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Ancestry Search

Thirty-three years ago I started doing Newfoundland Mi’kmaq genealogies. Over the years, I’ve added and corrected information and marked changes in families. This weekend, I sadly updated the database with the death date for Tony John of Glenwood.  

Mi'kmaq Ancestry Tony John Glenwood Nfld 1997 photo d stewart

FNI President and Vice-President Tony John and Calvin White hired me to do family history research in central Newfoundland. Tony’s parents, Greg and Mary, became my “Glenwood parents.” Tony never needed help tracing his own Mi’kmaq roots; he knew his family ancestry through his father’s side and his mother’s, the Francis family of Clarke’s Head.

Tony was instrumental in establishing a political voice in the 1970s and in getting recognition and rights for all Newfoundland Mi’kmaq. Thank you, Tony, you will be missed.

Mi’kmaq Ancestry

For those of you searching for information and documents about your Newfoundland Mi’kmaq ancestry, it can be difficult and time-consuming but doable. Start with the internet if you don’t have family or neighbours to ask. (I have links for family trees that I found good, and also books that give Newfoundland family or community history.)

Google a name or a pair of names, husband and wife or parent and child. I add Newfoundland in my search phrase to weed out those of the same name(s) from elsewhere. Same thing with community names or regions: without adding Newfoundland, you also may get material from elsewhere. For example, “Bay of Islands” alone will give you New Zealand sources as well as Newfoundland.

To find a husband and wife, I try their first names and his surname. You’ll have better luck getting records for their children that may not have the mother’s maiden name on them. You might also luck into their marriage record that likely will have her birth name.

You’ll find other people’s ancestry pages and discussion forums. With large genealogy sites, see if there is an index of names or use an internal search box. With genforums, people’s questions often can provide answers to your own questions. If someone says “X’s wife’s name might be Y,” search for X and Y together and see if you find more.

If they’re available, look at sources in online genealogies. They usually are numbered endnotes that say where the information came from. You need this information if you want to get the actual record itself.


Church Records and Archives

If you’re looking for church records, don’t just assume that if your family is of a particular religion now, that your ancestors were all married within that Church. Many people were married by whatever minister was handy. Sometimes you’ll find different marriage dates. This discrepancy may be explained by Church and unofficial marriage. If clergy were not available, people may be married “by the custom of the country”, by a lay reader or someone who presumably said “time you two got married.”

For documents, the Provincial Archives is your best bet. There is a fee, of course, for their service. You can contact the Church itself for parish records. Some have their records and others have sent them to the Archives. Again there is a fee and, whether Church or Archives, the more information you provide, the faster will be their search.

Few records actually have anything indicating ethnic ancestry on them. Your best bet for that is some census years that included it. Newfoundland census information is online but ethnic identification was not included in the transcription. The Archives have the originals. Reliability of information varies between census district and year.

A chart to aspire to – Family tree of Noah, 1679

Name Variations

And spelling variations of surnames! There are some well-known ones, like LeBlanc/White and LeJeune/Young but others you might not think of. Swyers might be Swyer, Swoir(s) or even Squires. Sometimes the difference in spelling means they are from different families and sometimes it’s just different spellings for the same people. You have to judge each one as you encounter it. If you can’t find someone under one name, type in variations. In long lists like Church records, if I’m not sure, I just type the first few letters in my search box and see what comes up.

Names like Young, White and Bennett may have been anglicized but also might not have been. You might think, good, I’ve found a Young, must be the Acadien/Mi’kmaq ones, but not necessarily. They may be different and unrelated families.

First names also vary significantly. Samuel and Lemuel for instance – likely same person. Some Church records have the Latin forms of first names, so Jacobi was probably known as James; Joannes, and variations, as John. There are also a lot of people with the same name married to people with the same name in the same region. So the John White married to Mary Young you find may not be the ones you are looking for. Look for corroborating information – place of birth, baptism date, name of a parent, sibling or child to be sure you’ve got the right ones.

Record Keeping

Question marks and sources are your new BFFs. Note where you got a piece of information. You won’t remember later. And if you or your source is unsure of anything, note that too because you’ll forget that uncertainty later.

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I have switched to Family Tree Maker 2012 and am still learning how to use it. Quite different than my favourite 2006 version. You’ll see I am slowly going through your queries but please be patient. Learning a new system means it takes me even longer than usual to find anything relevant for you. If I don’t reply, it means I have nothing useful. While I would like to tell you that directly, I don’t want to clog up the comments with “sorry, got nothing.”

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  1. hello my name is irene my is cormier my grandmas lapoint wanting to see how i search for any micmac in my family just curious to find my heritage lots of other names to any reply will married name irene redunante

  2. Hello Dorothy, I am researching Margaret Walsh who married Joseph Johnson then John Jenkins, I believe her father was Patrick Walsh, brother Mark Walsh. The family was from Newfoundland. I found a Margaret Walsh in the Mi’Kmaq record and would like to know if this is the same family. Do you have any info on the Walsh family. The name was also spelled Welch. Thank you.Love your website very informative. Shirley

    1. Hi Shirley, and thank you. I don’t have anyone of these names matching up with yours. If you have any dates or where in Nfld they’re from, that might help.

      1. Margaret DOB 1833, Newfoundland DOD 1878.
        Father Patrick Walsh DOB 1807 Harbor Grace.
        Mother Olive French DOB 1814.
        Thank you

      2. Hi Dorothy, my name is Emily (Swan) Cambra. I’m having difficulty posting on this sight so I decided to just leave a comment. I saw that there is the surname Swan in the Kwilmu’kw Maw-klusuaqn also known as Mi’kmaq Rights Initiative Surname list. I have a great grandfather named John Swan born in 1890ish possible Great Lakes or more east area. Working on gathering more information from my family, but as always, these things are tuff. Anyone listed that you can see? Not a very common last name.

        1. Hi Emily, googling I found Andrew John Swan on findagrave, b 1887 in Brucefield, Huron County in Ont. That’s very near Lake Huron. His parents were John Swan and Mary Jane Calwill, both also Huron Co. There are Swans in Cape Breton too, way east of the Great Lakes. If you have any more info, feel free to add it here. Someone reading might be able to help.

  3. Hi Dorothy, my name is Rob Stacey and I’m looking for any information on my Great Grandfather John Paul. My understanding is he was Mi’kmaq, originally from Nova Scotia but that’s all I can find? Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
    thank you,

    1. Hi Rob, look for Frank Speck’s Beothuk and Micmac 1922. Speck’s main source of information in Newfoundland was Mr. John Paul so lots of information, even photographs. You can find links for it on my Nfld Mi’kmaq Books page.

  4. Hi Dorothy, I am trying to find the birthplace for Adele Couenne LaCosta. She married Jean LaCosta on May 21, 1851 in Sandy Point. Her name was anglicized to Elizabeth Aucoin, as found when her daughter married. I believe she was born in Newfoundland but can’t find her birth to find her parents. Can you help? I am also looking for her and her husband’s death in Newfoundland, as their son Thaddeus and his family are buried at Campbell Creek. Any help is appreciated. Bonnie

    1. Hi Bonnie, I have looked again and found nothing on where she was born or anything else that you don’t already know. I looked for all the variations of names for Jean and for her, including O’Quinn. That’s sometimes a variation of Aucoin. Anyway, no luck. Maybe readers will be able to help.

  5. Do you know anything about Adele Couvenne born 1836 France? Thanks, Bonnie

    1. I wanted to add that the full name is Elizabeth Adele Couenne b. 1830 -1836 St. Pierre Miquelon. She married Jean Elizagaray LaCoste. Any information on either of them is appreciated. Thank you, Bonnie

  6. Hello…. My Great Grandfather was Louie John. Born in either Botwood or Glenwood. He was a famous guide actually. One of his children was my Grand mother, Francis May John (Norman) who married Henry Norman. I have a cousin Bernice Hanlon who worked in the offices in Grandfalls/Windsor but we don’t talk. My question is, I know the family tree was done and put on disc and I think is on the Con River reservation library..Can you tell me how I would go about getting a disc sent to me and how much it would be? you can email me that info . I thank you kindly

    1. Hi Bonita, I don’t know what genealogy resources they have, so you’d do best to contact the band office directly.

      1. Dorothy My family on Mothers side is FRANCIS from Gander Bay . You should join the Gander Bay Heritage Site . You may find family . There is a Whole List about Charlie Francis and Family . You will also see a Picture of Charlie Francis in a Chair with a cane there you will see the list of family and who they married plus their children . Good Luck .

