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Corrie Street June 23/13

What happens with Rita

Rita-and-Tina-in-hall what happens with rita“What happens with Rita stays with Rita” is what Tina wanted to hear.   She needed to hear what Rita said moments earlier when they talked beside baby Jake’s incubator.  The baby is not yours to keep, Rita told Tina.  It’s quite natural that she would have a strong attachment to the infant she carried, but he is Izzy and Gary’s baby.  End of.

take-your-word-for-thatRita is the only person who could say these things to Tina without ticking her off.  Even so, Tina managed to hurt Rita by reminding her, perhaps inadvertently, that she could not know how it feels to give birth to a child.  Rita rallied and let Tina know that she supported her but that she needed to get over her feelings and remember that she was a temporary mother for the child of what-you-saidother people.

This was a powerful and nuanced scene between two women who are friends and, themselves, kind of a mother-daughter surrogacy.  Tina’s confusion and defensiveness was obvious, as was Rita’s deep affection and her trepidation about raising a difficult topic.

Tommy was glad to see the cavalry arrive.  A bit earlier he had said the same thing to just-in-timeTina but she was not taking it from him.  In order to show his love and support for Tina, he had go along with her idea of keeping the baby.  He cannot find the right balance between support and uncomfortable truths in addressing Tina’s wishes and intentions.  Even if he did, he is her boyfriend and is of the same age.  It’s a different relationship dynamic than with Rita.   Tina will listen to her, a woman and older, with more deference than she would to anyone, male or female, of her own age.  The two scenes nicely counterpointed each other.

Owen-entersJust when maybe Rita was getting somewhere with Tina, in walks Owen.  My husband said the Armstrongs and Windasses are like blackflies in a Canadian summer – everywhere, all the time.  You can’t get away from them.

All the actors in this story have been brilliant and Tina especially so.  Her facial and body language alone convey the torment she is feeling.  There have been inconsistencies in what she has said, as there likely would be in such a situation.  She told I-can-see-whyTommy that she realized the extent of her love for the baby when he became ill then moments later told Rita it had nothing to do with his illness, that she had felt it since he was born.  Both statements are true but, of the two, I suspect what she told Rita is truer.  With Rita, she can be completely honest.  Rita demands honesty from her and returns it even when she knows it isn’t what Tina wants to hear.

Tina-looks-at-babyRita’s initial doubts about the surrogacy are proving justified.  Standing in the nursery with Rita, Tina said “I always thought I was the least maternal person in the world.”  Therefore, she left unsaid, giving up the baby would not be a problem for her.  “Now look at me,” realizing that time and a tiny baby change you.  Her words to Tommy showed the price of trying to straighten out that confusion, the pain of “hating yourself for loving your baby.”

Corrie Street Jun. 16/13

Four for Four

The first four episodes this past week each had more than one contender for “the scene”. Four scenes - Izzy cries able-to-see-him-soonI cannot narrow it down any further than one from each day.

Monday: Izzy’s face as she realizes the newborn is not crying and the nurse hustles him off. Equally good was Izzy standing at the incubator holding the hand of the tiny infant inside it.

Tuesday: Owen giving way to his fear and sadness. “Vulnerable and venerable” my husband called Owen after seeing him lose his carefully constructed and maintained façade of bravery and bravado. With Anna, he can give voice to his inner fears and self-see-him-lying-in-the-incubatorrecriminations. He blamed himself for “pushing” Izzy and Gary into this surrogacy. Of course he didn’t. He was adamantly opposed when they said they were thinking of it and he gave valid reasons for his objections. But he did make it possible. They had the idea and he had the ability to figure out how best to do it as well as the resources to make it happen.

Owen is the quintessential male in the schema of gender roles found in Men are from Mars, Women… Venus. Mr. Fixit, taking a problem and solving it. Now, with the baby’s prognosis for survival not great and the mess Izzy and Gary have made of their relationship, he blames himself for taking their hare-brained dream and making it a reality.

