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Corrie Street 4 Feb. 2018

Metaphor in a T-shirt

Monday’s second episode, a bar fight. Must be on the production to-do roster, I thought. So now they can check that item off. Then it became a bit unusual, relatively highbrow. “Oh look, the bimbo used a metaphor,” Toyah sneers at Carla’s assertion that she is not interested in Peter.been-there-got-the-t-shirt

“Been there, done that, got the t-shirt. In fact, he was sick on the t-shirt,” Carla had said to her. “It wasn’t a metaphor, he actually did that,” she says as she throws a drink at Toyah.carla-throws-beer-on-toyah

So Toyah throws one back at Carla. Ken Barlow would be proud. The tutoring he gave Toyah all those years ago paid off. She can chuck drinks at someone while debating whether or not something is a metaphor.

Peter: the man and metaphor

In this case, it’s about Peter Barlow so it is both literal and metaphorical. Women and booze, the central parts of his life, consumed and flushed.peter-watches-fight

His relationships and his history, laid out right in front of him by his current and former squeezes. He’s got to be loving it. Four women fighting over him, the local king of two-timing, in his bar.carla-yells-michelle-glares

The fight was also a nice return to their roots for the Battersby and Connor women. They’ve dressed themselves up, literally and figuratively, but they all – Toyah and Leanne, Carla and Michelle – are hard cases. bimbo used a metaphor

Gemma Winter, the current Street guttersnipe, could take lessons from them. Gemma might be able to fight but she wouldn’t know a metaphor if it slapped her in the face. The Connor and Battersby women not only know, but can discuss what is and isn’t a metaphor while brawling in a bar. Toyah even owns the bar so she doesn’t have to throw herself or her sister out of it. Movin’ on up!toyah-throws-beer-on-carla.

Corrie Street 23 July 2017

Dead Man Walking

Eva asks Leanne why are you hereHe’s a dead man walking. So said Leanne about Aiden on Thursday after seeing him with Maria outside the spa. Ok, let’s see the Battersby girls take him down.

I know, technically, Eva is not a Battersby but I think she is one in spirit. We need Toyah to reappear so she can get in on this too. He doesn’t stand a chance, and neither does Maria. I am looking forward to it.

Eva shakes her head in confusionEva made a brilliant move in the guise of girlie friends and bridal chat. Aiden gave her a day at a spa for herself and a friend. He wanted to get her out of the way so he could spend time with Maria and, by the way, tell her that Eva was pregnant. So Eva goes to the salon and asks her bestie to join her. Maria had no choice. So off they drove for a day of pampering.

David updates Aiden

Aiden came out on the street just in time to see Maria’s VW bug pulling away, with Eva in the passenger seat. David was happy to fill him in: “Your mistress is about to tell your girlfriend how you can’t leanne looks out window at where aiden had been with mariakeep it in your pants.”

And, indeed, over a glass of wine at the spa restaurant, Maria was just about to do that. But when she told Eva she needed to tell her something, Eva said she also had news. And then both of them were preempted by Aiden coming in with some lame story about thinking she’d brought Sean for her girlie day.

Eva recovered faster than Maria did, so got out her “news” first: that she was pregnant. If Eva hadn’t known about Maria and Aiden make him wish he had not been born - dead man walkingalready, their faces would have told her. Aiden looked like he wanted the floor to swallow him up, and Maria looked horrified and angry. Neither are the reaction you’d expect. Eva didn’t miss a beat; happy happy ‘we’re thrilled, aren’t we babe’.

So out the door goes Maria. And Aiden after her. That’s when Leanne arrived, just in time to see a very emotionally-fraught eva looks resolute in plandiscussion between the two of them. She had come there to stop Eva playing her game of deception and revenge. But, after seeing Maria and Aiden, she’s in. “The two of us are gonna make him wish he’d never been born.”

