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Corrie Street Sept. 18/16

Writing on the Wall

Writing on the wall literally and figuratively for Steve. Graffiti was the apt background for a shifting of his world, which would now be controlled by Nick.steve-and-nick-graffitiLet’s go for a drive, Nick said to Steve. Then he parked beneath an overpass. Time for a talk about what’s what and what will be, he told Steve.

The talk spanned Wednesday and Thursday’s episodes. Likewise, the graffiti spanned the bridge and covered every girder. It was so much there that it almost overshadowed what was happening between Nick and Steve.

Graffiti matches discussion

steve-and-nick-girdersI don’t know if this was a location or if set designers created it. It was like an artist’s rendition of an architectural plan – the idealized more than the real. If that overpass doesn’t exist somewhere in Greater Manchester, it should.

It set the mood perfectly for an almost surreal scene between the two men. Their discussion, complex and lengthy, was about the future life of an unborn child and all the people who would be part of that child’s life – or wouldn’t be. They battled and negotiated as if in summit talks over policy and procedure.nick-and-steveAnd they were, I guess. It was a summit on claiming and rearing a child: how, where and with whom. Steve was surprised. So was I. I hadn’t really thought about where Nick fit in this little drama of family secrets. I don’t think Steve had either. He, like me, has been preoccupied with Liz and how long she would be able to keep quiet about who was Leanne’s real baby daddy.

Only neighbourly interest?

I, unlike Steve, was also worried about him. How long could Steve maintain a neighbourly interest only in Leanne’s pregnancy and baby. And, of course, even if they all pulled it off, when would some medical emergency happen that required the child’s biological parentage to be investigated?nick-with-cellphone But what I hadn’t thought about was what kind of power this situation gives Nick in the short and long term. He can keep everybody’s lives just as they want them – or he can blow them apart. He made that very, very clear to Steve under that bridge, amid the graffiti.nick-walks-away-from-steveThe t-shirts for this storyline wouldn’t be about whether momma was happy. Instead, they’d read “If putative daddy ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.”

Corrie Street June 12/16

After The Toasts

wedding-aftermathThursday’s episode opens amid the wreckage of Carla and Nick’s wedding. They had got married but it didn’t last until dinner was served.

Asking for a time-out during the ceremony, Carla had confessed to Nick that she had slept with Robert. He could get over that, he said. So back to the wedding.

nicks-looks-at-carlaThen in came Tracy to tell all. Yeah yeah yeah, Nick told her, old news. He and Carla completed their vows. Tracy finished her story – about Carla providing the extra money Robert needed to buy the Bistro, and about the move to Devon being Tracy’s idea. That rattled Nick but he gamely sat at the head table for the reception.

Lie testing

connors-surround-carlaBut during the speeches and champagne, he couldn’t go on. He realized the enormity of never knowing if Carla was lying or not. “Tell me it’s red,” he said, holding a white napkin. He wanted to see if her eyes changed when she lied.

carla-leaves-bistroHard to imagine a wedding day could get worse, but it did. Nick said he was leaving to see about an annulment. Carla told Roy she wanted to leave, just drive and drive. Roy goes off to get his car. Cathy waylays him with an ill-timed marriage proposal. Carla tires of waiting and leaves on her own.

Street accidents

carla-looks-at-tracyIn her car, seeing Tracy straight ahead in the headlights. Smirking. Carla not paying attention to Roy and Tyrone both trying to park their vehicles. Carla guns the engine and puts the car in gear.

Just before she hits Tracy and the house behind, she veers off. Driving cathy-hiton the sidewalk, she hits Cathy who is coming out of Dev’s shop.

Roy parks and runs to where Cathy is lying and calls for help. A dazed Carla looks at Cathy and at him. He looks at Carla as if she is a stranger, and one he doesn’t like.

wheel-through-concreteMeanwhile, Tyrone crashed the truck into Gail’s annex. A wheel comes to rest on the manhole cover, the one Callum’s body is under. It crashes through. Bad news for the Platts.

Tyrone was driving without shoes because they pinched his feet. He and Fiz had gone dress-shopping for the wedding at the last minute. Their fiz-in-new-dress in wreckagepurchase at an expensive shop that they should not have even entered shows that neither of them have one clue about living on a budget. Their financial woes are the least of the worries for many Street residents right now though.

Thank you, Alison King, for Carla. And thank you, Stuart Blackburn, for your producing.

