Dog blankets, beds & coats needed! (Dec. 8/10)

dog blankets over little terrierAll Breed Canine Rescue needs beds for foster dogs.  If you have washable dog beds, fluffy blankets or towels would you please take them to K-9 Concepts (9830 Sunset Drive, just east of Talbotville). Or contact Linda at or 519-631-5607 or Lois at 519-633-6226 or

ABCR is being deluged with litters of puppies.  There aren’t enough foster homes and some are being boarded in kennels.

Where are they coming from?  Some at least are from people who thought having a litter and selling the pups would earn some extra Christmas money.  But the pups didn’t sell, so now they’re being killed or dumped on rescue groups.  ABCR is doing the best they can to get shots and vet care for the pups and find homes for them and help pay for the spaying of the mother dogs.  Money, foster homes and emergency provisions for this influx of puppies are all desperately needed.

Thrift Shop Dog Blankets

Hound dog sleeping on blanketI know recently I extolled the virtues of thrift shops for finding cheap mittens, socks and coats for your kids.  And, yes, there are also lots of old blankets and towels there too.  But ABCR is a non-profit charitable group that survives only on donations.  Every dollar spent on dog blankets is a dollar they don’t have to spend on food and vet bills.

I can’t donate my services as a veterinarian because I’m not one. But I can contribute dog blankets even if it means I go to the Sally Ann and buy them.  At least with these, you don’t have to buy new ones to give.  Anything warm and fluffy for a dog or puppy to sleep on will be appreciated.  Dog coats are also needed for winter walkies. If you have any you don’t need or feel like knitting some, put them in with your blankets.

Kitten asleep on blanketRescue groups and shelters will soon be overloaded with cats, if they’re not already.  Winter is here, and the cute kittens of summer are now at the age when they need spaying or will be producing kittens themselves.  It’s the time when they are dumped.  Let someone else worry about them or let them die – too often that is the attitude toward those cute cuddly kittens when they start to grow up.  So cat shelters like Animal Aide and Pets/Friends for Life are in need of supplies and cash as well.

Probably every other dog and cat rescue group is experiencing the same thing.  So if you aren’t in Elgin County or London, call a shelter or rescue group near you and see how you can help.