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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (July 24/11)

Hell hath no fury

Hell indeed hath no fury like a woman scorned by lover, lover’s mother, boss who is also Natasha back to say goodbye - hell hath no furylover’s grandmother, and co-worker who is also lover’s brother. Natasha let pretty much everybody in Weatherfield know exactly what she thought of them before she jumped in a black taxi and left. She also let them know what Nick thought of them. You go, girl! It was wonderful.

The multi-part scene began after she had left the hospital and seemed to recognize Nick’s caring attention as the mealy-mouthed Natasha telling David offguilt it was. So next day, she returned to the street to say goodbye.

First David, with whom she attempted to be nice. When he rebuffed her, she told him “next to you I’m sanity personified. You’re seriously disturbed.”

You made me wake up

Natasha thanks LeanneNext to “thank” Leanne: “You made me wake up and smell the bitchfest.” And when Peter comes in, she suggests to him, “Look Leanne in the eye and ask her if she loves you.” He is nonplussed by this.

Then the factory. First Nick: “You wrecked my heart.” Then the Natasha telling Julie what Nick thinks of them allworkers, telling them what Nick calls them after hours. Sean “limp wrists,” Janice “grunting garden gnome,” Julie “Jackie O – no, Jackie No.” Carla tells her to leave and she shoots back “Goodbye, ‘Mount Everest – icy, wouldn’t want to go there’!”

Natasha smiles as Gail is firedFinally, her coup de grâce. The medical clinic. She told Gail and the doctor what she thought of Gail abusing her position by snooping through Natasha’s confidential records. Doctor Dishy agreed and Gail was fired on the spot.

Her work there finished, Natasha jumped in Natasha leaves in taxiher taxi and left. The only thing that destroyed her triumphant regain of herself was Nick coming out of the factory toward her. But she didn’t tell the driver to stop! And Nick didn’t really pursue her. It was just sad, after such a beautiful swathe through town, seeing her crumple in the taxi, the righteous anger going out of her.

After Natasha

The fallout continues. Carla’s wrath at Nick caused him to quit, so he’s now living at Natasha leaves factory in triumphhome unemployed. The spillover of her wrath toward Trevor caused him to quit – both the Underworld job and their relationship. She sought solace in bottles of wine and surprisingly, considering her distaste for all things Scottish, Scotch I think. Now she’s avoiding Peter’s efforts to recruit her to AA meetings.

Dr. Dishy rejected Gail’s plea for reinstatement. His appointments are now scheduled and tea and bikkies served by Deirdre, “just temping”.  David and Tina seemed to be regaining some friendship after she sympathized with him about Natasha’s outburst. But then he pretty much attempted to rape her. Even he must be wondering if he is a psychopath.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (June 12/11)

Baby Daddy

Nick patting Natasha's bellyNick patting Natasha’s belly and cooing to the baby inside versus a couple months ago Nick asking Leanne if she didn’t sometimes picture herself and him and little baby that might have been.  Hard to decide which is more revolting.

A power outage meant I missed Tuesday’s episode.  So Monday ended with Nick burning rubber getting away from Natasha and her announcement that she was pregnant. That was right after he’d put the moves on Leanne – yuck!.  And Wednesday opened with I’m-yer-daddy cooing and patting.  Whaatt?

When I saw Natasha was unusually reserved around him, I thought she’d come to her senses and was as disgusted by this overnight change in Nick as I was.  Good for you Natasha, I thought, you’re not believing a word of this happy families malarkey.

She wants to do what?

Doctor listening to Natasha on babiesThen she went to see new Dr. Dishy at the neighbourhood clinic.  She told him she’d just had an abortion and now she wanted to get pregnant again asap because Nick was back with her?????

When Nick decided to ‘do the right thing’, she didn’t want to tell him she’d aborted the baby.  So now she wants to get pregnant again fast enough that she can just “play fast and loose” with the dates and he’ll never know.  That was a fast abortion!  When did she have it, in a commercial break?

Clearly Dr. Dishy had some problems with her reasoning about why and why not have a baby.  I was hoping he’d suggest ‘fixing’ her so she wouldn’t be able to play silly games with unborn or born children anymore.  Neutering Nick too might not be a bad idea.

I believe strongly in a woman’s right to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy.  But “he isn’t happy about me being pregnant five minutes after he dumped me, so I’ll get rid of it right now”, then “oopsie, he does want the baby so I’d better replace it as soon asLeanne, in Rovers, toasts baby I can” is not a justifiable reason for either an abortion or a pregnancy.

Then the moment of tears Thursday, both Leanne’s and mine.  After she hears Nick announce Natasha’s pregnancy to the Rovers, she goes outside to cry and to spare herself having to explain to Natasha in Leanne's face, 'he's mine'anyone.  Natasha, not knowing that Leanne too aborted a child of Nick’s, follows and accuses her of wanting “her” man.  Oh grow up, Natasha!

leanne sad after Natasha stomps awayLeanne, hurting all over again about the pregnancy she had unwillingly ended, didn’t say that.  She said, “Drop dead, Natasha,” and Natasha stalked off.  And she still had no inkling of the real reason Leanne’s eyes were filled with such pain.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 20/11)


Audrey & Lewis, the morning afterSo many strange pairings this week, so many good scenes. Lots of story building.

A biggie with Audrey and Lewis. What is he doing? Is he smitten or is he taking her for a ride? If so, what kind? Is he tired of the escort business, of being nice to people like that dreadful accountant lady with the twins? Or does he have a sideline in emotion-driven financial fraud?

Natasha at Rovers, stood up againSian & Sophie - see you, girlfriend  Gary & David, in Platt kitchen

Natasha and Nick. Is he smitten or just unable to avoid her? Girlfriends Sophie and Sian. Is Sian really smitten or is she just between boyfriends? Gary and David. Not smitten, but some powerful moments in beautifully staged scenes.

Mary: Smitten or scary?

And the couple that has to take the prize for weirdness: Mary and Norris in Brontë country. Mary is becoming more like Kathy Bates’ character in the movie Misery than she is Cathy in Wuthering Heights. But she’s funnier than both characters.

Norris & Mary leaving in RVWatching her and Norris on this vacation has been frightening and entertaining in a ghoulish way. Every scene has been so wonderful it’s hard to pick. Leaving in the motor home with Mary’s choice of music, of course, being Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ – a wonderful eerie song made terrifying by it being Mary’s choice.

Mary’s dinner served in resplendent style in the Brontë-esque Mary serving dinner - toad in the ole!cottage: toad-in-the-olé. The two of them happily working on magazine puzzle and slogan contests. Norris, of all indoor people, going stir-crazy wanting to go out and walk in the brisk country air. And Mary wanting no part of it, only wanting him to keep working on contests so they can win vacations to other wonderful lands. “We can walk in the Florida Keys.” Mary breaking into song, Susan Boyle’s ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ .

Norris sleeping, with puzzles, Mary smitten or scaryAnd Friday’s finale, when it gets truly scary. She hides the laces to Norris’ boots so he can’t walk. Then she, oops, accidentally breaks the wiring box for the telephone. And remember, Norris was complaining when they got there about only getting one bar on his cell phone. “There’s a land line,” Mary said. Run, Norris, run, with or without  your boot laces.