Coronation Street Scene of the Week (May 15/11)


Lots of ‘cats’ on the Street this week! So many scenes to choose from. I had one picked 'cats' Audrey telling Gail off at partythen saw Friday’s episode, which gave me another two options. So here are the runners-up, in order of appearance.

Audreh’s birthday party at the Rovers. The whole thing was wonderful, but Audrey telling Gail off was superb. “You don’t exactly Claudia and Rita, listening to Audreypick ‘em do you? Murderer, followed by a suicidal drug addict.” In the middle of their catfight, a hush came over the crowd. When Audrey realized everyone was listening, including the lovely and plastered Rita and Claudia (gigolo co-clients), she told the entire room exactly what she thought about her life, and theirs.

Gail, aghast at her mother telling her off - againThen, Friday, when Gail and Audrey were making amends, it didn’t exactly work out the way they planned. Audrey told Gail “I reckon there’s a great big poster of you on the wall in the local loony bin with your mobile number underneath”. Gail made a wonderful moue of shock; her eyes and mouth equally round. “How dare you!  I’ve not long buried the man I loved.”

Sally is back!

Sally and Molly in shopAnd then the prize cat of ‘cats’. Sally is back! Oh, not just physically, but the true essence of Sally. In her new running togs, she popped into the shop for a bottle of water to keep herself hydrated. Molly, with rounded belly of possible Kevin baby, compares men with training dogs, “promise them something at the end of it and they’ll do anything [pause] – a pint usually did the trick,” when Sally bemoaned getting Kev to run with her. But that, funny as it was, was only the warm-up.

Sally showing opinion of small housesWhen Molly says that Eileen is interested in buying her and Tyrone’s house, Sally gives a slight shudder. “Those tiny yards! I could never go back now, after having a garden. I mean, where would I put the chimnia?”

Oh, Sally is a nightmare of pretentiousness. I didn’t realize until I Sally bemoaning tiny yardsheard these words come out of her mouth how much I’d missed her. Now, with Eileen wanting their house and Molly desperately wanting to move, Tyrone desperately not, Kevin keeping his head low and Miss Sally back and firing on all cylinders, it’s going to be fun.

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