Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Apr. 15/12)


Deirdre's guilty tears at Tracy's hen night in Rovers“Be sure your sin will find you out” (Numbers 32:23). Words that Tracy, Faye and Deirdre would do well to remember.

Friday saw the start of the unraveling of the lies surrounding two monstrous acts. One by Tracy with Deirdre’s collusion. The other by Faye all on her own.

After her insane jealousy brought about a miscarriage, Tracy had seen the silver lining in that cloud. She could blame it on Becky, thereby ensuring that Steve would turn against “baby killer” Becky and stay with Tracy. And she got her mother to go along with the lie. I’m not sure which one of them I find more repellent for their actions in this. Tracy has a purpose for hers, no matter how twisted it is. Deirdre? Protecting her child? I’m sure serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer’s mother thought that there was good in him too.

2 + 2 = Tracy

Becky saying to Deirdre you know somethingBecky started putting two and two together and getting four. Steve paying her off for her half of Streetcars, saying that Deirdre had urged him to give Becky a good settlement.  Deirdre’s visit to Becky in hospital. To both things, she asked herself why. And she gave Deirdre a chance to come clean, ambushing her out behind the Rovers and pleading for the truth. I thought Deirdre would crack, but she’s a better liar than I thought.

Tracy and Deirdre leaving RoversFinally, Becky’s new man completed the adding up for her. As manager of the hotel where Tracy had started to miscarry after running around like a madwoman, he had called the ambulance for her. But he hadn’t connected Tracy with Steve and Becky.

Finally while dropping Becky home, he saw Tracy leaving the Rovers checking appointment calendar for Beckyafter her hen night.  “I’ve seen her before, she…”. And the pieces fell in place for Becky. Oh, I look forward to seeing Deirdre’s face when this comes out!

Faye’s revenge

And the other monster of the week: Faye, willing to kill just because she didn’t get her own way. Someone poisoned the fish by putting creosote in the pond water. Owen Owen sorting Faye's laundryaccused David and Kylie. They, to him and each other, were appalled to think that he would accuse them of killing as part of a prank. Faye’s little smirk, after Anna broke the sad news about the death of the fish, showed she had no such qualms.

I still believe that Owen and Anna should have had the sense to build her a shed instead of or in addition to the fishpond. But killing fish to spite someone else? Sin. I hope only that Anna does not decide to get Faye a kitten.

Owen smells creosote on Faye's sweaterWhile Anna is away overnight and Owen is looking after Faye he washes her clothes and smells creosote on her sweater. Two and two get added correctly again. He is furious, about her wanton killing as well as the destruction of what he had made with Anna’s consent. I wish only that he had not laid a finger on her. Not that she didn’t deserve a good spanking, but because I’m sure Owen spanks Fayeshe’s got Children Services, the police and probably Madame Defarge from beside the French guillotine all on speed-dial. He, I fear, will end up in much more trouble than she will. I do hope that Anna realizes she has a psychopath-in-training in her care and that she takes care herself around little Faye.