        1. Hi Inez, I will check it out. I’m not a Francis, but I knew many members of the family. So thanks very much!

    2. Hi Bonita, my step grandmother was Mary Ellen John. Francis was her sister. I never knew about any CD and have been researching this family also. My step father was also Louis John (aka Joseph Johns) Mary Ellen’s oldest child. I don’t know if I have much to offer but I plan on visiting Newfoundland again next summer and I’ll see if I can find anything that will help us both.

    3. I believe Mary Eleen John was a Benoit who married James (Jim) John who was born in Conne . Go to the NFLD Geneology Grand Bank site, it’s free to bro use there.

      1. Hello Dorothy, Ellen Benoit married James John Sr. They were mine and Tony’s grandparents, both from Conne River who moved to Glenwood Not the person that Velda is looking for.

      2. Hi,
        Looking for info on my grandmothers(Theresa Bennoit) parents. Their names were Peter Paul Bennoit and Selina Tourout. Trying to find documents linking to Bennoit First Nations maybe

        1. Hi Michelle, in case you haven’t seen it, Jasen Benwah has a page with info on Selina Tourout’s baptism and marriage records at the Newfoundland Archives.

    4. How old is this Louie John be if He was alive my grandfather name was Louie John from Glenwood , but none of the other things match up in any way .

      1. Hi William, the Louis that Bonita is talking about was born in 1868 and died in 1957. He was the son of Peter John and Mary Helen Hawe. Peter had a brother also named Louis. That Louis’ son was James John (b 1881 in Conne River, d 1975 in Glenwood). James and wife Helen (Ellen) Benoit had a large family, including sons Greg, Jim Jr. and Louis. He was born in 1910, died 1994, married Eva Head and they lived in Glenwood. Hope this helps?

  7. hi I was looking for information about the Francis Family from Clarks Head

    1. Hi Ashley, short story is Charles Francis, a Mi’kmaw from probably Nova Scotia, settled as a young man in Clarke’s Head, Gander Bay in the mid 1800s. He married a local settler woman, Caroline or Fanny Gillingham and they had seven children. They all stayed within the community, married and had large families of their own. Charlie and his sons were well-known as guides and hunters. Charlie was born about 1824 likely in Pictou Landing NS and he died in 1915.

      1. Thanks…. do you know if any of his Children married anybody from Fogo Island if you want you can email me at

        1. Hi Ashley, Charlie and Caroline’s daughter Fanny married Azariah Snow, son of James, in 1881 in Fogo. I think she died young, in childbirth. The other Francis kids were Charles Jr (married Rachel Wadden, Change Is), Peter (marr Dorcas Gillingham), Thomas (marr Julia Peckford, Change Is), Mary Ann (marr Levi Stuckey, Change Is), Edward ‘Ned’ (marr Sarah Anne Taylor), and Andrew (marr Isabelle Pinsent).

      2. Hi I am inquiring on my Great Grandmother Mary Ann Gillingham who married Maurice Thistle of Clarkes Head Gander Bay. They had a number of children including my Grandmother Pearl Thistle who married Patrick Farrell my grandparents.

        1. Hi Frank, sorry but I have nothing on Mary Ann Gillingham or Maurice Thistle. I did find their son Howard’s RNR WWI attestation papers. His father wrote in January 1918 asking for furlough for Howard.You may have already seen this but it seems fitting to quote a bit on this Memorial Day:

          “In the great July 1st drive 1916, he was wounded severely in the jaw. Since then, he went again to the front and was wounded again last fall in the hand. He has been 3 years with the Regiment… I have already lost one son Francis in this war.”

          The request was denied but Howard made it home after the war. Francis died of gunshot wounds in France on 30 April 1917. I hope readers will be able to help with info on Mary Ann. Thanks for writing.

      3. Thanks so much Dorothy.. 🙂 much appreciated

  8. Hi Dorothy,

    I’m not sure if you help at all but my husband’s family has assured me time and time again that they are descendants of MI’KMAQ . Their family name for many generations has been La Costa/LaCosta.

    Can you help?

    So far, this is what I have…

    His twice great grandparents are Jean Elisagaray dit Lacosta born in Louhossoa, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, Aquitaine, France (died in Newfoundland) and Adele Aucoin (Coisne)(Couenne)…am still unsure of her origins.

    Thanks so much in advance!

    1. Hi Nina, I don’t know who Adele’s parents were. Like you say, Jean came from France. But it’s a large family with long-standing and extensive connections with pretty much all other families in Bay St. George. Some names from your husband’s line might help me or readers tell you a bit more. Thanks for writing.

    2. Nina, Do you know Jean Lacosta and Adele Couenne parents name? Thanks, Bonnie

    3. Dorothy or Nina, Can you tell me the death date for Jean Elisagaray LaCosta? Do you have any photo’s of Jean or his wife Adele Couenne? If so, it will be very appreciated. Bonnie

    4. Nina, Do you have a death date for Jean E. LaCosta? Thanks, Bonnie

    5. there may be a few mi’kmaq connections by relation to the LaCosta tree, one of Jean LaCosta &Adele(elizabeth Aucoin) couenne children married into the felix branch,Angelina (felix her parents being Barbe ({nee marche }& Gilles Felix )married thaddeus Lacosta,then there is Adele family tree that also have some ancestry of native. (Adele D/O Tessian Aucoin&Marguerite Aucoin,(nee LeBlanc).
      Jean LaCosta family are basque french . his wife(is of Aucoin ancestry) and few children married into native ancestry through, Aucoin,MArch,HAche- Gallant,Felix,young/lejeune families,some listed in census and church as native some no other information other then records of marriages and births. its a really large family tree. They also had a daughter Celeste Pillet(LaCosta)who married a Jean pillet of french native ancestry. Jean &Adele are my daughters 4 x great grandparents on her dads, mom’s (her grandmother)side. Jean dit LaCosta (b1830?)&Adele (married May 21 1851 sandy point)one of their children,Thaddeus (b1860)LaCosta & Angelina LaCosta(b.1866)of campbells creek,in 1911 census. One of their children :John(born 1884-1965)&Emma(born1895-1984)(nee kendall) LaCosta ,one of their(John&Emma) children had my husbands grandfather,
      who had my daughters grandmother(husband’s mom, is a lacosta)& other children all branched out. I dont have all the dates on me ,I passed what information i found onto my daughter’s grandmother for her to have. As they know more of their own family tree. I hope that helps some.
      Jean Elizagaray dit LaCosta& Adele(ELizabeth Aucoin,O’quinn) Couenne children :
      Victoria Mathew(nee LaCosta) b. 1848-?
      Jean Marie LaCosta March 22 1855-?
      Dominque LaCosta b. 1859-?
      Eugenie LaCosta b.1865-?
      Celeste Pillet (nee LaCosta) married August 31,1863 to Jean
      Pillet (parents: Marie LeJeune 1820 & died 11/4/1853,married Jean(sr) Pillet)
      Thaddeus LaCosta b. 1860 (m.Angelina nee Felix b.1866)
      Ursula LaCosta 1854-?
      Euphemie LaCosta b. 1857-?
      Eugenie LaCosta b. 1864-d. nov 25,1958 freshno,california,USA
      JosephineLaCosta 1865-?
      Marie Gogentech(nee LaCosta)

  9. Hello Dorthy…
    Do you have anything on Reg Gillingham from Gander Bay
    He has a sister. He would be my Grandfather John Henry Cave, Sisters Son. I do believe her name could be Besse or Jesse.
    who married a Blake, possibly a Henry . Do you have history on these relatives of mine.. There would also be a Marion..perhaps Marion Cave or she maybe is the sister of Reg..
    thank you so much for reading 🙂

    1. John Henry Cave was born in Change Islands..sorry I forgot to post that in my query..

      1. Hi Sharon, I thought I’d probably have info on Reg Gillingham but I don’t. Googling, I found in the 1935 census – Clarke’s Head, Fogo/Twillingate District: “GILLINGHAM, Walter George, HEAD, 51, Clarke’s Head, GILLINGHAM, Mary, Wife, 38, Clarke’s Head, GILLINGHAM, Reginald, Son, 12, Clarke’s Head, GILLINGHAM, Marion, Daughter, 10, Clarke’s Head, GILLINGHAM, Stella, Daughter, 7, Clarke’s Head, GILLINGHAM, Ethel, Daughter, 5 Months, Clarke’s Head.” So Reginald has a sister Marion. Unfortunately, I can’t find anything on their father Walter George Gillingham. And sorry, but I can’t find anything on John Henry Cave. Maybe someone reading can help out?

