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Corrie Street 21 Jan. 2018

Dawn Light

dawn light kate-and-sophie-at-doorYou never see dawn light on Coronation Street. But in the first scene of Wednesday’s episode, there was the gray of dawn. Not from fog or drizzle. Just that brief morning twilight before the sun fully rises.

It was a little disconcerting, due to its unusualness and the eerie spell it cast on a familiar street. It also matched perfectly with the consternation – then and imminent – of the characters.kate-and-sophie-outside-door

Kate and Sophie were coming home from a night in the bars. Sophie didn’t know it, but Kate was distraught over Rana. She was totally fed up with Rana’s flip-flopping about leaving Zeedan. Sophie misread the situation totally and kissed Kate. Wrong move!

Alya is awake early too

So while they were uncomfortably sorting out a changed dynamic between them, the door opened. It was Alya, thinking the noise she heard outside was Luke coming home. The night before he texted her that he’d gone to a pub with a mate. He hadn’t come home. She was angry and worried.alya-surprised-to-see-kate-and-sophie

He had gone to a pub, but not exactly to meet a mate. He was investigating the mysterious disappearance of Andy. So he went to the bar where Andy’s friend works. There, he saw Phelan having a word with that friend. When he confronted him, the guy admitted he had no idea of where Andy was.

That information led Luke to confront Phelan. A fight, a car chase, then Phelan’s handgun. He shot Luke, then shot the car’s gas tank. The car exploded, with Luke inside it.kate-and-sophie-kiss-interrupted

Soon enough, the police were once again on Coronation Street with the news of Luke’s death. No one knows of Phelan’s involvement of course, so the confusion continues. First with the simple disbelief that Luke could be alive one evening and dead the next morning, then the questions of who did it. There are obvious suspects, but no one except Seb suspects Phelan.

By this time, of course, the winter sun has long been fully risen. The viewer’s sense of disorientation has dissipated, so we can pay closer attention to the confusion reigning on the street.ayla-sadly-goes-back-inside

An effective use of time and light. It perfectly created a mood for the telling of the story. And technically difficult to do. That dawn light is very brief. Therefore a job to get all the takes needed before the light changes too much. If filters were used to smooth out the differences, it wasn’t noticeable. Thanks, camera people, it was beautiful.

Corrie Street May 1/16

Fabulous Pablo

“Be fabulous,” Maria said to Pablo Wednesday as she gave him a farewell kiss and sent him off to London to a new and fabulous life. luke-comes-to table of fabulous Pablo and MariaOh, I hope he comes back to Weatherfield.

He is Maria’s green-card husband. His lover Ash is in London, and he wanted to join him. Maria, while in Cyprus, provided the solution by marrying Pablo so he could get legal immigrant status. One might ask, as Luke did, why he didn’t just go the direct route and marry Ash. Pablo’s parents don’t know he is gay, to which Luke asked “have they not met you?”

Maria hadn’t known how to tell Luke, so she didn’t. Tuesday, Luke a-double-expressosurprised her with a huge bouquet of flowers at a restaurant where she was supposedly having lunch with a school friend named Anastasia. Instead, she was lunching with a good looking guy.


She made the introductions: Pablo, this is my boyfriend; Luke, this is my husband. Smooth, Maria, smooth! While Luke was trying to digest Pablo looks at Lukeall of this, a waiter came by. Poor man, he suggested ‘expresso’. “It’s es-presso not ex-presso,” Luke exploded. Then a tirade about the frequent mispronunciation and how it drove him demented.

Waiter corrected, Pablo open-mouthed and Maria worried, Luke stormed out, shoving the flowers in the arms of a woman passing by, leaving her stunned.

have-they-not-met-youNext day, Pablo came to explain. Buenos Aires’ finest 80 proof ‘moonshine’ and a plea for Maria’s forgiveness because “she looks so ugly when she cries” would do the trick. That last one ticked Maria off but It worked, eventually.

Maria and Luke patched it up and they became engaged. As Sophie said to Luke, it’s “you and Maria and the gay husband.” How are she and Pablo going to convince British authorities that they have a legitimate marriage?

Fabulously OTT

Pablo says not-like-we-are-sleeping-togetherI hope it means Pablo will be back. This despite the fact that I no longer look with delight at newcomers on the Street. Far too many cast members with very little to do and no real reason to care about them. But Pablo? He is indeed fabulous.

