Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Post Excerpts

One Man’s Journey (Jul. 14/23)

Early in my reading of Calvin White’s One Man’s Journey (2023), I realized how much I owe Gus White, Calvin’s father. The characteristics that made Calvin a good boss and, larger than that, a good overseer of research goals and plans are those that he ascribes to his father. Things taught by deed and word… 


Marie Marguerite Benoit (Mar. 25/23)

It’s not often an 18th century Cape Breton woman makes the news, but Marie Marguerite Benoit has recently. Earlier in March, she was named on CBC radio in connection with a descendant, Memorial University’s Vice Chancellor Dr. Vianne Timmons. CBC had investigated claims of Mi’kmaq ancestry by Dr. Timmons…

benoit-timmons-chart 2023

Beothuks of Newfoundland (Oct. 25/22)

Lady Edith Blake did well at what was expected of a governor’s wife in late 19th century Newfoundland. But teas with local society ladies were not her priority. She preferred researching and writing about her new home.

Her “Beothuks of Newfoundland” was serialized in the St. John’s Evening Telegram from December 26, 1888 to January 17, 1889…

Salmon Fishing (Apr. 11/22)

Newfoundland at the beginning of the 20th century 1902 Moses Harvey Harrys Brook wikicommons

Salmon fishing has a lure – for the fish and also for the person holding the rod. That lure brought several British naval officers to live in Bay St. George in the early 1900s. Near salmon brooks, of course…

Sacred Bear Park (Sept. 26/21)

Forty-two years ago, the St. John’s Evening Telegram ran a story about a proposed Mi’kmaq park on the west coast of the island. The Sept. 26, 1979 article by Terry LeDrew about Sacred Bear Park is below…

Sacred Bear Park Ev Tel 1979

Sylvester Joe (Apr. 2/21)

Sylvester Joe is one of the best known men in the island of Newfoundland’s exploration history. He’s also one of the least known. A Mi’kmaq hunter and guide from Bay d’Espoir, Joe took William Epps Cormack across the island in 1822. By doing so, Cormack became the first non-indigenous person to cross the interior…


Glenwood Tannery (Oct. 13/20)

Glenwood Tannery Gander Beacon 1983-pA1

37 years ago this month, the Glenwood Mi’kmaq band council began operating a smoke tannery. From the Gander Beacon Oct. 5, 1983…

Gerry Penney 1951-2020 (May 15/20)

“Passed away at home in St. John’s on May 14, 2020. Gerald Penney, Archaeologist and Heritage Consultant… 

Caribou Drive (Dec. 24/19)

In his 1969 book Newfoundland, Harold Horwood recounts the story of a caribou drive in western Newfoundland in the late 1800s. He heard it in the Codroy Valley, from “an aged man named Placide White back in the 1950s.”…


Stephen Gallant (July 13/19)

This St. John’s Evening Telegram article is about Stephen Gallant and his wife Elizabeth Gaudet of Stephenville, Bay St. George. From 1942… “One of the grand old men of Newfoundland is Mr. Stephen Gallant, 95 years of age, who was the first one to be born in Stephenville, which is named for him…”


Jim John Tourism Ad (Apr. 24/19)

Jim John on the Gander River, a full page ad in MacLean’s magazine May 2, 1977 issue…

Jim John in MacLeans-2-May-1977-p43 - newfoundland mikmaq
Jim John, from Glenwood, in Newfoundland Tourism ad 1977

Beothuk Great-Grandchild (Mar. 5/19)

Demasduit_Mary_March-lady-henrietta-martha-hamilton-1819-collectionscanada.gc_.caTwo hundred years ago today, John Peyton of Twillingate and his party abducted a Beothuk woman, Demasduit. Her husband Nobosbawsut was killed while trying to protect her. Shortly after, her child died. Demasduit’s captors called her Mary March…

Newfoundland Reindeer (Dec. 22/18)

So what happened to the Newfoundland reindeer? The ones Mattie Mitchell helped herd down the Northern Peninsula to Millertown, who Dr. Grenfell took such great pains to bring from Norway? Everything seemed to be going well for them, but then they disappeared…


Journey to Anne Marie (Oct. 18/18)

Marie Rundquist writes about her journey into her family history. Not the history she heard from her mother and grandmother, although it’s part of the story. The story Ms. Rundquist tells starts with a DNA test she took. Through the US to Nova Scotia…

“Under My Wings Every Thing Prospers” New Orleans, J. L. Bouqueto de Woiseri 1803

Mattie Mitchell, Response (Aug. 15/18)

Vignettes of the West, by Don Morris, Apr. 11, 1992 Western Star – Mattie - newfoundland mikmaq“I was pleasantly surprised by the response to the two-part series on the story of Mattie Mitchell… I got two phone calls from Corner Brook on the day the first column appeared…

Mattie Mitchell, Reindeer (Aug. 8/18)

Reindeer_Jukkasjärvi_Lappland_Sweden_1930-1949 - newfoundland mikmaq

“The unique 400-mile ‘reindeer drive’,” Vignettes of the West, by Don Morris (Mar. 14 1992 Western Star, Part 2) “Newfoundland’s most noted Micmac Indian, Mattie Mitchell, passed away at Corner Brook in the autumn of 1921 at about the age of 71… In March of 1908, he was chosen by the Anglo-Newfoundland Development Company to act as guide in probably the most singular wildlife venture in local history…

Mattie Mitchell, Buchans (Aug. 1/18)

“The amazing career of Mattie Mitchell,” Vignettes of the West, by Don Morris (March 7 1992 Western Star, Part 1) Buchans mine wikicommons - mattie mitchell, newfoundland mikmaq

Mattie Mitchell was a Micmac Indian with strong western Newfoundland connections. It was he who, in 1905, discovered the valuable ore lodes which gave rise to the mining town of Buchans…

Sea-trouting at Main Gut (July 6/18)

In July 1835, Archdeacon Edward Wix joined a night fishing party at the Main Gut, Stephenville Crossing, and described it in his diary. In his Vignettes of the West column, historian Don Morris told the story…

don-morris-sea-trouting at main gut - newfoundland mikmaq

Terrenceville Mi’kmaq (June 8/18)

(Guest post by Devon Griffin) “This story is about Terrenceville, Fortune Bay, about 140 years ago. It was told to the late Esther Mary Cox by her grandmother and namesake, Esther Mary (Myles) Mitchell… Esther Myles (1861-1927) married Michael Mitchell, born Dec. 1845 in Burin. They had seven children…

Fortune Bay mtDNA (June 1/18)

mary-ann-payne-gr-granddaughter-of-mary-parks-brooks(A guest post by Devon Griffin) “John G. Edgar provided me with details of Mary Park Brooks from his research.  She was born about 1758 in the Burin area, according to 1838 List of Inhabitants of the Bay of Islands. Her birth family name is unknown. She first married Robert Park. Their children included Mary, James Charles, Richard, Thomas, Robert and John… Mary Park’s second husband was John Brooks, a widower…

French Shore Settlers (Apr. 18/18)

Nf-Quarterly-Cover-sep-1953-munRev. Canon J. T. Richards, O.B.E, to The Newfoundland Historical Society (NQ 1953): The history of a country is the history of its people. So we ask, who were the first English settlers on the French Shore? I am convinced that one named Robert Bartlett was the very first, and that Anchor Point in St. Barbe’s Bay, was the first place permanently settled. Thomas Genge, born at Anchor Point in 1827, died in 1914, gave me the story…”

Louis John (Feb. 17/18)

Newfoundland archivist and historian Don Morris wrote about Louis John in his Vignettes of the West column in The Western Star

don morris louis john western star - newfoundland mikmaq

Gander Bay NL (Dec. 15/17)

decks-awash-1983-v12-no6-coverDecks Awash, in 1983, published an issue about Gander Bay and Hamilton Sound. Below are the pages about Charles Francis of Clarke’s Head in Gander Bay. He was a Mi’kmaw from Pictou Landing, Nova Scotia. In 1821, when he was maybe 12 years old, he settled at Clarke’s Head, where the Gander River meets the bay….

Genevieve Jane Duffenais (May 12/17)

elizabeth-l-a-gillam-taborGenevieve Jane Duffenais or Duffney married George Hynes. They lived in the Gravels on the Port au Port Peninsula. They had several children, among them Elvina Julia Hynes (1870-1907). Elvina married William Thomas Gillam in 1899… This photo is of Elvina’s daughter, Elizabeth Louisa Alexandria Gillam Tabor of New Brunswick…

Fortune Bay NL (May 5/17)

Anastasia (Murphy) Smith and grandchild(Devon Griffin) “Martha Murphy’s parents were Walter Murphy & Bridget Ryan of Oderin and Little Harbour West, Placentia Bay. She had several siblings. (Martha married Joseph Hynes, son of Elizabeth Saunders and Thomas Hynes)… Martha died on Feb 28 1884 in English Harbour East…

Hunger Strike 1983 (Apr. 21/17)

Early morning, April 21st 1983, St. John’s. Atlantic Place offices were just starting to wake up. Thirty-one Mi’kmaq men and women from Conne River went upstairs to the RAND offices. The Rural and Northern Development Department of the Newfoundland Government. They occupied the office…

occupation-daily-news-22-apr-1983 - newfoundland mikmaq

Colombe Brothers (Apr. 5/17)

frederick-colombus colombe Colombe No. 912 1st Bn. Nfld Regiment The Colombe brothers of Shallop Cove, Fred and Frank, died exactly two years apart. On October 9, 1915, Fred died of wounds received at Gallipoli. On October 9, 1917, Frank was killed in action “in France or Belgium”. They were among the elder of Frank Sr. and Susan (Benoit) Colombe’s large family…

Shallop Cove (Mar. 28/17)


A 1980 interview with Nathaniel Adolph White, 1896-1987, of Shallop Cove, St. George’s: “The first man at Flat Bay Brook, the east side, was Charlie Perrier. Charlie Perrier was the son of Benjamin Perrier, the first settler there, Muddy Hole. Charlie Perrier had three – two brothers…”

Nathaniel White (Mar. 24/17)

Looking through old papers, I found a research assistant’s summary of a 1980 interview she conducted with Nathaniel White of Shallop Cove in Bay St. George. Mr. White, born in 1896, died in 1987.

st george's beach sunset 2008 photo dorothy stewart - newfoundland mikmaq

“Today, I spoke with Mr. Nathaniel White at Shallop Cove. Mr. White is 84 years old and spent most of his life in Shallop Cove. Mr. White told me that his great-grandfather was Marin LeBlanc….”

Terms of Union (Feb. 15/17)


“What fair and equitable basis may exist for federal union of Newfoundland and Canada?” Seventy years ago, Newfoundland decided to ask Ottawa that question. Two years later, they’d sorted it out to their satisfaction. The Terms of Union stipulated what would change and what would remain the same…

First Nations Books (Jan. 18/17)


Here are some books that are valuable for anyone wanting to know more about First Nations and the history and process of colonization within a land. That land might be Newfoundland, Labrador, Canada as well as others around the world…

Wartime Foresters (Nov. 11/16)

forestry corps evening tele-7-apr-1917-heritage-nf

In World Wars I and II, Britain needed foresters. Lots of timber available, especially in Scotland, and both military and civilian need for lumber. But not enough people were left in the UK with the necessary skills and strength to cut and mill it. That’s where Newfoundland, Canada and other British dominions came in…

Flat Bay, Newfoundland (Sept.17/16)

flat-bay-tluos-photo - newfoundland mikmaq

The Mi’kmaq community of Flat Bay in Bay St. George is on YouTube… You can also download the accompanying report on Traditional Land Use and Occupancy. In 86 pages, the authors give a good overview of Flat Bay’s history, traditions and kinship networks…

Newfoundland Regiment at Beaumont Hamel (June 29/16)


This is not about the Mi’kmaq specifically, but it is about all of Newfoundland and Labrador. Below is a list of the Newfoundland Regiment soldiers killed at Beaumont Hamel on July 1, 1916. There are many more; those killed in the lead-up to the battle, those who died of their wounds, casualties in other regiments that also went over the top. A list that included all those would be massive. Far shorter would be the list of those who survived…

Mary Francis Webb (June 16/16)

mary-webb-obit-p31 - newfoundland mikmaq

Mrs. Mary Webb was a midwife, one of the best known and most respected on Newfoundland’s west coast… Her first language was Mi’kmaq. In school, she learned English. From her Codroy Valley neighbours, she learned Scots Gaelic. As an adult living in Bay St. George, she learned French. These were the languages of early 20th century west coast Newfoundland…

Arias for All Seasons (Dec. 31/15)

cd-cover-inuktitut arias for all seasons

(This is about Labrador, and Inuit rather than Mi’kmaq. But it may be of interest to readers of this section. And Ms. Edmunds grew up in Corner Brook!)

Pillorikput Inuit (Blessed are the People): Inuktitut Arias for All Seasons is a cd of beautiful music. Soprano Deantha Edmunds, tenor Karrie Obed and the Innismara Vocal Ensemble sing sacred songs by Haydn, Handel and Moravian composers. The songs were written in 18th and 19th Europe and brought to Labrador by Moravian missionaries…

Mi’kmaq Images (Oct. 8/15)

mikmaq-images molly muise

Ruth Holmes Whitehead’s new book Niniskamijinaqik, Ancestral Images: The Mi’kmaq in art and photography is beautiful. If you are interested in Mi’kmaq history, it is essential. It gives faces to names. That is what makes it so valuable to Mi’kmaq genealogy researchers…

Iry LeJeune (June 24/15)

In James Lee Burke’s novel Cadillac Jukebox, a New Orleans mob guy brings a gift to Detective Dave Robichaux. A jukebox filled with 45s of classic Cajun recordings from the 1940s and ’50s. One is La Jolie Blon by Iry LeJeune.


I wondered who Iry LeJeune was. With Professor Google’s help, I found his musical significance and traced his family tree…

The Acadians:  Review (Oct. 3, 2014)

Smallwood-AcadiansBill Smallwood takes a complicated period of history and makes it more complicated – and that’s good. The Acadians, the first novel in his Abuse of Power series, starts in 1749 with the British looking for a site to build a fort in Nova Scotia. They choose a harbour they rename Halifax. It ends in 1757 with British soldiers and sailors choosing tracts of “unoccupied” Nova Scotia land to homestead…

A Grenfell Mat (Aug. 22, 2014)


At the annual Sussex Flea Market in Princess Louise Park you can find almost anything. But a Grenfell hooked mat was probably the last thing I expected to find. Fortunately the seller knew what it was, a unique piece of early 20th century Newfoundland art and a beautiful example of a particular type of craft production…

Frissell’s The Viking (June 19th, 2013)

The Newfoundland Museum, when still on Duckworth Street, had a small collection of films to screen for visitors.  Poster for Grand Theatre's Tempting ProvidenceThe first one I ever showed was The Viking. I had never heard of the film or the story behind it.  After I got the reel running, I stood in the doorway to make sure it was working okay. And I began watching. Finally I pulled a chair over so I could watch the movie more comfortably while also keeping an eye on the lobby. It was spellbinding – the 1930 seal hunt with  ice and cold and deprivation, and a romance and survival story… This story is not about the Mi’kmaq of Newfoundland. However, families from all parts of the island were affected by the loss of the Viking so this seemed like the best category for this post.

Ancestry Search (Oct. 10th, 2012)

Thirty-three years ago I started doing Newfoundland Mi’kmaq genealogies. Over the years, I’ve added and corrected information and marked changes in families. This weekend, I sadly updated the database with the death date for Tony John of Glenwood…

Tony John in Glenwood Band office 1997

For those of you searching for information and documents about your Newfoundland Mi’kmaq ancestry, it can be difficult and time-consuming but doable. Start with the internet if you don’t have family or neighbours to ask…

Tempting Providence, TNL (Mar. 27th, 2012)

Poster for Grand Theatre's Tempting Providence

If you’re near London Ont. you’ve got a couple days left to see a grand play at the Grand Theatre. Tempting Providence, by Theatre Newfoundland and Labrador, runs until Friday March 31st. It’s the story of Myra Bennett, a British nurse who came in 1921 to Newfoundland for a planned two years.  She married Angus Bennett from Daniel’s Harbour and stayed on the Northern Peninsula until she died in 1990 at the age of 100…

Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Books (Feb. 22nd, 2012)

Newfoundland mikmaq McKie watercolour

The telling of a place often is told through the people who make up the place.  Conversely, the telling of a family can also be told through the place they lived.  Here are books about places or families in Newfoundland that may be of interest to those who are researching their origins…

A Tale of the Sea etc. (Feb. 1st, 2012)

In January 1883 a dory was lost at sea off the south coast of Newfoundland. Sixteen-year old Tommy Welsh died, but Howard Blackburn managed to put in at the tiny village of Little River (now Grey River) near Burgeo. There, through the skill of Jenny Lushman and Susie Bushney, he was brought back to health, minus his fingers and toes. Publicity around his survival led to the reunification of a family after fifty years…

Howard Blackburn painting 1929

Drifting into Doom: Book Review (Jan. 18/12)

cover Drifting into Doom Earl B. PilgrimIt was a dark and stormy night when I began reading Earl Pilgrim’s Drifting into Doom: Tragedy at Sea. Reading about two men drifting in a dory during a January 1883 storm on the Grand Banks, I got chilled and thought “I knows how you feel!” Then I recollected myself, realized I was in a warm house with the wind and rain outside. No, I had no inkling of how Howard Blackburn and Tommy Welsh felt…

Qalipu Band of the Mi’kmaq Nation (Sept. 27th, 2011)

Jim John and Dorothy, Gander River 1979

Monday it was announced: Mi’kmaq people of Central and Western Newfoundland are now members of the Qalipu band under the Indian Act. It’s been 39 years since they began politically organizing for that recognition. Hallelujah, and about time…

Newfoundland Mi’kmaq Family History & Genealogy  (Mar. 29/11)

james-cook-1775 map detail

The internet is a good place to find out a lot about your family history. Unfortunately, it ain’t as easy as the tv ads for Ancestry pretend… Below are some sites related to Newfoundland Mi’kmaq families that I have found useful…

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  1. Hi there Sharon,
    Are you still here?

    1. Hi J, I’ve sent your email address to Sharon, assuming she hasn’t seen your comments here. Hope it works out!

    2. Hello Dorothy.

      My name is Stacey Challinor and I am from Cape Broyle, NL. My grandmother is Mildred Renouf born in Nov 16, 1945 and her mother was named Kathleen Renouf. My grandmother and her sister Shirley were put up for adoption at a young age and I was given minimal information. Kathleen lived in Flat Bay Area on the west coast of Newfoundland and I think that’s where Mildred and Shirley were also born.

      I would love to know if I had living family members. My email is

  2. Dorothy, Do you have any information on Archibald Gillingham of Gander Bay who was among the first settlers in Pacquet, White Bay. He was born around 1860, drowned in 1908, age 48. If you have any information on the Gillingham family of Gander Bay, that would be helpful. Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim, I have nothing on him, sorry. I did find on NL GenWeb United Church Baie Verte Parish marriage records, a George Gillingham, age 21, son of Archibald, married Jessie Foster, age 18, d/o James Foster, both of North East Pacquet, married 9 Dec 1914. Also on 12 Jan 1922, Louis Gillingham, son of Archibald, married Rebecca Butler, 19 year old d/o Eleazer, both of NE Pacquet. No mother for either brother is given. Stanley Gillingham was a witness for Louis’ marriage, and I saw him, wife and children on census records on Nfld Grand Bank site – 1921 and 1935 I think. Maybe a brother? I don’t know if that Archibald is the one you’re looking for, and you probably already know his children’s names. Still, maybe it will help if someone reading this knows more. Hope so!

      1. Thx Dorothy. Hopefully, someone will add to this. Archibald was married to Ellen. In marriage records I learned that at the age of 47 and a widow, she married Esau Burton in 1911. Esau was 39 and also a widow. I learned Archibald was from Gander Bay through a Deck’s Awash article that done an article on the history of Pacquet.

  3. ​​
    Looking for information and family line..
    Louis Benoit 5th cousin
    16 SEP 1893
    Flat Bay, St. George’s, Newfoundland
    15 NOV 1943
    Flate Bay St.George’s Newfoundland

    1. Hi Jamie, I have Louis J Benoit b Sep 1893 as s/o Frederick Benoit (b 1873 Sandy Point) and Harriet Rose (b Aug 1874 Garia Bay). Frederick was s/o Pierre Benoit and Marie Ann Longuepee. Harriet was d/o Samuel Rose and Jane Keeping. I have 2 wives for Louis, both married in Immaculate Conception, Sandy Point. In 1917 he married Ann Bennett (aka Mary Anne Benoit, b 15 Mar 1895), daughter of George Benoit and Louisa Perrier. In Aug 1919 he married Agnes Delaney (b Jun 1896) d/o William Delaney and Julia White.

      1. Marie Ann Longuepee is my maternal great great grandmother. Susan (Benoit) Columbe is my great grand mother and Isabell Columbe is my grandmother. My Mom was Mary Brufatto and my name is Mary (Sykes) Lederer.

  4. Hi

    I am seeking confirmation that my grandmother was born in NF and where she was born. My father has passed but he said she was a First Nations woman. Her information is the following…. Marie Olive Arsenault (1897 to 1933) We have a picture of her in Native regalia if that helps any?

