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Corrie Street July 20/14

Designing Todd

My husband does not like Todd, at least not the manipulative and nasty Todd who designing gym-flyerreturned from London. But he grudgingly had to agree with Todd’s critique of the flyer Alya made to advertise the gym.

Too wordy and the wrong font, Todd told Alya. Jim hadn’t paid attention to what Todd was actually saying. He often ignores Todd’s words. I replayed it, saying listen carefully and look at the flyer.

Working in graphic arts, Jim often has advised clients against cramming too many words font-is-shockingin a small space. It looks cluttered and people just don’t read it. He agreed with Todd that “small print is overrated”. Of course, we can also read into Todd’s words a commentary on himself. Perhaps Marcus should heed the ‘fine print’ warnings that Todd carries. But his words to Alya are wise in terms of design if you want to “grab the punters”.

Jim’s advice to Alya was, if all the information is actually needed, put it on the back. Keep the front clean and simple so it catches the eye. In addition to the wrong font choice, Jim added that the blue and pink were the wrong colour choice alongside the others used.

never-grab-the-puntersDon’t crowd too much detail in, choose the right font in a big enough size to read easily and a pleasing colour scheme. Good tips if you’re designing flyers or pamphlets for a business or signs for your yard sale. Alya didn’t thank Todd for his help, but she should have.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Nov. 27/11)

Easter Reunions

Such a treat – seeing so many Corrie people back Friday.  First, Todd Grimshaw and his Todd and Jules with MINInew man Jules, then in London, Violet and Jamie and Marcus.

When Eileen said Todd was coming home, I figured something would prevent it like always.  But no, he arrived, with Jules, in (best of all) a beautiful black MINI convertible.  I liked Jules right off the bat.

Todd embarrassed by Eileen in RoversThen, in a reenactment of Ken Barlow’s first storyline, Todd had major problems reconciling his old life with his new.  Ashamed of his origins, even his mother, in front of his posh lover, he was awkward to his mother and friends, apologized in advance for everything to Jules, and stormed off.  Even Jules, himself condescending about Eileen’s “lunch” or “dinner”, told “Todley” he didn’t like how he was behaving.

London Calling

Jamie, Violet and Sean holding teddyAnd Sean went to London, with a humongous teddy bear, to see Dylan.  Entering on a “domestic” between Violet and Jamie, he went to the kitchen where Dylan was and found his old lover Marcus there also.

Then a lovely tour of London – for them all day, for us snapshots of Marcus Sean and Dylan on bus tourthe highlights overlaid with The Clash’s ‘London Calling’.  Corrie Street again uses a stylistic staple of American soaps – nice in these circumstances but I hope not about to become regular fare.

Back at Violet’s, a heart-breaking scene where she showed her opinion of Sean hasn’t changed since she left Weatherfield.  Despite Jamie leaving her, she cringed at the thought of returning to Weatherfield, where Dylan might learn Sean’s –.  Sean filled in the rest himself, “How I talk?  How I walk?  My gayness?”  He told her that, as she had said, the Violet he knew no longer existed.  She had been replaced by a homophobe.

Marcus and Sean on park bench overlooking LondonThen a visually and emotionally beautiful scene with Sean, Marcus and unwanted teddy.  Sitting on a park bench at night, looking over the lights of London, talking about their lives since they parted.  Being honest, being friends and both opening the door a bit for maybe a future together.

Sylvia calling

Cropper family in cafeA reunion also on the Street between Roy and his mother.  Sylvia has appeared before, right after Roy’s stepfather’s funeral.  Now, Hayley has brought her back to their house and the café where she will “help out” and terrorize the clientele.

She is absolutely stunning with Roy, Hayley and every character she has met so far.  She is utterly believable as the woman who created Roy Cropper.  In his interactions with her, Roy is utterly believable as a son who fought so hard to gain what semblance of normality he has, and now fears remembering his childhood horrors will take it away from him.

Gail calling!

Gail interviewing for job with Nick in BistroAnd I can’t not mention the line that had me almost spray coffee all over the kitchen table.  Gail looking through the classifieds, seeing a course on counseling, saying “I think I’d make a good counselor; people tell me things.”  No, please, not another messed-up human being thinking that their neuroses and psychoses qualify them to counsel other messed-up humans!!  Hire her, Nick, it might send your business down the drain but it will save the mental health of many others.