        1. omg! Thank you sooo very much..this is it..Finally I found a connection..You do great work for all of us..thats are so kind to help so many people with all of this.. Hoping others might have the same connection..I will keep an eye out 🙂 Have a wonderful day again thank you 🙂

        2. Do you know if they have any Mic’mak connection or any other ..My parents always told me there was a connection on both my Moms and Dads can I find out..much thanks

        3. Hi Sharon, I’m glad that information helped you. The best thing I can suggest is that you start with your parents and work back on your family tree. Especially the Gillinghams in Clarke’s Head. Many are related to the Francis family, also from Clarke’s Head and descended from Charles Francis, a well-documented Mi’kmaw, and his wife Caroline (or Fanny) Gillingham. On the Cave side, I don’t know.

    2. Reginald Gillingham was the son of Mary Mina Cave who came to Gander Bay with Reg as a baby and shortly thereafter married Walter George Gillingham in 1923. They then had 4 more children Marion, Stella, Ethel, Stanley. Walter George also had two children from a previous marriage Gladys and Eva.

  10. Hi. I am looking for some information on my Great Great Grandmothers family. Her name was Harriett Hodder. She was born around 1840, moved to Fogo Island, for some reason changed her name to Freake and then married my great great Grandfather Jacob Brown. She died March 31, 1926 at the age of 86. I am trying to find information on her parents. I have some information that indicates her mothers name may have been Elizabeth Hodder and she was from the gander bay area. The Mother may have moved to Fogo Island as well. Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Paula, I don’t have anything on them. All I found was what I think is their marriage in the Anglican Church records for Fogo. On 26 Feb 1865 at Barr’d Islands, Jacob Brown and Harriet “Freke” both of Joe Batts Arm. A witness was William Freke. You probably already have that, but maybe someone reading can help. Hope so!

  11. Dorothy

    Researching, my NOEL family connection to Mi’Kmaq natives of Harbour Grace, Newfoundland. My grandmother was Agnes Noel, dob, December 1869. A younger sister was Eliza Noel
    I do not have any further information on the Noel family, except they may have originated in Jersey, Channel Islands
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    1. Hi Sheila, I don’t have your Agnes or Eliza Noel. I do have an Esther Noel 1869-1950 (marr. George Alexander Gosse) so I looked into her family from Harbour Grace. Her father, Archibald Noel 1844-1922, is the great-great-grandson of Clemence Noel b 1730 St. Martin, Jersey d 1795 Freshwater NL. As his and wife Martha’s children, I found on Ancestry: Neil, Martha, John, Jane, Nicholas, George, Clement and Mary. I also found a site that has much more information than I have. You likely know it, but in case – Noels/Newells of Nfld.

  12. Hi Dorthy, I came to your site just by chance when I looked up Tony John and noticed so many people were asking you questions about ancestors. I was wondering if I you would mine if asked for a little help in my search and if you can’t that’s okay I’m still glad I found your site as I find it so interesting.
    My grandmother was Mary Ellen Helpard (nee John) 1901-1996, her parents were Louis John 1868-1857 and Mary Hacow (?) 1880-1968. Louis’s parents were Peter John 1831-1924 and Mary Hellen (nee Haw). I believe Peter John’s parents were Louis John 1817-1906 and Katherine Mansfield.
    Where I’m getting a little confused is I read that Mr John had three sons from abt 1820-1860 and they were Montagnais. My grandmother always said she was indian. I also have a James John who met William Epps Cormack in 1822 and I thought this may have been one of the brothers. I also read that most of the John family in Glenwood today are decendants of this John family. I was wondering if you would have any informatin on this family that might help me. I do have more info on this family if you would like me to share it. Thank you

    1. Hi Velda, your grandmother Mary Ellen (John) Helpard is a cousin of the Glenwood Johns. I’m not sure how many ‘removes’ between them. They came to Central Newfoundland (Glenwood and Exploits) from Conne River and they are descended from the James John Cormack mentions. That James John was Montagnais (Innu) from Labrador and married a Mi’kmaq woman and stayed on the island. The anthropologist Frank Speck, writing nearly 100 years later, refers to the Johns as “Micmac-Montagnais”. I had your grandmother in my database as a child of Louis John, but nothing else. I found more about her family from Ancestry, so thanks!

      1. Thank you Dorthy. Mary Ellen’s father was Peter Louis John 1868-1957) and Mary Hawco but was they say adopted by her grandfather Peter John but then returned to her parents when she was six. Just learned this a couple of days ago. I have records that say 3 brothers came to Newfoundland. They were Louis John (birth abt 1825), Peter John 1831), and James John (birth abt, 1820) James did not have any children as far as I can find.
        The story that was told by William Epps Cormack told a story about James John in 1822 which doesn’t line up with the birth of early 1820’s. He also spoke about meeting up with Peter John in 1828. Here is the story I found and maybe you can make sense of it.
        The oldest traced members of the John family trace back from 1992 to the 1820’s. They are believed to have lived in Nova Scotia prior to moving to Conne River, Nfld in the mid 1800’s. The Johns’ are also believed to have lived in Quebec, prior the 1800’s. Mr. John had three sons between 1825 and 1860.The Johns’ are an old family of Mountaineer Indians which orginally came from Labrador. The Mountaineers are known in French as Montagnais. The Mountaineers in Labrador currently live in Sheshatshiu and Lobstick Lake areas. The Johns’ family up until 1900 at least were hunters, trappers, guides, and mail carriers. After 1900 hunting and trapping declined to a degree but the slack was taken up by guiding, logging, and timber cruising. In 1909 the paper mill started at Grand Falls. When the ice broke up in the spring there would be fellow going up to Millertown to Badger to work on the driving the pulpwood down the Exploits River to the Grand Falls River Mill. Some of the Johns worked on the Badger drive and also at the mill. William Epps Cormack on his first journey across Newfoundland in 1822 met a Mountaineer Indian, James John. James John’s wife was a Micmac. The direct descendants of James John live in Conne River, Glenwood, and Grand Falls. From early colonial times the Labrador Indians often crossed the ten miles of water in the summer or the ice in the winter, which separated them from the island of Newfoundland and established tempory headquarters there. Early intermarriages between them and the Micmac were so common that most of the older Indians in Newfoundland today have Montagnais among their ancestors.In 1828 William Epps Cormack, President of the Beothuck Institution was involved in a trip across Newfoundland in search of the Beothuck Indians. He aquired the services of three Indians, (A Micmac, a Montagnais, and an Indian of the Abenakie tribe from Canada). The Montagnais Indian was Peter John, an elderly Mountaineer Indian from Labrador . Peter John, John Louis, and John Stevens were hired to search the interior of the Island of Newfoundland for traces of the Beothuck (Red Indians) Indians. The three indians set out in February 1828 and they were paid 5 pounds each per month. (Nfld. was a colony of Britain at the time). They were also promised 5 pounds each if they succeeded in meeting and talking to the Red Indians.After covering te island by foot and water they discovered nothing on their route indicating that the Red Indians were still alive.

        1. Very interesting, Velda, thank you. The names and dates you give for the three brothers are a great help.

        2. In researching my tree I have found Louis/Lewis as my gggrandsmother.She married Thomas Legg(e) of Tickle Cove and died in Sweet Bay in 1921.Her birth is recorded as 1846 in Knights Cove.What I found in searching all of the Bonavista and Trinity Bay Area for her birth was lots of Louis or Lewis and there were births, marriages and most are with surnames Lewis and many of Maurice (Morris)Lewis as sponsor. Also Joe,John, Bask and many others which came from west coast and Cape Breton.Although there are Louis/Lewis i I can’t find any other record for this woman.Do you have any thoughts or possible clues as to any other place I can search.

