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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Jan. 16/11)

SWF looking

Rita & Audrey talk in salon - SWF lookingFriday, Audrey and Rita had an interesting conversation about paying for companionship. To the news that Lewis is an “escort” hired occasionally by Audrey, Rita’s reaction was what probably most of us think – “a gigolo!” with a titter of laughter. Audrey denied there was any gigolo-related activity going on, just someone to talk to. “On the meter,” Rita scoffed. She told Audrey that she could find men for companionship or whatever without resorting to paying for them. Audrey doubted the likelihood of that.

Lewis & Audrey "off the meter"It was a sad scene, two widow women talking about finding interesting single men. But more than that, it was reassuring. These women know that they are “of a certain age”. But their age was not something they discussed. Audrey said you watch a movie and fall in love with Gregory Peck or Cary Grant, an oblique temporal reference. They are smart women who know their own minds and know the state of available male-hood in their neighbourhood. Their age and past history of relationships were not the issue, rather a way of giving perspective to their opinions.

Renting companionship

Dramatically, and as discourse, it was thought provoking. Rita’s shock and hint of titillation at the thought of hiring a man was countered by Audrey’s dispassionate assessment of her situation and the purpose of Lewis in her life. You rent a movie for entertainment of an evening, why not rent an evening of good conversation?  Why not indeed – it can be pretty hard to come by.

Norris busy with his new camera phoneWhat strengthened her thesis was that she did not tell Rita that Lewis was “off the meter” when Norris had seen him and Audrey together. Had Rita known that, she would have seen the whole thing differently. She probably would have said, oh so you’ve become friends outside of “work” then. But Audrey didn’t say it, and therefore she kept the discussion on the plane of payment for services, with the type of service being the point.

SWF – 1.0 and 1.1

Sian & Ryan head to the bedroomThis civilized introspective look at being single and having needs for companionship was beautifully placed in the show. Following it was a continuation of a scene that dealt with the same topic, more or less, from the other end of the spectrum.

It started in the episode before. Ryan had suggested that he and his girlfriend and Sophie, in a blind-date Sophie interrupts everyone's planssituation with a friend of Ryan’s, watch a movie at his place since his mother was out. Ryan and Sian watched maybe 5 minutes of the film before heading to the bedroom. Yuck.  Friday, Sophie and Ryan’s friend are still watching the movie while Ryan and Sian are behind closed doors. So Ryan’s friend figures it’s time to put the big moves on Sophie. Double yuck.

It was realistic, as those who choose to remember their teenage years of raging hormones know. And it was cheap and disgusting, as anyone who is past those years also knows. But, dramatically, it was a superb counterpoint for the scene with Audrey and Rita analytically and emotionally looking at the need for human contact.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Jan. 9/11)

Ashes to Ashes

Platt family ready for Joe's funeral - ashes to ashesWhatever the Joe McIntyre storyline was like, his death has been perhaps the most entertaining I’ve ever seen. The funeral Monday was a gem. From the gathering of the mourners on opposite sides of the street when the cortege was forming, and Norris and Dev, like a Greek chorus, Grimshaws & Tina ready for Joe's funeralintoning “decorum” as they observe the hostilities. Then, in the chapel, the interruption of the solemnity by the noisy arrival of Graeme, late because he had to catch a bus to the chapel. Next, the almost as noisy departure of Tina because she couldn’t stand the sight of Gail in the pew across from her.

David & Jason fighting in churchThen the cat fight between Gail and Tina, with Audrey taking up the “decorum” motif.  Then the moment at which I broke up laughing – the physical fight in the aisle when David is going for Tina and Jason is trying toMinister singing despite everything stop him. And the poor minister, hissing “start” at the organist and trying to get everyone singing nicely. Oh my, too funny for words. I watched it in two time zones and again on tape. Church events often are very good in Corrie, but usually the chaos occurs in weddings. (Remember Karen and Steve’s?) This time it was poor Joe’s funeral. And Gail doing a little public service announcement for mental health issues in her impromptu eulogy! If I were Tina, I’d have gone for her just for that.

Simon and Rita home

More impressive scenes, also on Monday – Simon turning up at home safe and sound. A relief certainly, also a Simon in Peter's arms, Leanne relievedsurprise. I don’t want to complain about a missing child story having a happy ending, but. The subsequent wrap-up was very quick, with Simon’s “two trains and a bendy-bus” explanation of how he got back, and George’s contrition and promise to leave Simon and the Barlows alone. After the previous days of mounting tension in Blackpool, I felt like telling Simon myself, “don’t ever ever do that to me again! I was worried sick.”

The story seemed truncated to me. I’d thought maybe there had been a last minute reshoot or cutting of whole scenes, and maybe there was according to what I read on line from last year. Anyway, Leanne leaning against the doorframe crying with relief and Peter hugging Simon to his chest saying “my baby” brought me to tears.

Rita, back on Coronation Street cobblesAnd a black taxi pulling up on the street, and the glorious Rita getting out of it. Looking fabulous in her white furry coat, saying “it’s good to be back.” All I could say to the screen was “well hello Rita, it’s so good to have you back where you belong.”