Actor Shai Matheson plays it over the top, teetering on the edge of farce but not going over. He and Luke are brilliant together, Luke’s woman-holding-flowers as Maria and Pablo watch Luke leavefrustration and fury beautifully matched by Pablo’s shrug of ‘what, me?’ Pablo and Maria are great too. I think he’d be wonderful with anyone. In an interview with Samia Ghadie on Bluenose Corrie, she said she had asked the writer of these episodes: “Please can we keep him?” I second that. Please please, can we keep him?

Corrie Street Nov. 1/15


I found no ‘scene’ this week. So here are some storyline comments to fill the space – just as the storylines themselves seemed to do this week.

Corrie Street Nov. 1/15 sarah-upsetI don’t want any of the Platts to go to jail for the offing of Callum. But, after watching Sarah look like a scared rabbit for weeks, I’ll volunteer her. Go to jail, go to Milan, please just make it stop.

And why hasn’t anyone confronted her about it. She looks awful, she’s messing up at work really badly when she sees her way clear to being there. People have noticed but no one, until Billy, has asked what is going on and waited for a real explanation. I don’t think you need to be a trained professional to Corrie Street Nov. 1/15 seanknow that something is seriously off with her. So Billy the vicar notices and promises the seal of the confessional and she’s ready to talk. Along comes Sean, barging into an emotional and private talk. That had to have been evident from the other end of the street. It’s the chance for Sarah to escape, and she does.

Vicar Work

How Billy did not turn on Sean in fury, I don’t know. Sean needs some schooling in basic vicar partner behaviour. Like keep your sarah-leavesnose out if it looks like your man might be doing vicar work even if it is outside on the street.

Billy finally got some of the story out of Sarah, and then ran into Todd on the street. He reassured him about Sarah, and touched his arm. Sean was lurking to see what Billy was doing, and so now thinks something is going on between Billy and Todd. Oh please Lord, spare us Sean’s misinterpretations.

Racing storyline and more new people

luke-with-car racing storylineMisinterpretation of a sort by Maria. Wow, there’s a surprise! Why did she give Luke a car to do up as a racer if she is so dead set against him racing? What did she think he was going to do with it?

In order for the “Tell Laura I Love Her” story to play out, Luke needs unhappy-mariaan accomplice. So we have a new character, Luke’s racing partner. He might not last past the racing story and, with luck, that will end soon. Yes, Maria, your parents and the donkeys, indeed the whole of Cyprus, need your help.

New Connors

Because the street just doesn’t have enough underused characters already, we have new Connors in the factory. I like Johnny, the father. He has great potential for being a real foil for the factory girls and for connors - Carla, Aiden and JohnnyCarla. He has everything needed for a Mike Baldwin. His daughter? I don’t see the point of her, other than to bring in her girlfriend Caz. I guess Sophie, presently the only lesbian on the street, needs fodder for a romantic storyline. I can’t see any other reason for yet another new character.

There, space filled. Let’s get back to some scenes that you can sink your teeth into.

Corrie Street May 10/15

Fire Eater

roy-with-curryLuke is feeling okay. Maria has dumped him, but he’s going to hang out with the guys. The night on the town with beer and curry got replaced. Instead curry and a couple cans at the café due to Tyrone giving Roy a driving lesson. Still okay, Luke figures, even if the curry won’t be what he was looking forward to. Roy is “a korma kinda guy – mild, inoffensive,” he tells Gary.

thinking-it-is-something-coolRoy serves the meal while telling them the history of curry in the British Isles. He relates a funny moment in Vanity Fair, where Becky Sharp misguidedly eats a chili to cool her mouth after a spicy curry. Well, you had to be there, he realizes as Tyrone, Luke and Gary stare uncomprehendingly at him. He continues ladling the curry, saying he hadn’t made it quite as hot as the traditional recipe from Goa that he found had called for.

luke-and-gary-gasp-at-curryRoy and Tyrone on one side of the table talk and eat, savouring the flavours. On the other side, Gary and Luke eat, and look increasingly uncomfortable. Their eyes water and Luke begins pulling at his shirt. But he will not admit it’s too hot for him. He likes curry that blows your shirt off, he’d told Gary.

The little moments

luke grimacesIt’s little moments like that I’ve looked for in Coronation Street lately. They are in short supply.

Sarah and Bethany are wearing on my last nerve, as they are on David’s. Carla and Nick cozying up to each other has been fun. But Erica’s return, and her news, will blow that fun out of the water. Sally and the wannabe Banksy is great, but so far is a-matter-of-honoursimilar to the sofa story. Increasingly loopy Jenny Bradley is causing fights everywhere. Maria getting a punch was great, just because. The enjoyment in that makes up for Sophie being right about Jenny even while she’s still irritatingly self-righteous.