        3. Any idea which tribe John Stevens was from?

  13. Hi Dorothy

    Have you ever come across the name of Modeste Bernard aka Flippeau aka Phillpeau who was married to Francis Isadore Halbot (Abbott). I am trying to help someone find Modeste Bernard’s parents who may have been Lejeune. Their family names are certainly mixed. I have seen them called Bernard (Lejeune) and Halbot (Abbott) in church records for their children. Thanks

    1. Hi Linda, I have her as Modeste Bernard, b Sandy Point d bef Aug 1864, d/o Pauline Bernard and unknown father. I have Pauline as b about 1815 d 1862 Sandy Point, d/o William Bernard, born Bay St George I think. Pauline’s brothers were Joseph and John Bernard.

      That’s the best I can do for a while. I will not have access to my database for the month of May, I’m afraid, and will have only sporadic internet access. So I’ll post comments when I can so others can read them and maybe help but I won’t be able to provide any information. Thanks.

  14. My great-great -grandparents William James Hynes and Caroline Lejeune/Young lived in Port au Port. Is there a Mi’kmaq connection? Also, their daughter Mary Elizabeth married a James Inks in Conche. I can’t find any information about him. Would you have any suggestions on where to look?

    1. Hi Kathy, the short answer is probably. Both Caroline Young and William James Hynes trace back into enormous families in Newfoundland and Cape Breton, the LeJeunes and Marches being two of them. Look on my Nf Mi’kmaq Family History page for links to sites for both. Way too much info to go into in this short space.

      On their daughter Mary Elizabeth, I have her married first, in 1898, to James Hicks (aka Hinks, Inks) possibly with daughters Caroline Jane (1901) and Lena (1904). He died about 1905 in Halifax. I cannot find parents for him. I have her married second to Joseph James Bruce, with 7 children born between 1909 and 1926. Hope this helps.

  15. Are the Madores native or French.? My grandmother was Mary Margaret Madore and her father was FRANCOIS MADORE. Her mother was Mary MacDonald. Francois died young and she remarried. They were from the Sandypoint area.

    1. Hi Phebe, the Madores might be both. Unfortunately, I have nothing on your Francois Madore so I can’t tell you anything about the specifics of your family. Maybe somebody reading can help?

  16. I am certain Earl Hart of Belfast was Gram’s first husband and that Jeff Hall was her second. My wife’s mother, Betty, who we called Grammie because of our children, was a Hart. So I can pursue that.

    However, the Newfoundland and possible First Nations ancestry remains a mystery!

    Thank you for all of your help.


  17. Gram was born Mary C. Renaud, possibly named for her grandmother? We are pretty sure that her grandparents were Peter and Mary Renaud from Stephenville, Newfoundland.

    Gram was married to a man whose last name was Hart, here in Maine, probably in Lincoln or that vicinity.

    Vincent Renaud, Gram’s father, was apparently born in 1890 so that would still fit with Peter as his father, since you note that Peter died around 1894 (though Vincent’s wife Mary would surely have needed help with the youngster!).

    Were the Pierre and Mary Reneau from Stephenville that you found either Mi’kmaq or Passamaquoddy?

    Thanks for the name spelling possibility. I’ll pursue that, too.

    I really appreciate your efforts in this!


    1. Hi Steve, thanks for the additional names. In Maine Marriage records, I found Earl Hart, res. Belfast ME, marr 4 May 1935 to Mary K. Renaud, res. Belfast ME. On 13 Apr 1946 Mary K. Renaud aka Hart marr Jeff Hall, res. Belfast ME. I also saw Ancestry records for Mary Katherine Renaud Hall 1919-2013. Katherine or Catherine = middle initial K or C. You know better than I if this is your Mary, but there seems to be a fair bit online about Harts in Maine, including a FB page.

      If there is First Nations ancestry in your Stephenville Renaud/Reneau/Renouf side, it would be Mi’kmaq rather than Passamaquoddy. The name itself is not one of Mi’kmaq origin, so you’d have to find the specific individuals in the lineage to know. Hope this helps!

  18. My wife’s grandmother always said she was Passamaquoddy, though we never looked into it. Now my wife, her mother and Gram have all passed and my children wonder about their First Nations heritage.

    Gram was born to Vincent William Renaud and Lena M. Fogg in Princeton, Maine in 1919. Vincent Renaud was apparently from Stephenville, Newfoundland and we think he was the son of Peter and Mary Renaud. Vincent William and Lena were married in Saint Stephen, NB probably on February 24, 1917.

    I am beginning to think that Vincent was more likely Mi’kmaq, not Passamaquoddy, but we have no confirmation. I understand that a band of Mi’kmaq lived in or near Stephenville.

    Can you provide any insights?

    Thank you. My sons are now young men and would like to know more about their background.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for writing. I don’t have your Vincent William Renaud. I do have Pierre Joseph (Peter) Reneau, born about 1861 in Cape St. George (Port au Port Peninsula, near Stephenville), married to Mary White (or LeBlanc) born 1860. He died before Nov 1894, which is when she remarried. I have no children listed for them, and they may not be your Peter and Mary. You might find Renaud also spelled as Reneau or Renouf. What was Gram’s name, and her husband’s? They might help me or a reader trace her.

  19. Hi. I was wondering if you had any information on. Jean madore (B) 1775 like where he’s from or who his parents were?

    1. Hi Miranda, I can’t find parents for Jean Madore or where he was born. He was born between 1770 and 1775, maybe in Cape Breton or he came there about 1800 after some time in Newfoundland. His son Jean was born in Bras d’Or and came to Sandy Point about 1830. That’s all I have on him, not much help I know!

  20. Are you willing to help find my family, I was told by my mother her grandmother was native. Having been born in Port De graves, I want to know for sure.. I am proud of my heritage and want to lay to rest this question. I have a long line from that area… If you could please help my email is listed.. To see my twin, mother, grandmother and great grandmother you see the characteristics of native. Even other natives have asked me several times “what tribe are you from”. THANKS.. I don’t want to loose my heritage connection..

    1. Hi Vicki, yes, and I will email you.

  21. Hi Dorothy it has been awhile.
    Re: Your post of Jul 2013, you mentioned that you found my ancestors Augustus Tibbs and Mary Abbott in a Town of Gambo website. I was looking today to see if I could find this website but to no avail.
    Would you be able to send me the link to that website so I can review it?
    Thanks, Wanda

    1. Hi Wanda, it looks like Gambo redid its website and categories, and therefore links, have changed. I can’t remember what it originally said, but this is what I found on the site today. It’s at “According to local lore, Mi’kmaq from Clode Sound in Bonavista Bay settled first at Doleman’s Point, then moved to Mitchell’s Point, and finally onto a Mi’kmaq reservation just north and west of the Middle Brook River. The last of these Mi’kmaq, mainly members of the Joe family, were buried in the Mi’kmaq Cemetery in Middle Brook.” In the final paragraph, it says the Mi’kmaq cemetery has been restored.

  22. My great grandparents were clement Pennell married mary. Frances campbell .wondering if they were of native descent.

    1. Hi Rosalind, I have no information on Mary Frances Campbell’s parents. Clement’s parents were John Pennell (1795-1860) and Susan Vincent. John was s/o Clement Pennell and Susannah Irene Hulan (b 1775, d/o John Hulan and Ann Serel). Susan Vincent may have been d/o Charles Vincent (1770-1858) and Elinor Dennis. That’s all I have and can find on them. You might find Kirk Butt’s book, link on this or Nfld Mi’kmaq Genealogy page, useful for some of these families. I recall a chapter on Hulan/Serel family. As to native ancestry, I don’t know.

  23. Looking for information on the Spencer from Burgeo,NL Looking for Stephen Spencer had a son Matthew and Robert Spencer. Stephen married in 1811 in west cul sac, Burgeo

    1. Hi Trish, I had a lot of Spencers with these names. With them and googling, I found one who matches except for the date of marriage you give. Stephen Spencer (b 1839 West Cul de Sac – one source says Suffolk England) marr to Susanna Prosser (b 1844) had children including Matthew Samuel (b 1876) and George Robert (b Aug 1884 West Cul de Sac). Stephen was s/o Stephen Spencer (b 1817) and Mary. Stephen, the father, was s/o Abraham Spencer (b 1787 Dorset England, d Dec 1836 Grole, Hermitage Bay Nfld) and Elizabeth (b 1786 d Apr 1824). Abraham was s/o Abraham Spencer (b abt 1730 Dorset d Aug 1769 Dorset) and Sarah.

      That’s all I have, and don’t know if it’s who you’re looking for. Maybe something to go on anyway.

  24. Dorothy, Me again. Have you seen this Site on George? It says that George was William’s father. Wiliam married to Susan Penny. Could this be correct ????

