Super Superdogs!

pc superdogs logoCame home smelling of strange dogs tonight. I’d been to see the PC Superdogs at London’s John Labatt Centre [now Budweiser Gardens]. My dogs are now sitting either side of me, as close as they can get. Maybe they’re afraid I’m going to trade them in. They’re not in any danger of being replaced, but the Superdogs were awesome.

Big, little, purebreds, mongrels, shelter dogs, pound rescues – they’re all there, and Poles - Sheepdogthey’re brilliant. We sat in the front row in floor seating. Sometimes dogs that veered off the path came right in front of us. We took pictures, held our breath when they jumped hurdles, cheered “our” dogs on in races until we were hoarse. It’s regular people with their regular dogs. But a little glitz too with rhinestone collars and sparkly scarves.

A bit of clowning with Pot Roast, a bulldog who couldn’t really jump or weave around poles but had a good time trying. Dogs sometimes doing incredible agility feats, sometimes starting out brilliantly then just kind Superdogs Jack Russellof losing track and going off to sniff the floor in search of popcorn. The ‘dog freestyle’ Rottweillers turned out not to be in a dancing mood. So they pretty much just goofed around. And still were very entertaining.

Meet the Stars – and future Superdogs

After the show, everyone got to meet the dogs. They enjoyed being the stars and loved the pats and kisses. When the arena cleared out, some of the pups in training came out and played around with each other and the audience members who were still hanging around. I think we were the last to high hurdlesleave. The arena security people were telling us and the remaining dog handlers which exits to use, as in it’s time to leave now! It’s a great show – kids and adults alike loved the show and the dogs. If you have a chance to see them, it’s well worth it.

From my St. Thomas Dog Blog, May 8, 2010. Here are the cities and dates for the 2016 PC Superdogs Canadian tour covering Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.

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