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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Sept. 25/11)

Airing Laundry

Usually I watch Coronation Street on the kitchen tv.  I also tape it so if I miss the evening broadcast, I watch next morning on the bedroom tv.  But the 50th anniversary episodes were watched on widescreen HD in the living room.  Pets going “Huh? We aren’t usually in this room now.”

Superb Sal

Sally looks out window talks to Kevin behind her - airing laundryMy husband watched too.  At the end of the first half of Monday’s episode, he said “I stopped watching because of Sally.  Now I might start watching again – because of Sally.”   I forget what she’d been doing several years ago that drove him crazy.  But he was riveted as she talked to Kevin about Molly’s last minutes of life.

After Sally said maybe she should have made up “a fairy tale” to tell Tyrone, husband said “she’s playing Kev like a fish.”  I thought maybe she was neck deep in denial – if I pretend this didn’t happen, then it didn’t. (Molly telling her Kev was the baby’s father.)  I’ve lived in that denial-land before, so it seemed plausible that she was too.

At the end of the second half, we saw that his take on it was right.  Sally reeled Kevin in, then smacked his head in.  “What about your son?”

Missing Persons

Norris, Emily and Mary running to rescue RitaAnother superb moment was after Nick told Norris and Emily that Rita’s plans had changed and she hadn’t gone out with Doreen.  She had gone home.  Norris, Emily and Mary racing to the Kabin, blankets flapping, to tell the police Rita was inside.  I half expected them to go plunging into the rubble of the building themselves to drag her out with their teeth.  And the look on Norris’ face – he would have if need be.

John looking on as EMT checks for Charlotte's pulseAt the other end of the human decency scale was the look on John Stape’s face when the EMT called an ambulance for what John thought was Charlotte’s body – and said “her pulse is weak.”  Damn, John just can’t catch a break in disposing of bodies!

He’d succeeded in getting back into his house, successfully dragged Charlotte out and down the lane to where it could look legitimately as if she’d died in the crash.  Then Helpful Hannah the EMT comes along, congratulates him on finding this new victim, then discovers she’s still alive!  Oh goody.  Lucky Charlotte, lucky John.


Then Thursday and Molly’s funeral.  Kevin, forced to help his mate, reading the words Kevin lying on coffin in gravethat Tyrone wrote, forgetting to change from 1st person to 3rd.  Sally unable to handle the double meaning of words like ‘I loved Molly’ coming from Kevin’s mouth.  At the grave, Tyrone putting two and two together faster than he ever has, and realizing it’s Kevin.  Hitting him, right into the grave on top of the coffin.

Later, on the Street, Connie and Pam have a little spitting match about what is best to cook for Tyrone – stew or a chicken.  Connie wins.  Then more great action by Sally.  Sally with baby, telling Tyrone about fatherhoodWith baby Jack being passed around the neighbourhood in order to give Tyrone some space, Sally takes the bull by the horns.  Baby in arms, she pounds on Tyrone’s door then gives him a good talking-to about what being a father is all about.  She leaves, baby safely with his daddy – at least for the moment.

What a spectacular two weeks!  Plotlines heating up to boiling, the explosion and crash, the rescue and aftermath.  The large events and the small touches.  Incredible special effects and the live episode in the middle.  Thank you to everyone involved.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Sept. 4/11)

Goodnight, Jack Duckworth

Jack and Molly talk in RoversTuesday – can’t pick one scene.  First, at Jack’s birthday do at the Rovers, he and Molly discuss the situation with Kevin being her baby’s biological father.  I had chills going up my spine as Jack told Molly about real life, about mistakes, about love and behaviour.

Both Bill Tarmey and Vicky Binns were wonderful.  He was wisdom and experience and love, she was ‘whatever’ – a little bit flip, a little bit defensive, a lot guilty.  She knew the weight of Jack says I'm so angry to Mollyimportance in what he was saying.  She knew she had to listen, but she didn’t want to.   They personified a hard-earned sense of justice and the callowness, and shallowness, of untested youth.  Having been a callow and shallow youth myself, it was hard to watch, now older and able to see the stark truth of Jack’s words.  That’s the scene, I thought.

Ken and Audrey, as Ken toasts JackThen there was another.  Jack leaving his party early.  Looking around the bar as is for the first time, or last time.  Then Ken’s raising a glass in farewell to him.  Well, I lost it then.  The tears flowed for I knew what was going to come next.  Then outside, the Street at night, from Jack listening to record playerJack’s viewpoint, as he looks at every inch of it from end to end.  Then he went home.

He sits back in his chair and listens to “When autumn leaves start to fall” on the turntable Tyrone gave him for his birthday.

Then an amazing sight.  Vera.  Looking absolutely wonderful, the lamp giving her hair a slight halo effect.  Saying to Jack, there’s a bus at 12 minutes past, so come on, shift yourself.  He says let’s have a dance.  And Vera says come with me to Jackhe and Vera slow-dancing in their living room.  The song now “Softly as I leave you.”  I watched it over and over, wanting to spend time with her and barely able to see the screen for tears.