Corrie Street Apr. 10/16

Family Stories

Different family stories told in Monday’s episode. First, Kylie at family stories kylie-pulls-out-a-dress Freddie’s house, sorting his late wife Sadie’s clothes for the charity shop. There’s a dress he doesn’t want Kylie to pack up. It’s long and silver and sparkly. He wants to keep it for the story in its fabric.

freddie tells kylie about sleeping-beauty-1973In 1973, as a surprise for her 21st birthday, Freddie took Sadie to London, to the ballet in Covent Garden. Going there was a dream she’d long had. He borrowed a suit from a friend. Sadie packed a skirt and blouse. “I had no idea how dressy the ballet was.”

In London with only an hour before the performance, “cursing like a navvy,” Sadie went dress shopping. They had little money left. It second-hand-shop-in-sohohad been spent on the tickets, trains and a b & b. Sadie found her dress in a Soho secondhand shop. She could then enjoy every minute of Sleeping Beauty.

Reminder of an evening

Freddie wants to keep the dress, a reminder of that evening of elegance and magic. Of his Sadie’s dream come true, of his dream come true in freddie says it is the people you lovesharing his life with her. The silly little rows don’t matter, he tells Kylie, it’s the people you love and those who love you.

Contrast that evocative story of a marriage, embodied in a dress, with the Platt family in real time. Freddie drives Kylie to the hospital when she checks her phone and find many messages. Sarah is having her baby, early.

Platt family’s silly row

Platts all-you-care-about-isA family argument has been brewing in the waiting room, and it explodes with their arrival. Kylie and Freddie stay out of it, as do Todd and David. But Gail, Audrey and Nick don’t really need anyone else for a good fight.

call-yourself-a-birthing-partnerGail is the worst of the lot. She turns on Kylie for letting Sarah down as her birthing partner. She pouts that it should have been her. “Oh yes, if she’d fancied giving birth in a multiplex” – Audrey’s little dig at Gail for being at a movie when she was needed.

Nick tells his mother this isn’t helping Sarah, and comes under fire for halfway-across-the-countryhow will he be helping when he’s moved halfway across the country. He says who could blame him, “try and be 35 with your mum breathing down your neck.” Gail’s answer? “Try it when you’re nearly 60.” Audrey sputters with astonishment.

My husband said it reminded him of a time when the Platts were discussing some trashy family, and David said “we are that family.”

Corrie Street Mar. 13/16

Business Negotiations

Maybe I’m missing something in the negotiations over Nick’s sale of bistro-ken-tracy-robert listen to leannethe Bistro. I don’t see what the fuss is about with Leanne’s 11th hour offer. Actually, it is a 12th hour offer, as in too late. She made it after Nick had accepted Robert’s offer and they had made an appointment with a lawyer to draw up the sale papers. Therefore, too bad for her and too bad for Nick if he prefers her as a buyer. Robert’s offer was accepted without conditions, therefore it stands.

Even if Leanne’s offer was higher, for the full asking price, it shouldn’t invalidate the deal agreed upon by Nick and Robert. Nick had carla-nick-leanne talk to robertoriginally told Robert that he wanted to offer the Bistro first to Leanne. Robert asked for first refusal, presumably after Leanne. Nick agreed. Leanne did not make an offer, so Robert did. He offered 90% of Nick’s asking price. Nick asked for time to consider it and await other offers. None came, so Nick accepted Robert’s. He did not add any caveats, say, ‘unless Leanne makes an offer’, ‘unless I get the full asking price’. He simply said yes to Robert. That’s where we were when Leanne came in with her offer also of 90%.

So now Robert is throwing up his hands because he can’t raise the tracy-robert question leannemoney to up his bid. Tracy is scheming to get the extra 10% out of Carla. Nick is saying he needs time to consider the offers. Being identical, what is there to dither about? He would prefer to sell to Leanne, as he made clear at the beginning, but he already agreed to sell to Robert.

Credulity stretched

I have expected Robert to simply say ‘let’s see what the lawyer says’. Well, I didn’t expect it as such, because I know that the storyline needs the tension between Tracy and Carla. But I don’t like having to stretch my credulity in order to watch another aspect of a storyline – its principal motivation – play out.

If Leanne’s offer had been for more carla-nick-leanne-smilemoney, if they got into a bidding war – it still wouldn’t seem legally credible but it might make it a bit easier to go along with. It makes me wonder how any of them have stayed in any business if they pay so much attention to personal feelings and so little to legalities.

Corrie Street Oct. 20/13

Make ’em count

“Spit it out, Nick! Heave it out of ya, b’y!” String your few words together so they tell he-is-talking make your words countsomebody something. That’s what I was yelling at the screen early this week. Words: make them count!