Corrie Street 19 Mar 2017

Backup Baby

Michelle throws up in the bistro kitchen sink. Leanne watches, horrified. Steve has just told all that he’s baby Oliver’s dad.Backup baby: michelle sick in sink

He and Michelle were having a ‘just the two of us’ meal at the Bistro. The Platts converged to celebrate the new addition to their family. Chaos, as always with them, ensued. Steve wound up holding the baby. He’s mine, he said.

Everyone thought Steve had lost his marbles. But he explained. The look on Leanne’s face, then on Nick’s, confirmed his story.

Hence, Michelle’s rush to the closest sink. And Leanne right behind her. “A spare,” Michelle spat at her. All this time, he’s had a backup baby.

But despite how truly horrible this is for Michelle, it really is hard to feel sympathy for her for long. Later on she tells at Steve, “I always knew you were an idiot but you were my idiot.” Oh, Michelle, please, just quit with that one. There are so many more insults, more appropriate here.

Corrie Street Sept. 11/16

Soap Cliché

liz-fumes-michelle-looks-at-picsIf something makes you think soap cliché, that’s good reason to not do it. Wife and girlfriend pregnant at the same time screams soap cliché. It is one thing having Leanne get pregnant by Steve. And another thing for Michelle to want a last chance saloon baby. But both happening at the same time? Soap cliché.soap cliché with mcdonald and platt womenFrom the glass half full perspective, the Corrie writers are having fun with it. Secretive meaningful looks shoot across rooms. Conversations lapse awkwardly when the wrong person or topic is introduced. Steve and Liz doing Laurel and Hardy as they try to hide their whispered arguments and strategy sessions.

Baby mommas and momma

They huddle together, gobsmacked, as Leanne and Nick announce that they are having a baby. Steve trapped in a room with his momma and baby mommas all together. A horrified Liz stands apart from the gail-smiles-at-nick-and-leannebonding taking place on Thursday  between Gail, Leanne, Michelle and, theoretically, her. You can almost see the steam coming from her ears while Gail goes on and on about Platt babies and the special joy of her firstborn’s firstborn.

But it’s not all slapstick and grimaces. Liz cannot believe that Steve can live across the street from his own child and watch it be raised as a Platt. And, perhaps more accurately, that she cannot. He, however, furious liz chagrined stevethinks the arrangement works well for all. He will have a baby with his wife. Leanne will have the baby she has long wanted. Nick will be a daddy. There will be a grandchild for Liz and a grandchild for Gail. Glass half full.

Liz warns Steve that the truth will out. You cannot keep a secret like this forever. And secrets like this should not be kept. It’s not fair to anyone. So, glass half empty.

When the truth is revealed, it will be a big story. A story that could liz-with-happy-face-steve-withoutstand on its own, in terms of what happens with Michelle and Steve, with Nick and Leanne and with Steve and Leanne. It doesn’t need another half, a second baby. Adding a pregnancy for Michelle as well just makes it a soap cliché.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Aug. 19/12)

Solomon’s Judgement

Judgement of SolomonIn the Old Testament story (1 Kings 3:16-28), two women claimed to be the mother of a child and King Solomon had to decide which one was telling the truth. He called their bluff by saying the only resolution was to cut the child in half and give one half to each woman. One said ok and the other said don’t do that, give him to her. The woman who was willing to give up the child so that he would live, Solomon deemed, was the real mother.

On Tuesday at the train station, had King Solomon given that choice to Peter and Leanne, I’m not sure that both of them wouldn’t have said ‘go ahead, we’ll each take half of Simon’. Instead, they asked their child to choose between them and it was excruciating to watch.

Leanne and Peter look at Simon with CarlaWhen Leanne first said let Simon decide, I thought that’s good! But I didn’t realize they were going to act like they were in some extreme version of Family Feud. Each urging and pleading “pick me”, “no, pick me”.

Simon’s choice

I realize time was of the essence, with the train whistle blowing. So perhaps the reasoned out, cautious discussion I’d expected wasn’t possible. But getting right Leanne and Peter pleading with Simonin the child’s face, wheedling and crying? It was horrible. Within the realm of realism, I guess. That’s how divorce can really mess kids up, I guess.

