Corrie Street Jun. 30/13

Understanding Changes

Another week when it’s difficult to choose one scene only. Is it the new producer or just timing of storyline arcs? Or, with student david listening on stairssummer holidays at hand, are they clearing out old stories to make way for ones involving young people? Even the oh-who-cares Ryan and Katy story is looking interesting with them maybe moving into Owen’s flat, cozily being “just the three of us.”

Psycho-Dave is about to return with the revelation by Gail and Kylie that he overheard. Tina is the only true believer in her closed-loop argument that she has to keep the money paid her for the baby so that she can fight said baby’s parents in court to keep him. A lot of changes and not much logic at work in those stories.

Mystery of the condiments

in-heaven-and-earthBut Roy stresses the importance of a clear and open mind. An orderly hand are mysteriously realigning his condiments. That, he says, leaves Anna out – the Jackson Pollock of the griddle he calls her for her free-form approach to culinary art. So if it’s not Anna and not Sylvia, Hayley or Roy himself, who is it? The spirit world maybe? But Roy is not buying that. Logic, he says, provides answers.

Earth is understandable in substantive terms he says when Sylvia falls back on the mysteries of heaven and earth as an explanation for everything not understandable. Heaven is the recourse of those “unable to cope with their own mortality” he says. He prefers a logical approach to apparent mysteries, he tells Sylvia as he goes over to serve Dev and Steve.

Mystery of Sunita’s keys

keys-were-onRoy is just in time to hear them discussing the mystery of Sunita’s keys. Keys to the pub were found in her hospital room and keys are listed on the inventory of her belongings when she was taken to hospital. But, Roy asks, were they the same keys? If there was nothing indicating pub or house or car keys, how can you be sure that the inventoried keys were the same as the pub keys later found by the police?

you-are-a-geniusDev is gobsmacked. He’d never thought of that, and off he went on a renewed quest. Elementary, my dear Dev, Roy might have said. But in trying to understand his own puzzle, Roy could have caused Dev’s death.

Risk of solving puzzles

Karl, hearing about Dev’s new plan to find out exactly what the inventoried keys looked like, knows that cannot happen. So, on the pretext of offering solace, he goes to Dev’s. He slips gloves on before he enters. He best-for-you understanding changessees a golf trophy of Aadi’s handy to where Dev sits poring over his time-line graph of Sunita’s movements. Trophy grasped in his gloved hand, Karl tells Dev it’s pointless to hash and rehash this. Let it go mate. And Dev says ok, you’re right, I have to stop.

Karl replaces the trophy on the sideboard and takes his leave. Back in the ginnel, he throws up, so overwrought is he with what he was about to do. Craig and Beth see him. Craig also saw something the night of the fire. He hasn’t told anyone what it is. But now? Seeing Karl in that same ginnel again acting oddly, will he realize he has the missing piece of a puzzle?

The Taoist book of divination is called the I Ching or The Book of Changes. Many changes at hand on the Street. Despite Roy’s faith in the power of logic, a combination of divination, if not Divine intervention, along with logic may be needed to sort them out.