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Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 29/11)

Crazy Ladies

Fiz going off on Charlotte. She’s in Charlotte’s house telling her exactly what she thinks of her and telling her to stay away from her man! Wonderful. Nice to see Fiz back. No more mealy-mouthing, just saying what she really thinks. Poor Charlotte cowering, obviously not used to being talked to this way.Fiz in front of beads and mirror in charlotte's house

It’s one shot that I particularly liked. Fiz, with a curtain of glass pendants, crystals, whatever they are hanging in front of a mirror. Fiz looks out of place in this house, and that shot captures it perfectly.

Charlotte’s house

Charlotte's house - fiz at doorWe’ve never seen Charlotte’s house before, and it’s absolutely perfect. At first, the tight shot when Fiz is going to the door, I thought it was a small brick cottage. The flowers, the low front porch, the trellis work – I knew it was Charlotte’s.

Later, when they show a long shot of it, it’s a rowhouse, plain Row of houses, including Charlotte's housefronted, just like its neighbours. Not very interesting architecturally, kind of run-down and looking like they’re divided into apartments. But Charlotte has made the front of hers look like a little crafty type cottage. Macrame plant hangers wouldn’t be out of place.

The inside doesn’t really look like that, no Indian print cotton spreads, no brass or overabundance of ferns. Only some crochet work and the glass beads. Lovely with the light reflecting through them, and absolutely right for someone of Charlotte’s style, post-hippie in age and era. And not Fiz at all.

Charlotte cowering in smashed up living roomFiz is doing wonderfully at terrifying the real story out of Charlotte. And she’s just about to get it all when she keeps talking when she should shut up.

“I know what you’re going to say”

A character saying what they think the other person is going to say is a device often seen in American soaps to keep a deception going. It’s often very apparent and clunky, so on top of your disappointment that the truth didn’t come out, you’ve just Charlotte, off the hook about Colinwatched a really stupid bit of writing. Fiz saying “what about Colin? Where’s he gone? Charlotte:  “He’s –” Fiz: “Has he gone back to Canada?” Charlotte, realization and relief flowing over her, “Yes, he’s gone back to Canada.” Big exhale from me, oh Fiz, why did you say that! Then Charlotte tells her the “big truth” – John is still planning to use Colin’s identity to teach.

John telling Fizz it was a stupid planBack home, telling John about her visit, she does the same thing; “she told me about your little secret.” But she keeps going, telling him she knows he hasn’t quit teaching. Huge relief for John, when he’d also nearly told her the real truth. Again, the deception last-minute-save done very well.

John saying 'it was Scott'Then Friday, for me, a little aha moment. John and Charlotte moaning about the predicament they’ve got themselves in. Charlotte says, “Shakespeare got it right, didn’t he – ‘oh what a tangled web we weave.’” John barely looks up, “Walter Scott, in a book called Marmion. Not Shakespeare.” Oh, I just love him, deranged as he is.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 22/11)


John Stape is making progress. He now isn’t just teaching about farce, he’s living one. It wouldn’t feel that way for him, of course. He has to figure out how to quietly dispose of a John looking at Colin, dead - the farce beginsbody while everyone is everywhere around him. But for us, the audience, the latter half of the week has been a lovely tour de farce.

The real Colin Fishwick has removed the need to return his identity to him. He dropped dead in John and Fiz’s house. After he got a beating from the cuckolded husband, he came to John to complain.

Charlotte happened to be there and when she poked Fiz at party, checking her watchhim to emphasize a point about how difficult all this was for her and John, Colin keeled over. Dead as a mackerel. John was supposed to be at the café for Chesney’s 16th birthday party, Charlotte was supposed to be not there, and now they have to deal quickly with a corpse.

John conveniently found a carpet upstairs so they rolled up Colin to take him to Charlotte’s car. Lots of people on the street, spilling out from the café. Norris in the alley complaining about what people put in their garbage bins, while Charlotte and John surreptitiously load Colin into one.

Rita extends hand to greet Charlotte John and Charlotte get him in the bin and to the curb by the car. Then we have a lovely laugh out loud moment. Rita stops for a chat. Leans across the top of the bin, laying her arm on the carpet bundle. “Hello, love, I don’t believe I’ve had the pleasure” she says to Charlotte.

Charlotte, with deer in the headlights look, by binShe looks more closely at the carpet. John explains he inherited it from his grandmother and it was too big for their place.

“It’s a beauty” Rita says as she strokes the pile. I was holding my breath, fearing she was going to say ‘that would look lovely in my flat, d’ye mind if I take a Rita admires the carpetlook?’ John forestalls that by saying “Charlotte’s having it.”

After a number of misadventures, they end up putting poor Colin in a huge hole in the floor of the factory construction site. They’re not planning to bury him there, only because they have no way of doing that. It’s just a temporary hiding spot for him.

John looks at hole in factory floorBut as of the end of the week, John hasn’t been able to retrieve him. Charlotte, who thought this was such a splendid adventure, is having a meltdown and telling John “I should have known you were a lunatic.”