Wednesday: Tina entering the nursery where Izzy and Gary are fighting beside the baby’s he-might-have-your-eyesincubator. She lays down the law to them.  They will sort out their problems somewhere else and, until they do, neither of them will see the baby. She has deliberately tried to avoid bonding with the child she was carrying. But she will defend him against anyone, including his biological parents. Good for her.

Thursday: Carla telling Rob what is going to happen in order for her to not report his theft to the police. Her performance, as the character, belied Tracy’s earlier jibe that loser-I-grew-up-withbeneath the designer clothes and six inches of makeup, you’re nothing. You could see Carla collect herself, and her strength, and say everything quickly before she lost her resolve.

She needed that focused composure in light of what Rob had said earlier to her, when she caught him out at the warehouse with the stolen silk. Showing himself to be a master manipulator, he turned everything Carla said on its head. He knew exactly where to poke clear-your-lockerto hit her own self-doubts and her love for him, the little brother she believes she abandoned long ago. In the Bistro you can see the look of confusion on Rob’s face. His tricks aren’t working on her. Rob’s scenes this week have been the best I’ve ever seen from him. I like him even less. But I’m fascinated with watching the narcissist, verging on sociopath, side of him reveal itself.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Dec. 23/12)


Maybe the whole thing coming out in the Rovers about Tina being a surrogate mother for got-any-questionsIzzy and Gary was just a build up to Tina throwing a pint over David in Wednesday’s episode.  I hope so because I’m just not understanding what the big deal is.

I have thought they were keeping her pregnancy a secret just because it’s early days.  Get past the first trimester and all that.  But after Norris blabbed last week in the Rovers and everyone congratulated why-pick-margarineTommy on being a dad, it seemed to me it was time to ‘fess up.  Horrible to have everyone thinking it was Tommy and Tina’s baby. Awkward for them and embarrassing for all the well-wishers when the truth came out.  But at that time, I thought it’s a hard spot for Tommy, especially when he’s angry and just wants to be left alone.  Gary could set people straight, but emotions were running high.  Maybe a case of coulda, woulda, shoulda.

But when it all started up again on Tuesday, why not just say listen, folks, let us explain.  All the principals were there, so what better time?  What were they planning to do, wait until the baby is born then Tina say “oh, I decided to give her/him to Gary and Izzy”?

you got something to sayAfter worried looks darting back and forth and attempts to put people off the topic (like that’s going to happen!) finally they realized they had no choice but to tell people.  The truth couldn’t be any stranger than what the factory girls and Norris were coming up with on their own.  But I was confounded again by the reactions to what they were told.

Tina-is-carryingAre the people of Coronation Street living in a time warp or a cave?  You’d think this was the first ever case of surrogacy.  No one seemed to have ever heard of such a thing.  It wasn’t just a case of moral disapproval or wondering about the difficulty in handling the emotional bonds of so many parental figures, it was kind of like “Eh?  Wot’s that when it’s at home?”

All about David

renting-my-wombThen David came in, upset about his baby-making plan going awry. Totally fed up with everyone, Tina tells him “I’m renting out my womb” in answer to his question about what’s going on.  After he absorbs the news about the surrogacy, the hamsters in his little brain start up their wheel.  Quickly he turns it to being all about him.  You can hear his thoughts:  Tina’s carrying a baby for someone else and Kylie won’t even carry my baby, and Tina aborted my baby.  When the abortion is mentioned, barmaid Tina flings a beer in customer David’s face.

pint-over-DavidNot that I didn’t enjoy seeing him getting a pint thrown over him.  I think they should incorporate that into every episode.  David sitting at home watching tv, someone walks in the door and flings a beer over him.  Crossing the street, someone jumps out and pours a beer over his head.  Especially with the way he’s acting, I think it would be wonderful.  A little message of “grow up David” plus the wherewithal for a new drinking game.