  5. Looking for info on Joseph Saunders 1833 Connie River Newfoundland death 14 April 1898 married Mary Jane Myles 1834 Terrenceville Newfoundland 4th great-grandparents

  6. I’m looking for more info on my Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Duffenias, she married my Great Grandfather, Yves Marie Le’Bolloch Rioux. I have some general sense of some history on him through some of my family and the book “The Trail of French Ancestors” of which he is featured in. I’m looking for more info on her and her family however and her Mikmaq’ heritage.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Michelle, I have Elizabeth as daughter of Jean Duffenais b 1849 and Susanna LeBlanc b 1856 Stephenville. On WikiTree there is more on both of them. But Elizabeth is not included there as one of their children.

      1. Good day Dorothy!!
        Would like to know of any info on a William Crant 1854 of Conne River NL who married a Rebecca McDonald 1860. Any info greatly appreciated.

  7. Hello Dorothy,
    I am the biological grand child to a Joseph Patrick Howlett originally of Woods Island, Newfoundland (then lived in Corner Brook Newfoundland). His father was Thomas Howlett and mother was Sophia Doucette, Thomas’s parents were Thomas Howlett and Mary Ann Benoit. I’ve been told we are Mi’kmaq but I’m having trouble knowing this 100% my father (Joseph’s biological child) was adopted and raised in Francois to by my nan and pop Andrews so it’s only now I’m learning my biological history, I got to know my biological grandfather Joseph before he passed but I was only 12 and obviously not asking questions about family history and the such, I just enjoyed spending time with him. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hi Leanne, I’m so glad you got to spend time with your grandfather. Fortunately, a lot of your bio history is online. I’ve been googling the names with what I have in my database. A lot of the connections between them I don’t have, so I can’t just give you direct lines. Instead I’ll give you some of the pages I’ve looked at. My Heritage has Sophie Doucette as daughter of Jean (John) Doucet and Margaret Gallant. I have them as married 29 Oct 1869 in Immaculate Conception, Sandy Point, Bay St. George (that’s from Nfld Grand Banks site). John was s/o Pierre Doucet and Anne Marie Cormier. Margaret was d/o Felix Gallant (or Haché-Gallant) and Marie Theotiste Leblanc. There’s Haché-Gallant genealogies online – some links are on my Nfld Mi’kmaq Family History page.

      On genealogy records, Sophie’s husband Thomas Howlett is listed as William Howlett (I have him as William Thomas Howlett) with parents Thomas Howlett and Mary Ann Benoit. He and Sophie’s children on Ancestry include Patrick – perhaps your grandfather? On Family History Society of NL, there’s forum posts you might be familiar with. If not, here’s Howlett Research from 2011 in the Surnames and Families category. The family has connections to the Goulds near St John’s as well as to Wood’s Island. Also 2011 discussion from the same poster in Indigenous Ancestry forum entitled Mi’kmaq-Benoit-Howlett Families. I have Mary Ann Benoit as d/o Sebastien Benoit (1836 Sandy Point – 1928 Woods Is) and Jane Hutchings (1840 Cow Head – 1828 Woods Is). Sebastien was s/o Sebastien Benoit and Theotiste (Catherine) Jesseau (Jesso). Kirk Butt’s Early Settlers of Bay St George has more on them. So too do several links on my Family History page mentioned above (O’Connell Fam Hist, etc.).

      Mary Ann Benoit is also found as Ann and Mariam Anna, and Thomas Howlett as Hollett. I have a marriage date of 23 Oct 1887 at Sacred Heart in Curling for them. I hope this helps a bit and doesn’t just confuse you. Good luck!

      1. Hi Dorothy,

        I am researching information on my Great Grandmother Mary Ellen Allen. I know very little. I was on a “talking circle” years ago and I took a screen shot of the following information. It states the following:

        “Mary Allen died of consumption in St. Mary’s Bay area at the age of 38. Her birth certificate says she was registered in her adopted name Jessie Leah Noble….status under the Qalipu Mi’kmaq First Nation Band Council in Newfoundland……..Their children’s marriages with the mi’kmaq notations can be found in the……….”

        That’s all it states in the screenshot. I cannot find the site now. Mary Allen came to Gull Cove, NL as a servant girl. She married my Great Grandfather, Patrick McGrath of Gull Cove.

        I hope you can help. Thanking you in advance,

        Theresa Nash-McGrath

        1. Hi Theresa, it’s possible her parents were Samuel Allen, of Great Jervois 1813-1897, and Anne Nash, b 1825 or 1829. Googling, I found her on genealogy records married to Patrick Joseph McGrath, with one child John J McGrath. But the dates for her and for Anne Nash don’t make sense. On Wikitree Mary is listed as born abt 1866 in Flat Rock, married to Patrick McGrath, but no parents given.

          I have 13 children for Samuel Allen and Anne Nash in my database. One is Mary, b 1860, but married to Samuel Collier. The info on the family came from someone else so I don’t know if it’s accurate. With the reference to Qalipu in your screen shot, you might contact their office if you haven’t already done so? Maybe they can help, and maybe too readers here might be able to help.

        2. Thank you Dorothy. Mary Allen did marry my GGrandfather, Patrick McGrath, Gull Cove. I have seen a Mary Allen with parents Samuel Allen and Anne Nash. I concur, the dates are not matching. Over the years we have thought she came from Flat Rock, or from Placentia Bay and from Great Jervois area. Nothing confirmed. I will have to find her Birth Certificate. Probably that’s where I’ll have to start. Thank you.

    2. Please tell me how I can reach Dorothy? I don’t have an email address.

      1. Hi Theresa, you can post your question here.

        1. I just did a few minutes ago. Thank you.

  8. Hi Dorothy, I’m wondering if you have any information on Edith Jane Brown. Her mother was Elizabeth Paul from Burin Bay NL. Her parents were Richard and Sarah Paul. There is a connection to the Park family name further down the line. Thank you.

  9. Hi Dorthy I was googling my great great great grandmother on my fathers side Susan Jacobs maiden name Powell and your site popped up with both my ancestors names but I cannot find the info written about them. Susan Powell married John Jacobs in 1863 in Herring Bay Newfoundland they had a son David in 1868 and the another son named William in 1871. I do not know a lot about my family’s lineage as no one seems to talk about it. I would greatly appreciate a push in the right direction.
    As all I have is a picture of her and the name of her husband and marriage and sons birth record.

    1. Hi Shelly, I have no info on them, but google results shows, in My Heritage, John Jacobs as born 1843 in Western Cove, White Bay. But the link doesn’t go to them. I found the reference you mention in my site. It’s two comments from other people also asking about them – on this page, dated 2012/07/23 and 2012/08/01.

    2. you wouldent know if he was married to and or dated a Elvina… or Elvin drake

  10. Hi Dorothy, I am looking for information James Maher b. 1870 from Greenspond. His parents are Patrick Maher and Mary Reardon. I have tried to find information on his work and death but there i haven’t been able to find anything. I, trying to figure out when our Maher line left Ireland for NL. There are so many James Mahers that it’s difficult to tell them apart. My dad did a DNA test and he points him to Waterford, Ireland but research suggests Tipperary. There is word that James died in the Halifax explosion but there is no proof of it. Hoping you can help! regards, Melanie

    1. Hi Melanie, sorry but I have nothing on them. I did find a couple of sites that you likely know of, but just in case. Maher descendants in Bonavista Bay and a post on Maher Matters called Some Notable Mahers/Meaghers with a reference to Thomas Meagher (1796-1874) from near Waterford who traded in Newfoundland.

  11. Hi Dorothy, I am seeking information about my great-great-grandfather and grandmother. My great grandfather was George Ingram b 3 May 1820 Gaultois, Hermitage Bay, NL

  12. Hi Dorothy

    I am researching the ancestors of my grandmother, Agnes Noel, born 1869, either Harbour Grace or Brigus, I tend to lean towards Harbour Grace, Nfld. She married Lorenzo Andrews in Carbonear Methodist church in 1893, and immigrated to Halifax, N.S. I have been searching all sites for a number of years and this is what I have.
    Relative, Eliza Noel (possibly sister) born in Harbour Grace, and married George Verge, child William Verge. Eliza died and Agnes and Lorenzo adopted William and brought him to Halifax with them. Agnes may have worked in St. John’s, Nfld. for a doctor on Duckworth St. Any info and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated
    Thanks Sheila

    1. Their death records are scanned at There are more than a million NS Vital Stats there.
      It looks like Lorenzo and Agnes lived at 20 Fenwick St., Halifax. He died March 13, 1932, age 62, born Harbour Grace, NL.
      She died 2 days before the Halifax Explosion on Dec. 4, 1917, age 47, born NF, which may explain why she was buried in St. John’s Cemetery, Halifax in plot tr D 2 55 with him. The cemetery has a searchable database and there is a photo of the stone on Find A Grave with more info.

  13. Looking for info on……Sarah Ann Bolt
    Birth 10 Feb 1824 – St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada
    Death 24 Oct 1906 – Garnish, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

    1. Sarah Ann Bolt (b. 1824 St. John’s d. 1906 Garnish) was daughter of William Bolt and Sarah Bolt, married Edward Kearley b. 1828 of Grand Beach, Fortune Bay. See Ancestry. ca for names of Sarah and Edward’s children. Rachel Kearley was one of them.

  14. Hello my father name is LEANDER BENJAMIN HUMBER

    1. Hi Colette, I have no parents for Leander in my database but on My Heritage I found this:
      “Jesse Abe Humber was born circa 1849, at birth place, to Jesse Humber and Charlotte Catherine Humber (born Paine)… Jesse married Charlotte F. Humber (born Riley) on 1911, at age 62. Charlotte was born circa 1873, in Castor River, Newfoundland. They had 3 children: Leander Benjamin Humber and 2 other children.”

  15. Looking for info……Amelia m Morgan Moulton Belleoram NL. Her father was Thomas Kearley bef 1805 Garnish NL m Rachael Lake bef 1805 of Belleoram NL . Amelia and Morgan had George Thomas 1861, Edward 1863, Mary Ann 1865 James 1868 and John Samuel 1873. I am looking for any info on Amelia and Morgan or there children

  16. LooKing for info on:
    13 Apr 1850, St Francis Hr, William, PAULS, Nathaniel & Nancy Pauls. no entry, St …. 1 Jan 1851, St Francis Hr, Louisa, PECKHAM, William & Catherine Peckham.

  17. Looking for info :
    Ann Barnes Snook (Woolridge)
    Birthdate: 1733 (85)
    Birthplace: St. Pierre, Newfoundland
    Death: 1818 (85)
    Immediate Family:
    Daughter of Robert Woolridge and Eleanor Woolridge
    Wife of Morgan Snook
    Mother of Robert Snook; Eleanor Hickman; Jane Snook; Ginette Snook; Susannah Buffett and 4 others
    Sister of Sameul Woolridge and John Woolridge

    1. Hi Jamie, I have the father of Ann Woolridge Barnes as Robert Barnes, not Woolridge. That came from Ancestry trees, so who knows. Also for her daughter Susannah, I have her born 1766 and married to John Roberts, born 1765, with 9 kids (one named Morgan, marr to Sarah). For Morgan Snook, husband of Ann Woolridge Barnes, I have his parents as Morgan Snook, born 1710 England, and Susanna. That Morgan was son of Morgan Snook, born 1670, and Mary Chamberlain. They also had a daughter Susanna. She married William Buffett and had three sons James, Benjamin (b 1745) and William (b 1746). So what I have would make Susannah Buffett the aunt of Morgan (marr Ann) instead of his daughter Susannah (marr Roberts). Again Ancestry member trees information, and a lot of Morgans and Susannahs!

  18. Hello Dorothy,

    I am searching for a genealogist as I am having a hard time keeping track of records and name changes by government officials and so on. I am Mi’kmaq from my patrilineal side, my father being Joseph Georges Paulin on his own from a young age in Montreal but knows he is Mi’kmaq from northern New Brunswick, his father Joseph Edmond Paulin/Poulin,
    grandfather Amedee (Amede) /Joseph Paulin/Poulin
    (Father: Jerome/ Jeromie/ Jeremie Paulin/ Poulin
    Mother: Marie Angele Lanteigne )
    grandmother Cyrianne / Sarah Anne Marie Brideau/Boudreau (Father: Xavier Brideau/ Boudreau
    Mother: Marie Mathilda Stewart)
    All these relative lived in or near Island River, Caraquet, Miscou Island, Pokemouche, Inkerman New Brunswick.

    We have stories and photos, but I am wondering if you may have anything on these families names?
    I would like to apply for status and am embarking on a Master’s Thesis

    1. Hi Megan, I have some of these surnames in my database but only ones that somehow connect to Newfoundland. I don’t have the specific names you give. I think your best first step, if you haven’t already, would be to contact the band you’re thinking of applying to. They may already have genealogical information or be able to help you find out more. The Université de Moncton may be able to help too. There’s also Facebook groups for New Brunswick genealogy. Sorry, that’s all I can think of right now. Maybe readers here might help out. Let’s hope so!

      1. Thank you Dorothy. I also have some info of them travelling from Newfoundland, but all the other documents I have are based out of New Brunswick and Quebec. Thank you so much for the suggestions and thank you for all the work you are doing! So very important!

  19. hi Dorothy, rumour has it that my great grandmother was micmac. Her name was Mahalah Waldon(Waldron) born 1856
    In Grates Cove Nl. , her parents were James Waldon(Waldron) and Susanna Martin married in grates Cove in 1850
    Mahalah married Stephen bragg also from grates Cove . He was born in 1846,
    I would appreciate any info

    1. Hi Donna, I have nothing on your ancestors, but google gave me a bit of information. Probably you already have it, but it might help readers who might be able to add more. Mahala Waldron and Stephen Bragg had a daughter Mary Ellen, born 15 Apr 1891, baptised in the basilica in St. John’s. They lived in Quidi Vidi at the time. Godparents were John Mallard (Mallard’s Cottage?) and Margaret Kent. A tree has Mahala’s date of birth as May 1858. It also has her father James (1827-1867) as probably son of Joseph Waldron (1791-1851 Grate’s Cove).

  20. Hi, here are 3 comments that I received. There is a problem with adding comments on this page and Nfld Mi’kmaq Fam History and Genealogy. So I hope the posters see this. I have nothing of assistance, so if readers do, please write! I am trying to solve the problem, and will somehow get your comments posted. Thanks.

    1. Sylvia Leckie, July 13/17:
    I noticed you have as a reference The Harvey Family descendants. Do you have any info on Jane Harvey mother of Anne Harvey as far as her family history?

    2. Thomas Pitman, July 13/17:
    Dear Fellow Researchers,
    I am trying to determine whether anyone knows of any documentation supporting the family tradition that the following person was of Mi’kmaq ancestry:
    Thomas Louis Joseph Crant, born 1888 in Bay d’Espoir, Newfoundland, died 1953 in Little Bay, Newfoundland.
    He was the son of Henry William Crant (b. 1854 in Swangers Cove, Newfoundland, and died 1919 in Bay d’Espoir, Newfoundland) and his wife Rebecca (MacDonald) Crant (born 1860 in Bay d’Espoir, Newfoundland, and died 1918 in Gaultois, Newfoundland).
    Any assistance would be deeply appreciated.
    Tom Pitman (

    3. Elysia, June 23/17
    Looking for a bit of my heritage and what part or descent my family is from. My grandmother is from Marysvale Nfld.
    Her name is Anne Katherine Martin. But her grandmother or great grandmother’s name is Mary Bartlett married to Patrick Bartlett. I think her maiden name is Ryan by looking at documents. How do I know what tribe she is from.

    1. Thomas Pittman – There is no documentation as to the CRANT / McDONALD Mi’kmaq ancestry, as there is no Mi’kmaq in this lineage. And it is Little Bay West,

      1. Does anyone know the parents of Hannah Hynes b about 1825 (married William Crant b1825). Ancestry hints say Thomas Hynes and Elizabeth Saunders but that’s incorrect. Thanks

  21. How did the Walsh’s come to Flowers Cove in the first place? I Can’t find information for Alice Walsh she married my Great Grandfather Christopher Mahar from Bird Cove, GNP. Her father was Jacobi Walsh and her mother was a hynes or rumbolt i am not shore right now. Do you have any information on her brothers and sisters? any information you have on them or someone you might know that got information on them would you share with me please.

    1. Hi David, I don’t have anything on them. But I just found this on Newfoundland Grand Banks site. Sacred Heart Marriages, Curling – Aug. 19 1888, Ambrose Walsh, Flower’s Cove, s/o Jacobi (Walsh) and Elizabeth Hynes, married Johanna Pittman, Seal Cove, d/o Joannis (Pittman) and Elizabeth Rumbolt. Ambrose might be Alice’s brother?

  22. still trying to make connectionfrom Robert snook son of morgan and ann,st pieree fortune area the snooks in sunnyside are from new perlican but also we believe there is a connection with Robert snook of morgan and ann snook from fortune they ended up in new perlican is the mystery but in my tree Robert snook who is a grandfather of mine 3rd I think married Louisa peckham from Williams har Labrador she was full breed inuit.DESPERATE TO FIND ANSWERS going nuts trying to figure it out can anyome help.

    1. Hi Roger, sorry I can’t help you with Louisa Peckham. I did find Ann (married to Morgan Snook III) as Ann Barnes, d/o Robert Barnes, in case that extra bit of information helps someone else help out.

    2. A connection between my Buffett family and the Snook family…goes back to Benjamin Buffett/William Buffett/Snook Buffett. It seems common in my family line to see this naming system used, a woman’s maiden name being later used to name a child. Ie. Collier/Hiscock…..Clarke/Shears….

    3. Hi.

      Are you on ancestry? Send me your email and I will send you my tree. Also do you have a dna test done? I match the line of Snook’s DNA from St. Pierre and Grand Bank. Quite the interesting tale about Morgan Snook and Captain James Cook too. We can compare dna to prove your link.


      1. I would like to hear this story. We must be related through Jonas Shears m. Elizabeth Buffett, Burgeo/Rocky Hr.

  23. Hi there. We are looking for information regarding Mary rose born 1876 in Georgetown. We know she married Thomas rose and had seven children with the last one being Clara born 1920. We want to know more about Mary and Thomas. It’s the farthest back we’ve been able to go.
    Thanks angie

    1. Hi Angela, I haven’t got your Mary and Thomas (b 1871) Rose in my database. I found the 1921 census for Georgetown, Port de Grave that has them and their children. I wonder if the other Rose households are brothers of Thomas. They are William John b 1872, Seymour b 1882 widower and Robert b 1884. There is also a Timothy b 1898 and his wife Margaret who are boarders with James Kehoe, a widower. Could Timothy be a son of Thomas or William John, I wonder.

  24. I’m hoping someone is able to help me. I am looking for information on Susannah Farrell. I believe her parents were Edward Farrell and Elizabeth Anderson. My research points that she may be from LaPoile. Susannah was born around 1848 and was married to Samuel Kendell. She died in 1940. Any help would be greatly appreciated

    1. Hi Leslie, I found an Elizabeth Anderson married to Edward Farrell. Also an Elizabeth (Anderson) Farrell, widowed, married to Charles John Ransome (the 3rd of his wives). All are from LaPoile area and dates match. I found Susannah Farrell in one ancestry tree as d/o Elizabeth Anderson and Edward Farrell, only thing is Susannah’s dob is 1859. That’s later than what you (and other ancestry trees) have, but it fits better with the dob for Elizabeth Anderson that is given as 1837. So I’m not sure if this is of any help, maybe they’re the same people and maybe different people with the same names!

  25. Hi Dorothy
    I stumbled onto your site and there is so much to explore there. I was hoping that you or one of your site visitors could help me out. I am looking for info on Anne Saunders (born around 1857). She had a brother named James and their father was Richard Saunders. There is a picture of her in Ronald Rompkey’s book “Labrador Odyssey”, where she is called a “half-breed”. Oral history sayd that they came to Labrador from White Bay, Newfoundland. I have see other pictures of her and she looks to be Mi’kma. She married an Inuit man in Battle Harbour, his name was Thomas Thoms aka Shunock. I would love to get info on Anne’s mother.


    1. Hi Curtis, and thanks. The Anne and other Saunders that I have do not match yours, I’m afraid. If I find anything I will let you know. And, yes, maybe a reader can help out. Thanks for writing.

    2. I am related to this line. I believe her mother’s name was Mary but I do not have a last name for you. I, too, have been trying to find information on this line of genealogy as well as on her husband’s family as well. Hope you find what you’re looking for!

  26. Hello Dorothy looking for info on James Matthews d 1869 sandbanks nf
    Trying find his parents

  27. Hello Dorothy looking for info on James Matthews d 1869 sandbanks nf

  28. HI Dorthy Iam looking for status my connection are
    John Young Madeleine Dedam
    Etienne Young (Lejeune) Marie Lavigne
    Sebastien Young (Bastien Yong) Olive Doucet
    Eliziabeth Young Wilfred Williams

    Etienne is my GGGG grandfather
    Sebastien GGG grandfather
    Elizabeth GG grandmother

    1. Hi Joanne, I don’t have any background on the people you name. Lots of people with those names, but not with the marriage connections that you have. For anything to do with status, you’d need to talk to the band you want to apply to.

