Corrie Street June 5/16

Blackpool Tram

I love going to Blackpool. I’ve only ever been there with Coronation Street. It was a scary visit this Monday, with the Blackpool tram almost taking out another Bradley.

Jenny and Johnny on Blackpool pierThree Weatherfield parties went to the seaside. Tim, Kevin and young Jack went for an overnight stay. Then Jenny Bradley and Johnny Connor for the day. Then Sally and Sophie Webster to find Tim and Kev.

jack kevin and tim in restaurantWord quickly got around the factory that Tim had indeed gone on the vacation he had planned for Sally, without her. Photos of Blackpool were printed off to tease her about what she was missing.

Jenny faces tram memories

Looking at them, Jenny thought about her father and the place he was killed in 1989. He was struck by a Blackpool tram as he chased jenny sees blackpool tramRita across the road (watch). Alan Bradley was a bad’un.

Jenny had never been back to Blackpool, had never seen the spot where her father died. Time to face it, she thought, but she was scared. When she told Johnny this, he offered to go with her.

Websters found and lost

Seeing a photo of the happy threesome that Tim posted online, Sally decided it was time to reclaim her man. Off she and Sophie went, finding the guys in a restaurant.

driver sees jackIn the hullaballoo that ensued, Jack slipped off unnoticed. Running toward the road, they saw him too late. But Jenny and Johnny were walking nearby. Jenny saw him running into the path of a tram. She ran and flung him out of the way just in time.

Websters and Metcalfes were all upset. Sally and Sophie blamed Jenny, but their yelling seemed rather pro forma. They shut up and jack and jenny safe by tram frontthanked her quickly enough after Kevin stuck up for her.

The tram drove on, after a quick wave from the driver. No passengers were gawping out the windows to see what was happening. Maybe they’re used to kids running into traffic.

When Weatherfield folk come to visit, it seems there’s always johnny leads jenny away from sallya kid who takes off (remember Simon’s 2010 adventure). Blackpool council might want to think about a by-law requiring kids to be kept on a tether. At least the kids from Weatherfield.