Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 1/11)

The Wedding Planner

Mary telling Hayley nonono to small event roomMonday, Mary leaping at Hayley in the fancy hotel’s small event room when Hayley says she prefers it to the large ballroom. Hayley is especially pleased to see the steam train yard outside the window, remarking that Roy would like that. ‘Who cares?’ is Mary’s reaction.

“It’s your wedding day, not a trainspotters’ outing.” It’s your day, it doesn’t matter what he thinks, it’s about you, you, all about you. Your chance to shine, Mary tells Hayley it's your day, book the ballroomyour chance to be the princess, the fairy tale dress in the fairy tale ballroom. “The day you’ve thought of since you were a little —  since you were small.”

Even before her  ‘your day’ tirade, she had summarily dismissed the small room. Not the Cinderella ballroom, so not good enough. “Intimate is sales speak for you couldn’t swing a cat, but by the look of the décor they’ve had a damn good try at it.”  The poor hotel manager! He looks offended, but also terrified.

Run, Hayley!

Mary leads Hayley away from hotel managerMary is brilliant. It must have been hard for anyone on the set or near it to keep from laughing out loud during the taping. She is positively frightening. You knew, when Hayley agreed to look at Mary’s wedding planning book, that it was going to become hideous. Mary outdoes herself in this scene. Considering how scary Mary is at the best of times, that’s saying something. Run Hayley run!