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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 15/11)


Lots of ‘cats’ on the Street this week!  So many scenes to choose from.  I had one picked 'cats' Audrey telling Gail off at partythen saw Friday’s episode, which gave me another two options. So here are the runners-up, in order of appearance.

Audreh’s birthday party at the Rovers.  The whole thing was wonderful, but Audrey telling Gail off was superb.  “You don’t exactly Claudia and Rita, listening to Audreypick ‘em do you?  Murderer, followed by a suicidal drug addict.”  In the middle of their catfight, a hush came over the crowd.  When Audrey realized everyone was listening, including the lovely and plastered Rita and Claudia (gigolo co-clients), she told the entire room exactly what she thought about her life, and theirs.

Gail, aghast at her mother telling her off - againThen, Friday, when Gail and Audrey were making amends, it didn’t exactly work out the way they planned.  Audrey told Gail “I reckon there’s a great big poster of you on the wall in the local loony bin with your mobile number underneath”.  Gail made a wonderful moue of shock; her eyes and mouth equally round.  “How dare you!  I’ve not long buried the man I loved.”

Sally and Molly in shopAnd then the prize cat of ‘cats’.  Sally is back!  Oh, not just physically, but the true essence of Sally.   In her new running togs, she popped into the shop for a bottle of water to keep herself hydrated.  Molly, with rounded belly of possible Kevin baby, compares men with training dogs, “promise them something at the end of it and they’ll do anything [pause] – a pint usually did the trick,” when Sally bemoaned getting Kev to run with her.  But that, funny as it was, was only the warm-up.

Sally showing opinion of small housesWhen Molly says that Eileen is interested in buying her and Tyrone’s house, Sally gives a slight shudder.  “Those tiny yards!  I could never go back now, after having a garden.  I mean, where would I put the chimnia?”

Oh, Sally is a nightmare of pretentiousness.  I didn’t realize until I Sally bemoaning tiny yardsheard these words come out of her mouth how much I’d missed her. Now, with Eileen wanting their house and Molly desperately wanting to move, Tyrone desperately not, Kevin keeping his head low and Miss Sally back and firing on all cylinders, it’s going to be fun.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Oct. 31/10)


There was a lot of good stuff this week.  Carla hauling the vodka bottle out of her desk drawer and telling Sally Carla-talking-with-Sally“orange juice in the fridge” after Sally has told her why she needs time off work.

Also excellent is the ongoing storyline with the dueling grandfathers in the Barlow family: there’s a lot of show – and English – history with Ken and George battling it out over education options for Simon.  Have a look at the first episode where Albert Tatlock gives Ken a little lesson in class consciousness when the young university student is feeling caught between two class worlds.  Also in that episode, a bicycle is being repaired in the Barlow living room, just like last week.  But that time Ken wasn’t doing the fixing, rather he was mortified about it.  But for the scene of the week, I stand by the decision I made early in the week.  (Sun, Oct. 31st)

Tuesday – C scene

I’m writing this Tuesday.  I’m sure I’ve just watched “the scene”.  Bill comes by Kev and Sally’s to see how Sally’s visit to the oncologist went.  Just Kevin is there, Sally is upstairs having a long soak.  Bill kind of shuffles from foot to foot and tries to look cheery.  His body language is that of visiting “the sick room” – that not knowing C - Kevin explains lymph node surgery to Billwhere to look or what to say.  Kevin tells him what the process will be, his lips uncomfortably forming the words “lumpectomy” “lymph nodes”.  His speaking manner is a bit stilted, like he’s reciting or practicing a phrase in a foreign language.  And he is:  he’s repeating the words of the doctor, words he may have heard before but never had them apply to his own life.  C words, the vocabulary of cancer.

As Kevin talks, Bill’s face transforms.  He’s listening, hearing and understanding the words but he’s going back in his mind.  Looking at Bill, I could see his wife and Bill, hearing the same words in their doctor’s office years before.  He never mentioned his wife, he said hardly anything at all other than the usual words one offers.  He asked if the girls knew yet.  No, Kevin said.  After giving best wishes, chin up etc., Bill leaves.  End of scene.  I had a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes.

Bill listens to Kev tell about Sally's surgery - CCancer has not affected me directly in my own family, so I wasn’t remembering something familiar and sad to me.  Maybe I’m wrong on the powerfulness of this scene; maybe if I had more firsthand knowledge I wouldn’t have found it so evocative.  But I don’t think so.  I think it was beautifully and knowledgeable written and acted.

Also it speaks to the history of the show with a deft touch.  I’m beginning to feel I know Mrs. Webster the Elder.  I don’t even know her first name, I don’t remember Bill as a younger man.  But I’m starting to know that man and his wife.  I always loved the episodes written by Daran Little, long time programme archivist and later writer.  If I hadn’t caught the opening credits, I knew as soon as I heard a reference to the past that it was a Daran episode.  “Oh goody,” I would think, “they decided we’ll get a history lesson”.  I loved how Daran wove the long-ago history of present and past characters into present episodes.  His writing always added depth to the episode, giving more dimensions to what was happening on screen.  No other writer did it, perhaps because it was Daran’s specialty.

Unfortunately, Daran has moved on from Coronation Street, and I miss his “history lessons”.  I’m delighted that other writers and directors (Damon Rochefort and Durno Johnston in this case) are strengthening today’s stories with understated reference to the past.