Corrie Street Dec. 21/14

Family Day

family day minglingFamily Day at Jamila House: almost everyone was there, dressed up for family portraits. But they were consumers, not participants. Willingly or not, the Nazirs ran the event, led by Yasmeen.

Poor Sharif was forced into a Santa suit by his wife’s steely eyes showing him the living hell he would endure if he did not. When he made his first appearance, Michael tsk-tsked santa-shoesabout his lack of black boots. Michael said he had always made sure he had the costume right in his many years of playing Santa at many events. So Yasmeen had not asked around, asked whether anyone in the community had experience or interest in taking part in any way other than as paying audience members.

Similarly, Alya was less than thrilled to be forced into her elf costume. But I bet Katy would have loved a chance to dress up in that little outfit. Maybe a career path for her! The only non-Nazir worker bee was the photographer – a complete stranger.

Sally illustrated the atmosphere of service provision rather than sally-wants-reshootparticipatory event in her wish to have her photograph reshot. Tim, she said, looked “confused.” Yasmeen said “and you think that is the photographer’s fault?” After a moment’s reflection, Sally said “no, that’s Tim’s fault.” Brilliant deadpan by both.

Storylines furthered

Storylines were furthered in the hubbub. Some reached resolution, others got started. gail-panickingTim realized that, no matter what, he was going to have to tell Faye his reading skills were not up to compering the school auction. Katy whispered to Alya that Gary and Izzy might be getting back together. Kylie hadn’t shown up, sending Gail into fits about the incomplete family photo and a worried and suspicious David off to look for her.

Young Jack wreaked havoc. He kicked Alya the elf, then banged into Maria as she was upset-elf-alyarepairing her make-up, causing her to stab herself in the eye with a mascara wand. Luke saved her day, and family photograph, by finding pirate gear and dressing her and Liam up with eye patches. He used the photographer’s lights and camera and took the picture himself. Maybe he could have been the official photographer. Yes, Yasmeen,  Santa’s helpers abound – in your own neighbourhood.