Island Dogs

Island Dogs

On our recent trip to PEI, we stopped to get our bearings in Gateway Village at Borden-Carleton, just off the bridge. Walking around, saw a pet store with an open sign.That’s all the dogs and I needed. In we went to Island Petwear.

Island Petwear sign, Gateway Village PEI photo d stewart

Proprietor Margaret Wedge and her assistant were unpacking. They had just returned from a dog show in Charlottetown. But they were happy to show us around their store and make a fuss over the dogs.

Leo wearing PEI tartan scarf photo d stewart

If you’re in the market for some winter clothes for your pooch, you’d love Island Petwear. If you live nearby, you can do one-stop Christmas shopping for all the dogs on your list. Coats, beds, leashes, toys and food. If you’re not close, visit their Facebook page.

A clotheshorse dog

Leo and Charlie had a great time, sniffing around, looking at the toys and asking for treats. Then I started trying clothes on them. Leo, at least, enjoyed it and I’d have loved to buy this beautiful red leather and faux-fur number for him. But we were traveling light and he didn’t actually need a new coat. Charlie did, so he got a reversible flannel hand-made wrap-around jacket (see it below).

Red leather dog coat photo d stewart

Lovely dog coats, made by Margaret with beautiful craftsmanship and design. And if you want your dog to show support for the ‘underdog,’ there are Toronto Maple Leaf sweaters (as well as other teams).

reversible dog coat

If I lived in PEI, I’d be a regular at Island Petwear. Nice store, products and people – what more could you ask for. Our stop made a fun beginning for a very pet-friendly vacation in PEI. Absolutely no problem at any motel about the dogs staying. Also lots of coastline and woods for long walks and runs. The dogs had a great time, and so did we.

Margaret Wedge, prop. Island Petwear photo d stewart


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  1. What are your business hours during the winter and spring? Do you have a charlottetown location or a web page where I could order your items?

    1. Hi Sherry, on Island Petwear go to any page from the top menu and you’ll find their phone number, email etc. I can’t find their hours listed. But while looking, I saw my late dog (white poodle) on the Custom Orders page. Such a thrill, so thank you!

  2. I love those clothes wearing by your pet, it is so lovely and cute.

  3. Just found this post. Island Petwear has been carrying the NHL products for. Few year now. Margaret is a wonderful person and anyone with a pet travelling to PEI should stop by her store for a visit. If you do not live in PEI but would like to get NHL or CFL pet products please check our website for a store near you.


    1. Hi Roseline, thanks for writing. Yes, Margaret is a lovely person and her store is great. I stopped in recently on a trip to PEI with one of my dogs. He appreciated the treats and water she gave him. I saw the NHL gear for dogs – really cute!

  4. How wonderful! I just found your blog and all the wonderful photos of our store, products, and people!

    Will see what I can do to add these fabulous shots to our web site.

    Bye for now!

    Margaret Wedge,
    Island Petwear owner

    1. Hi Margaret, glad you like it. You’re welcome to put the pictures on your website. Putting Charlie’s coat on him the other day, I realized it’s actually very soft narrow-ribbed corduroy outside and lined with flannel. He’s received many compliments while wearing it. Hope all is well with you. Thanks for a lovely visit.

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