Corrie Street Sept 8/13


love-a-bit-of-SuBo(Cue organ music) Will David confess his wrongdoings to Leanne? Will Nick remember anything when he comes out of the coma? Will he or David be Kylie’s baby daddy? Will Craig and his backpack full of guilt derail Karl and Stella’s wedding? Will Chesney find happiness again with Katy? And, most importantly, will Sally win in the backyard barbeque war? We were left in limbo at the week’s end.

A lot of stories coming to a culmination or homemoving on to their next phase. The welcome return of rovers Hayley and Roy means that Hayley’s story will sadly move forward. No one scene jumped out at me this week, so I will just make a few observations on some of these stories.

Ches and Katy and Sinead

Ches began regretting his decision to get they-for-katy-are-theyback with Katy almost as soon as he’d made it. Or maybe it’s just my wishful thinking reading that into his expression at the café when Fiz asked him about it. Oh Ches, Katy is a looker all right and she’s the mother of your child. But she will leave you in a nanosecond as soon as another Mr. Studly crosses her path. And if she doesn’t, can you really imagine the tedium of her company for years ahead? Sinead is also a looker, albeit in a more subtle way than Katy. And, bonus, she has a brain and some gumption.

Evil David

david-and-leanneDavid’s mixture of regret, guilt and covering his tracks has been interesting to watch. He may truly be worried about losing his brother. But his Evil David glances every so often suggest that he’s hoping that somehow his actions will never come to light, even if it means that Nick never regains consciousness or at minimum his memory.

Unfortunately for him, Tina has figured out of the whole nasty story (plus imagining even more) and is making him confess. I’m sure his lizard brain is working on how he can survive this.

BBQ Wars

Sally-preparing-Rita-drinking But, best of all, the Garden Party cum barbeque. It’s wonderful and cringe-worthy seeing Sally back in full grande dame mode. Rita did the right thing at the party I think: immediately start drinking herself legless.

Beth’s expression as Sally set out the tiered cake dishes with canapés was absolutely priceless. With just one look, she showed that she had never seen such foreign objects before ever in her life, and hoped to never see them again.

I am sorry that Mary decided to grace neither barbeque with her presence. To show two-barbeques-todaysolidarity with Norris, who had been not been invited, she declined her invitations to both. But the soirées are not over; she may yet appear. One can only hope.

Alas, I will miss much of the next two weeks, so I will not be posting here for the next two Sundays. See you September 29th.

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