Corrie Street Sept. 7/14

Smothering Mothers

all-the-help-he-needsThursday, two mothers, both mad as hatters. The scary scene was the return of hovering, smothering Gail. It’s been nice recently seeing Gail having something to do other than “protect” and “help” the two twisted men who are her sons. Since the arrival of Michael, she seemed to have seen Nick and David as people independent of her. She has even stood up to them when she didn’t like what they were doing.

smothering mothers Gail vows Nick has her help But that all went out the window when Nick confessed that he had been faking his “spells” in order to get back at Leanne. Audrey suggested that maybe he ought to see somebody for counselling. And at that, hovering mamma incoming. “He doesn’t need anyone, he’s got us, his family, me.” Circle the wagons, folks, nobody’s getting at that boy’s head – except mamma!

Even David looked at her as if she’d become unhinged. And he has benefitted and been damaged by david-looks-at-gailher overprotectiveness. Somehow he seems to have come out of the psychological wringer called Mum knowing just how twisted it is. Doesn’t stop him from switching into psycho-Dave, I’m sure, but at least he has some awareness of the Platt family neuroses. I had thought Gail had started to see glimmers of the family dynamics as well, but no. Not when the chips are down and somebody suggests maybe her boy needs someone or something outside the family circle.

Sally protecting, well, Sally

sally-looks-at-maddieThe other mad mother of the day was Sally inappropriately and ineffectively speaking on Maddie’s behalf regarding the use of Carla’s car. Maddie had taken the car from the garage, without permission to drive Eccles to the vet. She knew she shouldn’t have done it, but it was an emergency. Eccles had been hit by a car.

personally-speakingSally was worried primarily for herself, that Maddie’s action would jeopardize her position as PA at the factory. So instead of letting Maddie speak for herself or, even better, go to the office by herself, Sally did all the talking. Grovelling to an extent that would have embarrassed Bob Cratchit, probably even Mr. Scrooge, she did Maddie no favours nor herself.

you-do-mean-hermaddie-explains-about-ecclesMaddie acquitted herself well when, as she said, she got a chance to get a word in. Maddie is Carla’s kind of person, I think, and their relationship is one I will be watching with interest.

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