  29. Hi Dorothy would you have any information on Anne Gale who married Issac Legge of Tickle Cove.Also I am tracing my grandmother , Margaret Lewis b. 1839 who married Joseph Legge of Tickke Cove.In researching the Legges in the the Tickle Cove, Kings Cove area I found a number of Micmaq births and marriages registered as well as a few who were sponsors at weddings and baptisms.Thank you

  30. John Matthews and Sarah Bagg. He was born Abt. 1812. He died  Abt. 1869 in Sandbanks, Nfld…..

    Hey dorothy is their a place in burgeo nf that I can get birth or marriage or death certificate on John Matthews

    1. Hi Jamie, the provincial archives at The Rooms in St. John’s or the Dept. of Vital Statistics might be good bets for birth and death certificates. Also many churches keep their own archives. You could contact the town of Burgeo. Google for their website. I don’t know what they would have but they may point you in the right direction. Many people have been looking into John Matthews, so there’s probably been lots of inquiries.

      1. Thank you… yes I noticed

  31. I am trying to find info on a Mary Stevenson. She married an Aubrey Clarke.

    1. Hi William, sorry, I can’t find anything on Mary Stevenson other than a birthdate of 1860, Heart’s Delight, and death date 1944 in North Sydney, Cape Breton. I had their son Richard in my database but not his parents’ first names, so thank you.

    2. Hi. This is extremely late but did you ever find information on Mary Stevenson/Aubrey Clarke. My research indicates that Mary was the (possibly) sister of my Great Grandmother Maria Stephenson. She was the daughter of Joseph Stephenson and Rebecca Hibbs. I’ve got a Nova Scotia registry from 1934 of Mary registering her birth in Cape Breton as well as a registry of their daughter Rebecca’s birth form a 1944 entry. I was hoping you may have other information.
      Shawn Boland

  32. Hi there,
    I am looking for information on my great-grandfather. His name is Martin Surette from Newfoundland. Unfortunately, I do not have anymore information that that.
    He was married to Abagail Mathilda Mitsuk who was born on Jan 28, 1933 and died January 26, 1996. They have a daughter named Shiela Surette who was born on Dec 23, 1958.
    None of my family members have any information on these family members. What I know is what I have found online so far. I have been looking for months and just came across your website- I thought I would see if you could help.
    Information that I need is: Date of birth, place of birth, date of death and permanent residence.

    No one else is able to provide me information and I hope you are able to help 🙂
    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi Amelie, I have some Surettes but none that match up with Martin. I did find Abigail Mitsuk in the Nfld census. In case you haven’t seen it, here it is, from Nfld Grand Banks site. 1935 census Hopedale, Labrador: Abia Mitsuk (head age 35), Mary Ann Mitsuk (wife age 29), Susan Frances (daughter age 6), Abigail Matilda (daughter age 1), Harry Benjamin (son age 8 mos), John Eric Webb (wife’s son age 9 yrs). I don’t know if Webb is Mary Ann’s birth name or that of a previous husband, but it’s a lead.

      1945 census Hopedale – Cape Harrison to Cape Harrigan: Abia Mitruk 47 yrs, born Hopedale, Mary Ann Mitruk 40 yrs, born Nain, Susin 17 yrs, Henry B. 12 yrs, Chesley 8 yrs, Millicent 6 yrs, Augusta 4 yrs, Ruth S. C. 1 yr, Abigail 14 yrs. Notice the change in spelling. There is a note at top, from the original, that the people listed here were living in canvas tents, were identified as Indian, and living in this spot only in summer.

      I can’t find anything more than that so hope this is a bit of help. Maybe another reader will know more.

    2. Amelie
      I have some info on Shiela Surette , I dont want to write it here but fel free to email me at


    3. I am Sheila’s sister. Feel free to email me, and I will put you in touch with her. Admin here has my permission to give you my email address.

  33. Hi Dorothy – This is a reply to your Jan. message – I also have a new email address.

    Ralph Vincent was the husband of Violet Bursey (Bussey) b.1907 in St Leonards, NFLD They had two children that I know of – Carl Vincent (historian and author living in Ottawa & Marilyn Kathleen Foss Vincent Rideout who was born in Gander in 1942. He worked as a teacher in Musgrave Harbour in NFLD . Violet Bursey’s parents were William John Bussey (1879-1963) and Agnes A Pilgrim (1875-1948) – both died in St Lunaire, NFLD.

    1. Hi Jackie, thanks for the extra information on Ralph Vincent and Violet Bursey. But I still can’t find anything more on them, sorry! If I do, I’ll let you know and maybe someone reading can help out.

  34. Good Day Dorothy,
    My name is Sean and I am originally from Georgetown, NL (now Cornerbrook). I was adopted to Americans at the age of 4 and have since made a wonderful reunion over the years with many family members. So in tracing my ancestry I run into this snag: My grandmother was Margaret Benoit (Bennett after 1921 census) b:Nov 9,1921 in NL and married to Leander Humber, her father was Albert Benoit b: Oct 1887 in NL and married to Anastacia Wells( their children were Margaret, Viola, Mary, Elizabeth,Cecila, Medrick, Andrew all b: NL)Alberts father was William Benoit b:March 1861 in Cape Breton (as per 1921 NL census and family oral history) and married Susannah Payne b:June 1869 NL and their marriage was performed at Trout River , St. Barbe NL (Their children were Albert, William, John, Andrew, Amelia all born in the Bay of Islands, NL) So here is the snag, I have had no luck so far with finding anything on William in Cape Breton or Nova Scotia, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

    1. Hi Sean, on William Benoit and Susannah Payne’s marriage record, it says he is the son of John Benoit, fisherman, and that he is “of Chimney Cove”. Sorry, I can find nothing more on the Cape Breton or Bonne Bay side. Maybe someone reading can help out?


      2. This is a John Beniot from Northern Peninsula area….specifically, Cow Head and St. Paul’s. I have lots of info on them.

        1. Hi Mildred Do you have any information on the Companion family ( John Prosper Companion or Marie Brake) ?

        2. Hi Mildred. Can you provide any information on William son of John who married Suzanna Payne? The 1921 census does state that William was born in Cape Breton but I dont see anything to support that he was the son of John Benoit and Mary Ann Hutchings as many trees online indicate.

      1. Hello ok this person has been given the wrong INFO he needs to go to WESTERN HEALTH IN CORNER BROOK NFLD

        1. Hello Colette, I am very interested in any info you could provide regarding William (1) and Susanna Benoit and in particular Williams parents. My grand-father was born in Georgetown to William (2) and Alice Benoit. William (2) was the son of William (1) and Susanna just as your grandfather Albert was.

          I have conflicting information with regards to Williams (1) father being John Benoit, son of Sebastian.

    2. Several generations of William and Susannah’s family appear on the free genealogy website
      William’s father, John (b. 1833); his father Nicholas (b. 1805) buried Black Duck Brook; his father Francois (b. 1764 Faulkland Islands) m. Anne (Mi’kmaq?) b. St. George’s Bay c 1771, bur. Benoit’s Cove c 1821.

  35. Would Ralph Vincent, the husband of Violet Bursey, b. 1907 in St Leonards, be a member of the MI’KMAQ community in Newfoundland. I am working on a Bursey Family Tree.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Jackie, could you give me some more information on Ralph or Violet, parents or children? I feel I should know them but can find nothing. If I can’t help, maybe someone reading this can. Thanks.

  36. Hi Dorothy, wondering if you have any info on John Knott and Lucy Knott (poole) from harbour le cou Newfoundland I am wondering their kids names and any other info, thanks!

    1. Hi Chris, I have John Robert Knott (b Dec 1885 Brazils NL, d Aug 1938 Sydney River, Cape Breton) as son of Thomas Knott (1862-1934 Isle aux Morts) and Susanna Green (1860 Hunt’s Is. NL – 1953 North Sydney, Cape Breton). His wife, Lucy Poole (b Sep 1893 Isle aux Morts) was d/o John Poole (1865-1938) and Elizabeth Jane. I have 8 kids for John and Lucy (all those with birth dates born in Isle aux Morts): Elizabeth Jean b 1912, Laura b 1914, Susanna b 1917 d 2009 Antigonish, Maude b 1919, Randell b 1934 d 1979 Sydney Cape Breton, Eileen, Lillian, Wilson. Hope this helps!


    1. Hi Linda, a couple things I found, not sure if accurate though. Charlotte Young, b 1839 d 1893 Cape Anguille, marr George Read, b 1825 Codroy d 1870 Codroy, with daughter Mary Ann, b 1858 Codroy d 1934 Codroy Pond, marr Reuben Kendall. Maybe another daughter Sarah Read, b 1864 d 1942. I can’t find parents for Charlotte or George.

      I found another Charlotte, b 1832 Codroy, so same time period. Can’t find a husband, but her parents might be James Young and Elizabeth Gallop. James was s/o Francois LeJeune, 1766-1818, and Marthe LeJeune, 1864-1818, both from Cape Breton. The two Charlottes may not be the same person. Maybe someone reading this can help!

      1. Charlotte Young who married George Read in Codroy was the daughter of James Young and Elizabeth Gallop. Charlotte was born in 1832 in Codroy. Her father, James Young, was the son of John Young and Catherine Poole. This family moved from Fortune to Codroy about 1831 along with other English relatives from the Gallop and Moore families.

        1. Canmod James Young and Elizabeth Gallop had a daughter Catherine baptised in Codroy in 1834. Can you share any info you might have on Catherine.

    2. I have information on Charlotte Young. She was the daughter of James Young and Elizabeth Gallop. Elizabeth was the daughter of William Gallop and Mary Kearley. While I can’t find information on James Young yet, I haven’t found any information leading me to believe that Elizabeth Gallop had any native roots.

  38. Dorothy, I am looking for information on the Pilgrim family. My GF henry Pilgrim’ s parents were William and Elizabeth. I can’t find Elizabeth’s maiden name. William had a second wife Ann and I don’t have anything on her as well.
    any help is greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Frank, I found William Pilgrim and Elizabeth but with no more info than her first name. Searching online, I read that William’s parents were William M. Pilgrim (b 1814) and Dianna Hollett (b 1818) and that William and Elizabeth had a son Henry b Jul 1866 Flower’s Cove.

      On Ancestry trees, I came across a William Henry Pilgrim (abt 1863-1956) s/o William Pilgrim and Isabella Freake.No more info than that. I wondered if William Henry might be the same person as Henry b 1866. I’ve often come across Isabella as a variation of Elizabeth. That’s just speculation on my part, I have nothing more solid on any of them.

      1. Just happened on to your site and wondering if you have any info on my GGG Henry (Harry) Norman supposedly born in the Clark’s Beach area around 1850 and ended up on Horse Islands, married Mariah Foster, had 16 kids and died in Pacquet.

        1. Hi William, I have nothing on them. But, googling, found them on Ancestry and a family tree, with children listed. On Ancestry, his parents are named as William Norman and Patience Dawe. There’s another wife named too – Henrietta Cornelius Hierlihy. She also appears on a forum “Burtons in Newfoundland” as married to Henry Norman Oct 29, 1887 in St. John’s. That’s all I could find. Maybe someone reading will be able to add more.

  39. My Great, Great, Great, Great, Great, Great GrandParents are Ralph Brake of Yetminister Dorsetshire England Born March 30 1760
    Died May 4 1841 (BayOfIslandsNLCanada)

    I applied for my status back in Nov 28 2012, submitted all required info, but haven’t heard a thing?! Any help would do!

    1. Hi Richard, you would have to contact the Qalipu band office or Indian Affairs to see what’s happening with your application.

  40. Hello Dorothy, I was wondering if you had anything on William Crant and Rebecca MacDonald ….they were married August 5th 1883 and I think Rebecca may be the daughter of Mary Neil of Conne River. Mary was born about 1820. Also anything you may have on a connection to the ” Hinks” family would be helpful.
    Thank you

    1. Hi Sharon, I have Rebecca McDonald b. abt 1860 in Bay d’Espoir d. 9 Nov 1918 Gaultois, daughter of James McDonald, b abt 1815 Gaultois, and Mary Ann Neil, b 1826 Furby’s Cove d. 30 Oct 1903 Gaultois. Mary Ann was d/o Peter Neil and Rebecca, who also had children Rebecca, Peter, Stephen, Charles and Elizabeth. James McDonald’s father was also named James, his mother unknown.

      Rebecca’s husband William Crant was b 18 Feb 1854 in Swanger’s Cove and d. 25 Dec 1919 in St. Alban’s. He was son of William Crant and Hannah Hynes (married abt 1850). Hannah was born about 1825 in Conne River but I don’t know her parents. William, Hannah’s husband, was b. 1825 Wreck Cove d 1903 Gaultois and was son of Robert Crant, b abt 1773 d 27 Feb 1853 Hr Breton, and Elizabeth, b 1785 d 1851 Bay d’Loup.

      That’s all I have, and I don’t see a Hinks connection. Hope this helps some. Oops, adding something I just found. I have William and Rebecca’s son William J Crant, b Oct 1902 St. Alban’s d 1972, married “Marie (Benoit) Hinks” b Conne River. But the name came from someone else’s database and there are no parents for her.

      1. james mcdonald if it s the one who was born in 1886 his mother would be alice gun . my grandmother . i am not sure if her name was alice bridget gun or bridge was her mother’s name which would be my great grandmother. please let me know ok?

        1. Hi Alice. I don’t have Alice or Bridget Gun, sorry. I have a lot of James McDonalds but none showing a birthdate of 1886. The one here would have been much earlier, about 1815. There could be a connection between them, though, but I haven’t found it. Maybe someone reading can help out, so thanks for writing.

        2. hi. i believe James McDonald my grandfather born around 1881 or 1888 and married alice gunn. also my great grandfather was also james mcdonald who married a brideget ? and she died in childbirth i believe and he married a mary ann ? I am not sure of the last name . i am wondering if my great great grandfather was a george mcdonald who married a walsh?
          my father was george mcdonald born 1929 in gambo nfld

      2. Also looking for information regarding same family heritage

        FATHER: Frank King
        GRANDMOTHER: Bessie King (FUDGE)
        GREAT G-MOTHER:Hannah Fudge (Crant)
        G.G. Grandmother Hannah Crant (Hynes)
        G.G.G Grandmother Hannah Hynes 1825(W of William Crant)
        Looking for information on Hannah Hynes Conne River 1825?

    2. Are Rebecca McDonald and William Crant of Mi’kmaq ancestry? Thanks for any information

      1. Hi Tom, I have Rebecca as born abt 1860 in Bay d’Espoir, died 1918 Gaultois, d/o James McDonald (b abt 1815 Gaultois) and Mary Ann Neil (b 1826 Furby’s Cove, d 1903 Gaultois). I have James’ father as James McDonald and no info on his mother, and Mary Ann’s parents as Peter Neil and Rebecca.

        I have Rebecca’s husband as Henry WILLIAM Crant, b 1854 Swanger Cove, d 1919 Conne River, s/o William Crant (1825 Wreck Cove- 1903 Gaultois) and Hannah Hynes (b abt 1825 Conne River). Williams parents were Robert Crant (abt 1773-1853 Hr Breton) and Elizabeth (1785-1851 Bay d’Loup). That information came from the database of a member of the Crant family. But I have no more info than that. Hope it helps.

      2. I am quite sure Hannah HYNES was Mi’kmaq. . .

  41. there was a lady named kathy who made a post last year about her great grandfather james ryan from turks gut and moved to port saunders…that is my fieonce’s great great grandfather and i was wondering if she had any other information on the family tree we are very interested in learning anything we can.

    1. Hi Kristina, I’ve just emailed your question and email address to Kathy. (Whoops, it bounced back – we’ll hope she sees your comment here.)

    2. Kristina…..I’m from Port Saunders…got some info you’re looking for….contact me at

    3. James Ryan did settle in Port Saunders. Many of his descendants are still here today.

  42. Just wanting to provide some information for the family tree. William Jesse Lavers born 1906 was my maternal grandfather. My grandmother Dorothy Euphemia Pye and my grandfather were to be married as she was pregnant with my mother. There was a dispute over religion and the wedding didn’t happen. My grandmother spent the winter in Port Saunders with a Mrs. House. My mother was born April 28, 1941 in Port Saunders. My grandmother returned to Cape Charles , Larador in the spring of 1941 on the first boat. She died when my mother was 2 years old with TB. My mother was raised by her Labrador grandparents. She was always aware of who her father was , though she didn’t have a relationship with him. She only saw him once in her life as a teenager. About 16 years ago our family in Port Saunders reached out to us, and we re-established some connections.

    My father is not listed on my mothers birth records , but I would like to have this recorded that he was our grandfather. As you know squabbles over religion are not nearly as common today and there is way more tolerance for differences.

    I do believe my grandfather married later in life but had no other biological children.

    Please contact me if you require further information. I have a picture of me taken at his gravesite in Port Saunders where I go to visit every summer.

    1. Hi Dorothy, I have a William Jesse Lavers born 1865 in Port aux Choix married to Elizabeth Jane Hynes, with Robert and Josephine as children. But I’m guessing he’s your Wm Jesse’s dad? I don’t have your grandmother Pye. Who were her parents? Thanks very much for this.

  43. Hi Dorothy
    I would like to update my mother’s place on the genealogy chart if possible.
    She is the descendant of Sherlock Lavers and Minnie Simyard(Sinyard).

    Henry Young (Lejeune)/Suzanne Duffney(Duffenias)
    Amelia Marie Young(LeJeune)/Alban Lavers
    Arthur Thomas Lavers/
    Sherlock Thomas Lavers/Minnie Simyard(Sinyard)
    Harvey Lavers
    Jeanette Lavers(Janes)
    Sherlock Lavers (Jr.)
    Brendan Lavers/Mary Feltham
    James Lavers/Shirley Feltham
    Helen Lavers/Leslie Humphrey
    Patina Lavers/Alex Pearce
    Paula Lavers
    Sandra Humphrey/Walter Wells
    Ashley Wells
    Ryan Wells
    Richelle Wellls
    Leslie Humphrey/Paula Bennett
    Dion Humphrey/Lori Rumboldt
    June Lavers(Orford)
    Velma Lavers/Gary Bennett

    I can help you update the children of Sherlock/Minnie if you require. Thanks so much. If you require additional information, please let me know. Sandra Wells(nee Humphrey/Lavers family)

    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for the information. I’ve put it in my database. One question – are Patina, Paula, June and Velma sisters? I figured out who belonged where for the most part, but am not sure about them.

      1. Patina and Paula Lavers are the dauhters of Helen Lydia (Lavers) Humphrey. June us the younger sister of Helen and Velma is the youngest sister of Helen and youngest child of Sherlock and Minnie

    2. Margaret Lavers daughter of Amelia and Alban was my great great grandmother, she married Michael Supple here in Halifax NS (1899). I have since connected with Diane Lavers the great great granddaughter of Sherlock, her father was also named Sherlock.

      1. how wonderful! We are having a family reunion in Deer Lake, July 26-28, 2019 for the descendants of Sherlock Lavers and Minnie Chaulk Sinyard Lavers. We would love to be in contact with Diane Lavers if possible. She is uncle Sherlock (Brud) Lavers and none of us were sure of her whereabouts.

  44. I am originally from St. John’s, N.L. I have been living in Victoria, BC for the past 27 years. My families interest in our ancestry came to an interesting intersection a few years ago in Cook Street village in Victoria. My brother Greg had called me from Toronto one night to tell me he had tracked our heritage to Hermitage Bay, Newfoundland. That was interesting but not conclusive. He profoundly mentioned the name ‘Aquila Francis’; it stuck. A few months later while working in the village incredulously, I encountered an older woman in the house in which I was working. We acknowledged each other with nods from 40 feet away and I was almost knocked over by the intense color of her blue eyes. A shiver went through me like someone had had walked over my grave. We both went on our way and about our own business. I returned the next day – a Friday – and completed my work. As I was about to leave the lady appeared again and asked me if I was from Newfoundland. I confirmed that I was. She asked if my name was Francis. Again I confirmed. She then told me that she was from Newfoundland and her name was Francis. I asked which part of Newfoundland and she said “Hermitage”. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I asked who were her ancestors and the first name off her lips was “Aquila Francis”. I was floored. We spoke excitedly for a while and then I asked if she would speak to my brother in Toronto. She agreed. I called him and they spoke for a half hour or so. When we had to part company that afternoon she asked me to wait for a second while she went to get something. She was probably into her 80’s and she went upstairs and returned some moments later with a Bible. She opened the Bible and produced a deed to the property that Aquila Francis had purchased in – if memory serves me correctly – was dated 1804. I could be wrong on this but that’s what I remember. Sadly, I have lost touch with this lovely lady and don’t know if I could find her or her grandson who was living with her at the time. I will try to find the house again but it has been some 5 or 6 years. You can email me. Hope this helps.

    1. Hi Bill, what a lovely story and thanks for the information on Aquilla Francis. While looking around for Hermitage Francises, I found a blog called A Somerset Family History with an interesting post about the family.

    2. Hello Bill;
      My name is Cliff Augot. I live in Hr. Breton NL about 40 kms from Hermitage.
      My ex-wife’s mother was Irene Francis, descended from Aquila Francis. I have just been working on the family tree for the past few week.
      Just found a few if your comments & am certainly open to contact (

  45. Solved after inquiring with relations in Manitoba and Alaska I got it narrowed down, my Great Great Grandfather Thomas Norris of Witless bay is where I get my Mi’qmac from. 🙂 Figured it wouldn’t hurt to report, as it may help someone else out in the future.

