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Corrie Street 31 Dec. 2017

Chords of Melodrama

Tuesday the trampoline in Fiz and Tyrone’s back yard burns. Who did it? Had to be Beth, says Fiz. No, Liz gives Beth an alibi. So Fiz wonders, “what if somebody’s trying to scare us?”fiz-what-if-someone-is-trying-to-scare-us

Only a complete headcase would do that, Tyrone laughs. Fiz sees it! I  hear organ chords – the sound of old soap opera. That foreboding sound that signals the reveal of evil. It’s Kirsty! Tyrone’s ex, a headcase wreaking madness and mayhem.tyrone-complete-head-case

The organ thundered again in my head. It was warning me, I think, that Coronation Street is indeed crashing further down the dramatic scale to pure melodrama.

Dastardly Deeds

And thus the week began and ended. Contrived stupidity, dastardly deeds. Michelle’s ‘robbery’ of her own business. Kate and Rana sneaking around, asking to get caught. People overhearing incriminating conversations. Secrets shared in public places. Anna returning to the scene of the crime. Phelan lurking and smirking.

On Fiz’s accusations, not once did she wonder if either daughter (users of said trampoline) might have had a lighter or matches. And yes, indeed, after she and Tyrone had major ‘my daughter, your daughter’ fights, Fiz finds a lighter in Ruby’s stuff.fiz thinks and organ chords sound

Some stories don’t need resolving. Kirsty is one. The car accident of Susan Barlow is another. They are sufficiently finished.

And my wish for 2018? Being able to pick a scene of the week that I actually like. It wasn’t that long ago that I could. Can we go back or move on from this melodrama fest? Please, no more plots that conjure up the sound of crashing organ chords.

Corrie Street 12 Feb. 2017

How you doing?

How you doing – Fiz’s concerned face, asking this of Steve at the bar. Steve Alya and Fiz at the barYou know this isn’t going to go well.

It’s Friday, and it’s been a long week of sadness and anger. It’s the day after the baby’s funeral. Steve is working a shift at the Rovers. The factory girls are having a birthday party for Izzy at the bar. Fun, fun, fun – until Fiz noticed Steve.

How you doing Fiz asks SteveYou could see it in her eyes – the mental gears shifting. No more time for fun. It’s time for ‘oh, poor you, I want to make you feel better’. When you see that look, it’s time to run as fast as you can. Too bad Steve didn’t.

Fiz gave her condolences, and stopped speaking. Whew, maybe Izzy and Sinead with sad faces and condolencesthat’s it. But even that made everyone else put on a serious face and acknowledge Steve’s loss (something he was likely trying to put out of his mind for just a bit of time).

Not a bromide missed

Fiz says Michelle is still youngAnd of course Fiz’s roll was just starting. Every bromide not fit for a sympathy card popped into her mind, it seems, culminating with “Michelle’s still young…” Those words, unfortunate at the best of times in this situation, came out of Fiz’s mouth just as Michelle walked out of the back room and into hearing distance.

Steve lost it. Earlier in the week, Michelle had lost it big time so Michelle tells Steve to forget the remarkperhaps she hasn’t had a chance to build up her reserves for another explosion. She dealt with Fiz’s insensitivity surprisingly well. I was grateful, I couldn’t have taken another Michelle outburst.

Steve hasn’t been able to let out his frustration and hurt and rage. So Steve yells at FizFiz’s words pushed all his buttons and she got the brunt of it. She didn’t really deserve it. Insensitive as her words were, and inappropriate as her extended expression of sympathy was in the first place at a lunchtime birthday bash at a bar, she meant well.

So everyone feels uncomfortable and embarrassed. Her friends have to comfort Fiz. And Steve will feel bad about taking it all out on her Fiz says she has the sense of a rocking horsewhen she was just trying to be nice. Steve and Michelle have had their noses rubbed in their loss at a moment when both thought they could try to feel normal for a little bit. Oh Fiz, please, next time just buy a card or flowers! Or just say sorry for your loss. Then zip it.

Corrie Street Oct. 26/14

A Day in a Life

mr-mrs-r-cropperA year ago, Roy was in Blackpool with Hayley. This year, the hotel sends a cheery notice addressed to them both, offering a discount should they return. A lot can change in a year, as Roy says.

Putting the hotel’s unwanted solicitation out of his mind, he plans this year’s trip to Blackpool – to scatter Hayley’s ashes. He asks Tyrone and Fiz to accompany him. Why, I don’t know. Roy has unending patience if he could tolerate Fiz’s fussing, flapping and incessant talking.

roy-wading-in-sea a day in blackpool

Should have brought the kids

She and Tyrone had not brought the girls, something Fiz regretted as she looked at the lovely, and very cold, sea. Why she’d think this would be an appropriate day for an outing for kids, I don’t know. However, I don’t think the presence of two small children could have been more distracting than Fiz was, even if they tried.

In a Fizless moment, Roy and Tyrone watched an elderly couple come near on the beach. The old lady nattered at the man about being careful to not hurt himself as he tried to unfold a chair. Roy stepped up and asked if he could help. He unfolded one and Tyrone the other.

roy-watches-old-coupleThen Roy and Ty went on their way, leaving the couple bickering in the way that couples who have been together a long lifetime do. Roy saw what could have been, I suppose, what he and Hayley would have been doing years hence, if only.

fiz-tyrone-and-roy-blackpoolFiz, with a tray of teas, caught up with them and launched into her story about the lineup at the tea stand. She continued yammering about how fast Roy was walking, she couldn’t keep up, was going to spill the tea. Tyrone took the tray from her, thanks be to Jesus, so she had one less thing to yap about.