    Georges Madore Dit Labourlière
    Born in 1797 – Île Madame (Cape Breton) Nouvelle Écosse
    Died 6 July 1859 – Sandy Point (Bay St-George) Terre Neuve , age at death: 62 years old

    Jean Madore Dit Labourlière ca 1770-
    Geneviève Leblanc ca 1775-
    Spouses and children

    Married about 1821 , Île Madame (Cape Breton) Nouvelle Écosse, to Marie Jesseau Dit Jesso 1799-1858 (Parents : Jean Jesseau Dit Jesso 1744- & Anne Fournier 1754- ) with
    M Nicholas Madore Dit Labourlière 1835-1911 married to Victoire Anne Leblanc 1837-1868
    Nicholas Madore Dit Labourlière 1835-1911 married to Pauline Renaud Dit Renouf 1869-
    F Rosalie Madore Dit Labourlière married to Louis Cormier 1834-
    M George Madore Dit Labourlière 1826-1912 married 10 August 1863 to Marie Camus

    M Charles Madore Dit Labourlière
    M William Madore Dit Labourlière
    M Jean Madore Dit Labourlière 1795-/1856
    M Louis Madore Dit Labourlière 1798-
    F Geneviève Madore Dit Labourlière 1799-
    M James Madore Dit Labourlière 1800-
    M Thomas Madore Dit Labourlière 1809-1884
    M Peter Madore Dit Labourlière 1813-1895

    Individual Note

    emigration: Vers Terreneuve
    NOTE: George was born about 1797 . He died on 6 Jul 1859 – Sandy Point, Newfoundland. George was the son of Jean MÈDORE and Genevieve LeBlanc. He married Marie Jesseau Abt 1818, Cape Breton. Marie was born 1798 at Petit Bras D’or, Nova Scotia. She died: 3 Feb 1858 – Sandy Point, Newfoundland. Marie was the daughter of Jean Jesseau and Ann Marie Fournier.

    George petitioned for a land grant in Cape Breton in 1822 . He petitioned for land in Cape Breton Land Petitions in 1822 in Miré Road, Cape Breton. Claims to be a native of Scotland. At age 25, this would put his birth at 1797. Land grant was approved. Microfilm # 15798
    Also petitioned 2 years earlier claiming to be a native of Newfoundland. Land was granted between lots owned by Nicolas Tabil and Thomas Brown on Louisbourg Road. Film # 15797

    Their Children are:

    George Madore Born: 1826 – Cornerbrook, Newfoundland Christened: Died: 13 Sep 1912 – Woods Island, Newfoundland Buried: Spouse: Marie Camus Marr: 10 Aug 1863 – Sandy Point, Newfoundland

    Nicholas Madore Born: Abt 1838 Christened: Died: Buried: Spouse 1: Victoire LEBLANC Marr: 31 May 1858 – Sandy Point, Newfoundland
    Spouse 2: Pauline Renouf

    Rosalie Madore Born: Abt 1835 – Newfoundland Christened: Died: Buried: Spouse: Louis Cormier Marr: 31 May 1858 – Sandy Point, Newfoundland

    William Madore Born Abt 1830 Christened: Died: Buried: Spouse: Susan Penny Marr: 17 July 1855 – Sandy Point, Newfoundland

    Ancestry Chart Descendancy Chart Family Tree Preview

    Jean Madore Dit Labourlière ca 1770- Geneviève Leblanc ca 1775-
    2 |
    Georges Madore Dit Labourlière 1797-1859

    Top of Page

    1. Thanks Roy, interesting. You didn’t give the name of the page or link for it but, going on what’s here, I compared it with mine and with Ancestry trees. It seems to match pretty well. I notice William Madore’s wife Susan is named as Penny, not Pennell. I had her also entered as Susanne Penny born 1834 Sandy Point. I still wonder about William, particularly his date of birth and death. Your source has 1830-1870, which is the same as the William Madore I have as s/o Jean/John M. and Theotiste Marche and marr to Marie Couenne. An ancestry tree has Wm (marr Susan P.) as b abt 1832 d abt 1868. Still pretty close to the other dates. Other Ancestry trees have sources such as a 1901 census ref to him in Magdalen Islands age 54, which would make him a) still alive then and b) b abt 1847 – maybe too young to be the same one. Confused? I am 😉

      1. Do you know anything about Adele Couvenne born 1836 France? Thanks, Bonnie

  25. Dorothy, I have found the link, Marriage Record
    NL GenWeb
    St. George’s Bay – Sandy Point / St. George’s
    Immaculate Conception R.C. / St. Joseph’s R.C.: Marriages 1850s
    Note: After 1898, events were recorded at St. Joseph’s Church in St. George’s, but they continued to use the recording book or ledger from the Immaculate Conception Church of Sandy Point. The St. Joseph’s Church is still active but the beginning of St. Joseph’s was the end of the church on Sandy Point.Instead of separating the records (as one is a continuation of the other) they are combined here as Sandy Point / St. George’s, or Immaculate Conception / St. Joseph’s Church records. As there is nothing anymore on Sandy Point, anyone starting a search would most likely start to inquire around St. George’s.
    s/o= son of; d/o=daughter of1850s / 1860s / 1870s / 1880s / 1890s / 1900s / 1910s / 1920s

    1 8 5 5
    May 29, 1855 Roderick Gillis s/o Donald & Margaret MacNiel
    – Catherine Gillis d/o Hugh Louis & Catherine Margaret MacEachren
    – In the presence of John Gillis and Archibald MacIsaac
    June 04, 1855 Theotime Godet s/o the late Jean & Pelagie Cormier
    – Luce LeBlanc d/o the late Celestin & Modeste Cormier
    June 04, 1855 Lubin Cormier s/o Firmin & Judith Doucet
    – Elizabeth LeBlanc d/o Etienne & Anne Marie Cormier
    July 17, 1855 William Medor
    – Susanne Penny
    Aug 20, 1855 Jean Marie Lucas s/o Jean Marie & Henrietta LeJeune
    – Venerande Cormier d/o the late Tranquil & the late Angelique Deveau
    1 8 5 6
    June 03, 1856 Henry Alexandre s/o Andre & Sophie LeJeune
    – Elizabeth Benoit d/o Luc & Helene LeBlanc
    June 20, 1856 Daniel LeJeune
    – Justine King

    © 2013 MicrosoftTermsPrivacyDevelopersBell Mail Help© Bell Cana

    1. Hi Roy, thanks for this and the link to Wm Frederick’s baptism record. I looked around the marriage records and also found William Medor s/o William Medor and Marie Couenne, marr 27 Nov 1865 Josephine Cormier. A later date than the Wm Medor marr Susanne Penny, which have no parents listed for either. That makes me think that they are different Williams. Or he remarried, but then you’d think he’d be listed as “widower of”.

  26. Hi. Dorothy.
    Reading from correspondence you gave on William Fredrick Madore, 1830, I interrupt that ,
    1. William Fredrick’s Parents were William Madore and most likely Susan Pennell.

    Either/or ,2 or 3 below,

    2. William Fredrick’s Grandparents were Jean Madore and Theotiste March. or,

    3. William Fredrick’s Grandparents were George Madore and Marie Jesseau.

    Can you please give me your interupation.

    Thanks again, Roy

    1. Hi Roy – it’s somewhat confusing, at least to me. I had Jean Madore having sons (a) Jean/John (b 1798) and (b) George (b 1795).

      (a) Jean/John Madore and Theotiste Marche had a son William Madore (1830-1870). He and wife Marie Couenne (b 1830) had son William Madore (b 12 Apr 1846) marr 1865 Josephine Cormier.

      (b) George Madore and Marie Jesseau had son William Madore (b abt 1830). I had no name for his wife, but had a son listed as William Frederick Madore (b Aug 1860) marr Rachel Harvey. You say his wife was Susan Pennell.

      Ancestry member trees have George Madore and Marie Jesseau as parents of William Madore (1830-70) marr to Marie Couenne, with a son William. There is one family tree listing William Madore (b 1832) as married to Susan Pennell, with children William Frederick, Joanna, Rachel Alice, and Mary Madeleine. But there are no parents for him given.

      Two brothers may well have had sons named William, and those Williams, it seems, also had sons William. But whether William Frederick’s grandparents were Jean and Theotiste or George and Marie, I don’t know. The question is was William (born 1830) married to Marie Couenne or Susan Pennell, or maybe married twice? Maybe someone reading this can help?

