Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Mar. 10/13)

The Family Way

should-say-something - Kylie in the family wayThe scene: Sylvia and Norris discuss Kylie, who is drinking her pregnant face off. Sylvia says she shouldn’t be drinking if she’s in the family way. Norris says that’s probably how she got that way. Bwahaha. You’re more correct than you can even imagine, Norris.

The story: just sad, especially for Kylie. She had to confess to Gail about what Lewis was using to blackmail her. A one-night-stand, she says, too drunk to remember who the guy was. Gail does the math, might be that guy’s baby. Kylie says no, I used protection. Gail doesn’t quiz her on how she can remember that when she can’t remember who or where.

how-many-of-thoseWith Gail saying she is telling David, Kylie decides to get drunk. But does she go to the Weatherfield Arms or the Flying Horse, nearby but less likely to be filled with her neighbours and friends? No, across the road to the Rovers. Recently returned Gloria is the only one who doesn’t know she’s pregnant, so she serves her. Stella cuts her off. Kylie makes a scene, falls and ends up in hospital. Both she and the baby are in jeopardy.

Oh poor Kylie, there is no way she can come out of this ok. If Gail tells David, who can even Kylie-on-tableimagine what he will do? Nick points that out to Gail, who of all people ought to be aware of the thin pinpoint that is David’s sanity. If Gail doesn’t tell David, Kylie will still have the guilt, remorse and fear forever – made even more acute by knowing that Gail knows.

Nick tells the truth

Nick for once did the decent thing and told his mother the truth, that he was that other guy. I feared he was going to leave that for Kylie to have to do. At least this way, she spreads her disgust around to both of them.

Kylie-fallsI can’t blame Gail for being disgusted, for wanting to protect David and even thinking he ought to know what his wife and brother have done to him. They were both terribly wrong and she is his mother after all. She cannot, or will not, see what is apparent to anyone with a little more distance. This whole sorry mess was started by David and his obsessive need to Be A Daddy Now. That’s what caused the estrangement between him and Kylie.

Her response, to fall into bed with Nick, was really-hurtneither mature nor advisable. She had been mature in telling David she wasn’t ready for another baby and why. Neither David nor Gail was mature enough to listen to her and accept her decision. But now, despite that and despite Nick so desperately hanging on to his own ill-starred marriage, it is Kylie who will take the blame. Poor Kylie.