Ashes are all he has

roy-says-he-will-not-scatter-ashesRoy sat on a bench. Once Fiz shut up, he told them that, despite Hayley’s wishes, he was not going to scatter her ashes. They may not be her, but they were all he had left and he was keeping them.

Back at home, after a truly difficult day at the seaside, Roy discovers his café and flat had been burgled. Maybe a group of nasty teenage boys who have been hanging around harassing him? His photo albums and model trains were trashed, everything scattered and destroyed. He put Hayley’s ashes back in the cabinet and went downstairs. Despite a new lock, he reinforced the door with furniture.roy-and-anna-in-wrecked-flat

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Dec. 30/12)

The Job Offer

A week of people not making sure secret talks are secret, of sturm und drang with our newly minted Californians and of the hideous sight of another May and September affair.

want-a-jobOut of it all, the scene for me was Roy checking to see if Fiz and Chesney’s meals were ok. His query went:  “Is everything all right? Good, good.  Want a job?” The rapidity with which he went from one to the other surprised me, and I knew it was coming. Good for Fiz, though. Despite her surprise, she knows Roy well enough to not show that he’d thrown her for a loop.

He thank-you-royseemed embarrassed, perhaps because of their almost familial relationship or because the suggestion of hiring Fiz came from Tyrone. Even Roy is cognizant of the gossip surrounding Fiz and Tyrone and their supposed estrangement. But bless his heart. I look forward to Fiz and Roy working together. It’s been a long time since we saw her in the heart of the Cropper household.


lollipop-barrierAnother bright spot happened Friday, with the lollipop people united in sticking it to Steve. Oh how wonderful!

As to the rest of it, first Fiz and Tyrone sneaking around to talk but not taking care that they truly have total privacy. I know it’s a soap standard, but they’ve done it too many times in my book. Please look around!

Second, Carla and Peter: I like the new Peter look, but the overlay of laid-back California on Peter crazy intensity is kinda creepy. And while I believe that Peter ought to take his Carla-leavespartner’s needs and wishes into consideration as much as Simon’s, why couldn’t they both see right off the bat that he could stay in Weatherfield for Christmas and follow Carla to Los Angeles later? They are both adults and not joined at the hip. Why put Simon through the torment of ‘here’s daddy, there goes daddy’? Instead, in the end, Peter does put Simon first and it appeared he and Carla ended things there at airport security.

And lastly, Stella and Jason. Yes, they are both fit but do we really need to see this? The time-of-my-lifegak factor is truly overwhelming. Maybe it’s worse with them than with the other relationships of this kind that we’ve seen. For me I think, it’s because when you compare Stella’s brains and Jason’s, there is absolutely nothing about them that could possibly fit except, well, the obvious. I can’t see this going well for anyone.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 29/11)

Crazy Ladies

Fiz going off on Charlotte. She’s in Charlotte’s house telling her exactly what she thinks of her and telling her to stay away from her man! Wonderful. Nice to see Fiz back. No more mealy-mouthing, just saying what she really thinks. Poor Charlotte cowering, obviously not used to being talked to this way.Fiz in front of beads and mirror in charlotte's house

It’s one shot that I particularly liked. Fiz, with a curtain of glass pendants, crystals, whatever they are hanging in front of a mirror. Fiz looks out of place in this house, and that shot captures it perfectly.

Charlotte’s house

Charlotte's house - fiz at doorWe’ve never seen Charlotte’s house before, and it’s absolutely perfect. At first, the tight shot when Fiz is going to the door, I thought it was a small brick cottage. The flowers, the low front porch, the trellis work – I knew it was Charlotte’s.

Later, when they show a long shot of it, it’s a rowhouse, plain Row of houses, including Charlotte's housefronted, just like its neighbours. Not very interesting architecturally, kind of run-down and looking like they’re divided into apartments. But Charlotte has made the front of hers look like a little crafty type cottage. Macrame plant hangers wouldn’t be out of place.

The inside doesn’t really look like that, no Indian print cotton spreads, no brass or overabundance of ferns. Only some crochet work and the glass beads. Lovely with the light reflecting through them, and absolutely right for someone of Charlotte’s style, post-hippie in age and era. And not Fiz at all.

Charlotte cowering in smashed up living roomFiz is doing wonderfully at terrifying the real story out of Charlotte. And she’s just about to get it all when she keeps talking when she should shut up.

“I know what you’re going to say”

A character saying what they think the other person is going to say is a device often seen in American soaps to keep a deception going. It’s often very apparent and clunky, so on top of your disappointment that the truth didn’t come out, you’ve just Charlotte, off the hook about Colinwatched a really stupid bit of writing. Fiz saying “what about Colin? Where’s he gone? Charlotte:  “He’s –” Fiz: “Has he gone back to Canada?” Charlotte, realization and relief flowing over her, “Yes, he’s gone back to Canada.” Big exhale from me, oh Fiz, why did you say that! Then Charlotte tells her the “big truth” – John is still planning to use Colin’s identity to teach.

John telling Fizz it was a stupid planBack home, telling John about her visit, she does the same thing; “she told me about your little secret.” But she keeps going, telling him she knows he hasn’t quit teaching. Huge relief for John, when he’d also nearly told her the real truth. Again, the deception last-minute-save done very well.

John saying 'it was Scott'Then Friday, for me, a little aha moment. John and Charlotte moaning about the predicament they’ve got themselves in. Charlotte says, “Shakespeare got it right, didn’t he – ‘oh what a tangled web we weave.’” John barely looks up, “Walter Scott, in a book called Marmion. Not Shakespeare.” Oh, I just love him, deranged as he is.