When Nick regained consciousness, his first word was “David”. Then “David. David. David.” Saying “David. Tried. To. Kill.” would take the same amount of effort and be enough to make Leanne and Gail wonder what he was talking about. Instead, they flapped around assuring him that David was fine, only cuts and scrapes, and on and bloody on. You can’t really blame them; with giving no context at all for his brother’s name, it is understandable that they should think he is concerned for David’s well-being.

nick-and-davidThen when he saw David words totally deserted him. He got very agitated and distressed, especially when David came near him. But not a peep from him about why. Leanne and Gail again flapped around, and came to the not unreasonable conclusion that seeing David brought back the trauma of the accident to him.


not-his-mineWhen he finally managed to string a couple words together, he landed Kylie in it. “Not. His. Mine.” he intoned with a hard look at Kylie which Leanne, sitting on the other side of the bed, did not see as she went on putting explanatory words in his mouth.

When Kylie got home, she told her co-conspirator Gail about Nick’s words. That led Gail to do some soul-searching. A few days later both of them were nervous because David was doing Nick-tending on his own. What gail-we-just-have-to-sit-tightmight the almost loquacious Nick say to him? Gail summed up their predicament, que sera, sera was the upshot. They couldn’t do anything but hope for the best.

They had made their bed of deceit and had to live with the consequences. Of course, she got in a few digs while dispensing her wisdom. We lied and hid facts because some of us are trying to protect our chicks while others of us are drunken harlots trying to protect ourselves. Guess who’s who, Kylie!

Truth or consequences

And while David, a jangling bag of nerves with his own deceptions and wrongdoings to protect, was attending his brother, Nick did speak. And finally it was with words that did count, nick-says-do-dna-teststrung together in a very clear and understandable manner. “You. Tried. To. Kill. Me.” Yes! ‘Atta boy Nicky, you did it! Just with the wrong person.

But, as Nick’s ability to speak improved, it became clear that he had a plan in mind. This is despite his caveat that his brain was muddled and he couldn’t think clearly.

david-reacts-to-test-demandHis plan is to decide what to do about David and the baby after he finds out whether he or David is the father. To that end, he told David to get a paternity test done or he will tell the police about the accident. Clear enough.

With Kylie now in such a state, will she or Gail revisit the idea of paternity testing? Will we soon see all the Platts scurrying around trying to get DNA samples from the baby and possible daddies without letting the others know? That would be funny.

Corrie Street Aug. 25/13

Facing Consequences

David saw Nick, and saw what his vengeance had wrought. He likes playing out the nasty facing consequences David-sees-Nickgames he thinks up in his head but doesn’t imagine how serious the outcome might really be. He saw his brother all bashed up, in critical condition after brain surgery. All because it had seemed reasonable in his little head to exact revenge for what Nick and Kylie had done to him.

His game didn’t go according to plan. The consequences were far greater than he had intended. He might end up without a brother, he realizes.

Nick unconsciousIt is always about David for David. He’s like a cat with a mouse; the cat’s fun is over when the mouse dies. Seeing an unconscious, battered and bandaged Nick made him realize his Nick-baiting days may be over. And he has the problem of avoiding questions about “what happened”. He may be sorry for what he caused, but he isn’t about to take responsibility for it.

Someone else’s fault

Leanne presses him about what caused Nick to drive erratically, as David said he had. He says Nick’s phone rang and that must have distracted him. Oh no, Leanne realized, she had phoned Nick.

his-phone-rangMy husband thought that David’s choice of that explanation was an innocent clutching at straws, finding some reasonable sounding excuse. But I don’t trust David as far as I could throw him. I believe he well remembers that Leanne called Nick as they sat by the side of the road arguing. He knew full well, I believe, that saying maybe it was a ringing phone would shut Leanne up and make her stop the questioning.

David-enters-NIck's-roomI do feel sorry for David in the same way I feel sorry for children who are upset after they pull the wings off flies and then see that the fly will die. He is truly distressed about what he has caused. But, unlike children who learn from their cruel mistakes, I’m not sure that David will ever stop holding a grudge against Nick, Kylie, his mother and the entire world for anything that ever goes wrong in his life, regardless of whether he has caused it.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Feb. 24/13)


how-longForgive me for reminding you of this song, Mother-in-Law (click to hear). But it popped into my head while Gail was pleading with Nick to take her in. She was homeless, she said. She was his mother, she said.

gail pleading for space until I've saved up enoughThroughout her speech, Gail never once looked at Leanne, Nick’s wife, standing right there beside him. Leanne, however, was looking at her and looking daggers at Nick when he caved in. Next came my pick for best scene of the week .

