Corrie Street June 7/15


zeedan-looks-at-leanneShocked frightened faces smudged with soot. A body bag at the entrance to Victoria Court. The end of the week, and the end presumably of Kal Nazir.

Zeedan hissed at Leanne, “it’s your fault.” Technically, he’s correct. Kal went in Carla’s kal-body-bagburning flat to save Leanne. She had gone in to save Amy. So, if she hadn’t, what would have happened to Amy? The firetrucks took forever to get there. An explanation was given by Sally: the ring road was closed and they couldn’t get through.

It was a great fire, with nail-biter episodes. I enjoyed it all the more nazirs-see-body-bagbecause I did not know it was coming. There had been no spoilers for me. I realized on Tuesday something bad was going to happen, and was likely to involve fire. But that was due to foreshadowing in the writing.


Liz came out to the Rovers’ back patio, cigarette and lighter in hand. life-without-riskJulie and Sean had just finished their decorations for the wedding reception. Swathes of gauzy, shiny fabric everywhere. Little fairy lights dotted throughout the drapery. Synthetics and electric wires installed by Julie and Sean: it screamed fire hazard!

They even knew the risk and warned Liz against lighting up. One might ask, why did they choose such decor for a smoking area? That’s tracy-at-windownot what Liz asked, however. Instead she posed the question, “what’s life without a little danger?” as she flicked the lighter. She did not see Tracy Barlow standing in her upstairs window looking at her with malevolence.

Tracy soon spoiled the day for Liz, then she moved on to her plans for Carla. Tracy did not know that Liz asked Carla to look after Amy for the night while she planned her actions toward Tracy and the unfaithful Tony.

In another bit of foreshadowing, we had seen Sinead give Steve a gift amy-with-candleof wedding favours. She had made candles. After the reception, Amy comes home with Carla, looking forward to a big-girls’ night in such a “tasteful” flat. She’s still wearing her bridesmaid dress and carrying a wedding candle.

She wants to take the candle to bed with her, in Carla’s room, and light it there. Let’s keep it here in the living room, Carla says. ‘Where amy-on-ladderit’s safer’ goes unsaid.

After they’re asleep, Amy in Carla’s bed and Carla on the couch, in sneaks Tracy. She needs some light, and has forgotten a flashlight I guess. She sees the candle.