Corrie Street Apr. 6/14

Welcome Home, Kevin

rita-greets-kevinMy choice of scene this week is all the ones with Kevin. Welcome home indeed, Kevin. His reunions with friends and neighbours seemed to have real emotion in them as well as what was scripted.

Michael Le Vell has had a difficult two years but, thankfully for him, it is over. He’s back for now where he belongs – in the bosom of the Webster family, or near it at least. Kevin met Tim and Maddie, not in the best circumstances for any of them. Maddie stole his bag from the street and, soon after Kevin discovered the theft, he saw kevin-grabs-timthe front door of Sally’s house open. Rushing in and seeing a strange man on the floor fiddling with electronics wires, Kevin grabbed the man in a headlock. It was Tim, trying to fix something. The poor man has been petrified anyway about Kevin’s return.

Tim has discovered he likes the domestic life he shares with Sally and Sophie and the return of an on and off ex-husband and father is a threat to that, he fears. I like Tim with Sally too, odd couple that they are.

I especially like the conspiratorial sally-explains-timfriendship between Tim and Sophie. He brings out a spark of the Sophie-that-was, a quick-witted funny girl who we hadn’t seen in a long while. The new earnest and dreary Sophie still appears, with Maddie. I don’t get their relationship, any more than I ever got Sophie and Jenna together.

Maddie, with her bad-girl attitude and fits of pique, wears thin quickly. And, despite having survived on the streets for however long, she doesn’t appear to be overly bright. She tried to hock the goods she stole from Kevin around the kevin-smiles-at-streetcorner at Barlow’s Buys. You’d think she’d go to a place where she’d had dealings before, and outside the immediate neighbourhood of the theft. But it put her thieving in Kevin’s direct orbit and Kevin’s involvement in Maddie’s story might make it, and her, more entertaining.