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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Mar. 25/12)


Faye walks away while Owen and Ches watch - losing sanctuaryTuesday, while looking at Faye flounce off as he and Ches unloaded materials, Owen said it best:  “It wasn’t a shed, it was her sanctuary.”  So why is he replacing the shed with a flaming fishpond!  Faye has not been reluctant to voice her feelings about tearing the shed down. That’s despite it being her foot that went through the rotten floorboards.

Monday at the kitchen table, Anna and Owen discussed with Ches and Katie what to do with the shed and its rotting floor while Faye listened and Katie, Ches and Faye listening to shed replacement ideasglowered, and said she wanted a shed.  I really thought Owen would say he’d replace it with a smaller one.  That way Anna can get some sunlight in her back yard, Faye has her shed and everybody’s happy.  I figured Owen would call it a playhouse or Wendy house and tick Faye off by treating her as a child. But she’d get over it and enjoy the new shed with a solid floor.

But a fishpond?  Ok, it would be nice and even if Anna really really wants it too, isn’t she looking at that child?  Doesn’t she see that Faye’s need for a bolt-hole is important?

Faye is a scary child

Faye listening to Anna say a fish pond is a wonderful ideaFaye would have cause to fear being sent back to Child Services if she were with me.  I would sleep with one eye open in the same house as that girl.  I think she might be the reincarnation of Lizzy Borden.  With all her nasty tricks and major league pouting, I was very surprised to find my heart aching for her while they talked about the fishpond.  “Give that girl a shed!” I screamed at the tv. “Can’t you see she needs a place to escape? She needs to see that her opinion and wishes are as valuable as anyone else’s.”

Anna looking unhappy as Faye tells off OwenAnna has taken Faye’s wishes into account in the past, even allowed the child to control her behaviour and relationships.  She sneaked around with Owen because she knew Faye would be upset if she knew they were romantically involved.  Of course Faye knew, she can see around corners and through walls.  She’s a demon child.

But, one time, when there’s something that would make a huge difference to Faye and not disrupt any one else’s life, Anna acts like Faye is part of the wallpaper.  She totally ignores her wishes, then adds insult to injury by telling her that she’ll like the fishpond.  Owen saying sorry to Anna after Faye leaves the table in a huffNot in this lifetime is what I think about the odds of Faye liking the new back garden.

And if Owen understands what the shed means to the child, why isn’t he building her another one? A small shed and a small fishpond might fit in the back garden.