Hartland Covered Bridge

Hartland Covered Bridge

Hartland covered bridge pano photo d stewart

This weekend, Hartland NB is celebrating the centenary of their 1,282 foot covered bridge. That’s 1/4 mile or 391 metres. An open wooden bridge across the St. John River was completed in 1901. Twenty-one years later, a cover was added to protect the bridge and those crossing on it. And so it stands today.

From Friday to Monday, Hartland is having a birthday party for the bridge, combined with New Brunswick Day and Platinum Jubilee celebrations. There will be fireworks, a craft market on the bridge itself and lots of other stuff to do. (here’s what’s going on)

Even when it’s not party time, Hartland is well worth visiting. It’s a beautiful town, and the bridge is, well, something you won’t see anywhere else.

Crossing the bridge

My dog and I went to Hartland several years ago. We’d been in Grand Falls to see the statue of Secretariat and his jockey Ron Turcotte. Coming home on the Trans Canada Highway, we saw the turn off for Hartland. I said “wanna see a bridge?” and Leo replied “woof!”

entering Hartland NB photo d stewart

A nice meandering drive, then a view from atop a hill of a town on the river and a humungously long bridge. We drove across the bridge, turned around and drove back across. We drove back and forth across the bridge several times. Then we parked and walked along the river bank. Got back in the car and drove across the bridge for the final time.

hartland bridge entrance photo d stewart

That was all we did and it was well worth the time. There is more to do in Hartland than drive across a covered bridge. But that was enough excitement for us that day.

While you’re there or anywhere in New Brunswick and want a snack, you can pick up some Covered Bridge potato chips. Yes, they’re made in Hartland, and they’re really good.

Hartland google maps
Hartland, Hwy 2 between Florenceville-Bristol and Woodstock.

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  1. Love the covered bridges..and the east coast!!

    1. Hi Karen, yes, me too. So good that the bridges are being looked after.

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