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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Apr. 8/12)

Morning has broken

Brides walking toward altar to morning has brokenMorning has broken… That’s what played as guests awaited the brides. By the end, it was Sian’s heart that had broken.  I’m sorry about that, but pleased that the wedding that didn’t happen made up for the tedium of watching Sian and Sophie’s relationship over the past however long it’s been.

Sian saying her vows to SophieIt was a fabulous wedding, with everyone there and the brides very beautiful in matching wedding gowns.  But Sophie’s cold feet showed when she hesitated over her vows.  Then the fun began.

Kevin seeing her distress and saying “you don’t have to go through with this.”  Sally indignant about Kevin and Sunita knowing Sally chastising forlorn looking Sophiesomething she didn’t: “I’m the mother of the bride.”  Rosie seeing her planning go down the drain:  “can we just sort this out at the reception… they said nothing about this in the wedding app”.  Jason wanting to move things along:  “Rosie has a job to do”.  Sian wanting her questions answered by anyone, preferably Sophie.  Wedding ends with Sian running down the aisle, Sophie chasing her, Sian’s mother in close pursuit, Rosie throwing down her bouquet saying “nice one Dad” and Amber keeping well back, well clear of the chaos.

Sian running out of church with Sophie chasingI truly hope this is the end of what has to be the dreariest romance in Coronation Street’s 51 years.  Is it because writers are treading carefully due to it being a gay relationship?  Is it due to their age?  For me, it’s partly due to their extreme youth and getting married at their age and in their circumstances is absolutely absurd.  But Ches and Katie are just as young, and their having a baby is equally absurd.  But Ches and Katie don’t bore me stiff.  Sian and Sophie have since after the early dramatically promising beginnings of their story.

Bridesmaid Amber looking askance at SophieAmber livened their story up, even if she was annoying.  And, to her credit, she called Sophie’s bluff on her stated desire to commit.  She didn’t do it in a nice or empathetic way. But she showed Sophie that forever and ever was indeed a long time, maybe too long.  I did truly enjoy the expression on her face as poor Sian, in love and serious about what they were about to Sophie looking terrified before the wedding as Sian talks about foreverdo, talked and talked about being together forever and ever and ever.

I am hoping now that Sophie and Sian both leave Weatherfield to go find themselves or whatever.  And I feel bad about that, I’ve liked Sophie since she was a child but I’m so tired of the whiny, self-absorbed and even devious creature she has become.  Realistic, I guess, in that she’s a teenager.  But oh how I wish Rosie leaving the church as Amber still stands at altarshe would just stop!

Overall, this week among the Webster family, Rosie is the one who has shown the most sense.  And that’s a very sad state of affairs for the Websters.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (June 26/11)

Lancashire Fusilier

Ches and Roy beside lancashire fusilierThat was the most fabulous wedding I’ve ever seen on Corrie or any other show.  Roy and Hayley on a Lancashire Fusilier. I can’t possibly pick one scene – every one was great.

The singalong on the bus: evocative of old Corrie episodes where they’d rent a bus to go to Blackpool or somewhere.  Those participating in the moment, and those sniping.  Norris grizzling about everyone being so silly. Sally at Claire about everything, and Rosie getting digs in at John the tour leader.

Roy as John and Ches blindfolded him to take him to the train.  Roy obviously never played any trust games – he did not take well to being blindfolded and relying on others.  But his pleasure at seeing the train and learning he’d be riding shotgun in the engine – wonderful.

Roy shovelling coal inRoy and Ches in overalls in the engine, Roy shoveling coal into the burner and Ches saying “faster, faster”.  They both were having so much fun.

Mary, not a guest at the wedding although her dress was there, stole every scene she was in.  Her good wishes to Hayley when the bridal party was leaving the Street was frightening, guilt-producing, yet touching.  Double-meaning in everything she said so you felt both fear and sympathy for her.  Hayley conveyed that confusion of reaction beautifully.

Mary at tracks, hand on the lever Mary’s motorhome following the wedding bus was ominous.  Mary sitting by the tracks waving, hand on a train lever was not a good sign.  Later, in the Rovers, worried about the wedding, her comment to Ciaran about what her mother always said was heartbreaking:  “our Mary will never even make bridesmaid.”

And Sophie and Sian

Sean looks at Sophie in surpriseSophie was obviously tormented by the denial by her and Sian of their relationship, and that she was allowing Claire to be called “mad” and a child abuser.  And the cock crowed three times.

Later that night, she told her father that what Claire said was true, that she and Sian were together.  Good for you Sophie.  Sean’s reactions were great too, first when Claire made her announcement his sidelong surprised look at Sophie.  Then later, when Sally was going on about her daughter being “normal”, Sean’s questioning of her definition of normality.