  27. Hi. Dorothy,
    Thanks for getting back. Still working n my Family Tree.
    Can you tell me about Jeans brother, George Madore who was married to Maria Jesseau / Jesseaume.
    They apparently had a son also, William Madore born about 1830 in Bras d’Or, Cape Breton. Moved to Newfoundland and married to Susan Pennell born around 1855, Sandy Point.
    William and Susan Pennell had four children, the third child a William Fredrick Madore born around 1864, He was my grandfather.
    Can you tell me if Marie Jesseau / Jesseaume , George Madore spouce was of Mi’Kmaq or French decent?

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Roy, to find a Mi’kmaq and French connections to Marie Jesseau, you can go way back, as follows. Marie, b 1798 Little Bras d’Or d 3 Feb 1858 Sandy Point, was d/o Jean Jesseau, b 1744 St. Pierre d 1800 Little Bras d’Or, and Marie Anne Fournier, b 1754 Quebec d 27 Jun 1843 Little Bras d’Or. Marie Anne was d/o Jean Fournier, b abt 1730 Quebec, and Genevieve Roy, b 1726. Genevieve was d/o Charles Roy, b 1698 France d bef 1767, and Marie Charlotte Chauvet, b 1700 Pisiquit Acadia d 13 Nov 1758 La Rochelle France. Charles Roy was s/o Jean dit le liberte Roy, b 1648 St. Malo France, and Marie Christine DuBois or AuBois, b 1665 Acadia – aboriginal. Charles’ wife Marie Charlotte Chauvet was d/o Charles Chauvet and Edeme Joseph, b 1686 Annapolis Royal. Edeme was d/o Francois Joseph, b abt 1655 “Indian Nation NS” (in online sources) and Jeanne LeJeune, b abt 1657 “Indian Nation Acadia” (online).

      You can find more on these people on, probably, the two Acadian genealogy pages, two Bras d’Or pages and Lark Szick’s LeJeune genealogy – links on my Nfld Mi’kmaq Family History and Genealogy page.

      Thanks for the name of Susan Pennell, your William Madore’s wife. Ancestry trees have William, b abt 1830 and married to Marie Couenne, as s/o George Madore and Marie Jesseau. I have that William as s/o John/Jean Madore and Theotiste Marche. While I had William, father of Wm Frederick, as s/o George and Marie, I had no wife for him. I am going with your Susan Pennell as his wife.

      I also found a wife for Jean Madore, father of Jean/John and George, on Ancestry trees – Genevieve LeBlanc b 1775, but no parents given. Hope this helps!

      1. do you have any photos of the joseph or chauvet families?

        1. Hi Bonnie, I don’t but maybe someone in the families will see this and be able to help out.

  28. Family Tree. I’m wondering if you can help.
    I’m looking for information or questions answered on the Parents and Grandparent of William Fredrick Madore , my Grandfather Born around 1830-1832. lived in St. Georges, N.F.L.D
    1. Was his fathers name William Madore Sr.?
    2. Was his Grandfathers name Jean Madore jr. born around 1795.
    3. Was his Grandmothers name, wife of Jean called Theotiste (Marche) from Little Bras d’or Cape Breton. 4. When did he move to Newfoundland from Cape Breton?
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Roy, here’s what I found from Ancestry trees: John/Jean Madore (b 1798 d bef 1856 s/o Jean Madore, b bef 1775 NS) marr Theotiste Marche (b abt 1818 d/o Vincent Francois Marche and Sophie Adelaide Jesseau/Jesso). Yes, she was born in Little Bras d’Or, Cape Breton.

      Jean and Theotiste had a son William (b 1830 d 1870 Sandy Point) marr Marie Couenne (b 1830 d aft 1901 Magdelen Islands). They also had a son Jean (b abt 1820 d 1860 Sandy Point).

      William Madore and Marie Couenne had son William (b 1846 Sandy Point) marr 1865 Immaculate Conception Sandy Point to Josephine Cormier. They also had a son John Madore (b 1852) marr 1872 Imm. Conc. Sandy Pt to Ellen Young.

      William and Josephine’s first 4 children were born in Nfld, probably St. George’s/Sandy Point, the next 6 were born in Magdalen Is/Quebec. The youngest, John, was b abt 1890 in PEI.

      These dates and names don’t fully match with what you have, but I hope they are of some help to you.

      1. Hi,I briefly researched this line of the madores as i was hoping to learn more of Marie couenne if she was in any relation to Adele Couenne who is the maternal matriarch of my youngest child and my husband’s family,they were hoping to learn about her and her husband Jean Elizagaray dit LA Costa listed in all the records as just LaCosta,Costa,or Cost. We know her husband Jean was of Basque ancestry, I been trying to find anything on Adele and the Couenne last name, as in French pronunciation it is Aucoin variant, I’ve noticed a Pierre Sebastien Couenne and Marie Couenne married to William Couenne, Penny is also in my husbands family on his maternal side,
        I’m hoping some one might be able to help me with the origins for Couenne,if of the Acadian AuCoin’s originally from France,settled in nova Scotia and a few of them exiled and deported and resettled a few times,I’m also hoping Simone may know whether Pierre or Marie Couemnr are related, In one church record I seem Jean LaCosta’s wife’s name was anglicized to Elizabeth and last name AuCoin , for the marriage of btheir daughter Alice Marie Costa and he was listed as John, for Sandy point between 1851-1870 after that I haven’t found any more mentions of either one or in any western Newfoundland, only of their descendants down to my husband and our daughter. If any one kbowd any info that could clarify and steer in the right direction it would be so greatly appreciated. Thank you .

        1. Hi Natassja, thanks for the information. In Ancestry, the little leaf for Adele Couenne (marr to Jean LaCoste) has three sources in New Orleans birth records index 1790-1915 for “Adele Lacoste”. Unfortunately, I can’t get access to anything more. It’s not an unusual name, so it may not be the same one, but still interesting. In your comment, just to clarify, I assume you mean “Marie Couenne married to William Madore”, not William Couenne as it reads. Also, right after that, “Penny is also in my husband’s family” should read Pierre? Autocorrect at it again. 😉

        2. Hi Dorothy thank you so much for all of the work you have put into this site for so long its come up a lot in my searches and been extremely helpful. Yes sorry,mom of 5 so i type too fast sometimes,I apologize yes I meant William Madore and yes Marie couenne. I’ve also noticed the madore family has married a few LaCosta relatives,Also the Lucas tree,I did find William’s parents and tree,
          I believe Adele may be related in se degree to these couenne’s and its a variant of O’Quinn Aucoin, still researching though.
          I will have to dig through my papers so that I can forward what I found with William and Marie, that may hopefully help and hopefully you can see if its correct to what you have. The penny line has me stumped a bit on who Samuel penneys parents were if indeed Edward and Mary Ann Penney no maiden name listed I’ve found for his wife,Samuel Penny married my daughter’s great great grandmother Isabel Penney and her parents where James Marche born November 1862 and he was listed as native,according to 1911 census for Campbell’s Creek Newfoundland I am looking for his parents with out a doubt too,de sources have directed me to the same Marches lineage as Barbe Marche’s who married Gilles Felix their one daughter Angelina/Angelique Felix married my daughter’s through her father’s side,his great,great grandfather Thaddeus LaCosta born in 1862 s/o Jean Elizagaray dit LaCosta and Adele Couenne(possibly a translation misread could be Adelaide AuCoin in pronunciation can sound or read like Adele.C.)though I haven’t found anything to confirm if James Marche is in relation to these marches,I do know he married Sarah McDonald d/o Hugh McDonald and Catherine Campbell
          And two of their daughter’s married a penny man,Isabel married Samuel Penny and her sister Margaret (Maggie) married Patrick, in the census i found they are listed as being from Avondale Newfoundland, Samuel born 1896&Patrick 1894 maybe you may have something on who their parents were Im assuming they were brother’s. Kind regards and thank you so much for your time to help in my research for my daughters family tree,Its been of great interest to her father too as we’ve been building it through.
          Sincerely Natassja

        3. My wife’s mother is a Locosta and we recently found the parents of Jean Elisagaray in the Basque region of France. They are Jacques Elisagaray and Marie Daguerre. If you wish you can contact us at:

        4. Natassja, i am researching Adele Couvenne and Jean E. La Coste too. What do you have on their parents? Many thanks, Bonnie

        5. Do you know if Jean Elizagaray LaCosta and his wife Adele died in Louisiana? If so, do you know the dates? Many thanks, Bonnie

      2. Dorothy, I have been looking for Adele Couenne married to Jean LaCosta in St. George Sandy point in 1851. I can’t find Adele’s birth place. Could she be related to the Marie Couenne who married William Madore? Thank you, Bonnie

  29. Hi
    II wondered if you could help me. I have been doing family research, I know there is Mi’kmaq on my maternal grandfather’s side but after doing a bit of digging I found my maternal grandmother’s father came from Seal Rocks, a well-known Mi’kmaq community back in the day but I cannot find much on the family. His name was Simon HANN and he married Louise HYNES. She was from Sandy Point, her father was George Hynes; Simon’s father was James Simon Hann from Seal Rocks – I think but don’t know for sure. And I would like to learn more about my Mi’kmaq ancestry and their culture. It breaks my heart to think of how many people felt they had to hide it. I would appreciate any assistance you can give.

