Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Aug. 21/11)

Cheap Tricks

cheap tricks - Kylie waiting and Steve's cab pulling upThursday just before a commercial break:  Kylie, obviously still in the Greater Manchester area. Oh no, I groaned, I thought she was gone. I like Max and the story of Becky wanting a child, wanting Max. But Becky and Kylie have gone back to their roots – back to the trailer park. Kylie never left it and I’m tired of her and her conniving sleaziness. She makes me want to take a shower to rid myself of the contact slime.

She, and the whole storyline around her, embodies cheap tricks in all senses of the term. Now she’s trying to sell Max to Becky and Steve. No matter what you think of that, he’s not hers to sell. “The Social” is still involved: he’s theirs to sell or give away, whatever.

Becky saying goodbye to Max as Kylie leaves RoversI doubt they’ll see Becky as being number one on the potential mother list, especially after her stunt of pretending to be Kylie. Her history, police record, explosive temper and smoking probably already put enough nails in the adoption coffin. If not, deliberately deceiving the social worker in order to cover for her sister would be the final one.

I’ve rooted for Becky as an adoptive mom. I think she’d be great. I’ve hoped someone in social services would look beyond the rulebook and see that. But even I can’t believe they would or should look past that stunt.

Dmitri meeting BeckyAnd Dmitri, the lovely looking young man from Cyprus who Kylie has dragged back with her. Funny, but another cheap trick having him speak absolutely no English and Kylie alternately bullying and coddling him. I’m not sure if he’s a plot device or part of the set design.

Writers’ cheap tricks?

Ashley looking at his prunes and yoghurt breakfastThere have been other cheap tricks in the writing this week. Claire feeding Ashley yoghurt with prunes when she thinks he has angina. Fair enough that she figures cut down on fat in his diet, but prunes? Why? Only because prunes are funnier than any other fruit, the kinds you would be more likely to eat with yoghurt. Even she makes a face while pretending to enjoy her healthy breakfast. Getting a proud meat-eating butcher to eat a breakfast of yoghurt and fruit would be incongruous and funny enough on its own. You don’t need to hammer the point home by having prunes involved.

Becky and Steve smoking on park benchThe first cheap trick I noticed this week was Tuesday, after Becky and Steve were playing football with the kids. They sit on a park bench and extol the virtues of being out in the fresh air. Then, simultaneously, they lift previously-unseen lit cigarettes to their mouths and both take a deep draw. Funny? Yes.  A little gratuitous dig at them and smokers everywhere?  I fear so.

Fizz looking at wreath on factory stepsAnd finally, a perhaps cheap plot trick (as unwelcome to me as the reappearance of Kylie), funereal flowers appearing on the steps of the factory. A bouquet with Rest in Peace, followed by a wreath in the shape of a C. Oh no, the story of Colin buried under the factory floor is going to rear its head again. You knew it had to, and should, being an unresolved story line. But with mysterious floral tributes? Who would do it? Charlotte? Yes, she’s a tad unbalanced, but she’d have to be truly deranged to do that. She’s involved!