  46. I’d like to know more about Métis-Acadian-Mi’kmaq connections in our extended family. Many of us look native but don’t know our roots. Several of my relatives have status. Our paternal surname: Frontain & maternal: Cottreau-Richard-Mius-Doucet-Surette..back to earliest LeJeune (both sides). These names are mostly Acadian to my ear, but most are from mid-south-eastern Nova Scotia, where I understand there was a wide-spread Mi’kmaq population. There are also ancestors from Cheticamp & PEI.. mostly Deveau..Martin, Mius, Aucoin, Vincent.. Several of my ancestors are documented in the out-of-print book “Métis/Acadian Heritage 1604 to 2004 – Eastern Woodland Métis Nation Nova Scotia” by Roland Surette. A distant cousin is on the cover, Leander Frontain. . I came across your website by web-searching the name on a dated post in genealogy forums by someone named Mildred Lavers. That led me here. She mentions being a cousin of my g-uncle Emile Frontain : . I know it’s a bit of long-shot but thought I’d give it a try to see if she is connected with your group and is the same person who posted. Very happy to have found you. You’re doing some wonderful research. Thank you.

    1. Hi Claude, I believe it’s the same Mildred. I will email her about your comment. I’ve heard of Surette’s book but never seen it. It sounds really useful. The families you mention certainly are very large and complex in their origins. On my Family and Genealogy page, there are links to online genealogies for some of them that might be helpful to you. Thank you for your kind words and for writing.

  47. Thanks Dorothy! One more thing for anyone else who recognizes these names, Maggie Crew was also known as Margaret Carew. Thanks again for looking!

  48. Hello Dorothy,
    I found some additional info on my great great grandparents. I know that we have Mi’kmaq but clueless on whether it is from the Norris/Crew (possibly Carew) from Witless bay or Walsh/Colbert from Bay Bulls side. Any insights?

    They were married in Massachusetts.
    Name: William J Norris (from Witless Bay)
    Event Type: Marriage
    Event Date: 11 Jun 1916
    Event Place: Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, United States
    Gender: Male
    Father’s Name: Thomas Norris
    Mother’s Name: Maggie Crew
    Spouse’s Name: Rose Walsh (from Bay Bulls)
    Spouse’s Father’s Name: Andrew Walsh
    Spouse’s Mother’s Name: Mary Colbert

    Then in 1919 my grandfather William J Norris was born in Boston.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi William, sorry, I have nothing on them. But I hope, with all the info that you’ve kindly provided, that someone reading might be able to help.

    2. What year was your Thomas Norris born? We may be related. I have had DNA done and this name came up.

  49. I have traced my Grandfather’s birth in Boston 1919 to my Great Grandfather William J (possibly Joseph) Norris a dock builder from Witless Bay who with my great grandmother Rose Walsh (remote possibility of a relation to the White family) from Bay Bulls. The Norris line arrived in Newfoundland from either County Cork Ireland or Wales but I am not sure on the year, but I know for sure we married into Mi’kmaq. Not much but, it is half from grandpa’s birth certificate and the other half from grandad telling me while at the wee age of 10, getting it all out before the tobacco cancer took him.


    1. Hi Linda, all I could find was Evangeline Kendall (or Kendell) was born 1879 Codroy, d/o Reuben Kendall (b Feb 1854 d Oct 1940 Codroy) and Mary Reid (b Feb 1854 d Feb 1934 Codroy Pond). Reuben was s/o Samuel Kendall (b 1831 Cul de Sac East) and Ann Donovan. Samuel was s/o John Kendall (b abt 1790, and s/o John K.) and Susanna. For Evangeline’s husband, Benjamin Peddle, I found Nicholas Peddle as his father and two names as his mother – Lavinia Simms (maybe Simmons) and Mary Pynn (maybe Mary Ann). You may already know all that but, if not, I hope it helps in your research.

  51. Hi Dorothy,
    I live in Alberta and have never been to Newfoundland. I’m related to the Rhymes family of Burgeo. I’ve been told that my great, great grandmother was a Mi’kmaq woman named Benoit who was born maybe in the late 1800s at Grandy’s Brook, near Burgeo. Her father’s name was Frank Benoit and her mother’s name was also Benoit and she was, or so I’ve been told, born at White Bear Bay. Can you tell me if this may be true and that I may be of Mi’qmaq ancestry? Thank-you. Jason

    1. Hi Jason, I would need more information to try to track your gggrandmother down, like her first name and her husband’s name and/or children. But the names and places you give would suggest that, yes, they were Mi’kmaq.

    2. Hi Jason. just reading this site and if you go on the Burgeo Past site there is a lot of family history for Essau Rhymes and his wife a micmac . Im pretty sure this is what you will be looking for .
      Sharon Buckland

  52. i have william snook born 1785 in the trinity trinity bay parish baptism records it shows him and wife elanor having children baptised im looking for williams parents maybe i should b looking in the fortune grand banks area records can u help still trying to find john hasker,robert snook,mary,catherene children of robert peckof robert would have married louisa peckham fr francis hr labrador

    1. Hi Roger, I think I found the baptisms you mention. On Nf Grand Banks site, St. Paul’s Anglican 1821 to 1825 baptisms, there are children of William and Eleanor Snook, New Perlican, baptized July 25, 1823 (I think). William, age 6, so b abt 1817 and Elizabeth, age 2?, so b abt 1821. I tried to find either child, but no luck. If anyone reading can help, please do.

  53. k here it is i have a william snook b 1785 new perlican nl everything up tp present day is accurate from decendants of william i am led to beleive that morgan snook of fortune/grand banls married a ann wollridge barnes which is correct they had a robert and morgan morgan drowned but i beleive he had boys to carry up the blood line robert also married and had mary,fanny,robert and john hasker .i am led to beleive that robert of robert was the one whom i decended from and this robert married and had a son robert who married louisse peckham fr francis har labrador she and him are my ggg grandpts i have proven that but beyond then like the robert who had fanny,mary and robert i cant find them,also how can the snooks fr fortune be the decendants of snooks in new perlican,,can u help

    1. Hi Roger, I have nothing on William Snook b 1785. On Morgan, I have him as b 1735 in Dorset, England, d 1818 in Burin Nfld. He was son of Morgan Snook (b 1710 England, marr Susanna) who was s/o Morgan Snook, b 1670, and Mary Chamberlain.

      Morgan Snook III marr Ann Woolridge Barnes, b 1738 in St. Pierre (not sure if the island or in France) d 1818 Grand Bank Nfld. They marr 20 Jan 1756 in Dorset. I found 7 children for them, including Robert and Morgan. Robert was born 1755, can’t find birthplace or his wife, but I found George b 1780, Susanna b 1800, and Benjamin b 1803 as his children. His brother Morgan was b 1760 in St Pierre and Miquelon, d 1806. He marr Grace Thornhill, b 1765 d 1809, and had Morgan (IV) b 1783 St Pierre d 1846 Fortune, Dinah b 1785, Sarah b 1800, Benjamin b 1804, and Jonathan b 1805 Fortune d 1877 Fortune.

      I can’t find anything on Robert’s son Robert marr Louise Peckham, sorry. The information above came from Ancestry trees, so I’m not sure how correct they are but they may give you some avenues to explore.

  54. Hello Dorothy
    I am trying to find a marriage doc on my great grandfather Thomas John Coveyduck ( that has many spellings to that last name) He was born 1881 in newfoundland and he married Sarah Ann Whelan around 1903 or 5 not sure. Sarah was born Aug 3rd 1883. Thomas had 2 other brothers and i think 1 sister. we dont know who Thomas parents are and i have been looking for years on every site still nothing. my great grandfather has been passed since 1964 in Toronto ontario. we have his death records but we need marriage or birth, you are my last hope please help
    Thank you

    1. Hi Karen, I don’t have anything on your Coveyducks or Whelans. I found the marriage listing for Thomas Coveyduck and Sarah Whelan, in Newfoundland Grand Bank’s Brigus United Methodist Church Marriages 1827-1924. Thomas Cobbaduck, of Goulds, and Sarah Whalen, of Turks Gut, married Dec 8 1909.

      Tracking the Coveyducks I have and through googling, I found a Joseph Coveyduck, b 1882, marr Fannie Jane Mugford, b 1 Nov 1874 Juniper Stump. They and children emigrated to Connecticut. I can’t find his parents, but I found them (I think) in the 1935 census for Juniper Stump, Port de Grave district. Joseph is listed as 65, meaning b 1870, and Fannie as age 59, so b 1876. Their younger children are listed in the household, including Thomas aged 12. He is too young to be your Thomas, but I wonder if Joseph and your Thomas might be brothers or at least cousins. I saw one mention of Joseph’s father as James Coveyduck but I can’t get into the family tree.

      Here‘s a site with a whole lot of names in it. You may know it, and I didn’t see any Coveyducks that connected, but at least there are a lot of them listed! If anyone reading can help, please do.

  55. Hello. My mother is from Flat Bay St. George’s. Her name is Mildred Pauline Renoufe. She was born Nov. 16, 1945. That is all I know about her. I was born in 1966 a Murphy, but was adopted when I was young. I live in Cape Broyle, Newfoundland all my life and have been left in the dark as to where I am from and who are my descendants. My mother also had a sister Shirley who married a Norman from Placentia Bay. I believe that there are still living family members and I would like to have contact with them. I just happened on your site by accident and decided to try a shot in the dark. Chris

    1. Hi Chris, I’m sorry but I can find nothing on your Renoufs, either Mildred Pauline or Shirley, in my database or by googling. Maybe somebody reading will be able to help – I hope so!

    2. Not sure if this helps, but there are Renoufs lliving at Robinsons, which is not far from St Georges. and they have been there since the mid 1850’s. Would be some of the same group.

  56. Honestly I reviewed it before I sent it – but in the rush to add the addendum – another mistake. My great grandmother’s maiden name was Mahar.

  57. Dorothy,
    First of all I want to say thank you. I am quite certain the searching tips you have provided will help me immensely. I do believe from reviewing the posts here that at least two other people have made similar inquiries but I’ll put the information out there and something may turn up this time. Someone in the family has already found the information (so its out there somewhere) but they are not sharing. My great grandfather was James Ryan (reported born in 1851 and in a 1921 census reported to have been born in March of 1850) in Turks Gut NL. He died on January 22, 1941. My great grandmother Agnes Ryan (reported to have been born in 1857 however 1921 census reports her to have been born in March 1860) in Port au Choix. Various other documents indicate she might have actually been born in Bird Cove. She died on September 22, 1935. I do not know when or where they were married. My grandmother’s baptismal certificate says she was born in King’s Cove 7-Sep-1898, and baptized 16-Apr-1899 by Revered P.W. Brown of the Parish of the Holy Family. The 1921 census indicates that a subsequent sibling Felix was born in Port Saunders in 1901. Any information regarding the family beyond 1900 reports them living in Port Saunders. Okay – after all that – what I am looking for are the parents of my great grandmother Agnes. There is additional information however I have gone on quite long enough. I would be so appreciative of any information you could provide and/or if you could just point me in the right direction. (Mom’s been trying to do this research by snail mail for years – it would be great if I could help her out)

    1. Hi Kathy, thanks for your kind words. I hope the search hints help you because I’m afraid I can’t. I don’t have them in my database and all I could find through searching was the 1935 census for Port Saunders where I think James and Agnes are listed, with grandson Lawrence. Felix, maybe their son, is listed with his family, and John and family, maybe also a son. Looking for Agnes as Mahar, Maher and Meagher did not turn up anything either. If I, or anyone reading, finds anything more, I’ll post it here.

    2. Hi Kathy. I’m looking for the same info. If you are still active please email me

  58. I’m very interested in your website. There is debate as to whether or not I have Mi’kmaq in my lines – I have Hache-Gallant ancestors. I will read all that you have on your site, as it might give me a clue. My ancestors came from NB, though. Anyway, terrific site! Cheers!

    1. Hi Jon, I just found another Hache-Gallant site (here) and I added it to the links on my Nf. Mi’kmaq Family History and Genealogy page. I saw on the site that there is a family reunion this weekend, Aug. 16th, in Kedgewick NB. All your questions would be answered there, I’m sure! Aside from that, however, the website has a lot of information. For the Mi’kmaq connection, look for Pierre Larche in Ancestry in Family History section (menu on left). Also look at the other links I have for Gallant and PEI (Nf Mi’kmaq Fam History and Gen page). Thanks, and good luck!

    2. Yes Hache-gallant Often has micmac belonging

  59. I am trying to find information on my great-grandfather George Ingram who was born sometime in the 1820’s in or around Gaultois in Hermitage Bay. He moved to Harbour Buffett probably in the late 1840’s where he married my great-grandmother Frances Reid. I know that they had two sons, my grandfather Henry Ingram 1851-1935, and another son George Ingram. I have not heard of any other family members. George was a member of the Church of England and the parish headquarters was probably in Hermitage. I heard that there were three brother, one remained in the area of Gaultois and the other moved to Burgeo.

    1. Hi Moses, I don’t have George Ingram married to Frances Reid. Lots of other ones, and a few Henrys. Who did sons Henry and George marry?

  60. Thanks Dorothy. I see that Megan has the same interest, so please make sure she sees this too!

  61. Dorothy, back in Sept 2012 you had some correspondence with Trent Dominie regarding Aquila Francis. This looks like it is someone from my family back in Somerset, England. You may like to pass this on to Trent if you can along with my email address.

    I have no direct info on the first Aquila, but I have an ancestor Alfred Francis born 1829 to Jonas and Mary FRANCIS Ditcheat, Somerset.

    In 1881 census in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Alfred has living with him Aquila FRANCIS, Nephew, 20, Newfoundland Hermatra Cove (presumably a mispelling, but if you know of such a place I would love to know).

    In 1891 census Aquila seems to have married his cousin, and been back to Newfoundland in the intervening years:

    Heneritta FRANCIS, Daur 29 M Dress Maker Shepton Mallett.
    Aquilla FRANCIS Son in Law 31 M Plate Layer on line Newfoundland Hermitage Bay.
    Jonas P FRANCIS Grandson 7 Newfoundland Hermitage Bay
    Ernest F FRANCIS Grandson 9 Shepton Mallett

    1. Hi Derek, I’ve sent your message on to Trent. Thanks for the information. Best I can think about Hermatra Cove is that Hermitage Bay is meant.

    2. Dear Derek,
      This is interesting but strange. I have found Alfred Francis from Hermitage and his son John Thomas Francis is my great grandfather. He was a fisherman and also mi’kmaq (at least in the census). There was Aquila as well in there somewhere. It’s hard to believe how it all connects. Maybe there was two Francis families with similar names during that time period but that would also be strange. Anyway, would be interesting to look into further.

  62. Hello Dorothy, First of all i’d like to thank you for all the time and work you put into this. I have some information on my mom’s side of the family am also looking on her dad’s side. I’m looking for a connection to MI’kmag maybe around the Conne river area. My GGgrandfather John Hinks married a woman named Mary Neil from Conne river..He was born about 1823 and she 1820.
    Here id the other info on the Crant side of my Moms family.
    Thomas CRANT was born ABT. 1808 in Gaultois, NF, and died 1869 in Burgeo, NF. He was the son of ? Crant. he married Martha FOOTE was born ABT. 1810 in Gaultois, NF, and died 1868 in Burgeo, NF. She was the daughter of John FOOTE and Jane McDONALD.

    Children of Martha FOOTE and Thomas CRANT are:
    i. William CRANT was born 1837 in Gaultois, NF, and died 1866 in Burgeo, NF.

    ii. Catherine CRANT was born 1839 in Gaultois, NF. She married John STRICKLAND 29 JUN 1864 in Lwr. Burgeo, NF, son of Henry STRICKLAND and Sarah SKEARD. He was born ABT. 1838 in Lwr. Burgeo, NF.

    iii. Thomas CRANT was born AUG 1841 in Gaultois, NF. He married Rosannah NORTHCOTT, daughter of Valentine NORTHCOTT and Elizabeth McDONALD. She was born 1848 in Gaultois, NF. He married Mary CLARKE ABT. 1861.

    iv. John CRANT was born 1842 in Gaultois, NF.(1st) He married Matlida SWIFT.(2nd) He married Bridget McDONALD 21 MAY 1875 in Gaultois, NF, daughter of James McDONALD and Mary NEIL. She was born ABT. 1845 in Gaultois, Nl

    1. Hi Sharon. I have a John Hinks born 1865 in Dragon and Jane Annie (Nancy) Drew, born 1869 McCallum died Conne River. But they are much later than yours and I don’t have a Mary Neil married to John Hinks. I can’t find a connection between the two, but maybe a reader will help us. Thanks for your kind words and the Crant info.

    2. sharon, Catherine Crant was my g grandmother ,she was married to my g grandfather John Strickland Burgeo. Henry Strickland was his 1st cousin. catherine was born in Gaultois NL. i just thought you might like to get it right. I do think they may have had a native con ection as they were of the catholic faith & my g grandmother baptism was among other Micmac baptisms. I just can’t find out for sure

      1. Ý5sharon, Catherine Crant was my g grandmother ,she was married to my g grandfather John Strickland Burgeo. Henry Strickland was his 1st cousin. catherine was born in Gaultois NL. i just
        thought you might like to get it right. I do think they may have had a native con ection as they were of the catholic faith & my g grandmother baptism was among other Micmac baptisms. I just can’t find out for sure

        1. Hello! I’m looking for information on Catherine Crant as well, she was my great great great grandmother!

  63. Hello Dorothy,

    I think it is really great and I respect the time that you spent answering all of the comments! Maybe you can publish a heritage book in the future with all the family information you have collected. Really wonderful work!

    I stumbled across this web site whilst looking for information on my great-great grandfather Aquila Francis and my great grandfather John Thomas Francis of St. Alban’s and Hermitage area. I am wondering if you had found anymore information or where the unsourced information came from, from your response to Trent Dominie. Also, I would not mind making contact with Trent as he may be an unknown distant relative of mine. The following is the original comment from Trent and your response. Anything would be much appreciated as it appears to be some blanks when it comes to my grandmothers past.

    Trent Dominie says:
    September 3, 2012 at 8:47 pm
    Hi Dorothy,
    I’m was wondering if you had any information on aquila francis and his son john thomas francis who lived in hermitage, fortune bay.

    Dorothy says:
    September 10, 2012 at 1:00 pm
    Hi Trent, here is what I have on Aquila Francis: b 1814 d 1905, no parents ent’d but sibs Rebecca, Alfred and William. I have 3 wives for Aquilla: Mary Warren marr 1844, Mary Morris marr 1846 and Martha Herritt marr 1857. As children of Aquilla and Martha, I have Jane b 1852 Grole, Aquilla b 5 Dec 1858, Elizabeth b 10 Jan 1860, Philip b 16 Sep 1861, John Thomas b 18 Dec 1864, Matthew Herritt b 1868, Benjamin William b 3 Jul 1872. I have son John Thomas Francis marr 13 Sep 1888 to Edith Rose b Dec 1866 d/o Benjamin Rose and Eleanor Framp b 1833 d/o William Framp, b 1784 Somerset England, and Rebecca Rose d/o James Rose and Charlotte. This info came from someone else’s database and I have no sources. Hope it helps.

    1. Hi Megan and thank you very much. I haven’t found anything more on your and Trent’s Francis family yet. Maybe seeing the info again will jog a memory and someone will post something that will help. I can pass your email address on to Trent if you’d like – just let me know.

      1. Dear Dorothy,
        Thank-you for the information. I have since discovered that Alfred is likely my g.g. Grandfather. I was trying to trace the tree back to Pictou, NS as I read that is where there are many Francis’ come from. I remember after I wrote, I could no longer find this webpage and stumbled upon it again! The family Tree all seems mysterious. My g.grandfather John Thomas had claimed he was Mi’kmaw in the census. This is the only record I could find. I have heard of stories about his mom or grandmother had died and they froze her body so that she could be buried with her people in Conne river. Anyway I just wanted to say thanks again. And maybe we will cross paths someday!

  64. Hi There, we are looking for information on our ancestors whom we believe are part of the Newfoundland Mi’kmaq. We didn’t recieve any information about this possibility until the death of same family members and research that resulted upon their passings- this is a piece of copied text from my uncles search as far back at 2006 ” hi i am checking on the marche family and the alexander familes great grandfather was edward marche and great grand mother was adelaide (alexander) marche, birth abt.1849 they had several children and 1 of them was my grand father joseph arthur march and his birth was 1882 bay st. georges nfld. and i do from they where st. georges nfld.would like to find out if they were mi’kmaq”- since this note we have batismal information and birth certificates etc that put the families in port au port and bay st. georges can you provide any additonal information on the names mentioned or guide us in our search? we appreciate any information you can assist with.

    1. Hi Mark, I’d suggest looking at Jasen Benwah’s sites (links on Nf Mi’kmaq Family Hist and Gen page) and joining Bay St. George Genealogy Society in order to have access to their large Marche family tree. Also look at the LeJeune links I give, including Bras d’Or Indian Village site.

