Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Oct. 30/11)


Watched only a bit of Corrie today, so I don’t know everything that dev explains business problems to sunitahappened. But Dev explaining the full extent of their financial problems to Sunita was very moving. And real for any small business person.

He explained that he had forgot to renew the insurance on the Weatherfield shop so that’s why their savings were depleted. He’d been using that money to pay for the repairs.

Then he told her the state of his other shops – his little empire. Road construction in front of one, a Freshco opened too near another, the flats above another found to contain asbestos. The tenants removed and the rental income therefore as well. And for all the shops, the effects of the recession. Real problems that affect real people.

Theft is last straw

dev explains what went wrongThe loss of the $5,000 to an unknown robber during the tram crash was just the final blow to business finances already in peril. Sunita is concerned and angry. She’s worried about the economic health of their businesses and their family. Especially when he tells her that, yes, they might lose the house.

Great acting by both of them. Then Dev goes to Steve to borrow money. Steve says he hasn’t got it to loan. Dev apologizes for imposing on him when Steve has his own financial problems. Then asks him to keep their conversation to himself. He may no longer have any money, he says, but he still has his pride.

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