had sex with a woman, also in a relationship with another man.  And he had told her he loved her, and she said the same to him. “This is a really big thing for me” he says about the situation.  “Yeah I Maria tells Marcus it is difficult for her tooknow.  Me too” she says.  That is her response to Marcus’ unimaginable turmoil about his infidelity not only to another person but to his very self-identity and life history.  Bwaahaahaa was my reaction to her plaintive, yet clueless, whine.

I wonder how many takes were needed for her to get that line out with a straight face.  I cannot imagine the week will bring anything better.

Maria tells Jason it is difficult for herThen, on Wednesday, she does it again!  She tells Jason it’s over.  Poor Jason, dumped by every single female on the Street, trying to make sense of she is doing this and why it is happening again to him.  And Maria says, “It hasn’t been easy for me, you know.”  Like he should care?  “You’ll get over it,” he says.

Jason and Sean pondering what has happenedIt’s interesting that, after Sean catches Maria and Marcus in a kiss, and understandably has a less than accepting reaction, Marcus says that Sean makes everything “about him”.  Maria nods sagely in agreement.  Maybe Sean does, but he’s got stiff competition from Maria for the self-absorption championship title.

Jason hitting Marcus at barFight!

Oh and the fight between Jason and Marcus was great!

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Oct. 21/12)

Xtreme Fag Hag*

An actor and character this week instead of a scene.  Charlie Condou has been fabulous, in my opinion, portraying Marcus Confused.

Marcus with Maria at hospitalIt’s been clear for some time that Maria developed more feelings for Marcus than appropriate for a straight woman towards her gay male friend.  But this week, in the highly wrought emotional environment of Maria’s cancer scare, Marcus tipped over the edge from support superman to a man who enjoyed a kiss from a woman.  Indeed enjoyed it so much that he initiated another.  Nothing wrong with that. Except that both are in relationships with other people, and the man is gay.

Some have not liked this storyline, saying that Marcus has always been gay and will always be gay.  Ok, but what’s wrong with showing a bit of the complexity of human emotions and sexual responses?

Charlie Condou is showing us a man shaken to his very core by his actions.  As Marcus Marcus and Maria kisssaid to Maria, he had never done this before – kiss a woman.  In his distress about what this means and his guilt, he lashes out at his lover and goes on an all night bender.  Next day he looks truly hung-over.  He is uncomfortable around Maria, Jason, Aiden, Sean – even himself.

We knew that somehow Maria’s infatuation with Marcus was going to come out.  I am glad that it’s being done this way instead of some ham-handed action on her part to convert him or convince him that he really is Marcus watches only Maria at Eileen's partystraight.  As it played out, she was really as surprised by their kiss as Marcus was and as uncomfortable about the change in their relationship and the ramifications for everything.  Post-kiss, he looks meaningfully at her as much as she at him.  Both are equally uncomfortable with their men.  Both just want to forget it ever happened and neither can.

The actors are softly presenting themselves and their dilemma in a storyline that would be very easy to overact.  Charlie Condou, in particular, has gone from strength to Marcus hung over talking to Mariastrength, I think.  He started as Sean’s boyfriend, very nice but kind of bland without any edges written into him, to a strong character. He’s still very nice but his edges and layers now show.  I don’t think that Marcus is going to decide he’s straight and run off with Maria – I hope not anyway.  But I think it’s good that he is showing us the complicated depths of the human psyche.

Departing executive producer Phil Collinson has created some of the best Corrie storylines about sexuality and ‘alternative lifestyles’.  I hope that the ground he has opened up continues to be explored.

* I googled fag hag to see if this term was still known and if I’d be offending anyone by using it.  Yes to the first and probably not to the second, it seems.  In the course of that, I found a 1980 book by John Malone that sounds interesting. Text link goes to Amazon.ca for Straight women/gay men: A special relationship.  Enjoy.