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Corrie Street June 14/15

They change so

gavin-photosMichael flipping through the years in a photograph album of his son’s life, starting with baby pictures. When he reaches the preteen years, he starts to wonder. Granted, he didn’t see Gavin during those years, but the boy in the photos bears absolutely no resemblance to the man sitting next to him.

photo-albumThe man he knows as Gavin is sweating it. He knows for sure the next pages, the adult Gavin, will give the game away. Behind them, Gail desperately seeks some way to stop Michael from looking at the pictures or somehow make what he’s seeing seem to fit the story she has helped spin about son Gavin.

david-when-he-was-9Michael says it’s hard to believe how much kids can change. Gail seizes the opportunity. She grabs a photo of young David and shows it to Michael: “This is David when he was 9 or 10. He’s completely unrecognizable.” Michael looks and says “that looks exactly like David.”

Like two different people!

Gail studies the picture, as if she’s trying to see it through that-looks-exactly-like-davidMichael’s eyes. “Give over, they’re like two completely different people.” It was a good payoff for a long wait. The Gavin identity story has been going on for a long time and it’s strained the limits of credibility. It’s hard to believe that they managed to keep the real Gavin’s death a secret from Michael. It was in the newspaper – didn’t someone besides Gail see it?

why-not-have-a-break-from-all-thisHow could Michael not wonder about the secretive talks between Gail and Gavin/Andy and Steph? The man is not obtuse, but somehow he’s missed the tension snapping like lightning around that household.

penny-drops-for-michaelAn audience will suspend disbelief, even to an extreme degree, in order to get caught up in a good juicy story. But it was hard to picture big dramatic fireworks happening with Michael and Gavin/Andy. They’re just too nice, too ordinary.

It’s not over yet so maybe the big drama is yet to come. For me, Warren-Jackson-NickGail’s attempt to save the situation with David’s photo was enough on its own. It was very funny. The joke also worked at a meta level of television construction. Hey Gail, I thought, you should have grabbed a photo of Nick when he was young.  Like this one here. That would really prove that someone can grow up to look like a totally different person.

Corrie Street May 3/15

Enchanted Evenings

enchanted evening weddingAlong with Michael, I got teary-eyed as he recited the lyrics of South Pacific‘s “Some Enchanted Evening” to Gail during their wedding. It made up for a lot about this long, drawn-out, convoluted story. Then Gail knocked the whole thing in the head, for Michael and me, by saying sorry, can’t do it. And Michael stormed off again. Please, when will it be over?

There was, however, an enchanted evening this week. Roy and new acquaintance Cathy having roy gives cathy a top up of teaa cup of tea at her new fold-out table in the allotments. They have adjoining garden plots and, like Roy, she is recently widowed. She tells him that her husband always said he had three loves: her, his ale and his allotment. She is not much for gardening herself, but she wants to keep it in good shape in his memory. Also it’s a place she feels close to him. Roy understands her, maybe better than she knows.

cathy smiles at royThey drank tea from Roy’s flask and talked about things mundane and important. They each seemed aware that this comfort in the company of another was something they hadn’t had for a long time. It was a lovely, and needed, break for them.

Pleasures of ordinary life

It gave us a break too, a moment to sit back and reflect on the pleasures of ordinary conversation and normal life. That’s something in short supply on the Street right now. platt-kids at gail and michael weddingThe Platts are sharing their nasty little three-ring circus of deception and crowdedness with almost everybody, Jenny isn’t sharing anything with anyone, Todd is messing with his mother’s love life just for fun, Sean and Billy are headed for a huge and public fight thanks to Julie’s sense of justice, and Tracy is wrecking other people’s lives because she hasn’t got anything else to do.

roy and cathy enjoy peace and quiet of allotmentMichael gave us the words to “Some Enchanted Evening,” but the expectations of one for him quickly became derailed. Let’s hope that Sharif “my middle name is sensitive” Nazir doesn’t derail the enchanted times that Roy and Cathy may have.

Corrie Street Mar. 22/15

Wedding Bells-up

gail-arrivesIf I were Gail, I think the bell would have gone off when Michael had a major hissy fit in the registry office. Yes, he had cause to be angry. She was so late that they missed their wedding appointment. But he went way over the top. How do you go back to happy-happy after that? She had an escape hatch handed to her on a platter. Being Gail, however, she didn’t take it.

Michael asks where-the-hell-have-you-beenGail and Michael are likeable people – separately. Together, their cooing and billing makes them the sort of couple that I want to stay as far away from as is possible. We know Gail’s history with men. Her romantic life is a trainwreck.

Michael seems nice enough. But wouldn’t most people seriously consider the thought process that what-were-you-doingwent into his decision to turn to burglary? Gail excuses it as understandable desperation on his part and it’s become their ‘story of how we met’. Michael excuses anything dubious that he does or says with ‘how can I believe she really loves me? I broke into her house, and I have a dodgy ticker.’ That’s the cue for Gail to start cooing about how wonderful he is.

The day after their wedding fiasco, uncomfortable coziness at the breakfast table, eating know-anything-any-moretoast and reading the paper. Michael questions his luck in having a cardiac test that day, Friday the 13th. A joke, he tells an upset Gail, to cheer you up. Yeah, that should do it. Then a knock at the door. “Another long-lost husband you haven’t told me about?”, Michael asks. Another joke! Funny! A new string on his passive-aggressive bow.

You’d think by now Gail would have bat-like detection abilities for anything even gail-and-real-gavinslightly off about a man’s personality or background. Evidently not. But there’s still time. Now you’ve seen Michael when things don’t go his way and you’re embroiled in the nasty story of his son, run Gail!