    1. Hi Carol, sorry for the delay in replying and thanks for the mention of NL GenWeb; it is indeed a good site. I have your Simon Hann as James Simon, b 9 Dec 1844 d before 1921. I found on ancestry his parents as James Hann and Mary Ann (no surname). I haven’t found anything more on either of them. I have other Simons but none that match yours. Hope this helps.

  30. Hello, Dorothy!
    We had hired a genealogist to do background on the paternal side of our family and discovered a possible Mi’kmaq connection.
    If I provide you with the dates and names of these ancestors, can you confirm this, provided that the family link is to a known Mi’kmaq family?
    Many thanks,

    1. Hi Eliza, if you like, post the names and dates here so if I can’t help maybe someone reading can. If you have too much information to do that with, let me know and I’ll email you so you can send me the information that way.

  31. I’m looking for infor on a hanana John from gambo she is mi’kmaq

    1. Hi Dana, I have a Hannah Ann John marr Joseph Bernard but I have no parents or date/place of birth for her. In St. Bernard’s RC bapt records online, there are children of Joe or Joseph Bernard and Hannah or Anne John, bapt between 1861 and 1875: Moses, Stephen, Anne, Madaline and perhaps more. She may or may not be the one you’re looking for but she’s the only one I’ve got. Hope this helps.

      1. wondering if dana knows more on this line of johns from gambo

  32. Sorry Dorothy, I must make a correction…
    Ann Abbott married a John Butler Bonavista area
    Mary Abbott married Augustus Tibbs, Trinity area

    I’m wondering is either of these ladies are connected to the ladies I mentioned above who I found are mi’kmaq.

  33. Hi Dorothy, I was wondering if you have anything on an Ann Abbott who married a John Butler on 3 Dec 1864. I know there is a connection between Mary Jane Barrow (Joe) who married a George Abbott. Mary Jane’s parents were Elizabeth (Betsy nee Joe) (1843 – 1910) and she married Ed Barrow Sr (1842 – 1911). I’m wondering if Ann was a relative of these two ladies? I think we also have a Mary Abbott married to a Butler from Bonavista. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Wanda, sorry but I don’t have the people you ask about. I did find a Town of Gambo website page with the information on them that you have – it’s very interesting. Maybe you’ve already contacted the page author? If I can connect any of the people I have with yours, I’ll let you know. If any readers can help, of course, please do.

  34. Hi Dorothy,

    Just read a post from Nov 2/12. My grandmother’s visitors always came from North Sydney, N.S. as far as I know.

  35. Im trying to trace my great grandmother Mary Day (or Deigh?). Born around 1848 – apparnetly lived Harbour le Cou Newfoundland. Married? Albert Smith born 1846 (who was a fisherman) from Dorset UK. She gave birth to baby girl January 1871 name of Jane Day (Or Smith?). Emigrated to UK March/April of 1973. ‘Stories’ have been told that she was of the Mi’kmaq tribe with brothers (fishermen) whom a few died at sea.
    Unfortunately not had much success with searching for Mary Day ……
    Any guidance as where to gain further information would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Patricia, I have nothing on your Mary Day or Albert Smith. I found this reference to her on Geni but you probably already know of it. It’s very intriguing but, without going further into that site, there are no sources to be seen. If these names are familiar to anyone reading here, please leave a comment.

  36. I have reason to believe that the George Thornhill mentioned by Theresa Porter may be my Great Great Grandfather. If so I have his family tree.

  37. for the person looking for dna there is a company in thunder bay ont receantly on dragons den will cost you 1700.00 cant remember the name but you should be able to get it from c b c records

    1. Hi William, thanks for the tip on DNA testing and I will look into your other question about the Hurley and Francis families. Thanks for writing.

  38. wondering if you have found any connection between the hurleys of herring neck martins of farewell point and the francis of gander bay or any other micmac people of nl billy martin married ellen hurley 1860 s my gg granf and gg granm she always stated that her family were connected to the francis of gander bay as yey i havent found any connection tks

    1. Hi again William, I have Moses Hurley (b abt 1898) marr Lillian Stuckey d/o Levi Stuckey and Mary Ann Francis. Mary Ann was d/o Charlie Francis and Caroline/Fanny Gillingham of Clarke’s Head. But their dates are later than your Ellen Hurley. There is a Moses Hurley in the 1921 census for Too Good Arm, b 1909 s/o Edward Hurley. Don’t know if it’s the same Moses as dates of birth are a decade off. Sorry but that’s all I can find.

  39. Regarding the enquiry for DNA consultants, there is a company in Phoenix, AZ called DNA Consultants. 1 888 806 2588

    They specialize in fingerprints and will provide a certificate as to Native American heritage. Maybe worth checking out. Good luck

  40. Hi Dorothy:
    I am trying to find our if Caroline Dauphine who I think was born in Cape Breton, daughter of Jean Frederick Dauphine and Marie Anne Lejeune, had any daughters from her marriage to Henry Croucher, before she married Wiliam Kettle. I saw a post where some thought they had a son in 1847. I am also looking for any info on Clara Kettle, daughter of Caroline and William. I know this is asking alot!!
    Thank you for any help you can offer.

    1. Hi Judith, I’m not having much luck finding anything for anyone’s queries. Sorry! About Caroline Dauphinee, I recall the discussion of a son with Henry Croucher, but I never found anything for sure. For her marriage with William Kettle, the only children I have are Emily Selina, William Wilson and John. No Clara. Ancestry trees have nothing on her marriages or children either.

  41. Hello

    I’m trying to prove that I am from Mi’kmaq descent and have my family tree done. It shows that my great grandmother is a Bennett from fogo Newfoundland. How do I prove that this Bennett family is indeed Mi’kmaq?

    Any advise would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Paula, you would have to find something showing that your great grandmother herself was Mi’kmaq or link her to a Bennett or Benoit person or family known to be of Mi’kmaq ancestry.

  42. Are there any reputable companies or institutions that could perform reliable dna testing to help confirm aboriginal ancestry?

    1. Hi D – I know people are getting it done but I don’t know any names of companies. Maybe someone reading this can help? Thanks.

  43. Dorothy,
    I forgot to tell you my grandmother Pearl White was married to Thomas Dicks. My grandmother Susan Nichols was married to John Bernard Gushue. All my ancestors came to Cape Breton from Newfoundland.

    1. Hi Nicole, in my information I only have one Bernard Gushue and he was in Corner Brook his whole life so he’s probably not yours. I don’t have any of the other names you give. Sorry, I’m afraid that’s not much help but good luck with your research.

      1. Please send me a note. I have been recently doing work on the Nichols/Nicholas family of Harbour Grace, specifically William Archer Nichols and Julia Ann Appleton.

        Geoff Martin

        1. Hi Geoff, I see your info is directly related to an enquiry from 2012. How about if I send an email to Nicole giving her your email address? Then the two of you can correspond directly. Thanks.

