Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Apr. 8/12)

Morning has broken

Brides walking toward altar to morning has brokenMorning has broken… That’s what played as guests awaited the brides. By the end, it was Sian’s heart that had broken. I’m sorry about that, but am pleased that the wedding that didn’t happen made up for the tedium of watching Sian and Sophie’s relationship over the past however long it’s been.

Sian saying her vows to SophieIt was a fabulous wedding, with everyone there and the brides very beautiful in matching wedding gowns. But Sophie’s cold feet showed when she hesitated over her vows. Then the fun began.

Kevin seeing her distress and saying “you don’t have to go through with this.”  Sally indignant about Kevin and Sunita knowing Sally chastising forlorn looking Sophiesomething she didn’t: “I’m the mother of the bride.” Rosie seeing her planning go down the drain: “can we just sort this out at the reception… they said nothing about this in the wedding app”. Jason wanting to move things along: “Rosie has a job to do”. Sian wanting her questions answered by anyone, preferably Sophie. Wedding ends with Sian running down the aisle, Sophie chasing her, Sian’s mother in close pursuit, Rosie throwing down her bouquet saying “nice one Dad.” And Amber keeping well back, well clear of the chaos.

Dreariest romance ever?

Sian running out of church with Sophie chasingI truly hope this is the end of what has to be the dreariest romance in Coronation Street’s 51 years. Is it because writers are treading carefully due to it being a gay relationship? Is it due to their age? For me, it’s partly due to their extreme youth and getting married at their age and in their circumstances is absolutely absurd. But Ches and Katie are just as young, and their having a baby is equally absurd. But Ches and Katie don’t bore me stiff. Sian and Sophie have since after the early dramatically promising beginnings of their story.

Bridesmaid Amber looking askance at SophieAmber livened their story up, even if she was annoying. And, to her credit, she called Sophie’s bluff on her stated desire to commit. She didn’t do it in a nice or empathetic way. But she showed Sophie that forever and ever was indeed a long time, maybe too long. I did truly enjoy the expression on her face as poor Sian, in love and serious about what they were about to Sophie looking terrified before the wedding as Sian talks about foreverdo, talked and talked about being together forever and ever and ever.

I am hoping now that Sophie and Sian both leave Weatherfield to go find themselves or whatever. And I feel bad about that. I’ve liked Sophie since she was a child but I’m so tired of the whiny, self-absorbed and even devious creature she has become. Realistic, I guess, in that she’s a teenager. But oh how I wish Rosie leaving the church as Amber still stands at altarshe would just stop!

Overall, this week among the Webster family, Rosie is the one who has shown the most sense. And that’s a very sad state of affairs for the Websters.