      Edward (or Edouard Urbain) Marche, b 5 May 1834 Red Island Cap St. George, was s/o Jean Marie Marche (b 1800 Little Bras d’Or, Cape Breton, d 11 Nov 1859 Bay St. George) and Marie Marthe LeJeune (b abt 1803 Little Bras d’Or, d 8 Nov 1859 Stephenville Crossing, Bay St. George). Jean Marie Marche was s/o Jean Joseph March (b abt 1758 France, d aft 1818 Boularderie, Cape Breton) and Marie Theotiste Babin. Marie Marthe LeJeune was d/o James Christophe LeJeune (b 1779 Little Bras d’Or d 25 Feb 1872 S’ville Crossing) and Catherine Jesseau (Jesso) b 1778 St Pierre. James Christopher LeJeune’s parents were Christophe (Jean-Christophe) LeJeune (b 1740 Annapolis Royal NS, d aft 1818) and Louise-Marguerite Hache dit Gallant (b 3 Mar 1737 PEI, d bef 1818). His wife, Catherine Jesseau, was d/o Jean Jesseau (b 1744 St Pierre, d 1800 Little Bras d’Or) and Marie Anne Fournier (b 1754 Quebec, d 27 Jun 1843 Little Bras d’Or)

      Edward Marche’s wife Adelaide Alexander was b abt 1849, d/o Jean Marie Alexander (b 1799 France, d 18 Jan 1886 BSG) and Julie Marie LeJeune (b 1817 Cape Breton). Jean Marie Alexander was s/o Jean Marie Alexander (b abt 1774 Cape Breton) and Annette L’Official (b 1774). Julie Marie LeJeune was b 1817 Cape Breton, sister of Marie Marthe LeJeune (above).

      All these lines, especially L’Official and Hache (aka Gallant), are connected to Mi’kmaq families. There is much more info than I can give here in the sites I mention above. When you get back that far, it’s not always clear who exactly is son of whom, so you’d want to verify what I have included here but it’s something for you to start with. Good luck!

  65. Dorothy, I have seen on Vicki Carroll’s site that Henry pilgrim, my grandfather was the son of William and Elizabeth Pilgrim. according to Vicki, Elizabeth was Micmac. However, I haven ‘t been able to get into contact with her to validate the information.Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Frank, sorry but I don’t have anything on William Pilgrim marr Elizabeth. I looked for Pilgrim sites and couldn’t find Vicki Carroll’s. I did find info on George Pilgrim, 1836-1898 St. Anthony.

  66. Hello, Dorothy, I am trying to find info on my Great grandmother Lucy Sheppard, she mother to my grandfather Ralph Joesph Macdonald, who are Mikmaq Indians. I was unable to find anything on Ralph’s father,who I was told was a Judge in Nfld. I would love any info you can find. Thank You Della

    1. Hi Della, I don’t have anything on Ralph Joseph Macdonald. I have a Lucy Sheppard b 1913 and a Lucy Maude Sheppard b 1844 but no husbands or children for either of them. Maybe a reader can help?

  67. Hello Dorothy,
    I just noticed while doing some of my own research that Cindy wrote you in March 8, 2013 about Mary Allen and George Vivian. These are relatives of mine. I have some information but I am looking to obtain as much as possible. To my knowledge Mary Allen is from Nova Scotia and I believe her father is George Allen. They are also believed to be of Mi’kmaq descendant. They are my Great Great Grandparents. They had a son named Henry Vivian of Greenspond who was married to Martha Oldford. His son was Arthur Vivian who was married to Lucy Wheeler of Greenspond. Im looking to speak to anyone else who has further information or anything to add to what I already know. Thanks

    1. Hi Jean, I have a Martha Dalton Oldford, b 1927 d 1991, d/o John Oldford and Belinda Canning (Bonavista Bay and Gambo). But I have her married to George Stanley Dennis (BOI) so I don’t know if she’s connected to yours or not. I can’t anything on the Allens or Vivians you and Cindy name. If you have dates, they might help me or anyone reading this.

      1. Dorothy,
        This Martha Dalton Oldford was daughter of John Oldford and Belinda Canning. John Oldford was the brother to my Great Grandfather Lemuel Oldford..from Eastport aka Salvage Bay…Their father was Benjamin Oldford and Mother was Elizabeth Ralph..
        May I ask what other information you might have on Martha and the Oldford family.. I have Martha being born in 1909.
        Also, do you have any information on Alfreda Richards from Bareneed, Conception Bay who married Richard Janes and Walter Gillingham.. She is laid to rest in Kings Point …she is my great great grandmother…

        1. Hi Ed, I have the same as you on Martha Oldford’s parents and have her birthdate as 3 May 1909 in Eastport, death 13 Nov 1991 in Bay of Islands. Thanks for telling me about Lemuel Oldford. I don’t have him in my database. However, I also have nothing on Alfreda Richards or her husbands. Sorry!

  68. ty first for you help,,,im going to find out if anyone know where mondella gilliam brown is buried,,,she was married 1st to my dad chester brown,and died,,,i know she d/o charles gillam and sarah jane legge,who was sarah jane parents ,please and ty

  69. Hi Dorothy,
    I hope you can help. Fast run down, my husband, John Young, … his Father, Dominic Young, born November 2, 1899 in CAPE RAY, his father, Dominic Young, Born Feb 11, 1872, Cape Ray, His Parents Dominic Young and Sarah Parks. I can find nothing on this last set of parents. Who their parents were or where they were from. The second Dominic had a brother William and John and a sister Mary and a Sarah Jane. DNA tests do show Mi’kmaq. Thank you for anything you can come up with.

    1. Hi Glynis, I have the 1st Dominic and wife Sarah Parks as both born abt 1849 and married 9 Aug 1869, from the St. Anne’s RC records, Codroy. But their parents are not named. Doing a quick search, I see people looking for the same info as you are, but nobody with an answer. Maybe someone reading here can help? Thanks for the info on their son Dominic and daughter Mary. I had their other kids but not those two.

  70. Good afternoon

    I am trying to trace my roots. My mothers fathers name was Ches Lavers from Port Saunders and he had a nephew who drowned just a year or two ago, a Howard Lavers from the same area.. Why I need this information is that we are planning on trying to apply for Qalipu status Indian.. Any information that you could provide would be much apprecaited. thanks in advance

    1. Hi Lorna, I’ve looked for your Lavers and can’t find anything. If you have any other information, you could post it here. If I can’t help, maybe somebody reading this can. Thanks for writing.

  71. Looking for connection Elizabeth Organ to Michael and Sarah (Matthews)
    Organ. Elizabeth was born we think in Brazils, N.L. (about 5 miles from Rose Blanche) in about 1840. Mary was also mentioned. Elizabeth’s husband William Parsons may have been born in England or Petites, N.L.
    I am up in age and want to do the genealogy before I lose more of my memory. Does anyone have pictures of the family, a copy of of Bible records, birth or death record, etc. that can be scanned and sent to me by e-mail. I appreciate any help. One of the people looking for info is 90.

    1. Hi Carol, I didn’t have Elizabeth as d/o Michael Organ and Sarah Matthews, but after some looking, I found one family tree on Ancestry that included her as their daughter. It says she was born 25 Apr 1841 Brazils, marr William Parsons, born abt 1840 (place not given) died 1873 Burgeo. Their children are listed as Robert, died Glace Bay NS, John Henry, b 1854, Elizabeth Jane, b 26 Jan 1865 Petites d abt 1925 North Sydney NS, Edward, b 14 Nov 1866 Burgeo d 31 May 1940 Burgeo, Jane Ann, b 16 Aug 1868 Sandy Point, and George William, b 3 Aug 1873 Burgeo. That’s all I found, hope it helps some. Thanks for writing.

  72. Hi Pauline, I received your email, and replied. 🙂
    I didn’t get a bounce back from the one I originally sent–could it be gone to “Junk”? Posting here in case you don’t receive it.

  73. Ms. Anger, could you please pass along my email address again to Elizabeth. Would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  74. Hi Elizabeth, haven’t received any email from you. If you wish, look for me on Facebook. My name there is Pauline Tessier. Would love to get in touch with you.

  75. Hi Elizabeth

    Just a quick note, I am waiting for your email.


  76. Hi Pauline,
    Dorothy has kindly passed along your email and I have messaged you; looking forward to hearing from you!

  77. Hello Elizabeth

    Elizabeth, You and I share the same ancestry. The Elizabeth that you mentioned above is Elizabeth Legge who married William Park. The Elizabeth spoken about by Ms. Anger above is quite probably Elizabeth (Joe) Blanchard. This is not our Elizabeth. Elizabeth Legge was the daughter of George Legge and Catherine Darrigan. It is their daughter Sarah, our g grandmother who married James Joyce. If Ms. Anger wishes to pass along my email address to you, I will be more than happy to share what I know and have. We have a very interesting history.

    1. Hi Pauline, I will let Elizabeth know. Thanks for the clarification on the Elizabeth question.

    2. Please email me at I too am interested in elizabeth legge wife of William Park. Their son George Willis is where my husband descends. Trying to write descendents for them. Any help appreciated. Willing to help fill in George Willis park.

  78. Hi Dorothy,
    I am looking for information about Caroline Young the daughter of Peter Young and Elizabeth Marche. Peter Alexis was a descendent of Alexis Lejeune. I know Caroline married William James Hynes and I would like to know more about their family, specifically their daughter Mary Elizabeth. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Kathy, Caroline Young was b 31 Mar 1861 in Kippens or maybe St. George’s. She and William James Hynes marr Oct 1877 in Three Rock Cove, Port au Port Peninsula, and had 12 children. One was Mary Elizabeth also called Minnie, I think. She was b 1882 in Three Rock Cove and died 14 Sep 1958 in Meriden, New Haven, Connecticut. In 1898 she marr James (or John) Hinks (or Hicks), b about 1890 in Port aux Basques. They had a daughter Caroline Jane, b abt 1901 in Port au Port d Port Colborne ON. Mary Elizabeth later married Joseph James Bruce (aka Bourgeois or Broussard), b 13 Apr 1883 Codroy Valley d 1 Jun 1942 Londonderry, New Hampshire. They had 7 children, born in Nf and NS.

      Joseph James Bruce was s/o Julien Bourgeois/Broussard/Bruce, b Oct 1858 Codroy d abt 1935 Abrahams Cove, and Anastasia Theresa Downey, b abt 1858 Codroy Valley d 10 Apr 1898 Abrahams Cove. Hope this helps!

  79. Hi,was wondering where i could info on my family background and mikmaq ties..Family originally from southeast bight newfoundand.grandmother margaret ward,,grandfather thomas ward.Just wondering where could find some info on wher the mikmaq people were.

    1. Hi Fabian, I can’t find your Thomas and Margaret Ward. Searching online, I found genealogy forum discussions on Wards of Southeast Bight. They may be be useful for you. For where Mi’kmaq lived in Newfoundland, a google search will turn up lots of information or check out some of the books on my Nf Mi’kmaq Book post. If you wish to, write back with some more family names and dates and maybe I or readers can help out.

  80. Thank you very much Dorothy, I’ve been looking in the older comments and see some interesting information. And thank you for sharing so much!

  81. Hi, Dorothy
    I have traced my paternal line back to LeJeune lineage on one side and was hoping you might have some information on the other side.
    My Grandmother was Gladys Joyce (b 1912 Cox’s Cove, d 1948 Humbermouth); she married Daniel McIsaac.
    I have traced her father, James Joyce to Dorset England, but have been unable to find much information on her mother (my great grandmother).
    Her name was Sarah Park (b 1873 Bay of Islands, d 1941 Corner Brook). I have only “William Park and Elizabeth” as her parents. I had been told the Parks are Mi’kmaw as well–do you know if this is the case, and do you have any further information on William and Elizabeth?
    Many thanks for any help you can offer.

    1. Hi Elizabeth, with the Parks, whether or not individual family lines are Mi’kmaq or not depends on who they married. The original Park man was not. In the comments on this page, you will see lots of discussion of the family and the mysterious Elizabeth. It has been said she was Elizabeth Joe but that is not known for sure. Also look at the many genealogy forum discussions on the family. Just search for the names and you should find lots of information and speculation. If anyone else has any thoughts, please feel free to share with us.

  82. Yes , the Emily I was talking about was married to Alban Lavers. My Grandfather was William Jesse Lavers of Port Saunders, NL who from what I understand is a descendant of Alban Lavers. Thanks so much for your help.

  83. Hi, I am looking for some information on my Great, Great Grandmother Emily Young (Lejeune) Lavers. I have been told she is off Mikmaq decent. Is there any archival information anywhere that can back this up. Would love to have some documented proof. Thanks.

    1. Hi Brad, if the Emily Young Lavers you are looking for was married to Alban Lavers, she was born 1839 in the Port au Port Peninsula. Her parents were Henri Lejeune/Young and Susanna Duffney/Duffenais. Henri (or Henry) was born abt 1807 in Little Bras d’Or NS and died 1906 Clam Bank Cove (Lourdes) Port au Port Peninsula. He was s/o Gabriel Lejeune and Sarah Ryley, both of Cape Breton. Susanna Duffney was b abt 1820 St. Ann’s Bay Cape Breton and d Clam Bank Cove. She was d/o Jean Frederick Dauphinee/Duffenais/Duffney, b 1791 Lunenburg NS, and Mary Ann Young, b abt 1794 Little Bras d’Or.

      I don’t know about documents, but you can find a lot of information on Gabriel Lejeune and on Mary Ann Young’s parents, Joseph Christophe Lejeune and Radegonde (Barbara) Lejeune, on the Bras d’Or Indian Village Assoc site and Lark Szick’s Lejeunes site. There are links to both on my Family History and Genealogy page.

      If it’s another Emily Young Lavers, maybe I or someone reading can help if we have her husband’s name. Thanks for writing.

  84. hi dorothy,looking for info on philip legge heatherton/robinson..and on mondella gillam,mckays ,west coast nfld,
    hope to hear from you soon,,,,

    1. Hi Lorraine, I have a Mondella Gillam marr Chester Brown. She is d/o Charles Gillam and Sarah Jane Legge, b Mar 1902. Sarah Jane Legge is d/o Philip Joseph Legge, b 5 Aug 1857 Upper Barrisway, and Fanny Samms, b Mar 1875 Codroy d maybe 1952 or later (his 2nd wife, marr date 25 Oct 1900). I hope this is of some help to you. Thanks for writing.

  85. Interested in any info on the 3 Mahar’s Cora have mentioned. Henry Mahar, Catherine Mahar & John Mahar. I have also Christopher Mahar , Agnes Mahar, Mary Ann Mahar, William Mahar, Joseph Mahar are they all releated? All appears to be in the area between Flowers Cove & port Saunders.

  86. Hello Dorthy,

    My grandmother was Mi’kmaq and I am trying to trace down her family lineage. Her name was Bessie Blanche Tilley (Born in approximately 1912) was married to Cecil Soper, Her father was Charles Tilley and she was a daughter of his through his second marriage to Maggie Masou (not sure of the spelling, this is where I get lost in my efforts to find information). She had stories of going to visit her grand mother on a reservastion as
    a child. She grew up in the Cornerbrook area.

    Any suggestions as to where to look to find out more?

    Best regards,

    1. Hi Paul, Mary Magdeline (Maggie) Musseau was born June 12 1893 in Port aux Basques and died in Mouse Island. She was d/o Charles Edward Musseau (b 1846 d 1901 Nfld) and Mary Ann Randell (b Mar 1847 Burnt Is -or Port Rexton Trinity Bay, d 20 Aug 1943 PAB -or 1895). Charles Edward Musseau was s/o Joseph Musseau (b 26 Dec 1778 Quebec, d 6 Jul 1873 Mouse Is PAB) and Hannah Parsons (1801-1885). Joseph was s/o Francois Musseau (b 13 Nov 1756 Quebec, d 1855 Quebec) and Marie Madeleine Racette (b 22 Jan 1754 Portneuf Quebec, d 1793 Quebec). Francois was s/o Francois Desilet Musseau (b 31 Aug 1723 Quebec d 5 Oct 1807 Normandie France) and Marie Theresa L’Archeveque (also as L’Archeriegue) (b 30 Jan 1736 Quebec, d 1 May 1803 Normandie France).

      Maggie’s mother Mary Ann Randell was d/o John Randell (b 5 Jan 1823 Trinity TB d 18 May 1888 Ship Cove TB) and Dorothy Hogarth (b abt 1822 British Hr TB d 20 May 1897). John was s/o William Randell (b 19 Nov 1798 Ship Cove TB, d May 1839 Ship Cove) and Honor Cook (b 1803 d Jun 1836 Ship Cove/Port Rexton).

      That’s as far back as I have, hope it helps.

      1. Hi there,
        I stumbeled on your website and saw this post and it looks like my family lineage. The question I have is ” was Mary Magdeline (Maggie) Musseau was born June 12 1893 a Mi’kmaq and if so, is there a particular place she was from – I would love to learn more about the culture of my family on that side.
        Colette Murphy

        1. Hi Colette, I don’t know anything more about Maggie Musseau than what I’ve got in the comment above. She was from Port aux Basques, as was her father. His father I have as born in Quebec and died in PAB. Her mother was from Burgeo area, I think. She may have been the daughter of John Randell and Dorothy Hogarth, both from Trinity Bay, but I’m not sure about that. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

    2. I think your grandmother and my grandmother are sisters. My grandmother was Violet Muriel Tilley and I remember he her talking about Bessie. I guess that makes us cousins? Do you know what the reserve name was?

  87. Hi Dorothy,
    I’m trying to track down my great great grandparents: Jean Prosper Compagnon (Companion) and Marie Blake (Brake). I believe Marie Blake (1848) married the Frenchman Jean Compagnon (1810) in approx 1867. I have relatives on Woods Island and believe Marie Blake was full Mi’kmaq.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated, thankyou.
    Sam McCurdie

    1. Hi Sam, Marie Brake (b Jul 1848 Curling, d 24 Nov 1925 Woods Island BOI) was d/o Joseph Matthews Brake (b 1812 Deep Cove, d 1 Aug 1950 BOI) and Mary (surname unknown). Joseph Matthews Brake was s/o Ralph Edward Brake (b 30 Mar 1760 Yetminster, Dorset, England, d 4 May 1842 Humbermouth BOI) and Jane Matthews (b 1773 d 23 Aug 1819 Humbermouth BOI).

      There are people who know much more about the Brake (sometimes called Blake) children than do I, so maybe they will write to tell us if anything more is known about Joseph’s wife Mary. She is listed as Mary Mitchell in some genealogies, but others have Mary Mitchell as wife of Joseph’s brother Thomas. Here’s a link to the diary of Bishop Feild from his journey on the northwest coast in 1849 – – he mentions Brakes on Aug. 2 and 3. Marie’s grandmother, Jane Matthews, is assumed to be Mi’kmaq due to sources such as Feild, but nothing about her parents is known for sure. Ralph Brake, her husband, is well documented as being from England. Hope this helps and thanks for writing.

  88. Hi,
    I’m looking for information on Mary Allen who was born about 1807. She married George Vivian in Greenspond, NL. George Vivian, Mary Allen and their daughter Sarah Vivian are in my Family tree. Would you have any information on her?


    1. Hi Cindy, I’ve been looking and can find nothing. If you have any other names in the family, that might help me or someone reading this to track your Vivian and Allen family down.

  89. Hi Lorraine,
    I have some information regarding the MacNeil/McNeil family of Port aux Basques and how they connect to Cape Breton. Who exactly are you looking for information on?

  90. Hi Dorothy,
    I sent you an email last April 9, 2012, and just wondering if you have found anything? Can you let me know via my work email address above?
    Much gratitude,

    1. Hi Michelle, sorry, but I have nothing on any of the Vickers, Head or Decker names you give. I apologize for not replying to you before but, to save space, I don’t reply unless I have some information. Readers often contribute if they can help out. If you have names of any siblings or anyone related, that might help locate at least one person to make connections from. I haven’t found anything in my own sources or on line.

  91. hi dorothy can you send me links that show who been accepeted for status,,,,i greatly appricated it..ty

    1. Hi Lorraine, google Canada Gazette Qalipu and you should see links for “order amending…” There are several with different dates. I don’t know how up to date they are, but they are official government pages.

  92. Hi looking for information on Mary Vivian (nee Alan) Born 1807 died Aug 1858. Married George Vivian Nov. 10, 1841 in Greenspond. Children were Henery Vivian, Jane Vivian, Aurthur Vivian, Emmeline Vivian, Charles Vivian, and Sarah Anne Vivian. It is believed that Mary Allan is an indian from nova scotia who came to NL when she married George Vivian. It has long been understood that Mary Allen was Mi’kmaq from Cape Breton. Would you have any information on her?
    Thank you in advance.

  93. hi dorothy,im looking for info on the pike from st.david,,,,renoufe

    1. Hi Lorraine, do you have any specific Pike or Renouf first names? On another question you had on FB about Marguerite Chaisson m John Gale: I have her as Mary Margaret and have her mother Sophie LeBlanc’s mother as Marguerite Cormier. Marguerite Cormier is d/o Guillaume “Big Bill” Cormier, b 1750 Beaubassin Acadia d bet 1800-1809, and Isabelle Boudreau, b Oct 1763 Brittany France d May 1845 Margaree NS. Guillaume was s/o Francois Cormier, b 1719 Beaubassin, marr 2 Jul 1742 Beaubassin to Anne Chaisson, b Jul 1722. Anne Chaisson was d/o Jacques Chaisson, b 1694 Beaubassin, marr 19 Jan 1718 Beaubassin to Marie Josephe Arsenault, b 1696 Acadia. Some of Jacques and Marie Josephe’s kids were born in PEI.