  44. Hi Dorothy,
    I am new at all of this …I am trying to put together a family tree.My granmothers name on my fathers side was Hannah Pearl White. She was born in Glacebay Nova Scotia in 1923 I believe . Her fathers name was Samuel White married to Jane Thistle. Jane was born in Newfoundland but I’m not sure if Samuel was or not. Samuels fathers name was Jim White just wondering if you have any info. If so, thank you!! Oh and on my mothers side my grandmothers name was Susan Nichols her fathers name was George Nichols married to Wilhemina French they moved to Sydney Nova Scotia from Harbour Grace in 1924 I think. My grandmother Susan was born May 3, 1913 Harbour Grace Newfoundland.My great grandfather George Nichols fathers name was William Nichols married to Julia Appleton. Julia suppossedly died during child birth when my ggrandfather was 10 or 11 and his father left him and his siblings and remarried. Supposedly my ggrandfather worked on the boats peeling potatoes etc to support his younger siblings. I can’t seem to find anything on Julia Appleton. If you can that would be great.

  45. Hi Dorothy, I am not looking for anything specific , I have good documentation of my ancestors all the way back to Elizabeth, just trying to see if I can make a link to her parents. Thank you for your reply.

  46. Hi Dorothy, I have traced my ancestors back to my Grt- Grt-Grt Grandmother Elizabeth Blanchard (believed, born Joe), Bay of Islands, NL. She was born in 1780 and died June 24, 1841. She married William Blanchard who was born in 1765 and died August 24, 1850. He was from Dorchestshire, Dorset, England. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank You

    1. Hi Celia, I guess the big question with Elizabeth is if she really is the d/o Thomas Joe. I haven’t seen that anyone knows for certain. You likely have the same info I have on her and William Blanchard. Is there something specific you’re looking for? Thanks for writing.

    2. Hi, I am looking for information on Jean E LaCosta married to Adele Couenne. They were married on May 21, 1851 St. George Bay Newfoundland. Can you help me with any information. Thanks, Bonnie P.S. i just noticed that your Elizabeth has the same middle name as mine, which is Elisagaray. Great. Can you tell me any birth and parents information?

  47. Tammy,

    Was this Allen you’re talking about Mary Ellen Allen, married to Patrick McGrath?

  48. Hi Dorothy, trying to assist some family members trace a connection to Conne River. Looking for the parents of Clara Grace Halley (dob?) who was married to William George Frampton, Merchant Marine, dob Oct 1893, dod Oct 1977. Clara was reportedly a school teacher possibly in White Bay or Hare Bay. They had 6 children, all Frampton: Charles Lindburgh, Eva, John Stanley, Rita, William George and Joan Florence. Reportedly Clara is from Conne River and may have been relocated. Any information or connections would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks very much

  49. Hi I am looking for inffo on my great great grandmother whom we are told was of mi,kmaq origion .Her daughter jane married a George Thornhill in fortune in 1858 she had lived in Jersey harbour and Brunette island.Their family name was Dowden .we are told Thomas Dowden was English and his wifes name was sarah .but i cant find anything written with her maiden name .i would love to hear from any of the descendants of thomas and sarah dowden most of their lives were spent in Jersey harbour

    1. Hi Theresa, I don’t have your Sarah’s last name. I found one Ancestry tree that has her as “Sarah Matthews Dowden” but all the others just had Sarah. So I don’t know if that’s correct, and there was no more info on her that I could see. Another tree, for her as Sarah only, has her born 1823. For Jane Dowden, d/o Thomas and Sarah, I found birthdate of 9 Feb 1839 at Jersey Hr or Brunette Is. and marr George Thornhill 24 Sept 1856 at Jersey Hr. Hope this helps.

    2. Hi Theresa, in case you don’t see it, Art posted here that he may have Thornhill family information that would help you.

    3. I am a descendant of Thomas Dowden. The info i had showed both his wife and daughter were named Jane.

  50. Hi,
    It has been a sort of tall tale in our family that my Great Great grandmother was Mi’kmaq . The tale says she changed her name in fear of her life when she met her husband and before she moved to the St. Mary’s Area. We can only find a record of her death, not her birth or marriage ANYWHERE in Newfoundland. Her Maiden name would have been Allen or Allan according to the birth records of her children. Have you seen this as a common practice in Newfoundland? Any input you would have would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Hi Tammy, I guess anything is possible. I wonder why she feared for her life. Names were changed for various reasons, sometimes by the individuals themselves, sometimes by priests or officials. Some people, like men jumping ship, didn’t want to be found by the authorities. What was your gggrandmother’s first name and her husband’s name and/or children? Maybe somebody reading can help you out.

  51. Hi
    I am searching for information on my great grandmother. She was from Burnt Island and her name was Minni Macdonald. Any information would be appreaited.

  52. Thanks Dorothy. There is a family connection to Nova Scotia. My grandmother always had visitors from there. Unfortunately, she never acknowledged these individuals as family members (this was in the 60s, early 70s) I have always been curious about this and would love to discover the connection.

    1. Hi Pam, just curious – what did the NS visitors do when they came to visit – were they travelling somewhere, selling anything – can you remember any names or what they talked about with your grandmother? And where did they come to? Your story is making me think of something, but I don’t know if there’s anything to my idea.

  53. Thank you . Maybe we are searching for the same family Pam.Thank you Dorothy.

  54. Georgina,

    I think we may be researching the same family. I think there may have been a Lucy on my grandmother’s side.

  55. hi Dorothy,

    i have heard over the past couple of days that there is a proven native line through the matthews/samms family line in burgeo. wondering if you have heard any truths about this? i am hearing tidbits but cannot confirm anything.

  56. I am looking for information on my great grangmother Lucy Sutton who married William King Perry, her brothers George Edward and John and sisters Alice , Ann, Mary Jane and Sarah Grace.Any suggestions where I could look.

    1. Hi Georgina, as Pam said, you and she are looking for a brother and sister. Lucy Sutton, b 1 Mar 1853, was d/o Jeremiah Sutton, b abt 1824 Pushthrough d 13 Aug 1885 Pushthrough, and Mary, b 1822 d 15 May 1881 Pushthrough. Jeremiah and Mary are buried in the old Pushthrough Cemetery. That’s all I could find.

  57. Hi,

    I am looking for information on my great grandmother, Caroline McDonald who married George Sutton, her brother Charles who I think may have married a Sarah Matchem and her mother’s family, Mary O’Neil, who I believe may have come from Nova Scotia. Any suggestions of where I could look.

    1. Hi Pam, I’ve got Caroline McDonald, b 11 Sep 1863 in Furby’s Cove Hermitage Bay or in Bay d’Espoir d 24 Oct 1932 Head of Bay d’Espoir, marr (9 Nov 1886) to George Edward Sutton, b 21 Mar 1860 Bay d’Espoir. Caroline is d/o James McDonald, b abt 1815 Gaultois, marr abt 1840 Gaultois, to Mary Ann Neil (or Niel, Nail) b 1826 Furby’s Cove d 30 Oct 1903 Gaultois. Mary Ann was d/o Peter Neil and Rebecca. Her husband James was s/o James McDonald (no name for mother). And I have Catherine’s brother Charles McDonald marr Sarah Matchem 10 Sep 1895. I don’t know if Mary Neil/O’Neil’s family was from NS but you might look for them under all these spellings.

      1. Hi.My name is Alice Mcdonald. I believe this family member is related to my grandfather James Mcdonald born 1888 in Bonavista Bay or Gambo nfld his father was also a James Mcdonald .My father was George L McDonald . I was born in a town called Norris Arm NFLD. if you look in the Norris Arm NFLD or the year 1921 and 1935 you may find some info on a Caroline, the name Catherine runs deep in our family history and so does Agnes and Margaret Elizabeth .anyone can email me and i will try and help..thank you alice

        1. Thanks, Alice. If there are questions for you here that I think you may not see, I’ll send them on to you.

  58. You mentioned that names are often misspelled, i was wondering if you have come across the name Bursey spelled Bussey and Burcey, we have all three in our family tree, they are all siblings from the 1800, guess we will need an affidavit to straighten it out. These people are from Greenspond area

    1. Hi Pat, I haven’t come across variations of that name, but I’m not surprised. Sometimes some branches of a family kept one spelling while others used another, sometimes the variation is just an individual thing and sometimes people were recorded with one spelling and sometimes with another. And sometimes they’re different families! Some fun, eh? Another first name variation I forgot to mention is names with or without an ‘h’ – Ellen and Helen, Anna and Hannah. Maybe its the Nfld pronunciation, or not, of an initial ‘h’ sound.

      To let all readers know: I’m caught up on your comments and replied to those I had anything for. If you haven’t got a reply, it means I couldn’t find anything on your questions. Sorry, hope someone else will write if they can help.

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