Bridesmaids pumping handcar along trackAnd, after the bride and bridesmaids realized they were stranded in the countryside, no longer with the rest of the train!  Hayley, gown blowing behind her, standing on the handcar as her bridesmaids pumped the handles – priceless.  They sped along the track, getting Hayley “to the church on time”

Head table, as Roy finishes his speechThe scene that made me cry, though, was Roy’s speech.  With Sophie and Sian in the background, denying the ‘outing’ of them that Claire did, Roy talked about the world catching up to him and Hayley.  Eleven years earlier, he Sophie listens to Roy's speechsaid, he and Hayley wanted to legally commit to each other but the law did not allow it.  “We have remained still and the world has turned to meet us… The world can change its rules, its laws and its opinions as frequently as it chooses but I will remain standing beside you.  That will not change.”  Perfect.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 20/11)


Audrey & Lewis, the morning afterSo many strange pairings this week, so many good scenes.  Lots of story building.

A biggie with Audrey and Lewis.  What is he doing?  Is he smitten or is he taking her for a ride?  If so, what kind?  Is he tired of the escort business, of being nice to people like that dreadful accountant lady with the twins?  Or does he have a sideline in emotion-driven financial fraud?

Natasha at Rovers, stood up againSian & Sophie - see you, girlfriend  Gary & David, in Platt kitchen

Natasha and Nick.  Is he smitten or just unable to avoid her?  Girlfriends Sophie and Sian.  Is Sian really smitten or is she just between boyfriends?  Gary and David.  Not smitten, but some powerful moments in beautifully staged scenes.

Mary: Smitten or scary?

And the couple that has to take the prize for weirdness:  Mary and Norris in Brontë country.  Mary is becoming more like Kathy Bates’ character in the movie Misery than she is Cathy in Wuthering Heights.  But she’s funnier than both characters.

Norris & Mary leaving in RVWatching her and Norris on this vacation has been frightening and entertaining in a ghoulish way.  Every scene has been so wonderful it’s hard to pick.  Leaving in the motor home with Mary’s choice of music, of course, being Kate Bush’s ‘Wuthering Heights’ – a wonderful eerie song made terrifying by it being Mary’s choice.

Mary’s dinner served in resplendent style in the Brontë-esque Mary serving dinner - toad in the ole!cottage:  toad-in-the-olé.  The two of them happily working on magazine puzzle and slogan contests.  Norris, of all indoor people, going stir-crazy wanting to go out and walk in the brisk country air.  And Mary wanting no part of it, only wanting him to keep working on contests so they can win vacations to other wonderful lands.  “We can walk in the Florida Keys.”  Mary breaking into song, Susan Boyle’s ‘I Dreamed a Dream’ .

Norris sleeping, with puzzles, Mary smitten or scaryAnd Friday’s finale, when it gets truly scary.  She hides the laces to Norris’ boots so he can’t walk.  Then she, oops, accidently breaks the wiring box for the telephone.  And remember, Norris was complaining when they got there about only getting one bar on his cell phone.  “There’s a land line,” Mary said.  Run, Norris, run, with or without  your boot laces.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb 6/11)


Sophie kisses SianA jaw-dropper at the end of Monday’s episode.  Sophie, having scrubbed the back of her neck raw trying to get the temporary tattoo off, crying.  Sian then coming in to make up with her after their fight.  Then Sophie kissing her in a not “just friends” way.  And Sian maybe returning the feeling?

A couple weeks ago, after Sian and Sophie had a little hissy spat, I read a comment somewhere online that said something about their ‘lesbian moment’ in a kind of eye roll way.  I thought, oh, it’s just teenage girl stuff – emotions and hormones all over the place all the time.

Certainly, Sophie’s emotions had to be running amok at this moment in her room.  To recap the past couple days Sian reading text to Ryan from Sophie - "Liar"of her life:  she’s upset because her BFF had turned on her like a savage, taking the word of Ryan over hers about him coming on to her while he and Sian were split up for a nanosecond.  In trying to weasel out of the spot he’d got himself in, Ryan blamed Sophie.  He said she’d always said to him that if he wasn’t attached…  And Sian, confused by hearing two very different stories, chooses to believe him and turn on her friend.

Kevin yelling at Sophie about the tattooComing home to lick her wounds, Sophie gets some sympathy from her father.  Until he sees the tattoo on the back of her neck.  He does not hear her say it’s just henna.  He screams at her, grounds her and slams out of the room.

She Sophie scrubbing her neck to remove the tattoodecides that tattoo’s coming off. Crying, hurting inside and on her neck, and Sian comes in to apologize.  She realized Ryan lied about Sophie.  And, even after his mother (a pinnacle of morality herself) tells him to tell Sian the truth, he doesn’t.  Sian works it out for herself.

The whole situation with her, Ryan and Sian happened because she didn’t take Emily’s advice about sometimes a lie of omission is better than the full truth.  Emily’s counsel was keep yer mouth shut about Ryan coming on to you.  She should have listened.

Sophie tells Sian she doesn't like RyanI don’t know where they’re going to go with the kiss between Sophie and Sian, but I think Sophie could find herself in even more of a dilemma between her faith and feelings.  I don’t know if Emily will be able to help her because Emily is open-minded and kind-hearted.  To my knowledge, churches that have full-immersion adult baptism generally do not believe that God is equally accepting of all His creatures, even the gay ones.