There’s no way Simon can feel he didn’t let someone down. And there’s no way that feeling is not going to stick with him for a long time. On the upside, I guess he saw that both parents desperately want him. But that upside likely isn’t going to apparent to him until many years and a lot of Simon trying to decidepsychotherapy have passed. And, if he takes after his father, he will not resolve his childhood trauma even by middle-age.

Jane Danson (Leanne) talked (link is gone) about how difficult the custody battle storyline was for the adult actors to do. They all have their own children so they probably can’t help but interpolate their real life feelings into their acting. But they are grownups.

What can it be like for the real Simon looking at Leanne as Peter pleadsSimon, child actor Alex Bain? He has been phenomenal in this entire story. But watching him, tearful and brokenhearted, have to choose between two people he loves – that was truly gutwrenching to watch. I can’t imagine that it also wasn’t difficult for him to portray such emotional distress.

Leanne takes Simon awayIt’s been a cautionary tale about how hideously wrong things can go when one person decides to end a relationship, especially one that involves children. I hope when Peter and Carla return, that one of them has learned enough about themselves and childrearing that none of them will ask something like this of Simon ever again.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 6/12)

It’s not you, it’s me

Leanne crying and furiousPoor Leanne. Monday after she fled the courtroom, Peter comes looking for her shamefacedly. As she screams at him, you can see her very heart breaking. Humiliated by Peter and Carla, but also it being public. Nasty glossy colour photos handed to her in the courtroom by Frank’s mother. An audience to watch her life fall apart.

Peter looking shamefacedIn the flat, Peter shuffling from foot to foot: I didn’t want you to find out this way type of phrases coming out of his mouth. Oh, you go girl, I was saying to the screen as she told him what a low life he was.

When she paused, I was surprised. I had forgotten about her affair with Nick. I was only seeing her as the aggrieved party. She remembered her infidelity Leanne saying we can get past thisbefore I did, before Peter did too I think. She stopped raving at him. You forgave me so I should be able to forgive you. She sucked up her sense of hurt and betrayal and said we can get past this. And that forced him to say what he wouldn’t have had to say if she had simply thrown him out. It’s not you, it’s me. I love Carla blah blah blah.

Double humiliation. And then he says you shouldn’t have to leave, I will. Oh sure, she’ll go on living in the flat above your bookie Leanne with back to Peter as he explains his affairshop, that will work real well. Watching you come and go, and Carla, and Simon torn apart by his mother being upstairs and his father at work downstairs. That works all around!

Leanne did the only thing she could do – she left. And the heartbreaking sight of Simon chasing the taxi down the street screaming for his mum.

Anticlimactic after Leanne leaves

Wonderful acting by them all, it actually made the trial conclusion rather anticlimactic for me. And all Carla’s little secrets have come out, in the courtroom and after. And I do not feel sorry for her at all although I did in the past.

Simon running after taxi cryingShe’s still living in the Land of Delusion where she and Peter live happily ever after. Where?  In her flat? Over the bookie shop where Peter and Simon’s home is? And what exactly about Simon? So far, he’s been shuffled off to grandma and grandpa’s place. When is Carla going to see that he now is part of her “happily ever after” and he’s not happy about it.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Oct. 23/11)

The Best Man

The week ended as it started – with Peter and Nick. And Leanne and Carla. At the end of Peter showing Leanne lawyer's letter at altarFriday’s episode, Peter told Leanne he knew about her affair with Nick and he wanted a divorce. He did it at the altar, in front of the minister and those assembled in the church for the reaffirmation of their marriage vows. Wow. Cruel. And very dramatic.

Poor Leanne. She looked so beautiful, and so very happy. Then boom. At least then she would understand why, at the last minute, Peter had insisted on Nick being his Best Man and on Carla attending the blessing. He indeed wanted witnesses.