I have never seen a scene like this in Coronation Street, where we see something in the mind’s eye of a character.  And a spirit Jack and Vera slow dancingreturning.  Both are done in American soaps often.  I’m glad this time Coronation Street did it.  Then a photo montage of Jack and Vera right in the middle of the episode.  Unusual for Corrie and just lovely.  Thank you, writers.

And then back to Jack, still in his chair, but he had caught the bus Tyrone beside Jack saying Goodnight Dadwith Vera.  Tyrone, Molly and Connie return to the house, see him in his chair.  And Connie realizes he’s dead.  She bursts into sobs, then calls an ambulance.  Molly makes herself scarce.  Tyrone, beside Jack, takes his hand and says  “Goodnight Dad.”  Indeed, goodnight Jack.  You are missed.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 13/11)

Car Crash

car's final flipTyrone’s car rolling over and over and over – wow!  Then, next episode, the firefighters cutting the car apart after the crash.

The car and the jaws of life were the stars of the week.

Car at rest, Molly insideHow fast was Tyrone driving on that narrow country road to have a car roll over that many times?  How, indeed, was more damage not done to Molly and the baby, seeing as how she had removed her seatbelt just prior to the crash?cutting frame of car away

I was angry at Tyrone for flying off at Kevin about not fixing the brakes. I was glad he got over it quickly and realized that, yes, he should have checked before driving off in a vehicle he knew had brake problems. car on narrow road, before the crashEarlier, as soon as I heard Ty say – oh the car’s outside, it must be done – I thought hold on a sec, it’s exactly where you left it, maybe you ought to check with Kev and see if he has in fact worked on it. Of all people, a mechanic ought to know better than to just drive off without checking that the work has been done.

Molly’s anger at Kevin when she finds out about the brakes – well, you can see that. She knows there is another story that Tyrone doesn’t know about.  You can see why she, and Auntie Pam, could think Kevin had done this deliberately.  But even she will have to realize that no, Tyrone didn’t check that the work had been done. And yes, Kevin had been calling and calling until she turned the phones off in exasperation.

Another horror

Eddie Windass shows it allAnd on Friday, another graphic image of horror.  Eddie Windass, in his bathrobe and underwear. Every time it comes back into my mind’s eye I have to go to the dailykitten.com to try to expunge it.

sleepy kitten with turtle toy

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 14/10)


The 2nd anniversary of Vera’s death. Tyrone is sad. But that morning, he doesn’t know what’s about to hit him. All he knows is Molly is being very difficult to live with. At the Rovers, Jack gives him advice about how to handle women. Betty tells Jack that in her almost 90 years, she’d never heard “such a load of codswallop”.

Betty gives Jack a free pint and a kiss on the headThen, in a week of great scenes, comes the one. It’s a two-parter, maybe a minute. First part: Jack sits alone in a booth, finishing his pint. He’s pulled something out of a paper napkin and is holding it. Betty brings another pint over to him. “I didn’t order that,” he says. Betty puts it in front of him, kisses the top of his head and walks back to the bar.

Jack looks at Vera's wedding ringSecond part: Jack looks at the object in his hand. It’s Vera’s wedding ring. He looks down at it and up at the heavens. “My little swamp duck.” Oh my, I could hardly clip the scene from CBC’s online episode for tears blurring my eyes. Whatever will we do when Jack and Betty leave the street? It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Then, at the end of the episode, Molly begins the “we have to talk” speech with Tyrone. It continued Tuesday. She was leaving him, didn’t love him anymore etc. etc. Why, how can you, etc. etc., poor Tyrone asked. Lines from several hurtin’ songs were used by both of them. “You’re better off without me” and “any girl would be lucky to have you” came from Molly.

Molly telling Tyrone she is leaving himIt was like watching a train wreck. Well, more like being in the train wreck if you’ve ever had a serious relationship end, whether you were the ‘dumpee’ or ‘dumper’. Even though I’ve known what Molly’s been doing the past few months, it still blindsided me. Poor, poor Tyrone.

Next scene, Tyrone twigged in about as long as it takes in these situations: “Who is it?” “There must be someone else.” He’s absolutely right in guessing this, even just from his vantage point as a participant rather than anTyrone in tears, can't believe it observer as we are. There’s always someone else. Speaking from a long history as both dumper and dumpee, there’s always a third person somewhere in the mix. Of course, the dumper always says there’s no one else, “it’s just me”. And, technically, right now Molly is not lying about this. She and Kevin have ended it so, in this tiny frame of time, she is leaving Tyrone because it’s just about her.

Of course, as it always does (and must for soaps to continue with storylines), it will all come out. And if the breakup of Molly and Tyrone was bad, I think the breakup of Kevin and Tyrone will be much, much worse.

