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Pickled Eggs

pickled eggs (from getcracking.ca)My sister told me an easy way to make pickled eggs.  She uses a large jar with a regular style lid because they go through them quickly.  If you figure you’ll have yours longer, probably best to use a jar with a sealer lid.  You can make larger or smaller quantities, just adjust your ingredients accordingly.

Hardboil 12 eggs.  Peel and prick all around with fork.  Half fill a sterilized jar (1 qt size) with white vinegar, 1 tbsp salt, 2 tbsp sugar.  Shake to dissolve.  Add eggs, and add vinegar to fill jar to top.  Put lid on and let sit a week.

The photo came from Everything Eggs with Wendi Hiebert, where you can get lots of egg recipes and information.