Leanne cryingSo that was the final scene of a week about the Valentine’s Day Blessing (or Massacre). Leanne sobbing, Peter steely-eyed and standing on his own two legs. Everybody else looking gobsmacked.

The tension had built all week. On Monday, Peter was feeling shamefaced about his lapse into drinking and still believed Nick had Peter drinking and phoning Nick for helpbeen trying to help him keep sober. My husband made an interesting comment about the two of them while Peter was thanking Nick for being a true friend. He said “Peter has a real problem, but big as it is, it’s more honest than Nick’s.  Nick’s problem is his whole personality – his scheming and nastiness. And that won’t change.”

It made me think of the story attributed to Winston Churchill. A best man Nick on phone saying sorry can't help to Peterwoman says to him, with horror, “sir, you are drunk!” And Churchill replies, “yes, madam, but in the morning I’ll be sober and you’ll still be ugly.” Don’t know if that’s true or not, but it summarizes a very good point. Drunkenness, and sobriety, can change; an unpleasant personality cannot.

At heart, Peter is a good man. Really, even his bigamy was just because he didn’t want to disappoint either woman. Nick, however, is nasty. He’s a user of people and willing to lie and cheat while all along deluding himself that he’s acting with honour and decency. Leanne and Janice waiting for bridal processionThat’s an important difference between the two men.

I think it’s one that Leanne finally realized as she was starting her walk down the aisle. But alas, it’s too late for her.

I may not be able to post for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be away and will try to catch Corrie but RL might prevent regular watching. But I’ll be back!

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (June 12/11)

Baby Daddy

Nick patting Natasha's bellyNick patting Natasha’s belly and cooing to the baby inside versus a couple months ago Nick asking Leanne if she didn’t sometimes picture herself and him and little baby that might have been.  Hard to decide which is more revolting.

A power outage meant I missed Tuesday’s episode.  So Monday ended with Nick burning rubber getting away from Natasha and her announcement that she was pregnant. That was right after he’d put the moves on Leanne – yuck!.  And Wednesday opened with I’m-yer-daddy cooing and patting.  Whaatt?

When I saw Natasha was unusually reserved around him, I thought she’d come to her senses and was as disgusted by this overnight change in Nick as I was.  Good for you Natasha, I thought, you’re not believing a word of this happy families malarkey.

She wants to do what?

Doctor listening to Natasha on babiesThen she went to see new Dr. Dishy at the neighbourhood clinic.  She told him she’d just had an abortion and now she wanted to get pregnant again asap because Nick was back with her?????

When Nick decided to ‘do the right thing’, she didn’t want to tell him she’d aborted the baby.  So now she wants to get pregnant again fast enough that she can just “play fast and loose” with the dates and he’ll never know.  That was a fast abortion!  When did she have it, in a commercial break?

Clearly Dr. Dishy had some problems with her reasoning about why and why not have a baby.  I was hoping he’d suggest ‘fixing’ her so she wouldn’t be able to play silly games with unborn or born children anymore.  Neutering Nick too might not be a bad idea.

I believe strongly in a woman’s right to choose whether or not to continue a pregnancy.  But “he isn’t happy about me being pregnant five minutes after he dumped me, so I’ll get rid of it right now”, then “oopsie, he does want the baby so I’d better replace it as soon asLeanne, in Rovers, toasts baby I can” is not a justifiable reason for either an abortion or a pregnancy.

Then the moment of tears Thursday, both Leanne’s and mine.  After she hears Nick announce Natasha’s pregnancy to the Rovers, she goes outside to cry and to spare herself having to explain to Natasha in Leanne's face, 'he's mine'anyone.  Natasha, not knowing that Leanne too aborted a child of Nick’s, follows and accuses her of wanting “her” man.  Oh grow up, Natasha!

leanne sad after Natasha stomps awayLeanne, hurting all over again about the pregnancy she had unwillingly ended, didn’t say that.  She said, “Drop dead, Natasha,” and Natasha stalked off.  And she still had no inkling of the real reason Leanne’s eyes were filled with such pain.