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Corrie Street 21 Jan. 2018

Dawn Light

dawn light kate-and-sophie-at-doorYou never see dawn light on Coronation Street. But in the first scene of Wednesday’s episode, there was the gray of dawn. Not from fog or drizzle. Just that brief morning twilight before the sun fully rises.

It was a little disconcerting, due to its unusualness and the eerie spell it cast on a familiar street. It also matched perfectly with the consternation – then and imminent – of the characters.kate-and-sophie-outside-door

Kate and Sophie were coming home from a night in the bars. Sophie didn’t know it, but Kate was distraught over Rana. She was totally fed up with Rana’s flip-flopping about leaving Zeedan. Sophie misread the situation totally and kissed Kate. Wrong move!

Alya is awake early too

So while they were uncomfortably sorting out a changed dynamic between them, the door opened. It was Alya, thinking the noise she heard outside was Luke coming home. The night before he texted her that he’d gone to a pub with a mate. He hadn’t come home. She was angry and worried.alya-surprised-to-see-kate-and-sophie

He had gone to a pub, but not exactly to meet a mate. He was investigating the mysterious disappearance of Andy. So he went to the bar where Andy’s friend works. There, he saw Phelan having a word with that friend. When he confronted him, the guy admitted he had no idea of where Andy was.

That information led Luke to confront Phelan. A fight, a car chase, then Phelan’s handgun. He shot Luke, then shot the car’s gas tank. The car exploded, with Luke inside it.kate-and-sophie-kiss-interrupted

Soon enough, the police were once again on Coronation Street with the news of Luke’s death. No one knows of Phelan’s involvement of course, so the confusion continues. First with the simple disbelief that Luke could be alive one evening and dead the next morning, then the questions of who did it. There are obvious suspects, but no one except Seb suspects Phelan.

By this time, of course, the winter sun has long been fully risen. The viewer’s sense of disorientation has dissipated, so we can pay closer attention to the confusion reigning on the street.ayla-sadly-goes-back-inside

An effective use of time and light. It perfectly created a mood for the telling of the story. And technically difficult to do. That dawn light is very brief. Therefore a job to get all the takes needed before the light changes too much. If filters were used to smooth out the differences, it wasn’t noticeable. Thanks, camera people, it was beautiful.

Corrie Street Apr. 24/16

Sophie Cat Lady

Sophie describes her future to Tim: “Be by myself, get my own place, a Sophie cat lady describes life after maddiefew cats.” Sophie cat lady. Pity the poor cats. A cat lady puts the cats’ interests and comfort above her own. Sophie doing that? I don’t think so. Sophie’s concern is pretty much all about Sophie. Looking after cats would cut into her navel-gazing time.

Thankfully, Tim talked her off the ledge and convinced her that being happy should be her objective. Presumably, being “happy” and “a crazy cat lady” are mutually exclusive in Sophie’s worldview.

said-she-does-not-love-herSophie, I think, does enjoy the thought of a Miss Havisham existence, locked away from the world, mourning her lost love. Problem is, it seems she can’t be around a potential love interest without indeed falling in love.

“Being a mate”

So Sophie has got herself in the middle of Kate and Caz’s relationship, now headed for break-up. Being a mate, she tells herself and anyone who will listen. But pining away, with unsettled looks in Kate’s direction. Kate, with her own uncertainties about Caz, or marriage to her, or maybe being in a relationship at all, soon started looking back at Sophie.

this-girl-needs-to-figure-outAll this led to a big blow-up between Caz and Kate and their joint hen night being cancelled. The wedding appears to be cancelled too. Caz suspects something is going on between Kate and Sophie and warns Sophie off. But we know, and anyone on the street who has ever actually listened to Kate when the impending wedding is discussed knows, Kate has had cold feet about it since we met her. We just haven’t found out why.

Caz is a bully

you-as-a-crazy-cat-ladyWhatever Kate’s reasons, I think her hesitations are wise. Caz is a bully. She’s also insecure about herself and their relationship. Not a good combination for the person involved with her. Kate might want to talk to Tyrone about that. His ex Kirsty was a cop and Caz is in the army. Both women are examples of the need for rigorous psychological testing before acceptance into jobs which give authority, power, and access to weaponry.

stay-well-clearAnd Kate? She’s accustomed to being indulged. A baby when her mother died, her father and older brother have humoured her in her whims and wishes. So she wants Caz and doesn’t, maybe wants Sophie. Maybe wants to be settled in a relationship, maybe doesn’t. Whatever Kate is doing, Sophie should stay out of it, Tim warns.

as-happy-as-maddie-didIt is good that Tim is in Sophie’s  life. Despite his belief that he is a “rubbish parent”, he gives her the sympathy she wants and the common sense that she lacks herself and is unlikely to get from her mother.