Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 19/12)


If I’d laid a bet on how long Carla would cope with Maria as helpmeet, I’d have lost. Carla lasted longer than I’d expected. But, even so, it wasn’t long.

Maria yelling go to sleep to her sonThe scene that made my jaw drop and made me laugh was the two of them in Carla’s living room while Liam cries in his bed. Maria yells “Liam, go to sleep.” Then Carla agrees with her: “Do what you’re told and go to flamin’ sleep”. Well, the icy cold glare of affront that Maria turned on Carla! As in, how dare you yell at my precious babe the chosen one!

Maria glaring after Carla yells at LiamTo be reasonable, Carla simply said exactly what Maria had said, other than adding the word “flaming” but Carla had forgot the cardinal rule of motherhood (especially in St. Maria’s world) – only the sainted mother may yell at the sainted child. However, motherhood and any kind of kin feeling are rarely reasonable. I know that I feel within my rights to tell my dogs to shut up. Still, I don’t like it when someone else does.

Carla brushed off yelling at the sainted child, without pointing out that she’d only followed Maria’s lead. But it escalated of course. Maria can always make it all about her and she did so once again. With incredible sanctimoniousness she said, “I realize you’re in a lot of pain. But taking it out on Liam isn’t going to help.” Ya think?  Just Carla telling Maria to get outbeen raped, and a child screaming his lungs out? So Carla told Maria that she’d been there long enough, get out now.

It was harsh, especially the business about living in the lap of luxury at Carla’s apartment compared to Maria’s own “flea-pit”. But Carla is angry and needs to vent that anger at someone and Maria was handy. Carla was also half in the bag and probably fed up to her eyeteeth with Maria being around all the time. Just the thought of Maria being there with me all the time, being comforting, dispensing wisdom – aaagghh! I am surprised only that their moment of sisterhood lasted as long as it did.

St. Maria has returned, after Carla’s attempt at suicide, to be her support system. First Carla at Maria's house with Kirk and Liamshe came back to the lap of luxury of Carla’s apartment, then she talked Carla into going to her house. Even then, it didn’t take her long to strike the injured pose and turn it back to being about Maria – I’m only trying to help etc.

Here’s a hint, Carla: if you need support Ozzy the dogand companionship and only have the resources in Maria’s house to find it in, pick Ozzy. I’m not much of a Lab person myself, but I think he would be much more help with getting your head screwed on straight. Maria?  Kind of like having an irritating pet rock.