More accurately I guess, it’s sound of the week. The scene Nick-looks-to-kitchenwe can only imagine since it took place off-screen. When Nick told Gail she could move in, Leanne looked at Nick in horror then flung herself through the door to the kitchen. The sound of crashing glass and crockery followed. I don’t think it was just dishes and glasses falling, I think they were being thrown across the room.

Newlyweds plus

I don’t blame her. Gail has not even been civil to her before or since Leanne and Nick’s wedding. They are still newlyweds, adjusting to living together and making a family life with Simon. Their relationship was far from easy before the wedding(s) and they need time to sort themselves out.

Leanne-laughsWe’ve never seen Nick’s flat so we don’t know how large it is. But he rented it for himself only so I doubt it’s more than adequate for the three already in it. And then the mother-in-law expects to move in. Not because she truly has nowhere else to go, only because she is angry at her other son and his wife.

Gail has reason to be angry. David and Kylie are not-a-mother-on-earthacting abominably to her. Whether or not they buy the house, it has been Gail’s house for all of David’s life. Adjustments in living arrangements need time and discussion by all three adults. But there’s the rub:  David and Kylie are not adults. Despite lurches into apparent maturity, they still are just playing at adulthood.

If I’m a lodger…

holed-up-in-the-box-roomThat was underscored in Friday’s episode when Gail lets them know that if she is being treated as a lodger, she will act like one. No, she’s no longer taking Max to school, no, she won’t iron David and Kylie’s shirts but she will leave her ironing board up and let them use her iron until they buy their own. Kylie be-doing-thisand David both are astounded and furious. After all she’s always done all the work – she’s mum and grandmum. No, she says, you say I’m a lodger.

She is taking the fight to them, something she should have done at the beginning instead of running to Nick, crying to him to bail her out.

take-it-off-my-rentAt least events of the week have answered the question of how many bedrooms there are upstairs. But two and a “box room” still doesn’t really explain how Gail has had so many of her children and their lovers and children living there all at the same time.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Jan. 13/13)

Honeymoon Suite

Probably Kylie could do better than Nick, but he’s a vast improvement on David. So this was my favourite shot of the week.Nick-Kylie-honeymoon-suite

The repercussions of this will be horrible, so I truly hope Kylie and Nick had a good time in Heartbreak Hotel.

I’ve noticed that changes in Kylie’s makeup have kept pace with changes in her character. As her actions have matured, so too has her look. She’s gone from street streel to sophisticated lady. Note that David’s look is also still in keeping with his character – nothing has changed.

Kylie has outgrown David. She does love him, I believe, partly for David hugs Kyliewhatever drew her to him in the first place and also because he treated her as a person with a brain and a heart. But she doesn’t fully realize that he really doesn’t have either of those himself.

Comparing Kylie and Barney

He is a mummy’s boy who has reason to believe that tantrums will get him anything. He Kylie and Barney Young David-with-Barney rabbitlikes having pets. In some ways, Kylie replaced Barney the rabbit. David likes her as long as she goes along with everything he wants and tells him that he is truly as wonderful as his mother has always told him. That, presumably, is what Barney did although we’ll never know what the rabbit really thought. Kylie was a kind of pet for him, someone less able to cope with the grown-up world than he is, someone who made him look responsible.

But, unlike Barney, Kylie let him know that she had aspirations Kylie-hotel-baroutside his purview. She wanted to join him in the world of hairdressing but he was absolutely opposed to that. So she got a job elsewhere. She did so initially to spite him, but she grew into it and grew into herself. David became frantic to bring her back into the hutch he’d made for her. ‘Have to be a daddy, NOW!’ Stamp feet stamp feet stamp feet.

And Gail’s advice to Kylie? ‘What’s the harm in giving him what he wants?’ She dressed it up in more therapist-type wording about relationship give-and-take so it sounded more like good counsel than Mummy-talk. Kylie has come to respect Gail so she actually listened to her.

Kylie’s own decision made the most sense to me if she wanted to avoid a David tantrum: play along to keep the peace and stay on the pill. It’s just too bad others found out. More ‘therapy’ from Gail, and Kylie feeling guilty about deceiving her husband.

Nick-Kylie-wake-upNow Kylie has found out that there is another man who respects her abilities and recognizes her heart. Problem is he’s David’s brother. So Kylie feels double guilt now. And you know that Gail will continue her protection of her boys. If Gail actually took an objective look at her kids and compared them with Kylie, she might see that it’s Kylie she ought to be protecting against them, especially David.

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Oct. 23/11)

The Best Man

The week ended as it started – with Peter and Nick. And Leanne and Carla. At the end of Peter showing Leanne lawyer's letter at altarFriday’s episode, Peter told Leanne he knew about her affair with Nick and he wanted a divorce. He did it at the altar, in front of the minister and those assembled in the church for the reaffirmation of their marriage vows. Wow. Cruel. And very dramatic.