Daran Little writing

Both Monday and Tuesday were Daran Little episodes! So happy. I didn’t know there were any more to come of the group of episodes he’d penned after a brief return last year.

Jack telling Tyrone "Vera didn't us to be me and Vera"The loveliest touch of historical analysis he gave us was Tyrone and Molly discussing their relationship in terms of Jack and Vera’s. Like all of us, Tyrone had hoped that he and Molly would be the next Jack and Vera. Horrors, Molly said, that’s exactly what I don’t want to be! Tyrone sees happily married for over fifty years; Molly sees decades of constant rowing and Jack skulking off to get away from her. Both views are correct.

But Molly is using revisionist history to justify what she’s doing, and she must know it. She got to know Jack and Vera well enough to see behind the surface complaining and skulking. She saw Jack when Vera died. So she knows better. But to give her the benefit of the doubt, she’s young and probably still believes in the fairy tales where the thrill of romance remains young and alive forever just as you do yourself. Where settling into a routine of going about your business seems a fate worse than death. On the other hand, she knows better. Disparaging the 50 years of Jack and Vera is a way to justify, to herself at least, what she is doing.

The train wreck spreads the rest of the week. Kev is cast in the role of comforter to Tyrone. And in another beautifully wrought scene, Jack gives his take on the “being Jack and Vera” issue. He says to Tyrone, “Vera didn’t want us to be like me and Vera.” Molly says to Dev, “don’t say anything nice to me”. I say to the screen, “no danger of that, dearie!” Auntie Pam is the only one who seems to share my feelings. In a plea for sympathy, Molly whines, “ Everyone’s already looking at me like I’ve just stamped on a kitten.” Pam’s response?  “Oh, happens you just have.” Thank you, Auntie Pam.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Oct. 17/10)

Molly’s Turkey

Molly pulls the Christmas turkey out of the oven. The pan tips and the turkey slides out on the floor. Oh, the poor girl.

Molly pulls turkey out of ovenI haven’t had a lot of sympathy for her in this whole affair with Kevin, but my heart bled for her in this scene and the one leading up to it. That’s where Kevin breaks it off with her. What I liked in the follow-up scene was there was the turkey on its platter in the middle of the table, with Tyrone, Jack and all tucking into it.

Molly did what I’d hoped she did when I saw the turkey laying in the middle of the kitchen floor. She picked it up, wiped it off, put it on a platter and served it – ta da! – telling no one of its little side trip en route to table from oven.

Pick turkey – and yourself – up

Now, girl, that’s what you have to do with yourself.  Pick yourself up, look your best and carry on!  Easier said than done, when your “great romance” has just told you that you’re childish and selfish and acts as if you were the only one with delusions of leaving partners and going off to a new and wonderful life together.  At the best of times, that is difficult to hear from someone who has said he or she loves you.  But when an hour before, it’s him who has persuaded you that it’s time to up stakes, tell the spouses that you’re leaving them and damn the consequences.  All on Christmas Day?  Even Molly, deluded as she is about the ease with which a marriage or two can be ended, seemed not entirely sure that Christmas Day, before the turkey dinner, was the best time to do this.

She really is still just a girl without a lot of experience in adult relationships.  But she’s learning fast, as her look of hurt and stunned disbelief showed when Kevin lectured her about why he could now not leave Sally.  That he had to stand by his wife, now she’s been diagnosed with breast cancer.  Earlier he’d also told Molly that he had to stand by his family until Sophie was through her school exams.  Molly said ok to that. But, after finding out about the romantic weekend in Paris Kevin and Sal had, she said ok, enough!  Good for you, Molly!

But Kevin couldn’t leave it at that.  No, he persuades her running away is a good, and romantic, thing to do.  She falls for it – of course she would!  She loves him or at least is infatuated with him or the thrill of an affair.  Then, when he does the right thing and says he’s staying with his wife, he has to belittle Molly.

Power imbalance

There’s already a power imbalance between Molly and Kevin.  She’s a lot younger than him, so he can feel good about having a young woman fawning over him.  But he can also turn it the other way around when it suits his purpose; she’s silly and immature, too young to understand these things.  And, being young, those words will hurt her without her realizing what it also says about him and his level of maturity.  Molly has just learned an important lesson about relationships; whatever someone says they like about you can be used against you in bad moments.

Meanwhile, she knows that she came within a hair’s breadth of destroying her life with Tyrone.  It probably is already destroyed. But at least now she won’t be letting it happen because of the promises of a fool’s paradise with Kevin.  Unless, of course, he decides he can’t cope with Sally and her cancer without the support of his “real love” Molly.  Then he’ll put her through the emotional wringer again and again.  If she lets him.  I hope the dropped turkey and her fast coping with that shows her she’s got the emotional strength to deal with her other “dropped turkey” – Kevin.