Coronation Street Scene of the Week (Aug. 5/12)


Beth holding up rat DarrylThe visual of the week: Darryl the rat, mistaken for a cell phone. There have been many rats in the Rovers Return over the years, certainly two-legged and probably four-legged. But one getting pulled out of a purse? It’s a first. And his appearance produced other good visuals. Like Eileen, I laughed out loud.

You knew something involving Darryl was going to happen when we saw Beth’s new furry phone cover. Then Darryl went missing after his and Craig’s contribution to the ‘put off potential house buyers’ that Tracy and Beth are doing.

Health inspector wondering what is happening in RoversYou also knew something horrible was going to happen at the Rovers when Eva got word that the health inspector was doing the rounds of pubs.

But I, at least, didn’t see it coming when someone’s cell rang in the Rovers. Of course, everybody started fishing around to see if it was theirs. Then, tada, Beth pulls Darryl out of her handbag. Just too wonderful.Eva screams at sight of the rat

Despite the heartbreak of Marcus and Sean’s breakup and the delight of Lloyd’s return, Darryl stole the show this week for me. I hope he continues to be front and centre in storylines.

Ok, Bluenose Corrie says this was recycled from 20 years ago when then-landlord Alec Gilroy had Boris, a huge spider, roaming in the Rovers when a health inspector came. Similar even to hiding it behind his back and saying he had back problems. In Seven Basic Plots, Christopher Booker said the same stories are retold in different ways. So this is a different telling of creepy critter on the loose.

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