Poor Leanne. She looked so beautiful, and so very happy. Then boom. At least then she would understand why, at the last minute, Peter had insisted on Nick being his Best Man and on Carla attending the blessing. He indeed wanted witnesses.

Leanne cryingSo that was the final scene of a week about the Valentine’s Day Blessing (or Massacre). Leanne sobbing, Peter steely-eyed and standing on his own two legs. Everybody else looking gobsmacked.

The tension had built all week. On Monday, Peter was feeling shamefaced about his lapse into drinking and still believed Nick had Peter drinking and phoning Nick for helpbeen trying to help him keep sober. My husband made an interesting comment about the two of them while Peter was thanking Nick for being a true friend. He said “Peter has a real problem, but big as it is, it’s more honest than Nick’s.  Nick’s problem is his whole personality – his scheming and nastiness. And that won’t change.”

It made me think of the story attributed to Winston Churchill. A best man Nick on phone saying sorry can't help to Peterwoman says to him, with horror, “sir, you are drunk!” And Churchill replies, “yes, madam, but in the morning I’ll be sober and you’ll still be ugly.” Don’t know if that’s true or not, but it summarizes a very good point. Drunkenness, and sobriety, can change; an unpleasant personality cannot.

At heart, Peter is a good man. Really, even his bigamy was just because he didn’t want to disappoint either woman. Nick, however, is nasty. He’s a user of people and willing to lie and cheat while all along deluding himself that he’s acting with honour and decency. Leanne and Janice waiting for bridal processionThat’s an important difference between the two men.

I think it’s one that Leanne finally realized as she was starting her walk down the aisle. But alas, it’s too late for her.

I may not be able to post for the next couple of weeks. I’ll be away and will try to catch Corrie but RL might prevent regular watching. But I’ll be back!

Coronation Street Scene of the Week (July 24/11)

Hell hath no fury

Hell indeed hath no fury like a woman scorned by lover, lover’s mother, boss who is also Natasha back to say goodbye - hell hath no furylover’s grandmother, and co-worker who is also lover’s brother. Natasha let pretty much everybody in Weatherfield know exactly what she thought of them before she jumped in a black taxi and left. She also let them know what Nick thought of them. You go, girl! It was wonderful.

The multi-part scene began after she had left the hospital and seemed to recognize Nick’s caring attention as the mealy-mouthed Natasha telling David offguilt it was. So next day, she returned to the street to say goodbye.

First David, with whom she attempted to be nice. When he rebuffed her, she told him “next to you I’m sanity personified. You’re seriously disturbed.”

You made me wake up

Natasha thanks LeanneNext to “thank” Leanne: “You made me wake up and smell the bitchfest.” And when Peter comes in, she suggests to him, “Look Leanne in the eye and ask her if she loves you.” He is nonplussed by this.

Then the factory. First Nick: “You wrecked my heart.” Then the Natasha telling Julie what Nick thinks of them allworkers, telling them what Nick calls them after hours. Sean “limp wrists,” Janice “grunting garden gnome,” Julie “Jackie O – no, Jackie No.” Carla tells her to leave and she shoots back “Goodbye, ‘Mount Everest – icy, wouldn’t want to go there’!”

Natasha smiles as Gail is firedFinally, her coup de grâce. The medical clinic. She told Gail and the doctor what she thought of Gail abusing her position by snooping through Natasha’s confidential records. Doctor Dishy agreed and Gail was fired on the spot.

Her work there finished, Natasha jumped in Natasha leaves in taxiher taxi and left. The only thing that destroyed her triumphant regain of herself was Nick coming out of the factory toward her. But she didn’t tell the driver to stop! And Nick didn’t really pursue her. It was just sad, after such a beautiful swathe through town, seeing her crumple in the taxi, the righteous anger going out of her.

After Natasha

The fallout continues. Carla’s wrath at Nick caused him to quit, so he’s now living at Natasha leaves factory in triumphhome unemployed. The spillover of her wrath toward Trevor caused him to quit – both the Underworld job and their relationship. She sought solace in bottles of wine and surprisingly, considering her distaste for all things Scottish, Scotch I think. Now she’s avoiding Peter’s efforts to recruit her to AA meetings.

Dr. Dishy rejected Gail’s plea for reinstatement. His appointments are now scheduled and tea and bikkies served by Deirdre, “just temping”.  David and Tina seemed to be regaining some friendship after she sympathized with him about Natasha’s outburst. But then he pretty much attempted to rape her. Even he must be wondering if he is a psychopath.