      So the Chaisson family tree should be helpful to you, also the Bras d’Or families link above because the names here connect to just about all the big families in the Acadia area back to the 1600s. I’m not seeing anything jumping out from my database saying “Mi’kmaq” but the sites I mention should help you trace them. I can’t be sure the information I have is correct – some came from websites, some from a database that was shared with me. Anyway, hope this helps.

      1. Hi,again Dorothy
        Are you able to find this John Gale’s full name, birth year or parents or even were living than in the port au port area??
        Asking because Gale is my husband’s last name and in my research for our daughter’s family tree as well.
        This information I have not come across yet and has been so helpful, I have research on The Boudreau family tree,as I was attempting to trace my husband’s maternal side’s family Matriarch in trying to locate anything on Adele Couenne.
        I do know John Gale born 1750 isle of Wight (still trying to determine if Isle of Wight England and descendant of Thomas Gale Sr 1693 or Isle of Wight USA and grand child of John Gale of Dorset England) died in Codroy Nfld. In 1815 married to a Frances sereau? Known as Fanny supposedly a native women from Hieuhavre,cape Brenton Nova Scotia (however I’ve only found an Ann,nothing mentioned of a Frances)they had six children together, one of their children was William Gale married to unknown,died in 1850 grand river Codroy,together they had 7children,one of whom,(Edward) James Sr Gale married Judith Zwicker Hall,their son James jr Gale married Nancy Ann McEachern d/o Dennis Daniel McEachern&Catherine Ann McIsaac,one of their children, Daniel Gale married Elenor Felix D/o Gilles Felix&Barbe Marche,which than trickles down to my husband’s tree of Gale.
        The Gale’s are also tied through marriage to Evangeline Kendall
        Her father Reuben Kendall/kendell
        Was the brother of Luke Kendall also S/o Samuel Kendall&Ann Donovan
        Luke was married to Margaret Gale and one of their Children Emma Kendall married John LaCosta,from Campbell’s creek.
        Thank you for anything you are able to find that may help

        1. Hi Natassja, thanks for the info. I’m trying to sort out my Gales and Kendalls with the help of it. I can’t add much to what you’ve got. Except in the Gale line, I have James marr Julianna/Judith Hall as s/o James Gale (1769-1851) and maybe Ann. Then I have that James as s/o James Gale (b 1739 Dorset England d 1815 Codroy) and Mary Dodge. James and Mary had another son, William (1799-1825), who is in some Ancestry trees as married to an Ann (b 1800 England or Jersey d 1850 Codroy) with son Thomas (abt 1820-1906). But I’d put my faith in what you’ve got, but so far I haven’t got mine to add up the same way. I can’t add anything to what you’ve got here on the Kendalls.

        2. Thanks so much Dorothy that helps still too,especially the dates!
          The Gale’s have been difficult to sort out because of so many ppl researching but getting other Gale’s mixed with Gale’s who did not leave Dorset,and another Gale family tree who were also from England but from the Devonshire district and who are written about in extensive details to the one’s in Isle of Wight from the Gale-Gayle families online by a Gale descendants. He helped me out a bit that it seems people are confusing the Gale’s from ancestry.
          I did find and learn which makes it even more hard to sort out,is that Edward Gale is James Edward Gale,and James Jr Gale is his son and a James William Gale. A father of James Edward I believe.
          I’ll get back when I can with much more specific dates of birth,name and where I found the records.
          My husband’s line to previous mentioned Gale’s is His parents and grand parents are from Campbell’s creek and picadilly NL.
          John LaCosta (S/o Thaddeus b. 1862 and Angelina Felix b. 1867) was married to Emma( I’m guessing a nick name?) Kendall( d/o Luke Kendall and Margaret Gale) according to 1921 census and Immaculate conception church records, these were my husband’s great and great great grand parents.
          With native running through on both his parents side.
          His grandmother was native marred to Michael Gale b.1895 d.1977 and through the LeJeunes and March’s on his mother’s side.
          We been having a hard time finding anything for James March’s(born 1862 Nov) parents or orgins out side of his marriage to Sarah McDonald (d/o Hugh McDonald and Catherine Campbell) from 1911,1925 creek census,we know she was widowed by 1925 and last record of James is in the 1911 census and their marriage where its noted he was a native, lejeune connection is with Celeste LaCosta who married Jean Pillet Jr (s/o marie LeJeune and Jean Pillet) marie waa also the God mother of celeste LaCosta’s sibiling Jean Marie LaCosta born March 22nd 1855,baptised on sept 4th 1855 in sandy point.
          The LeJeune line and March line connects again with Barbe Marche and Gilles Felix ‘s daughter Angelina marrying my husband’s great great grandfather Thaddeus LaCosta,Barbe Marche being d/o
          Dennis Marche and Charlotte Catherine LeJeune.
          There is another LaCosta down the line who also married a native Louis Gabriel after she was widowed from Frank Mathews I believe.
          Sorry for the long list of info this site has been so valuable and beyond fantastic the dedication and resources and help you give!!
          I want to make sure I piece our daughters family tree properly and that we know her native history and roots from west coast port au port Newfoundland in it’s truth and long history,its really sparked my husband to learn more as no one ever talked of it in his time growing up until more recent years before our daughter was born.
          I will put my details more together, so hopefully you can confirm,correct or colaberate any of the info possibly!
          Sorry delay in reply and once again many many thanks Natassja!

        3. Evangeline Kendall was my great grand mother she was marriage to Ben peddle .Evangeline parents were Ruben Kendall and Mary Reid my Grandmother was her daughter Mary Peddle, pearl, Vivian,, Rose Blanch, Ben, and Stan were her children Mary Reid parents were George Reid and Charlotte Young Evangeline brothers and sisters were Amelia, Bertha, Thomas, Adeline, William, James.

  94. hi dorothy for any help you gave me,i’m looking for site to check out surnames for our micmac indian……

  95. hi dorothy i like to know how the mcneil from port aux basque are related to mcneil from cape breton,,ty

  96. Hi Dorothy,
    I was wondering if you know of a connection between a John Kendell and Jennifer Drew/Hinks. My great great grandfather’s name was John Kendell and through some research I found out he may have bought land from Jennifer Drew/Hinks in (Lynch Cove) MorrisVille in the 1900’s to establish a saw mill business, and possibly married her or a member of her family? Any information you may have would be appreciated.

  97. Sorry – the last posting showed up so I’ll ask my question again.

    To Begin, thank you for all the information you share and all the help you offer people who are researching.

    I am looking for information on the following people:
    Maria Ann March
    Her parents were listed as William and Elizabeth March/Murch/Marche
    I have located the following:
    Missionary Baptism for Peter’s Arm, NL for Maria and her sister Mary March
    Both baptized on Aug 8, 1960
    Maria’s Date of birth was listed as Oct 18, 1852.
    I have always been told that my great grandmother (Maria March) was of Mi’Kmaq desend. I am trying to find some information to validate this.
    The only information I have on her partents are the death records.
    William March died Nov 1893 in Philips Head – age 74 – dob – 1819
    Female March (likely match for Elizabeth) died Sept 1901 – age OLD – dob – unknown – nationality – unknown.
    Any information you have would be very much appreciated.

  98. Hi:
    i was wondering if you could tell me if Patricia Dinah Knott who married Michael Herritt of Isle aux Morts, nl is a micmac Indian.


    1. Hi Maggie, I don’t know if Patricia Dinah Knott was Mi’kmaq. She was d/o John Knott and Mary Taylor (1843-1913).

      John was s/o James Knott marr (1829 her 2nd husband) Dinah Crewe (b 1789 d 2 Mar 1883 Burgeo). Mary was d/o William Taylor (b 1811 Grole d 27 Jun 1897 Hr Le Cou) and Dinah Ingram (b 1817 Grole d 23 May 1903 Hr LeCou).

      Dinah Ingram was d/o Joseph Ingram (b 1795 Somerset Eng. d 1829 Hr Grace) and Dinah Crewe (her 1st husband marr 1809). Dinah Crewe also marr James Payne 1852 and she was d/o William Crewe, b Dawsons Cove. I’m confused, but it seems John Knott’s mother was also his grandmother-in-law. I found the same info in an Ancestry family tree, so either it’s right or we’re both wrong!

      1. Hi Dorothy again. Thank you for all the updated info. I am stuck now at James Knott- First husband of Dinah Crew daughter of rachel flook and William Crewe. I am wondering where James Knott (Nott) is from and who his parents are since I can find absoltely nothing, I am also stuck at John Green, husband of Eleanor (ellen) Knott (Nott). They are the two branches that I am stuck on. Please let me know if you have anything, Thank you. Have a good day

        1. Hi Vanessa, I have a brother for James Knott (husband of Dinah) but no parents or anything else. His brother was Thomas Knott, died 1900, married about 1863 in Burgeo to Maria Windsor. She was born on Small’s Island died in 1915. Her parents were John Windsor, b England, and Susan Matthews, b 1828 Burgeo d Nov 1910 Burgeo. Her parents were John “Old Man” Matthews and Sarah Jane Bagg. A very large family, and there’s more on them in Joseph Small’s 1925 Diary of Burgeo. I have nothing on John Green married to Eleanor/Ellen Knott. Sorry! Readers might help though.

  99. Hi
    I am researching my mothers ancestory. Her great grandfather Edward Whittle born 1900 in St.Bernards or Fox Cove. I was trying to find out who his parents were. Wondering if you could help.

    1. Hi Janessa, I don’t know if this is the Edward Whittle you are looking for or not. I found this on an ancestrylibrary discussion board: Elizabeth Ann Jarvis marr (18 Sep 1920 Harbour Breton) Edward William Whittle, b 11 Oct 1900 d 16 Sep 1990, one son Thomas mentioned. No other info, but I hope it’s of some help.

    2. i know a jim whittle he lives in st. johns he is from the same place u said he left there when he was 5 years old he has a picture of his mother vand father jim is in his 70s my email is

  100. Wondering if in your searches if you have com across info on a Ann Saunders who was married to Thomas Toms at Georges Cove, Labrador on June 16, 1872. They are my Great Grandparents. Info has it that she is Mi’kmaq but I have no DOB for her or place of origin. Any info you or others can supply would be appreciated. Thank you.

  101. Hi wondering if you could tell me if Michael Herriit that was born in May of 1871 of Isle Aux Morts,NL was a micmaq indian

    1. Hi Lorna, all I have on Michael Herritt’s ancestry is that his dad was Jabez Herritt and mother was Phoebe. Jabez was s/o William Herritt, b 1790 Hr Breton, and Elizabeth. William had a brother John b 1788 and their father was John Herritt b 1765 Binsted, Hampshire, England. So you probably want to look at the women and, as you see, I have only first names.

  102. Hi Dorothy,
    Thanks for the information.Also Gertie was looking for info on william strickland,he is my great,great grandfather.
    Thanks Trent

  103. i am looking for info on the peckhams of st francis har labrador louisa peckham was my great great grandmother her parents were william and catherine peckham from st francis har lab after speaking to a number of elders fr williams har they indicate ti me that the were of mi kmaq ancestory would you or anyone else have any info relating to this.

  104. Good day,

    I was wondering if you came across any information regarding the Blackwood family from the Glovertown/Gander Bay area?


  105. John Matthew’s headstone is in the Anglican Graveyard in Burgeo, Nlfd. It is the first one in the graveyard, there are a lot of Matthews headstones, maybe some can fet infor from these.

  106. Wondering if you have any info on the Stricklands on the south coast and if they have any micmac/native ancestors?? Looking for more info on William Strickland born 1832 in Rencontre west. His parents were George (circa1790) and anne. I think George’s siblings were Thomas b1805 and John circa 1808. William Strickland married a Mary Mcdonald and then later married a Mary Kendall. If you have any info, please share it.

    1. Hi Gertie, don’t have much on your Wm Strickland. I have him b 1832 in Recontre but you may know that already. I have his father’s brother Thomas as born abt 1785 rather than 1805 as you have. I have Thomas’ wife as Elizabeth b abt 1790. That’s all I have, sorry.


  108. Hi
    My GGGM was Sarah E. Matthews (b.1811), Daughter of John Matthews ( b.1781 Cape Le Hune) and Sarah Bagg (b. 1785 Cape la Hune)
    I am wondering if there is Mi’Kmaq connection with the Matthews family that you are aware of.
    I have been told that Sarah’s father John Matthews was Mi’kmaq, but have been unable to find proof of it.
    I am also wondering if you know if John Matthews parents were William Matthews and Elvar Langfer.

  109. Hi Dorothy was looking for information on Great great grandmother Hannah Whitehorne who married James White in Twillingate 1853 who her parents were and from where. Thanks.

  110. Hi, I am looking for information on a Sally or Sarah Brown married to Joey Brown. She was also known as Nova Lee Deer Child. Had a son Albert born in 1871.

    1. Hi Sharon, I was told that sisters Hannah and Elizabeth Brown (b 1829 and abt 1830) marr. Williams brothers Northern Peninsula) may be daughters of Joseph Brown and Nobalie/Nova Lee Deerchild. Was also told of a son Joseph b 1826. As you see, those birthdates are way off for your Albert b 1871. I have no more info on her so if you can tell me anything else about her, I’d appreciate it.

    2. Hi there Sharon,
      Are you still here?

  111. Iam looking for info on Catherine Mahar that married Arthur Hinks Port Saunders Newfoundland

  112. Hi
    Iam looking for on Henry Mahar married to Mary Jane Lavers any help greatly appreciated

  113. Hi Karen, would really like to know where you got your information on Mary Park. You said her last name was Joe, where did you find this information. Mary is my G.G.G. Grandmother and I would like to know if she was really Indian, would appreciate any help.

  114. I am trying to determine if Sarah Jane Paine(payne) daughter of Phillip Paine(payne) is the daughter of his first wife Catherine Brake daughter of John Matthews Brake or his second Mary Ann Humber

    1. Hi Edward, I’ll tell you what I’ve got but my Paynes and Brakes are mixed up and I hope someone else will be able to correct or add to this. I have Sarah Jane Payne (30 Jul 1866 Bonne Bay – 24 Mar 1890 Rocky Hr, marr 15 Nov 1884 Rocky Hr to John Pittman) as d/o Philip Payne and Mary Ann Humber. I have that Philip as s/o Philip Payne (1823-6 Jun 1873) and Catherine Blanchard Brake (1829-18 Dec 1874. But he also may have been s/o Charles Payne and Elizabeth Brake. I don’t have another wife ent’d for him. We need the Brake family experts here to help out!

  115. Hi Dorothy,
    I am just curious and would like to know if you could tell me the names of the Cheifs between the era 1700-1900.

  116. ok—thanks dorthy

  117. I too would like to find some information on my GGG Grandmother, Caroline Dauphine Croucher Kettle. Any information on where to find marriage/birth certificates would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  118. dorthy —i need ur help again—

    do u have anything on William George Swyers, b. 7 November 1903
    son of Irene Alexander and James Swyers –im looking to find out if he married and where he ended up—any help would be appreciated –thanks

    1. Hi Darrell, I have him entered as George Swyer/s b Nov 1901 Mattis Point – from 1921 census. 1911 census has b 1902 Main River. That’s all I have, but you might look for him as George if that’s what he went by.

  119. I am seeking information on James Hinks, son of Joseph Hinks and Rosanna Osmond/osbourne. Joseph’s mother was Elizabeth Hinks (nee Wells?) married Charley Sheaves. Elizabeth, Charley and two Hinks brothers moved to Sheaves Cove.



    1. Hi Cynthia, on your queries about Lena May and James Hinks, I have her as Lena Crant (b 4 Jun 1894 Burgeo d 1961 Channel) d/o George Crant (b 1848 Gaultois d Channel) and Frances Matthews (with parents you name). Her siblings are Mary, Lillian and John W. George Crant and his brother John b 1842 Gaultois are sons of Thomas Crant and Martha Foote.

      James Israel Hinks was b 27 Jun 1887 Channel, s/o Joseph Hinks (b abt 1867 or 1860 Channel – marr rec has his ‘abode’ as Lake’s Brook) marr (29 Apr 1888 Margaree Nf Methodist) Roseanne Osborne b abt 1866 Margaree. I don’t have anything on Joseph or Roseanna’s parents. Hope this helps.

  120. I am seeking information on Lena May Hinks nee Grant daughter of Frances (nee Matthews) and John Grant. Frances was the daughter of Christopher Thomas Matthews and Lavina Collier.



  121. Thank you so much for your help. That was wonderful information. So nice to see such helpful people! Take care and have a nice day.

  122. I am asking for your help in finding my family roots in Port Au Port Newfoundland. My great great grandmother was Annie or Anna Jesso born March 22 1884. She married Jean Marie LeRoy who came to Port au Port from Britnney, France . They had several children in which some were born in West Bay, NFLD. Their names being as follows: Rita, Francie, Lillian, Stella, Mary , John and Harry or Henry LeRoy. I am told that there was a fire in 1911 where some records may have been destroyed in a fire. Any information you could find for me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you kindly,
    Natacha LeRoy

    1. Hi Natacha, if you haven’t read it, try to get a copy of Don Bennett’s The Trail of French Ancestors – there’s a link on this or the History and Genealogy page for it. Here’s what I’ve got on Annie Jesso: d/o Francois Xavier Jesso (b 23 Oct 1853 Black Duck Brook d 1910 Long Point in a house fire) marr 29 Apr 1876 Sacred Heart, Curling to Marie Louise Benoit (b 21 Dec 1858 Port au Port, maybe Black Duck Brook, d 1910 same house fire). They also had a daughter Mary Jane marr 12 Nov 1893 in Stephenville to Dougald Marche b 4 Feb 1867.

      Francois Xavier was s/o Didier Jesso (b abt 1815 Little Bras d’Or Cape Breton d 17 Dec 1896 West Bay P au P Pen) marr 10 May 1851 Immaculate Conception, Sandy Point BSG to Victoire Couenne b 1822. Didier was s/o Joseph Marie Jesso (b 7 May 1785 St. Pierre d 13 Sep 1861 Sandy Point) marr 1809 Cape Breton to Marie Josephe Anne Marche (b 1795 Little Bras d’Or d Sandy Point). Joseph Marie was s/o Jean Jesso (b abt 1744 France, d Little Bras d’Or) marr 1775 St. Pierre Marie Anne Fournier (b 1754 Quebec), d/o Jean Fournier b ca 1730 Quebec and Genevieve Roy b 1726, d/o Charles Roy b 1698 and Marie Charlotte Chauvet b 1700 Pisiquit Acadie d 13 Nov 1758 La Rochelle France d/o Charles Chauvet and Edeme Joseph b 1686 Annapolis Royal. The Wm Young Family Tree by Wayne Young and Doucet Family links will give you more info on the Roy family as will Lark Szick’s LeJeune/Young work if you can find it. For Chauvet and Joseph info look at the links for Jasen Benwah and Jerry Gerrior.

      Marie Josephe Anne Marche was d/o Jean Joseph Marche and Marie Theotiste Babin. You can find info on them in Kirk Butt’s Early Settlers of Bay St. George v 1 and through the Bay St. George Gen. Society in Stephenville (link on Hist and Gen page). When you get back this far, there is a lot of information available on all these families on Acadian sites. I hope what I gave you is correct and that it helps you some.

  123. Hi Dorothy,
    I am asking for your help in helping me find any information on Annie Jesso born in Port Au Port or lived in Port Au Port around late 1800’s. She married Jean Murray LeRoy who arrived in port Au Port from Brittney , France. They had five daughters named Rita, Francie, Lillian, Stella and Mary LeRoy but moved over to Cape breton, Nova Scotia in the 1900’s. Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

    1. Hello there,

      I was reading your message and realized we are related! I’ve been on the hunt on tracking down information about my family and my great grandmother in Ann/ie Jesso born and marines Jean LeRoy. Lillian was my grandmother, although died before my birth..

  124. Hi Dorothy ,
    do you have any info on Elizabeth Stewart who married George Anderson at Otters Pt. I was told that she may have been from the Hermitage Bay area and later moved to the Burgeo area Petites, Lapoile or the West Bay area.Can’t seem to find who her parents were.

    1. Hi Lewis, I don’t have Elizabeth Stewart’s parents. All I have is parents of her husband George as Robert Anderson b 1789 and Bertina. Robert is s/o William Anderson. In case you don’t have that info, it might help you in looking for her.

      If I may, I’d like to tell everyone else who has written before this, I’ve researched all your questions and if I haven’t directly replied, I don’t have anything useful for you. If anyone else can help with any of these queries, please write. Thanks.

  125. is mary park a indian the one that married charles payne

    1. Hi Holley, she is Mary Brooks Park and you’ll see a lot of discussion about her in ‘older comments’ on this site and elsewhere online. Seems nobody really knows for sure about her parentage but you’ll maybe find some ideas of where to look.

      1. Philip Payne was a brother to Charles Payne. Charles in in our family tree.Charles Payne Married Elizabeth Matthews Brake d/o John Matthews Brake.

        1. Philip Payne was a brother to Charles Payne. Charles in in our family tree.Charles Payne Married Elizabeth Matthews Brake d/o John Matthews Brake. John Matthews Brake also had a sister Elizabeth Matthews Brake born 1905 and died Feb 27 1891. She married Thomas park the son of Robert Park and Mary Joe.


    1. Robert Park married Elizabeth Matthews Brake the d/o Ralph Edward Brake and Jane Matthews Brake.

      1. Ralph Edward Brake born 1760 an his wife his wife born 1773 had a daughter named Jane Matthews Brake. She was born between 1839-1841 and died Feb 23 1933in Frenchman’s Cove B.O .I.This Jane Matthews Brake married William Wheller. William Wheller was born 1798.


