“Climbing the Hills and Finding the Rivers” is a manuscript by Marji Smock Stewart and her husband William Stewart. The title phrases are touchstones of life for them, she said; his in the first part and hers in the second.

It is the story of their lives, written for their family, shared here by me. I sometimes altered the arrangement of the content and edited for length, but the words are theirs.

The family photos are also theirs, but I added them and some others to these posts.

Part 7: 35 Cent Grilled Cheese

September 11, 2019

Part 9: Lum and Sarah McDonald

November 19, 2019

Part 13: English Channel 1944

November 11, 2019

Part 15: Ohio County Farm

August 22, 2020

Part 16: After the farm

September 27, 2020