  128. Does anyone know if the Jane that married Robert Park, was Jane Matthews Brake

  129. I would like to find some information on my great grandmother, Caroline Dauphine Croucher Kettle. I cannot find any birth certificate or marriage certificate (1st. Marriage to Henry Croucher) She was born in Cape Breton in 1827. Her parents , Jean Frederick Daupihne and Marie Anne Lejeune moved to Port-au-Port NL. in 1838 but I can find nothing in the Port-au-Port records for her marriage to Henry Croucher. She married my great grandfather William Kettle of Grand Bay, NL in 1861. Any information would be appreciated. Thank-you.

    1. Hi Pauline, go back to a comment from May 27 about Caroline and 1st husband Henry Croucher. You might look in Sandy Point records, evidently there’s a bapt for a son b 1847. I have nothing else on Caroline aside from what you already have.

    2. Hi there, some dates for marriage. Good luck in your search. John.
      Navigation Person Options
      Caroline Dauphinee
      Birth FEB 1827 • St. Annes, River Bourgeois, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
      Death 08 MAY 1924 • Grand Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador
      LifeStory Facts Gallery
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      Feb 1827 • St. Annes, River Bourgeois, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia


      10 Jan 1861 • Channel, Port Aux Basques, Newfoundland.
      William James Kettle



      21 Oct 1865 • Rocky Barachois, Newfoundland, Canada


      08 May 1924 • Grand Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador



      11 May 1924 • Grand Bay, Newfoundland


      Skip to Family
      Other Sources

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      Jean Frederick John Dauphinee

      Marie Anne Catherine Lejeune


      Spouse & Children

      William James Kettle

      William Wilson (Wils) Kettle

      Isaac James Kettle

      Mary Ann Kettle

      John Kettle

      Emily Selina (Selma) Kettle


      Spouse & Children

      Henry Croucher

      John Henry Croucher

      Joseph Samuel Croucher

      Francis Jane Croucher

      Louisa Croucher



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  130. Hi Dorothy, Do you have any information on Elizabeth and Sarah Baggs of Cape La Hune. Apparently they were sisters who married Charles Collier of Lamaline (moved to Burgeo) and John Matthews of Burgeo.

    1. Hi Edwina, my information on Baggs and Matthews is considerably muddled. I’ve got sisters Elizabeth and Sarah as daughters of either 1- Hugh Baggs b 1759 Our Cove and Jane b 1763 or 2- William Baggs and Sarah Curry. For Elizabeth, I have 1792 Cape La Hune for birth and 1864 Burgeo for death, and no date for marr to Charles Collier b 1785 Lamaline. For Sarah, birth 1785 Cape La Hune, death 16 Mar 1860 Burgeo and abt 1800 for marr to John Matthews b 1775. I know there are readers familiar with these families, maybe they can help us?

  131. Hi Dorothy I was trying to find some information on Margaret maher orginal Martin born 1854 married 1877 died 1932 Flatrock, I believe she was orginally from the west coast I was told she was native or half native any info you could provide would be appreciated.

  132. Dear Ms. Stewart,
    I was wondering if you have come across any information on the following Sheppard family from the Bay of Islands (Lark Harbour) that may indicate Mi’kmaq heritage?
    Prudence Travers (nee Sheppard) Born in Lark Harbour, April 38, 1888
    Richard Sheppard (her father) born in 1861
    Moses Sheppard (his father) born in 1831 – 1881
    Frances Sheppard (his father born in 1807.

  133. Hi Dorothy,
    I’m was wondering if you had any information on aquila francis and his son john thomas francis who lived in hermitage, fortune bay.

    1. Hi Trent, here is what I have on Aquila Francis: b 1814 d 1905, no parents ent’d but sibs Rebecca, Alfred and William. I have 3 wives for Aquilla: Mary Warren marr 1844, Mary Morris marr 1846 and Martha Herritt marr 1857. As children of Aquilla and Martha, I have Jane b 1852 Grole, Aquilla b 5 Dec 1858, Elizabeth b 10 Jan 1860, Philip b 16 Sep 1861, John Thomas b 18 Dec 1864, Matthew Herritt b 1868, Benjamin William b 3 Jul 1872. I have son John Thomas Francis marr 13 Sep 1888 to Edith Rose b Dec 1866 d/o Benjamin Rose and Eleanor Framp b 1833 d/o William Framp, b 1784 Somerset England, and Rebecca Rose d/o James Rose and Charlotte. This info came from someone else’s database and I have no sources. Hope it helps.

  134. Wondering if you have any information on Mary Teresa Elfred DOB Feb 22/10(nee March), parents Maxum and Jane March (not sure on spelling of Maxum’s name) I believe they are from Stephenville Crossing Area. Any help would be appreciated


  135. Hi Dorothy,
    Do you have any info on John Dennis,father of Anne,who married Wm Haynes.John was b. cape ray abt 1740,heard he married an indian woman before FANNY Serle.He was the first settler of sandy point, any birth/marriage/death records.I would appreicate same.Thank you

    1. Hi Greta, I only have John Dennis as married to Fanny Serle. I don’t think Kirk Butt’s book has anything on another wife, but he does have a lot of info on the Dennis family.

  136. Hi there,

    I am searching for info on Mary Joe (Park Brooks). I am trying to find info on her native status. She is my great grandmothers grandmother. Do you have any info on her and if status has been determined

  137. Hi Dorthy,

    Heard you were the subject matter expect with regard to tracing family history. Not sure if, you can help or if, we are even heading in the right direction.

    My sister and I (Sonya Hiscock) are trying to complete our family tree she contacted you earlier this summer. Our grandfather was Rendall Mitchell, born 1918 his father George Mitchell, (married Dora E Organ) born 1890 his father Joseph Mitchell born 1857 and his was Jonathon Mitchell. How do we find out the tribe they originated from, we suspect Mic Mac?

    Let me know if, you need anything else.

    Many many thanks.,

    1. Hi Nadine, and thanks. When your sister wrote, I had nothing on those you’re asking about. My computer is being fixed so can’t see if I have anything new, but I don’t think so. I did some googling of them. I can’t find anything on Jonathan Mitchell’s parents and that’s who you likely need to track. However, on NLGen Web United Church Marriages Green Bay, I found a Jonathan Mitchell from South Side, Twillingate Hr, Green Bay marr. Mrs. Hannah Wheller/Wheeler on 10 May 1849 Wesleyan Chapel Twillingate. A transcriber’s note says it is believed that Hannah was d/o Robert Linfield and Mary Blunt, b Feb 23, 1815 Twillingate d 23 Dec 1885 South Side, Green Bay. Her 1st husband was Samuel Wheeler. If this is the same Jonathan and if Hannah is Joseph’s mother, she would have been in early 40s when he was born.

      I found marriage record for Joseph Mitchell and Annnie Burridge in NLGenWeb Bonne Bay Anglican records. Marriage was 10 Mar 1888 at Table Point Cove, Joseph is listed as 30 yrs old, s/o Jonathan Mitchell, fisherman. Annie is listed as 21 yrs old, d/o George Burridge, fisherman. Joseph and Annie and one daughter are in 1921 census for Gad’s Harbour. He’s listed as born Twillingate and she St. John’s Island. You may already have this info but, if not, hope it helps.

    1. Thanks Darrell, your links go to different pages in these sites than the links I have for them. So that’s handier for those looking for the Benoits. I found them both good sites for lots of families.

  138. hi dorthy—with ur help i have made all the connections that i needed—now all i have to do is to find all the connecting documents- do u know of a web site that has the marr or birth records for st joseph’s parish in st georges or would they only be obtained by going to the archives???
    i am looking bride swyers/squires and irene alexander
    i have found lots of info -with ur help–on my relatives back to boniface benoit snr 1800’s and all have indian blood—thanks again for ur help

    1. Hi Darrell, so glad you’ve found what you needed. NLGenWeb and Nfld Grand Banks both have pages where church records have been transcribed. For the documents themselves, you may have to go to the provincial archives or the Church itself. Good luck!

  139. Trying to trace my ancestry back to Elizabeth Joe who was married to William Blanchard. She had a daughter who was Elizabeth Brake married to Charles Payne. Charles was the son of John Payne and Sarah Singleton. Looking for info on the children of Elizabeth and Charles…especially a son named Philip. Any info will be greatly appreciated!!

    1. Philip Payne was not Charles Son but His Brother.

  140. i found a lot with the info that u gave me–im still looking for an indian connection–i know its there somewhere–lol

    1. Hi again Darrel, look into Irene Alexander – and I found her middle name as Mary. I have her as d/o John Alexander b Apr 1837 Flat Bay marr Susannah Benoit b 1 Jun 1841 Margaree d bef 1921. Susannah was d/o Luc Benoit ca 1812 – ca 1890 and Helene LeBlanc. Luc was s/o Boniface Benoit, s/o Boniface Benoit Sr. On John Alexander’s side, he was s/o Andre Alexander 1812-1857 Sandy Point and Sophie LeJeune b Nov 1810. You might want to double check on other Benoit sites in case my info isn’t correct.

      Yes, spelling changes of last names can really throw you off. I’m not sure where the Swyer(s) sp came from in my stuff, but I found many of the people I had as Swyer(s) were Squires on Dr. Litchman’s site. Glad you’re making progress!

  141. wow—does it ever help—is there any way u could email me or let me know where u found the info—the spelling of squires to swyer is why i havent been able to find anything—thaks in advance for all ur help—d

  142. hi—looking for any info on a Bride Squires–born around 1898 in main river nfld
    her parents were james squires and irene?? alexander
    i know she had a sister Maud and there were other brothers and sister that i dont have names on — i do know that they married 2 slaunwhite brothers in cape breton —-any help would be greatly app…thanks

    1. Hi Darrell, I have Bride and Maude with surname Swyer as daughters of James Philip Swyer b 9 Aug 1868 Sandy Point and Irene V. Alexander (Sep 1871 Main River to 5 Oct 1944 Xing). They married 5 Nov 1891 St. Stephen’s RC. I have two dates of birth for Bride – Sep 1900 or Dec 1897 Main River – and for Maud – Nov 1894 Main River or as Mary Maude 23 May 1895. I have no husbands entered for them. But plenty of siblings.

      James was s/o Edmond Swyers and 1st? wife Amelia Jane Parsons. Edmond was s/o William Swyer and Catherine Dennis/Vincent. William was s/o Samuel Swyer b 1763 England and Anne Gilliam or other wife Ann Hulan. Catherine was d/o Charles Vincent 1770-1858 and Elinor Dennis. Hope this helps some.

  143. Hi,

    Just looking for some background information regarding a Susan Powell from Herring Neck, NL. She married a John Jacobs from Westport, NL.

  144. Hi Dorothy,
    Just discovered that Grey River was originally Little River. My grandmother (Sarah Young) was born there in 1913. Her parents were Charlie/Charles Young & Susanna Warren. Charlie’s father was Robert & he was one of the earliest First Nations settlers there. We have found Robert Young in the Archives at The Rooms.
    Do you know/have you come across any information relating to these people?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Nicole, if you could tell me more about what you know about Robert Young being of First Nations ancestry, I’d really appreciate it. I’m sure others here would also. I’ve just added a link above to Dr. Wm. Litchman’s site about south coast families, including the Youngs of Little/Grey River. If you haven’t seen it, it might be helpful. The Publications titles have family descent charts and articles he’s written with more information on individual families. The people you mention are in there. Thanks for writing.

  145. my great,great,great grandmother was the daughter of Thomas Joe Senior, a Mi”kmaq who traded on the west coast of Newfoundland. Her name was Elizabeth Joe. She married a William Blanchard of Woodland ,England. I am having trouble finding her birth records or any documentation for her.

    1. Hi Reta, see in ‘older comments’ discussion about Elizabeth Joe. I don’t know if anyone has any documentation on her although lots of people would like to know.

  146. Looking for any background info on a Susan Powell married John Jacobs.

  147. Hi Dorothy, Im trying to find info on Julia Ann King, born Western bay Nl 1842, daughter of James P. King. She married Jesse crocker of Bradleys Cove, born 18 36, later move to Deer Harbour Tb.Their son Walter Crocker born Deer Harbour TB. married Mary Ann Marsh born Deer Harbour TB 1886. Would you or maybe someone else on this site know if maybe there is any native in either of those families .Thank you very much.

  148. I was told some time ago that there was a book of indian names available, how do we determine if our ancestor are in there.

  149. Any help would be greatly appreciated

  150. Seems like those name are in our family tree as well, we are researching the Legge family, who are related to the Heulans and the Serels. We have been looking for a connection to Mary Ellen Lee, who was married to Philip Joseph Legge, his grandmother was a Renouf, who’s mother was a Heulan and the Serels are in there as well, way back, so hope that one of the name is indian

  151. Did you ever get anything to verify that Mary Brooks was indian, let me know somebody please.

  152. Do you happen to have any information on Henry and Elizabeth (Louisa,Anne) Warren from Grey Rivers ,Newfoundland or Cape Lahone? I am trying to find a lot of my family history and if there is any Mikmaq in our background.I was always told i must have Mikmaq in my background because of my skin colour etc.

  153. Dear Ms Stewart,
    I am searching for information on a Hannah Brown from Northwest River Labrador. My father is a Tom Smith from Cook’s Harbour,NL and does not recalll much in the lines of family history as his father’s mother died when he was only 3. I understand from several sources that she married a man by the name of William Williams. Would you know what her mother name would be and if they were really of Mikmaq ancestory ? Your help would be much appreciated. Many Thanks

  154. Janice made comment about my website, on May 25.

    One thing people should realize is that this is not a definitive site as I have not corroborated a lot of the information and rely on other people who share their information with me to have done so.

    The site can be used as a guide but if anyone is looking for status they need to prove the linkage. Basically what you see is what you get – unless people are still living then birth and marriage dates are hidden.

  155. Searching for the lost link in our search for Aboriginal statis, Mary Ellen Lee, born in 1857 died on Sept. 4, 1899, she married Philip Joseph Legge on Dec. 12, 1878 in Barrisway, near St. Georges, Nl. We cannot find where she was born or who her parents were, hope you can help, she would be my great grandmother.

  156. We are researching our Aboriginal roots and are stuck on a Mary Ellen Lee, born in 1857, died Sept 4, 1899, she married Philip Joseph Legge on Dec. 12, 1878 in Barrisway on the west coast of NL. We cannot find where she is from or who her parents are, can you help

  157. Mary Brooks (daughter of Robert Brooks and Mary (Park) Brooks) was born 1793 in Born with Indian name, She went to England and came back with the name Brooks, and died March 30, 1862 in Cow Head, NL, Canada. She married Charles Payne on 1810.
    Is there any other info to verify she was actually Indian? Thanks

  158. Hi. Dorothy wondering if anyone on here knows if the Hulan s or Serels of sandy Point, St. Davids area are native?? thank you!!

  159. Thanks Janice, really appreciate it tell Scott.

  160. Ill try & see what he can do Loretta when he gets in Ill talk to him,sorry bout the problems!!

  161. Janice; You can get scott to scan them to me at or fax me at 635-3671 anytime, thanks Janice.

  162. Loretta my nephew Scott Gould has those documents but he says his printer is not working properly either I can give you his email address if he lets me & you can email him.

  163. Janice, thanks , you can still fax to me over the weekend as we will be closed but our fax is on all the time, I really appreciate anything that you do for me and have a great weekend.

  164. Sorry Lorette don’t have my rinted adjusted yet. Will see if I can get someone else in the family to fax those documents to you!!

  165. Sorry Loretta, I don’t have all the documents But I will try & get my nephew Scott to fax them to you I can’t seem to get my printer up & running again.

  166. Hi, Karen and Jean Hoddinott could you please contact me with the info you have on Mary Brooks Park. Sounds like we’re all connected and I’d love to find out what you know, thanks.
    Diane –

  167. Janice; Still waiting for you to fax me those documents, thanks.

  168. hi Dorthy
    looking for info on Bertha Herritt born about 1913-1914 died 1941-1942
    Her parents wer Dinah knott Herritt and her father was Micheal Herritt of Isle Aux Morte if anyone has any info and would like to share it would be greatly appreciated.

    1. Hi Bertha, I think my info on Herritts and Knots is mixed up. I have a Bertha as d/o Philip James Herritt b 1892 and Clara Phoebe Skinner. I have Michael Herritt (b May 1871 s/o Jabez Herritt and Phoebe) marr Patricia Diana Knott (b May 1886 d/o John Knott and Mary Taylor 1843-1913). I have a note that she may also be called Dinah, and also married to a Samms. So not sure if the info is correct or if they’re the people you’re looking for.

  169. Hi
    I was hoping that you may be able to help. I am looking for information on Caroline Dauphinee born abt 1827. According to some geneology sites I have seen she was the daughter of Jean Frederick Dauphinee and Marie Ann lejeune married 1820 in sydney, NS. Caroline married Henry Croucher and they had a son in 1847 who was bapitsed in Sandy Point area. In 1861 Caroline married William Kettle and had more children one of which is my great grandfather John Kettle brother to Capt Wilson Kettle (most living desendants in Guiness book of records). I have all other info for obtaining a status but cannot seem to find a birth record for Caroline. Can anyone help please. thank you so much for you time.

    1. Hi Wanda, I have nothing more on Caroline Dauphinee than her name and husband Wm Kettle. Sorry, and here’s hoping someone will be able to help. With a world record number of descendants, there must be people who know the family history! 😉

  170. Janice, thanks for the reply, I would appreicate it if you would fax them to me at work 635-3671 asap. I also notice that you ae a friend of Shana Allen, she is my neice, great girl. Thanks Janice, relly appreciate it.

  171. Hi Sandra I will find those documents on The lLejeunes someone in my family has them or I should say in our huge family, should have some documents. Theres a site on the internet called the Rumbolt Hann Genealogy pages. I suggest you have a look through them Henri lejeune his family & all our families are on those pages. maybe they will help you some!!

  172. Hi Loretta Yes he married Emily Young daughter of Henri Lejeune & Susanne Duffney,all Mi’kmaqs. I may have those documents in my files as Iam applying for my status through all of them as they are my great great grandparents & my Great grandparents. Iam off this week from work so I will see what I can gather for you & try & get them faxed to you ok Iam sorry for the delay I will start working on finding those documents asap.

  173. Janice, someone must have something on Alban Lavers, William Jessie’s father, I he drowned off Point Riche with one of his sons, the churches does not have anything on him, anything new on him?

  174. Hi Janice
    I am the daughter of Helen Humphrey nee Lavers and Leslie Humphrey. Our family is also interested in applying for Mi’kmaq status. My mother is the daughter of Sherlock Lavers b.1908 and Minnie Simyard. Sherlock is the son of Thomas Lavers b.1871 and Anges Helen Rumbolt. Thomas is the son of Alban Lavers b.1825 and Ameila Marie Young (leJeune) b.1839 who was a Mi’kmaq indian from Nova Scotia. We are interested in finding more information about the Lavers family to apply for Mi’kmaq status and would appreciate any information you may have to help with the application. Thanks So much. Sandra Wells and Family

    1. Hi Sandra, I have nothing that helps you, I’m sorry. But I’ve added the information you gave, so if that links up with anything else I get, I’ll let you know.

  175. Hi Iam looking for legal documents or church documents on Jeanne Aimee Mahis, & her daughter Marie Christine Aubois both Mi’kmaq of Port Royal NS.Jeanne married Julien Aubois possibly died about . Marie was born 1660 in NS.There are church documents stating them both as Mi’kmaq hoping someone can help me,. Marie married Jean Roy around 1684 in port Royal Acadia NS.Notes for marie Aubois: LL Consentino: Marie Aubois was the daughter of a Mi’kmaq according to church records ( Source: DGFA)

  176. Hi Loretta I live in Port Au Choix, But I don’t have anything on Robert or Jesse Lavers. I can fax the Emily Young Document to you.Ill try & get it fax’d to you tomorrow if I can get time from work I don’t have a fax machine myself.

  177. Thank you for this info Dorothy!!Now I have more to work with.

  178. Hi: thanks for the reply, yes we have tried Mildred but cannot get to talk to her, where do you live, we r in Deer Lake and our fax is 709635-3671(if you r faxing you do not need to copy the items first) ItThe document s fo rWilliam Jesse and Alban Lavers are the ones we r having trouble with, we have others if there r some that you might need, you have my email me at, thanks and have a great weekend.


  179. Looking for info on Almira Mary Shears of St. Davids Area <Crabb's born nov 28 1883, married Philip Henry Clement Morris also of Sandy Point St. Davids area. anyone know if theres any native blood in either of those families. Almiras parents were William Shears & Fanny Alley/ Allez. Philips parents were Phillip morris & Alexina Ann Parsons.Would appreciate any other info you may have . Thank you very much!!

    1. Hi Janice, I have nothing showing Mi’kmaq ancestry for anyone you ask about, but here’s what I have on them. (Amira Shear’s mother) Fanny Alley/Allez (b 28 Oct 1846 BSG) d/o Nicholas Allez (b Jan 1817 Guernsey, Channel Is.) and Maria (b 1827 d 22 Mar 1898). Fanny’s husband William Shears was s/o Stephen Chatter Shears (b 1819 Devonshire, Eng.) and Catherine Morris (d/o Robert Morris and Eleanor Hulan). Eleanor b 1786 was d/o John Hulan b 1755 and Ann Serel.

      Almira’s father (Fanny’s husband) Philip Henry Clement Morris was s/o Philip Morris and Alexina Ann Parsons (as you have). I have Alexina as either a Parsons or a Renouf (or married twice). Her husband Philip Morris was s/o Clement Morris b 1810 and Lydia Hulan b 1811 d 16 Mar 1893. Clement was s/o Robert Morris and Eleanor Hulan (so Catherine above & Clement were sibs). Lydia Hulan was d/o John Thomas Hulan and Sarah Gale b 1772 d/o John Gale b 1740 and Mary Dodge. Mary Dodge was d/o Joseph Dodge. John Thomas Hulan was s/o John Hulan and Ann Serel (see above).

      I don’t know if these connections are accurate, but they may give you some help in looking. Hope so.

    2. I think that looking for native blood here is a dead end, That whole area is Anglican Church background. Most migrated from the Codroy valley and the Micmaq settlements are/were well North and separated from the Anglicans by Methodist families and Catholics and three unbridged rivers. (ie before a road system was constructed.)

  180. As for William Jesse & Robert I think Mildred would be best for those documents as she lives in port saunders & probably has access to them.

  181. Hi Loreta You can contact Mildred Lavers. I have some documents on Emily Young as Iam about to get my status but I dont know how to use my printer properly but you can call Mildred lavers maybe she can fax them to you as she will be doing our applications , and they already have theirs approved as Emily Young was my great grandmother also & I would imagine Mildreds husbands also.Her tel.# is in the book Port saunders listed under Mac&Mildred,if she can’t help then i will get my nephew to get those documents for you .His name is Scott Gould & he has all the info & documents also. Or I can get someone to copy mine & Fax or mail them to you ok. Good luck.

  182. We are looking for offical documents for Alban Lavers who married Emily Young and they had a son William Jessie and he had a son Robert Lavers who was my grandfather. Can you help us, we would appreciate anything.

    1. Hi Loretta, had another look and I have nothing on your Lavers. Good luck!

  183. Home | What’s New | Photos | Histories | Headstones | Reports | Surnames | Rumbolt, Hann & Lane Families Home Page

    First/Given Name(s):


    Henry Young

    Generations: Standard | Compact | Text | Register | PDF

    ( = Descendancy chart to this point, = Expand, = Collapse)

    Expand all | Collapse all

    1 Henry Young
    Susanne Duffney
    2 Amelia Marie Young b. 26 Mar 1839
    Alban Lavers
    3 William Jesse Lavers b. Mar 1860
    Elizabeth C Haynes b. Jan 1867
    4 Albin Lavers b. 25 Mar 1885 d. 10 Jan 1948
    Mary Genevieve Frampton b. 17 Apr 1903 d. 22 Apr 1982
    5 Nicholas Lavers
    5 Colleen Lavers
    + Paul Harris
    5 Andrew Joseph Lavers b. 1 May 1923 d. 15 Jun 1942
    5 William Jesse Lavers b. 6 May 1925 d. 28 Jul 1999
    5 Frederick Lavers b. 1927 d. 2 Jan 1937
    5 Margaret Gertrude Lavers
    Ralph Abbott, Snr.
    6 Patricia Ann Lavis
    6 William Michael Ralph Abbott Jnr
    + Joseph Rogers
    + Ken Doleman
    5 Annie Lavers b. 17 Nov 1932 d. 1980
    + John P Kelly
    5 Josephine Lavers
    5 Agnes Lavers b. 5 Feb 1941 d. 12 Oct 1984
    + Lloyd Noseworthy
    4 Arthur M Lavers b. 4 Nov 1886
    4 William C Lavers b. Nov 1890
    4 Robert E Lavers b. 10 Mar 1897 d. 10 Apr 1974
    Jane Wells b. Jun 1902
    5 Kathleen Lavers
    + Warrick Dinney
    5 Moses Lavers b. 1923 d. 1986
    + Ella House
    Norah Anne Kelley b. 18 Dec 1903 d. 2 May 1980
    5 Rita Lavers
    + Austin Ryan
    5 Mary M Lavers
    + Lander Kennedy
    5 Matthew W Lavers
    + Pauline Kennedy
    5 Nina E Lavers
    + Marcel Roy
    5 Joseph A Lavers b. 1931 d. 1980
    + Mildred Kennedy
    5 Lillian R Lavers
    + Bill Willett
    5 Raymond J Lavers
    + Agnes Kennedy
    5 Imelda M Lavers
    + _____ Hynes
    4 Winnie Lavers b. Sep 1903
    + Henry Thatchell
    4 Jessie W Lavers b. Jun 1906
    4 Agnes Lavers
    3 Arthur Thomas Lavers b. Apr 1871
    Helen Agnes Rumbolt b. 20 Jun 1879
    4 Isadore Lavers b. Sep 1901 d. Nov 1996
    Mary Ann Pilgrim
    5 Arthur J Lavers
    5 Maude Mary Lavers b. 13 Jun 1930 d. 20 Jul 1973
    Thomas Gerard Mitchell b. 3 Oct 1923 d. 19 Dec 1982
    6 Vincent Mitchell [ =>]
    6 Arthur Benedict Mitchell [ =>]
    6 Anthony Mitchell [ =>]
    6 Robert Pascal Mitchell [ =>]
    6 Sharon Agnes Mitchell [ =>]
    6 Imelda Philomena Mitchell [ =>]
    6 Bernard Mary Mitchell [ =>]
    6 Shaun Patrick Mitchell [ =>]
    6 Denise Mitchell
    6 Ita Mary Maude Mitchell [ =>]
    6 Fabian Mitchell
    6 Thomas Mitchell
    6 Veronica Mitchell [ =>]
    5 Amy M Lavers
    5 John Reuben Lavers
    5 Rose Marie Lavers
    5 Henry M Lavers
    5 Veronica Lavers
    5 Mary J Lavers
    5 Angella A Lavers
    4 Rachel Lavers b. Oct 1903
    William J Coles b. Feb 1895
    5 Jenny Coles
    5 York Coles
    5 Stella Coles
    5 Gertrude Coles
    5 George Coles
    5 Rita Coles
    5 Louise M Coles
    5 Josephine Coles
    5 Ignatius Coles
    5 Anthony Coles
    4 York Lavers b. Sep 1905
    Clara Ann Cordeau
    5 Mary Lavers
    5 Agnes Jeanette Lavers b. 19 Jul 1937 d. 16 Aug 1987
    Thomas L Adams
    6 Thomas Joseph Adams
    6 Michael Adams
    6 Paul Adams
    6 Carol Adams
    + William Beach
    5 Wilfred Lavers b. 29 Dec 1938 d. 19 Dec 1989
    Joan _____
    6 Christopher Lavers
    6 Catherine Edith Jane Lavers
    6 Thomas Lavers
    6 Ann Lavers
    6 Patrick Lavers
    6 Peter Lavers
    4 Sherlock Lavers b. Sep 1908 d. 1980
    5 Sherlock Lavers, Jnr. d. 1993
    Minnie Simyard b. 1918 d. 22 Feb 2000
    5 Harvey Lavers
    + Carol
    5 Brendan Lavers
    + Mary
    5 Helen Leslie Lavers
    + Leslie Humpreys
    5 Janette Lavers
    + _____ Janes
    5 Velma Lavers
    + Gary Bernette
    5 Zita Lavers
    + _____ Cullihall
    5 June Lavers
    + _____ Orford
    5 James Lavers b. 21 Jul 1941 d. 28 Oct 2003
    Shirley Feltham
    6 Wanda Lavers
    6 Shawn Lavers
    6 Sheldon Lavers
    6 Jimmy Lavers d. BFR. 12 Oct 2003
    4 Macavoy Arthur Lavers b. 12 Aug 1913 d. 24 Jun 2000
    5 Macavoy Lavers
    5 Leona Lavers
    5 Doreen Lavers
    5 Sylvia Lavers
    5 Norbert Lavers
    5 Alfred Lavers
    4 Gertrude Lavers
    3 Rachel Lavers b. 1872
    + Adolpha Rivala
    3 Rosanna Lavers b. 31 Aug 1881
    John Gould b. Jan 1875
    4 Leo Joseph Gould b. Aug 1908 d. 4 Apr 1965
    Charlotte Rumbolt b. 16 Aug 1915 d. 6 Apr 1992
    5 Clara Gould
    5 Leo Gould, Jnr.
    Ida Kelly
    6 Tyson Owen Gould
    6 Tanya Gould
    6 Andrea Gould
    5 Donna Gould d. Abt 1950
    5 Laura Gould
    5 Paulette Gould
    Alfred Rumbolt
    6 Julie Marie Gould
    5 Raymond Joseph Gould
    Ellen Scanlon
    6 Scott Leo Gould [ =>]
    6 Edmund lewis Gould [ =>]
    6 Rhonda Gould [ =>]
    6 Iris Gould
    6 Yvonne (Bonnie) Gould
    6 William (billy) Gould [ =>]
    6 Elizabeth Gould
    6 Anna m Gould
    6 Raymond Gould
    5 Yvonne Gould
    5 John Gould
    5 Bruce Gould
    5 Darlene I Gould b. 8 May 1953 d. 20 Dec 1990
    Michael A King
    6 Michael Darwin King
    5 Janice Gould
    + Richard Nelson Cooper
    4 Arthur Gould b. Oct 1910 d. BFR. 2002
    + Catherine _____
    4 William John Gould b. Jan 1913 d. 8 May 2002
    4 Raymond Gould b. Feb 1916 d. BFR. 2002
    4 Edmund Gould b. Feb 1920 d. BFR 2002

  184. Hi Dorothy,
    I’m trying to find some information on my great great grandmother. From the information that I have gathered so far, her name was Jane Butler, she had sisters named Virtue and Cassandra and one of her brothers name was Job. I have heard that they were born in Musgrave Harbour, or at a nearby community that was once called Muddy Hole. Fannie later went to Cook’s Harbour, NL, and she married a man from England, by the name of James Field. He died and she later married a Bradbury. I am trying to find her parents names and where they were born. The birthdate that I have for Fannie is April, 1850 and she died March 19, 1947 and is buried in Cook’s Harbour. Some of Fannie and James Field’s children names are Jane, Jim, George, Lenora.

    thanks so much for any help you can provide!!

    1. Hi Karen, about Jane (Fannie?) Butler – I have nothing. Maybe someone else can help.

  185. To Loretta Wight of Deer Lake, Alban Lavers was my g grandfather He married Emily Young ,daughter Of (Henri Young & Susanne Duffney)Lejeune & Duffenais) Of Port Au Port & originally Little Bras Dor Cape breton NS, They are Mi’kmaq families of Pierre lejeune of Acadia France.. Emily was full blood Mi’kmaq her daughter Rosanna married my grandfather & i would imagine maybe one of her siblings are one of your grandparents. Hope this helps you!!

  186. Hi Dorothy and Karen,
    The story of Mary ? is quite fascinating for sure.
    There were many reasons people were tattoed
    But we are lead to believe that she was captured
    And brought to England where she married Robert
    Parks. Was he her capturer? I too am a
    Descendant like Joan and am interested in anything
    You would like to share. My email address is
    Roxanneblanchard@ Thanks for your
    Information and thanks Dorothy for providing
    Us with this site.

  187. hi Jean Hoddinott , if i had your email address i would contact you

  188. Hello Dorthy,

    I am researching my family geneology to obtain Mi’kmaq status. I am looking for information on a few individuals. Elizabeth Wilcott born in Great Jervis about 1825 or 1827 and married a Thomas Rose, Ann Fleming born in Brunette Island about 1831 and married a Frank Lushman, and also a Susannah Mcdonald born either Hermitage Bay or Bay d’Espoir about 1800/09 and married Thomas Lushman. If you have any information on these idividuals that would be great. I am stuck on where to take my research. Going to St. John’s was not helpful to me. There are a few more individuals that may be of Mi’kmaq descent that are in my family tree. Thank you.

    1. Hi Susann, I have Elizabeth Wilcott, b 1825 Great Jervois, d/o Michael Wilcott, b abt 1795 Great Jervois, and Elizabeth Wilcott, b 1796 d 13 Jun 1872 Great Jervois. Michael was s/o William Wilcott, b abt 1770 Torquay England, marr Ellen Morris, b 1775. I have nothing more on Ellen.

      I have no parents for Ann Fleming. Just that she married Francis Lushman, b 22 Mar 1832 Little River or Richard’s Hr. He was s/o Thomas Lushman and Susannah McDonald. I have no other info on Susannah and, as you’ll see in the comments here, lots of people are looking for her. Good luck, all I can suggest is keep looking through any avenues and individuals you have. Thanks for writing.

  189. Thanks Dorothy! I will let you know if I find out anything else on Mary ? Joe.

  190. Hi Karen, I would also like very much to know where you got the information about Mary Joe, the mother of Mary Park Brooks. I am also fascinated with the tale of her being tattooed and taken to England and put on display. If true, I think this this would certainly verify that she was Indian. Mary Park Brooks was my
    g-g-g grandmother and that would mae Mary Joe my g-g-g-g grandmother. Hoping to find out more from you!!!!!!

  191. Hi: I am looking for information onWilliam Jessie Lavers and Alban Lavers Sr. They are my great grandfather and great great grandfather. I know that William Jessie Lavers is buried in Port Saunders, Nl. and Alban drowned off Point Riche, Nl with one of his sons. My Mom was Kathleen Lavers from Port Saunders, Nl. and her father was Robert Lavers and Jane Wells of Curling, Nl. My surname was Dinney from Deer Lake, Nl. Would appreciate any information you may email to me, thanks.

    1. Hi Loretta, I have a William Jesse Lavers marr to Elizabeth Jane Hynes, d/o Charles Hynes and Mary Ann Mahar. Do you think that’s him? But I have no other info on him, sorry. Maybe somebody will have more on him. Thanks.

  192. hi dorothy mary brooks was born with a indian name, what better indian name can you get than a joe? did you know she was captured and taken to england? they tattooed her cheeks and put her on display, where she married robert park.

    1. Hi Karen, this is fascinating! Where did you get this info from, about her being taken to England? Thanks so much.

  193. Hi Dorothy,
    I have traced my ancestry back to Robert Park and Mary ? Joe. However, I cannot find any additional information on Mary Joe. Her name suggests that she may have been Mi’kmag, but I have not been able to find any evidence to support this. I was wondering if you had come across any information on Mary Joe (1759 – 1852).

    1. Hi Jean, I have a Robert Park, b abt 1769 in either Burin or England, married to Mary surname unknown, b abt 1759 Burin d aft 1849 in Brook’s Cove (maybe), so she sounds like your Mary. I have them as parents of Mary Brooks Park. If that is correct, and you are correct that her surname was Joe, well, that would be wonderful. I have never heard of her surname as Joe or anything else. Anybody else?

  194. Hi Dorothy,

    I was wondering if you have any info on a Henry Hynes. I cannot find anything on him at all. I know he was married to Margaret Hynes died May 4, 1952 at the age of 84. She is buried in Fortune (White Bay, near Griquet). I was told her maiden name was Bartlett and she was born in Quirpon (Carpoon). I know that she was a widow by 1921 so Henry died sometime before then. Her daughter Alice Hynes, Murrin, Symmonds was my great-grandmother. Her second marriage was to my great-grandfather William (Bill) Symmonds from Conche.

    Relatives seem to think that Henry was from Port-Au-Port. I cannot find any records on him.

    1. Hi Katrina, sorry but I can’t find this Henry Hynes. I hope someone reading can help. If I find him, I’ll let you know.

    2. This is a long shot but are you around still. I think my great great grandmother might be a sister of alice but i am also having a hard time tracing any information. Would love to chat

    3. This is a long shot but are you around still. I think my great great grandmother might be a sister of alice but i am also having a hard time tracing any information. I believe i have some information on Henry and Margret. Would love to chat

  195. Dorothy ,Sorry never got back to you earlier about the corner brook bookstore Bookgrotto.I drove passed the store earlier last week, but didnt see anyone around..I did however later run into the gentleman who had operated it for years,but unfortunatley he said it wasn,t feasable to keep it open ,It told me he stills sell books at fleamarket in valley mall on sundays.I asked him about The Legacy of William Hynes & he said he didnt have that book, or manybooks pertaining to nfld.He said nflder,s tend to keep books about nfld history &culture.He mentioned also that tablets & the internet stores were selling,books way cheaper than him .Anyway i will keep my eye open in my travals because i collect alot of stuff through yards sales, and second hands shops Maybe i may be fortunate eneough to help you ,take care Joe

    1. Thanks a lot, Joe. I’m sorry the bookstore is closed but that seems to be how it’s going. I agree with him about holding onto Nfld history/culture books. I’m not even lending mine anymore – too hard to replace if they go missing! Do keep an eye out for The Legacy of Wm Hynes, for me 😉 and for what seems like a lot of people who would love a copy! My library copy has to go back, and it’s a really good book.

  196. Dorothy,

    I just sent you a message requesting possible information/direction about my paternal great grandparents and great great grand parents who may have Mi’kmaq heritage in NL. My paternal great grandmother-Johanna Vickers -baptized November 20, 1880-Church of Saint Anne in Fortune Harbour (William Vicars and Ellen Head-parents) Fortune Harbour, NL and John Decker and Nellie ( Higgins) Decker parents of Nellie Decker-born Nov 20, 1906 in Norris Arm, NL-my paternal grandmother.

    Sorry I wasn’t sure if you got my post as I didn’t see not sure how all this works.

    1. Hi Michelle, your comment on research and radio page did come through. Just to let you and others know, comments have to be moderated by me in order to keep spam out. Or I could put one of those squiggly word things in that only real humans can figure out. If your comment doesn’t appear for awhile, it’s because I haven’t had a chance to approve it yet. If your comment is approved but not answered yet, it’s because I haven’t yet checked into your query. I started minimizing my number of replies so that comments don’t disappear from view into the ‘older comments’ previous page. There’s information in the comments of interest to lots of people. Thanks for giving me a chance to explain this :).

  197. To Ruby Coutts:

    Hezekiah Parsons from Rose Blanche, NFLD is my great great grandfather (his daughter, Caroline Stoyles, was my great grandmother).

    Where did you learn that he was of Mi’kmaq background?

    Amanda Morris

  198. Hi Dorothy,I’m doing research for Qalipu l’ kmaq ancestors for status my connections is through the Organ ,and Matthews family my 4th grandparent Michael Organ married Sarah Matthews and Sarah parents were John Matthews ,and Sarah Bagg looking for proof or doc. on John Matthews that their is Indian states in that line appreciate any thing you can till me

    1. Hi Vivian, I just don’t know about John Matthews. There’s nothing in Small’s Diary indicating that his family was Mi’kmaq and there is no known link to any Matthews known to be Mi’kmaq. As you’ll see in past comments, it’s one of the puzzles people are trying to figure out. Thanks for writing.

  199. Hi Dorothy,Ive found a place that sells the book.. House of Hate By Percy Janes.It cost about $10 and is available at .Their number is 1-877-738-3435.I beleive their were a couple people looking it for it on your site.They can order it on line through the site also.That was the reason you were inquiring about the corner brook book store also if my memory is correct.Anyway hope it helps .Joe

    1. Hi Joe, thanks for the source on House of Hate. It has been mentioned here. It’s an excellent read and also gives a lot of insight into the history of Corner Brook. I have a copy of it. It’s Don Bennett’s Legacy of Wm Hynes that I am looking for. I just picked up a copy of it through interlibrary loan and it looks wonderful. I’d still like my own copy. If you find out anything about the Corner Brook bookstore, I’d really appreciate it.

  200. Hello Dorthy,
    My mother ia a Doucette and I am researching our MicMac Ancestry for status purposes. I am able to make a clear connection through the Lejeunes but it spans back 9 generations. I have a similar problem spanning the Doucet clan. DO you know of any clearly known Micmac connection in the doucet ancestry earlier that Pierre Lejeune 1630 or Marie Guedry 1712??



    1. Hi Bob, I would need some names of specific people to look for. People named Doucette may be Mi’kmaq or Acadian or both. So it depends what line you’re tracing. You’re looking for something more recent than the Lejeune 1600s connection, I guess? With some more information, maybe I or readers can help out. Thanks for writing.

  201. looking for family of susannah shears born 1850 died 1952 in corner brook

    1. Hi Linda, I can’t find her. Is Shears her birth name? If you have any more information, please post and we’ll see if someone can help. Thanks for writing.

  202. I just learned that my great grandfather Hezekiah Parsons of Rose Blanche is Mi’kmaq background.Can you please tell me where I can find info.
    Thank you

  203. I am looking for information on a Albert Brown Sr.Born 1871.His Birth Place was Western Brook, NL.The Browns that are related to me lives in Wild Bight/Cooks Harbour, NL. I have been told that one of my grandmothers were Mi’Kmaq backgrown. Do you have any information on who Alberts parents were?.

    Thank You,

    1. Probably born at West Brook….this is near Cook’s Harbour area….and there was an Albert Brown living there…

  204. I am looking for information on a Albert Brown Born 1871 I think his Birth place was Western Brook ,NL.The Browns that are related to me live in Wild Bight/Cooks Harbour Newfoundland.I have been told one of my grandmothers was Mi’Kmaq backgrown.Do you have any information on the parents of Albert.

    Thank You

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